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California Crucible
Author/Editor: Bell, Jonathan
The Cambridge Press, 1638-1692
Author/Editor: Winship, George Parker
Camden After the Fall
Author/Editor: Gillette Jr., Howard
The Camera and the Press
Author/Editor: Dinius, Marcy J
Camp Pain
Author/Editor: Jackson, Jean E
Cancer in the Lives of Older Americans
Author/Editor: Kagan, Sarah H
Canons and Wisdoms
Author/Editor: Cook, Albert
Capital Gains
Author/Editor: John, Richard R.; Phillips-Fein, Kim
Capitalism by Gaslight
Author/Editor: Luskey, Brian P.; Woloson, Wendy A
Capitalism in Argentine Culture
Author/Editor: Cochran, Thomas C.; Reina, Ruben E
Capitalism's Hidden Worlds
Author/Editor: Kenneth Lipartito,Lisa Jacobson
Captives of Conquest: Slavery in the Early Modern Spanish Caribbean
Author/Editor: Erin Woodruff Stone
The Captive's Position
Author/Editor: Toulouse, Teresa A
The Capture of Constantinople
The Career of Theophile Delcasse
Author/Editor: Porter, Charles W
Caring and Responsibility
Author/Editor: Lowenberg, June S
Caring for Patients from Different Cultures
Author/Editor: Galanti, Geri-Ann
Caring for Patients from Different Cultures
Author/Editor: Galanti, Geri-Ann
Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, 5
Author/Editor: Geri-Ann Galanti
Caring in Crisis
Author/Editor: Zalumas, Jacqueline
Carlos V en Francia
Author/Editor: de Vega, Lope; Reichenberger, Arnold G
Carnival of Repetition
Author/Editor: Johnston, John
The Carpet Industry
Author/Editor: Kirk, Robert W
Cast Down
Author/Editor: Mark J. Miller
Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800
Catalogue of the Etruscan Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Author/Editor: Turfa, Jean MacIntosh
A Catalogue of the Manuscripts and Archives of the Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Rudolf
The Catholic Calumet
Author/Editor: Leavelle, Tracy Neal
Causes of Crime
Author/Editor: Fink, Arthur E
The Causes of the War of 1812
Author/Editor: Horsman, Reginald
Censorship and Cultural Sensibility
Author/Editor: Shuger, Debora
Censure and Heresy at the University of Paris, 1200-1400
Author/Editor: Thijssen, J. M. M. H
A Central Asian Village at the Dawn of Civilization
Author/Editor: Hiebert, Fredrik T
A Century of Philadelphia Cricket
Author/Editor: Lester, John A
Author/Editor: Rawson, Philip
Chains of Justice
Author/Editor: Cardenas, Sonia
Change in Rural Appalachia
Author/Editor: Photiadis, John D.; Schwarzweller, Harry K
The Changeling
Author/Editor: Middleton, Thomas; Rowley, William; Black, Matthew W
Changing Is Not Vanishing
Author/Editor: Parker, Robert Dale
Changing Minds, If Not Hearts
Author/Editor: Glaser, James M.; Ryan, Timothy J
Changing Patterns of Scholarship and the Future of Research Libraries
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Rudolf
Author/Editor: Higgins, Adrian
Character's Theater
Author/Editor: Freeman, Lisa A
Charlotte Bronte and Defensive Conduct
Author/Editor: Gezari, Janet
Author/Editor: Hufford, Mary T
Author/Editor: Hughes, James
Cheltenham Township
Author/Editor: Jones, Arthur Hosking
Chemical Sciences in the Modern World
Author/Editor: Mauskopf, Seymour H
The Child and the Republic
Author/Editor: Wishy, Bernard
Child Soldiers in Africa
Author/Editor: Honwana, Alcinda
Chile Under Pinochet
Author/Editor: Ensalaco, Mark
China and Africa
Author/Editor: Shinn, David H.; Eisenman, Joshua
China Hand
Author/Editor: Davies Jr., John Paton
China in the Early Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Thorp, Robert L
China's Challenges
Author/Editor: deLisle, Jacques; Goldstein, Avery
China, the United Nations, and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Kent, Ann
The Chinese Insomniacs
Author/Editor: Jacobsen, Josephine
Choosing Unsafe Sex
Author/Editor: Sobo, E. J
Cho'rti Mayan Texts
Author/Editor: Fought, John G.; Fought, Sarah S
Christ and Evolution
Author/Editor: Barton, George A
Christ Circumcised
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Andrew S
Christianity, Empire, and the Making of Religion in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Schott, Jeremy M
