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The Fabrication of American Literature
Author/Editor: Cohen, Lara Langer
The Failure of the Criminal Procedure Revolution
Author/Editor: Bradley, Craig M
Failures of the Legal Imagination
Author/Editor: ALAN WATSON
Fair Exotics
Author/Editor: Sudan, Rajani
Fairy Godfather
Author/Editor: Bottigheimer, Ruth B
Fairy Tales and Society
Author/Editor: Bottigheimer, Ruth B
Faith, Art, and Politics at Saint-Riquier
Author/Editor: Rabe, Susan A
Faithful Republic
Author/Editor: Preston, Andrew; Schulman, Bruce J.; Zelizer, Julian E
Faith in Flux: Pentecostalism and Mobility in Rural Mozambique
Author/Editor: Devaka Premawardhana
Fallen Bodies
Author/Editor: Elliott, Dyan
The Fallen Veil: A Literary and Cultural History of the Photographic Nude in Nineteenth-Century France
Fallible Authors
Author/Editor: Minnis, Alastair
Fall River Outrage
Author/Editor: Kasserman, David Richard
Family and Empire
Author/Editor: Liang, Yuen-Gen
Family Casework and Counseling
Author/Editor: Taft, Jessie
The Family in History
Author/Editor: Rosenberg, Charles E
Family Plots
Author/Editor: Heller, Dana
Family, Power, and Politics in Egypt
Author/Editor: Springborg, Robert
Family Situations
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S.; Boll, Eleanor S
Fanny Kemble
Author/Editor: David, Deirdre
The Fantasy Factory
Author/Editor: Flowers, Amy
The Farce of the Fart and Other Ribaldries
Author/Editor: Enders, Jody
Fateful Transitions
Author/Editor: Kliman, Daniel M
The Fathers Refounded: Protestant Liberalism, Roman Catholic Modernism, and the Teaching of Ancient Christianity in Early Twentieth-Century America
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Clark
Faux Real
Author/Editor: Kanigel, Robert
Fear of God and the Beginning of Wisdom
Author/Editor: Becker, Adam H
A Feast of Creatures
Federal Indian Relations, 1774-1788
Author/Editor: Mohr, Walter H
Felony and Misdemeanor
Author/Editor: Goebel Jr., Julius
Female Circumcision
Author/Editor: Abusharaf, Rogaia Mustafa
The Female Circumcision Controversy
Author/Editor: Gruenbaum, Ellen
Feminism and Its Fictions
Author/Editor: Hogeland, Lisa Maria
Fetal Subjects, Feminist Positions
Author/Editor: Morgan, Lynn M.; Michaels, Meredith Wilson
Feudal Institutions as Revealed in the Assizes of Romania
Feudal Society in Medieval France
Author/Editor: Evergates, Theodore
Fictional Matter
Author/Editor: Thompson, Helen
The Fiction of Joseph Hergesheimer
Author/Editor: Martin, Ronald E
Fictions of Advice
Author/Editor: Ferster, Judith
Fictions of Conversion
Author/Editor: Shoulson, Jeffrey S
Fielding's Art of Fiction
Author/Editor: Johnson, Maurice
The Fifteenth-Century Book
Author/Editor: Bühler, Curt F
Fighting for Faith and Nation
Author/Editor: Mahmood, Cynthia Keppley
Fighting for the Farm
Author/Editor: Adams, Jane
Fighting Politician
Author/Editor: Harrington, Fred Harvey
The Filostrato of Boccaccio
Finance and Enterprise in Early America
Author/Editor: Adams Jr., Donald R
Financial Markets in the Capitalist Process
Author/Editor: Vickers, Douglas
Fire in My Bones
Author/Editor: Hinson, Glenn
Fire in the Placa
Author/Editor: Noyes, Dorothy
First City
Author/Editor: Nash, Gary B
The First Crusade
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
The First Crusade, 2
Author/Editor: Edward Peters
First Lady of Letters
Author/Editor: Skemp, Sheila L
The First Prejudice
Author/Editor: Beneke, Chris; Grenda, Christopher S
The First Rapprochement
Author/Editor: Perkins, Bradford
First to the Party: The Group Origins of Political Transformation
Author/Editor: Christopher Baylor
Flora's Empire
Author/Editor: Herbert, Eugenia W
Florence and Its Church in the Age of Dante
Author/Editor: Dameron, George W
Fluid Mechanics and Statistical Methods in Engineering
Author/Editor: Dryden, Hugh L.; Von Karman, Theodore; Anton Adam, Kalinske
F. M. Dostoevsky
Author/Editor: Šajković, Miriam T
The Folkstories of Children
Author/Editor: Sutton-Smith, Brian
Folkways in Thomas Hardy
Author/Editor: Firor, Ruth A
Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Dorosh, Paul; Rashid, Shahidur
Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China
Author/Editor: Anderson, E. N
Food Chains
Author/Editor: Belasco, Warren; Horowitz, Roger
Food Is Love
Author/Editor: Parkin, Katherine J
Food on the Page
Author/Editor: Elias, Megan J
Food Security and Scarcity
Author/Editor: Timmer, C. Peter
