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The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials
Author/Editor: Hardy Jr., James D.; Jensen, John H.; Wolfe, Martin
Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature
Author/Editor: Arac, Jonathan; Ritvo, Harriet
Made Flesh
Author/Editor: Johnson, Kimberly
Madhouses, Mad-Doctors, and Madmen
Author/Editor: Scull, Andrew
Madison Avenue and the Color Line
Author/Editor: Chambers, Jason
Mad Tuscans and Their Families
Author/Editor: Mellyn, Elizabeth W
Maimonides and the Merchants
Author/Editor: Cohen, Mark R
The Making and Unmaking of a Saint
Author/Editor: Kuefler, Mathew
Making History
Author/Editor: Wolf, Kenneth Baxter
Making Love in the Twelfth Century
Author/Editor: Barbara Newman
Making New York Dominican
Author/Editor: Krohn-Hansen, Christian
The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate
Author/Editor: Rouighi, Ramzi
The Making of "This Side of Paradise"
Author/Editor: JAMES L. W. WEST III
Making Seafood Sustainable
Author/Editor: Blackford, Mansel G
Making Sense of Self
Author/Editor: Fellman, Anita Clair; Fellman, Michael
The Malady of the Ideal
Author/Editor: Brooks, Van Wyck
Management Problems Implicit in Multi-Employer Bargaining
Author/Editor: Garrett, Sylvester; Tripp, L. Reed
The Manly Priest
Author/Editor: Thibodeaux, Jennifer D
Manpower and Merger
Author/Editor: Plice, Steven S
Manpower in Homebuilding
Author/Editor: Foster, Howard G
Manual of Industrial Medicine
Author/Editor: McGee, Lemuel C
The Manuscript Relations of Manessier's Continuation of the Old French Perceval
Author/Editor: Ivy, Jr. Robert H
The Man Who Had Been King
Author/Editor: Stroud, Patricia Tyson
The Man Who Would Be Perfect
Author/Editor: Thomas, Robert David
Many Identities, One Nation
Author/Editor: Riordan, Liam
Maoists at the Hearth
Author/Editor: Pettigrew, Judith
Mapping Decline
Author/Editor: Gordon, Colin
Mapping Mongolia
Author/Editor: Sabloff, Paula L.W
The March of Spare Time
Author/Editor: Currell, Susan
Margery Kempe and Translations of the Flesh
Author/Editor: Lochrie, Karma
Marian Anderson
Author/Editor: Westlake, Neda M.; Albrecht, Otto E
Marionettes in the North of France
Author/Editor: Sibbald, Reginald S
Market Restraints in the Retail Drug Industry
Author/Editor: Fletcher, F. Marion
The Markets for Force
Author/Editor: Dunigan, Molly; Petersohn, Ulrich
Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Economy of Theatrical Experience
Author/Editor: Cartelli, Thomas
Marriage and the Child
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S
Marriage and Violence
Author/Editor: Dolan, Frances E
Marriage, Sex, and Civic Culture in Late Medieval London
Author/Editor: McSheffrey, Shannon
Marriage Without Borders: Transnational Spouses in Neoliberal Senegal
Author/Editor: Dinah Hannaford
The Martyrdom of the Franciscans: Islam, the Papacy, and an Order in Conflict
Author/Editor: Christopher MacEvitt
The Marvels of the World: An Anthology of Nature Writing Before 1700
Author/Editor: Rebecca Bushnell
Maryland and France, 1774-1789
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Kathryn
Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints
Author/Editor: Coletti, Theresa
Masking Terror
Author/Editor: Argenti-Pillen, Alex
The Master of Game
Author/Editor: Edward of Norwich; Baillie-Grohman, William A.; Baillie-Grohman, F. N
Matching Organs with Donors
Author/Editor: Jacob, Marie-Andrée
Material London, ca. 1600
Author/Editor: Orlin, Lena Cowen
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Howland, Arthur C
Mathematical, Metrological, and Chronological Tablets from the Temple Library of Nippur
Author/Editor: Hilprecht, H. V
Matter, Magic, and Spirit
Author/Editor: Murray, David
Maya Folktales from the Alta Verapaz
Author/Editor: Danien, Elin C