The Christian Jew and the Unmarked Jewess: The Polemics of Sameness in Medieval English Anti-Judaism
Author/Editor: Adrienne Williams Boyarin
Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Katharine Gerbner
Christian Society and the Crusades, 1198-1229
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
The Chronicle of San Juan de la Pena
Church Leader in the Cities
Author/Editor: Skardon, Alvin W
The Cigar Manufacturing Industry
Author/Editor: Mack, Russell H
The Cipher of Roger Bacon
Author/Editor: Newbold, William Romaine; Kent, Roland Grubb
The Cistercian Evolution
Author/Editor: Berman, Constance Hoffman
Cistercian Stories for Nuns and Monks: The Sacramental Imagination of Engelhard of Langheim
Author/Editor: Martha G. Newman
Cities in the Sand
Author/Editor: Matthews, Kenneth D
Cities of Ladies
Author/Editor: Simons, Walter
Citizenship and Conscience
Author/Editor: Barlow, Richard Burgess
Citizenship and the Origins of Women's History in the United States
Author/Editor: Murphy, Teresa Anne
Citizenship Beyond Nationality: Immigrants' Right to Vote Across the World
Author/Editor: Luicy Pedroza
Citizenship, Borders, and Human Needs
Author/Editor: Smith, Rogers M
Citizens of a Christian Nation
Author/Editor: Chang, Derek
Citizens of an Empty Nation
Author/Editor: Hromadžić, Azra
Author/Editor: Whyte, William H
The City After Abandonment
Author/Editor: Dewar, Margaret; Thomas, June Manning
Civil Disabilities
Author/Editor: Hirschmann, Nancy J.; Linker, Beth
Civil Liberties Under Attack
Author/Editor: Wilcox, Clair
Civil Rights Advocacy on Behalf of the Poor
Author/Editor: Paden, Catherine M
Civil War Issues in Philadelphia, 1856-1865
Author/Editor: Dusinberre, William
Civitas by Design
Author/Editor: Gillette Jr., Howard
Clan Cleansing in Somalia
Author/Editor: Kapteijns, Lidwien
Clara Barton, Professional Angel
Author/Editor: Pryor, Elizabeth Brown
Clarendon and the Rhetoric of Historical Form
Author/Editor: Brownley, Martine Watson
Clare of Assisi and the Thirteenth-Century Church
Author/Editor: Mooney, Catherine M
Classical Sculpture
Author/Editor: Romano, Irene Bald
Classified List of 4800 Serials
Author/Editor: Litchfield, Dorothy Hale
Class Matters
Author/Editor: Middleton, Simon; Smith, Billy G
The Clerical Proletariat and the Resurgence of Medieval English Poetry
Author/Editor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton
Closet Stages
Author/Editor: Burroughs, Catherine B
Closure and Mahler's Music
Author/Editor: Hopkins, Robert G
Clovis Revisited
Author/Editor: Boldurian, Anthony T.; Cotter, John L
Coalition Bargaining
Author/Editor: Chernish, William N
The Code of Cuenca
Collecting Across Cultures
Author/Editor: Bleichmar, Daniela; Mancall, Peter C
Collective Action and Property Rights for Poverty Reduction
Author/Editor: Mwangi, Esther; Markelova, Helen; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth
Collective Bargaining
Author/Editor: Rowan, Richard L
Collective Bargaining Among Photo-Engravers in Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Leese, Charles
Collective Bargaining in the Pacific Coast Pulp and Paper Industry
Author/Editor: Kerr, Clark; Randall, Roger
Colonial Complexions: Race and Bodies in Eighteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: SHARON BLOCK
Colonial Ecology, Atlantic Economy: Transforming Nature in Early New England
Author/Editor: Strother E. Roberts
Colonial Justice and the Jews of Venetian Crete
Author/Editor: Rena N. Lauer
The Colonial Land and Emigration Commission
Author/Editor: Hitchins, Fred H
Colonial Policies in Africa
Author/Editor: Wieschhoff, Heinrich Albert
Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books
Author/Editor: Lindsay DiCuirci
Colonizer or Colonized
Author/Editor: Melzer, Sara E
Colonizing Nature
Author/Editor: Tobin, Beth Fowkes
Color Changes of Animals in Relation to Nervous Activity
Author/Editor: Parker, G. H
The Color of Class
Author/Editor: Moss, Kirby
The Color Revolutions
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lincoln A
The Comedy of Manners from Sheridan to Maugham
Author/Editor: Sawyer, Newell W
Coming Home?