Forbidden Passages
Author/Editor: Karoline P. Cook
A Force Profonde
Author/Editor: Kolodziej, Edward A
Foreign Aid Allocation, Governance, and Economic Growth
Author/Editor: Akramov, Kamiljon T
The Foreign Public Debt of China
Author/Editor: Coons, Arthur Gardiner
Forest Society
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Norman B
Forging Rights in a New Democracy
Author/Editor: Fournier, Anna
Forgotten Genocides
Author/Editor: Lemarchand, René
A Formalist Theatre
Author/Editor: Kirby, Michael
Former Guerrillas in Mozambique
Author/Editor: Nikkie Wiegink
Forms and Meanings
Author/Editor: Chartier, Roger
For the Love of Humanity: The World Tribunal on Iraq
Author/Editor: Ayça Çubukçu
Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies
Author/Editor: Mac Sweeney, Naoíse
Foundations of Education
Author/Editor: Gruber, Frederick C
Founding the Fathers
Author/Editor: Clark, Elizabeth A
Four Cities
Author/Editor: Williams, Oliver P.; Adrian, Charles R
The Four Faces of Man
Author/Editor: Lieb, Irwin C
Four Latin Plays of St. Nicholas
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Otto E
Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship
Author/Editor: Naomi Glenn-Levin Rodriguez
Fragile Minds and Vulnerable Souls
Author/Editor: Leonard, Sarah L
Fragments of Empire
Author/Editor: Kale, Madhavi
Franciscans and the Elixir of Life
Author/Editor: Matus, Zachary A
Franco-Italian Relations, 1860-1865
Author/Editor: Case, Lynn M
Franklin C. Watkins
Author/Editor: Wolf, Ben
Franklin Pierce
Author/Editor: Nichols, Roy F
Frank R. Stockton
Author/Editor: Griffin, Martin I. J
Frantic Panoramas
Author/Editor: Bentley, Nancy
Freedom and Education
Author/Editor: Huus, Helen
Freedom from Poverty
Author/Editor: Chong, Daniel P.L
Freedom's Ordeal
Author/Editor: Juviler, Peter
The French Monarchy and the Jews
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
French Novelists of Today
Author/Editor: Stansbury, Milton H
French Opinion on War and Diplomacy during the Second Empire
Author/Editor: Case, Lynn Marshall
The Freudian Reading
Author/Editor: Møller, Lis
Freud on Madison Avenue
Author/Editor: Samuel, Lawrence R
Friend Anthony Benezet
Author/Editor: Brookes, George S
Friends and Strangers
Author/Editor: Smolenski, John
The Friendship of Florence Nightingale and Mary Clare Moore
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Mary C
Fries's Rebellion
Author/Editor: Newman, Paul Douglas
From Abolition to Rights for All
Author/Editor: Cumbler, John T
From Ad Hoc to Routine
Author/Editor: Kittell, Ellen E
From Civil Rights to Human Rights
Author/Editor: Jackson, Thomas F
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Author/Editor: al-Bayati, Hamid
From Foraging to Agriculture
Author/Editor: Henry, Donald O
From Human Trafficking to Human Rights
Author/Editor: Brysk, Alison; Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin
From Latin to Portuguese
Author/Editor: Williams, Edwin B
From Main Street to Mall
Author/Editor: Howard, Vicki
From Margins to Mainstream
Author/Editor: Lazzaro-Weis, Carol
From Office to Profession
Author/Editor: Scott, Donald M
From Paris to Pompeii
Author/Editor: Blix, Göran
From Poverty to Famine in Northeast Ethiopia
Author/Editor: McCann, James
From Privileges to Rights
Author/Editor: Middleton, Simon
From Servitude to Freedom
Author/Editor: Jordan, William Chester
From St. Francis to Dante
Author/Editor: Coulton, G. G
From St. Francis to Dante, 2
Author/Editor: G. G. COULTON,Edward Peters
From Text to Hypertext
Author/Editor: Gaggi, Silvio
From Trickster to Badman
Author/Editor: Roberts, John W
From Trophy Towns to City-States: Urban Civilization and Cultural Identities in Roman Pontus
Author/Editor: Jesper Majbom Madsen
From Virile Woman to WomanChrist
Author/Editor: Newman, Barbara
Frontier Cities
Author/Editor: Gitlin, Jay; Berglund, Barbara; Arenson, Adam
Frontier Country
Author/Editor: Spero, Patrick
Frontiers for Social Work
Author/Editor: Weaver, W. Wallace
Front Lines
Author/Editor: Martínez, Miguel
Fulcher of Chartres
The Full-Fashioned Hosiery Worker
Author/Editor: Taylor, George W
A Functional Approach to Family Case Work
Author/Editor: Taft, Jessie
The Fury of Men's Gullets
Author/Editor: Boehrer, Bruce Thomas
The Future of Democratic Capitalism
Author/Editor: Patterson, S. Howard
Future Trading upon Organized Commodity Markets in the United States
Author/Editor: Hoffman, G. Wright