Meaning and Myth in the Study of Lives
Author/Editor: Charmé, Stuart L
The Measure of Woman
Author/Editor: Kelleher, Marie A
Measuring Up
Author/Editor: Shields, Vickie Rutledge
Mechanism and Mysticism
Author/Editor: Zanine, Louis J
The Mechanism of Nervous Action
Author/Editor: Adrian, E. D
Mechthild of Magdeburg and Her Book
Author/Editor: Poor, Sara S
Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia
Author/Editor: Babb, Lawrence A.; Wadley, Susan S
Media Nation
Author/Editor: Schulman, Bruce J.; Zelizer, Julian E
Medical Education in the United States Before the Civil War
Author/Editor: Norwood, William Frederick
The Medical Formulary of Al-Samarqandi
Author/Editor: Levey, Martin; Al-Khaledy, Noury
Medical Humanitarianism
Author/Editor: Abramowitz, Sharon; Panter-Brick, Catherine
The Medical Imagination: Literature and Health in the Early United States
The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston
Author/Editor: Andrew T. Simpson
Medici Gardens
Author/Editor: Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto
Medicinal Plants
Author/Editor: Tomlinson, Timothy R.; Akerele, Olayiwola
Medicine Bundle
Author/Editor: Bellin, Joshua David
Medieval Boundaries
Author/Editor: Kinoshita, Sharon
The Medieval Culture of Disputation
Author/Editor: Novikoff, Alex J
The Medieval Foundations of England
Author/Editor: Sayles, G. O
Medieval Italy
Author/Editor: Jansen, Katherine L.; Drell, Joanna; Andrews, Frances
The Medieval New
Author/Editor: Ingham, Patricia Clare
Medieval Robots
Author/Editor: Truitt, E. R
The Medieval Salento
Author/Editor: Safran, Linda
Medieval Theory of Authorship
Author/Editor: Minnis, Alastair
Medieval Theory of Authorship, 2
Author/Editor: Alastair Minnis
Medieval Woman's Song
Author/Editor: Klinck, Anne L.; Rasmussen, Ann Marie
Mediterranean Archaeological Landscapes
Author/Editor: Athanassopoulos, Effie F.; Wandsnider, Luann
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Author/Editor: Senior M.D., John R
Meister Eckhart
Author/Editor: Tobin, Frank
Author/Editor: Cheyney, Edward Potts; Nichols, Roy F
The Memory of the Temple and the Making of the Rabbis
Author/Editor: Cohn, Naftali S
Author/Editor: Dimick, Marion T
Men and Cultures
Author/Editor: Wallace, Anthony F. C
Men in Search of Man
Author/Editor: Madeira Jr., Percy C
Mesmerism and the American Cure of Souls
Author/Editor: Fuller, Robert C
Mesopotamian Origins
Author/Editor: Speiser, Ephraim Avigdor
Messengers of the Right
Author/Editor: Hemmer, Nicole
Messrs. Carey and Lea of Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Kaser, David
Metaphors of Masculinity
Author/Editor: Brandes, Stanley
Metaphor, Sound, and Meaning in Bridges' The Testament of Beauty
Author/Editor: Wright, Elizabeth Cox
The Metaphysical Passion
Author/Editor: Raiziss, Sona
Metropolitan Analysis
Author/Editor: Sweeney, Stephen B.; Blair, George S
Metropolitan Open Space and Natural Process
Author/Editor: Wallace, David A
Metropolitan Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Conn, Steven
Metropolitan Phoenix
Author/Editor: Gober, Patricia
Mexico's Human Rights Crisis
Author/Editor: Alejandro Anaya-Muñoz,Barbara Frey
Author/Editor: Nijman, Jan
Miami Transformed
Author/Editor: Diaz, Manny
Middle Eastern Terrorism
Author/Editor: Ensalaco, Mark
The Middle English Bible
Author/Editor: Kelly, Henry Ansgar
Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House
Author/Editor: Speck, Frank G
Migrant Encounters
Author/Editor: Friedman, Sara L.; Mahdavi, Pardis
Migrant Youth, Transnational Families, and the State
Author/Editor: Heidbrink, Lauren
Migration and Economic Opportunity
Author/Editor: Goodrich, Carter; Allin, Bushrod W.; Brunck, Hermann K
Milton's Burden of Interpretation
Author/Editor: Haskin, Dayton
Mind and Nature
Author/Editor: Weyl, Hermann