Author/Editor: Lynellyn D. Long,Ellen Oxfeld
Commerce by a Frozen Sea
Author/Editor: Carlos, Ann M.; Lewis, Frank D
The Commercial Reciprocity Policy of the United States, 1774-1829
Author/Editor: Setser, Vernon G
A Common Justice
Author/Editor: Simonsohn, Uriel I
Communists and Their Victims: The Quest for Justice in the Czech Republic
Author/Editor: Roman David
Comparative Anatomy, Pathology, and Roentgenology of the Breast
Author/Editor: Ingleby, Helen; Gershon-Cohen, Jacob
The Comparative Physiology of Respiratory Mechanisms
Author/Editor: Krogh, Auqust
Compassion's Edge: Fellow-Feeling and Its Limits in Early Modern France
Author/Editor: Katherine Ibbett
Compendium on the Magnificence, Dignity, and Excellence of the University of Paris in the Year of Grace 1517
Author/Editor: Goulet, Robert
Competitive Elections and the American Voter
Author/Editor: Lipsitz, Keena
The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual
Author/Editor: Bailey, Wayne; Cannon, Cormac; Payne, Brandt
The Complex Image
Author/Editor: Fichtelberg, Joseph
The Complexion of Race
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Roxann
Compulsory Arbitration and the NLRB
Author/Editor: Abodeely, Paul A
Conduct Becoming: Good Wives and Husbands in the Later Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Glenn D. Burger
Confession and Community in Seventeenth-Century France
Author/Editor: Hanlon, Gregory
The Confession of Jereboam O. Beauchamp
Author/Editor: Beauchamp, Jereboam O.; Beauchamp, Ann; Bamberg, Robert D
Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Conti, Brooke
Conflict and Compliance
Author/Editor: Cardenas, Sonia
Conflict, Crime, and the State in Postcommunist Eurasia
Author/Editor: Cornell, Svante; Jonsson, Michael
Confounding Images
Author/Editor: Williams, Susan S
Confronting Suburban School Resegregation in California
Author/Editor: Hurd, Clayton A
Congenital Malformations
Author/Editor: Murphy, Douglas P
Connecting Histories: Jews and Their Others in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Francesca Bregoli,David B. Ruderman
Conquerors, Brides, and Concubines
Author/Editor: Barton, Simon
Conscientious Objectors in Israel
Author/Editor: Weiss, Erica
Conscientious Objectors in the Civil War
Author/Editor: Wright, Edward Needles
Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources
Author/Editor: Zon, Raphael; Cooper, William S
Consociation and Voting in Northern Ireland
Author/Editor: Garry, John
Constance Fenimore Woolson
Author/Editor: Kern, John Dwight
Constantine and the Cities
Author/Editor: NOEL LENSKI
Constitutions and Conflict Management in Africa
Author/Editor: Kuperman, Alan J
Constructing White-Collar Crime
Author/Editor: Savelsberg, Joachim J
Consuming Pleasures
Author/Editor: Horowitz, Daniel
Contemporary Biography
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
Contemporary German Legal Philosophy
Author/Editor: Herget, James E
Contemporary Issues Here and Abroad
Author/Editor: Huus, Helen
Contested Bodies
Author/Editor: Turner, Sasha
Contested Spaces of Early America
Author/Editor: Barr, Juliana; Countryman, Edward
The Continuations of the Old French Perceval of Chretien de Troyes, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Roach, William; Ivy Jr., Robert H
The Continuations of the Old French Perceval of Chretien de Troyes, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Roach, William
Continuities in Highland Maya Social Organization
Author/Editor: Robert M. Hill II,John Monaghan,Victoria R. Bricker
The Controversy on the Comets of 1618
Convention Center Follies
Author/Editor: Sanders, Heywood T
Conversion and Narrative
Author/Editor: Szpiech, Ryan
Conversion, Circumcision, and Ritual Murder in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Paola Tartakoff
The Conversion of Herman the Jew