The Mind Is a Collection
Author/Editor: Silver, Sean
Minoan Buildings in Areas B, C, D, and F
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P.; Davaras, Costis
Minor Historical Writings and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Lea, Henry Charles; Howland, Arthur C
Minstrels of the Mine Patch
Author/Editor: Korson, George Gershon
Miracles and Extraordinary Experience in Northern Kenya
Author/Editor: Straight, Bilinda
Author/Editor: Lemire, Elise
Author/Editor: Gilmore, David D
Missionaries, Converts, and Rabbis: The Evangelical Alexander McCaul and Jewish-Christian Debate in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: DAVID B. RUDERMAN
Mit Rahineh 1955
Author/Editor: Anthes, Rudolf
The Mixed Multitude
Author/Editor: Maciejko, Paweł
Mobility Makes States
Author/Editor: Vigneswaran, Darshan; Quirk, Joel
Modern Coliseum
Author/Editor: Lisle, Benjamin D
Modern Constitutions
Author/Editor: Rogers M. Smith,Richard R. Beeman
Modern Economic Thought
Author/Editor: Weintraub, Sidney
Modern English Reform
Author/Editor: Cheyney, Edward P
The Modern Italian Novel
Author/Editor: Vittorini, Domenico
Modern Jewish Literatures
Author/Editor: Jelen, Sheila E.; Kramer, Michael P.; Lerner, L. Scott
The Modern Moves West
Author/Editor: Cándida Smith, Richard
Author/Editor: Gaggi, Silvio
Modern Women, Modern Work
Author/Editor: Sawaya, Francesca
Molecular Approaches to Supracellular Phenomena
Author/Editor: Roth, Stephen
Monarchy and Incest in Renaissance England
Author/Editor: Boehrer, Bruce Thomas
Monastic Bodies
Author/Editor: Schroeder, Caroline T
Monks, Bishops, and Pagans
Author/Editor: Peters, Edward
The Monster in the Garden
Author/Editor: Morgan, Luke
Author/Editor: Gilmore, David D
The Monuments and Inscriptions of Tikal--The Carved Monuments
Author/Editor: Jones, Christopher; Satterthwaite Jr., Linton
Morality's Muddy Waters
Author/Editor: Cotkin, George
Moral Minority
Author/Editor: Swartz, David R
Moral Victories in the Battle for Congress: Cultural Conservatism and the House GOP
Author/Editor: Marty Cohen
The Morgesons and Other Writings, Published and Unpublished
Author/Editor: Stoddard, Elizabeth; Buell, Lawrence; Zagarell, Sandra A
Morocco at the Parting of the Ways
Author/Editor: Cruickshank, Earl Fee
Mortal Remains
Author/Editor: Isenberg, Nancy; Burstein, Andrew
The Most Beautiful Man in Existence
Author/Editor: Rosner, Lisa
Mountain, Field, and Family
Author/Editor: Brush, Stephen B
Mourning Glory
Author/Editor: Huet, Marie-Hélène
The Movement for Indian Assimilation, 1860-1890
Author/Editor: Fritz, Henry E
Mr. Pepys and Mr. Evelyn
Author/Editor: Marburg, Clara
Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia
Author/Editor: Toth, Emily
Ms. Mentor's New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia
Author/Editor: Toth, Emily
Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men
Author/Editor: Powers, David S
The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Wallace, Paul A. W
Multicultural China in the Early Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Chen, Sanping
Multilevel Citizenship
Author/Editor: Maas, Willem
Multilingual Subjects
Author/Editor: DeWispelare, Daniel
The Museum at the End of the World
Musically Speaking
Author/Editor: Westheimer, Dr. Ruth K
A Musical View of the Universe
Author/Editor: Basso, Ellen B
Music to My Eyes
Author/Editor: Bendiner, Alfred
Muslims and Global Justice
Author/Editor: An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed
Muslims in Global Politics
Author/Editor: Monshipouri, Mahmood
Author/Editor: Sanjek, Roger
My Father's Business
Author/Editor: Stabler, Walter Brooke
My Father's Shadow
Author/Editor: Dudley, David L
The Myocardial Cell
Author/Editor: Briller, Stanley A.; Conn Jr., Hadley L
My Storm
Author/Editor: Blakely, Edward J