Author/Editor: Schmitt, Jean-Claude
Author/Editor: Nelson, Robert J
Corporate Governance Failures
Author/Editor: Hawley, James P.; Kamath, Shyam J.; Williams, Andrew T
Corporation Nation
Author/Editor: Wright, Robert E
Corporations and Citizenship
Author/Editor: Urban, Greg
The Corporeal Imagination
Author/Editor: Miller, Patricia Cox
The Corrupter of Boys: Sodomy, Scandal, and the Medieval Clergy
Author/Editor: DYAN ELLIOTT
The Cortes of Castile-Leon, 1188-1350
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
The Cost Book of Carey and Lea, 1825-1838
Author/Editor: Kaser, David
Count and Bishop in Medieval Germany
Author/Editor: Arnold, Benjamin
Counterterrorism and the State
Author/Editor: Hellmuth, Dorle
The Country Gentleman
Author/Editor: Howard, Sir Robert; Villers Second Duke of Buckingham, George; Scouten, Arthur H
The Country Lawyer
Author/Editor: Windolph, F. Lyman
Court Culture and the Origins of a Royalist Tradition in Early Stuart England
Author/Editor: Smuts, R. Malcolm
Courtly Love Undressed
Author/Editor: Burns, E. Jane
The Coutumes de Beauvaisis of Philippe de Beaumanoir
Author/Editor: de Beaumanoir, Philippe
Covert Operations
Author/Editor: Lochrie, Karma
A Crack in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Ruby, Jay
Cradle of Culture, 1800-1810
Author/Editor: James, Reese Davis
The Craft of Justice
Author/Editor: Flemming, Roy B.; Nardulli, Peter F.; Eisenstein, James
Creating Africa in America
Author/Editor: Copeland-Carson, Jacqueline
Creating East and West
Author/Editor: Bisaha, Nancy
Creating Human Rights
Author/Editor: Alfredson, Lisa S
Creation and Procreation
Author/Editor: Weigle, Marta
Creative Christian Living
Author/Editor: Stabler, Walter Brooke
Creative Urbanity
Author/Editor: Guano, Emanuela
Creative Women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy
Author/Editor: Matter, E. Ann; Coakley, John
Crime Causation
Author/Editor: Pollack, Otto
Crimes of Peace
Author/Editor: Albahari, Maurizio
Crimes of the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Landsman, Stephan
Crisis and Continuity
Author/Editor: Ruiz, Teofilo F
Crisis in Kirkuk
Author/Editor: Anderson, Liam; Stansfield, Gareth
Critical Approaches to Six Major English Works
Author/Editor: Lumiansky, R. M.; Baker, Herschel
Critical Tales
Author/Editor: Lyons, John D.; McKinley, Mary B
Cross-Border Marriages
Author/Editor: Constable, Nicole
Crossing Borders
Author/Editor: Amer, Sahar
Crossing Boundaries
Author/Editor: McCarthy, John A
Crusade and Christendom
Author/Editor: Bird, Jessalynn; Peters, Edward; Powell, James M
The Crusades and the Christian World of the East
Author/Editor: MacEvitt, Christopher
The C.S.S. Florida
Author/Editor: Owsley Jr., Frank Lawrence
Cultivated Power
Author/Editor: Hyde, Elizabeth
Cultural Heritage in Transit
Author/Editor: Kapchan, Deborah
The Cultural Labyrinth of Maria de Zayas
Author/Editor: Brownlee, Marina S
The Cultural Migration
Author/Editor: Crawford, W. Rex
Cultural Pluralism and the American Idea
Author/Editor: Kallen, Horace Meyer
Cultural Politics--Queer Reading
Author/Editor: Sinfield, Alan
Culture and Adultery
Author/Editor: Leckie, Barbara
Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies
Author/Editor: Ross, Marc Howard
Culture and Experience
Author/Editor: Hallowell, A. Irving
Culture and PTSD
Author/Editor: Devon E. Hinton,Byron J. Good
Culture Front
Author/Editor: Nathans, Benjamin; Safran, Gabriella
The Culture of the Babylonians
Author/Editor: Legrain, Leon
Cultures of Correspondence in Early Modern Britain
Author/Editor: James Daybell,Andrew Gordon
Cultures of Power
Author/Editor: Bisson, Thomas N
Curiosities and Texts
Author/Editor: Swann, Marjorie
The Curse of Eve, the Wound of the Hero
Author/Editor: McCracken, Peggy
Cutting Along the Color Line
Author/Editor: Mills, Quincy T