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The Sabermetric Revolution
Author/Editor: Baumer, Benjamin; Zimbalist, Andrew
Sacred Fictions
Author/Editor: Coon, Lynda L
Sacred Violence in Early America
Author/Editor: SUSAN JUSTER,Daniel K. Richter,Kathleen M. Brown,Max Cavitch,David Waldstreicher
Samuel Beckett's Novel Watt
Author/Editor: Büttner, Gottfried
Samuel Sloan
Author/Editor: Cooledge Jr., Harold N
Sanctifying the Name of God
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jeremy
Author/Editor: Wharton, Edith
Santa Cruz Island Figure Sculpture and Its Social and Ritual Contexts
Author/Editor: Davenport, William H
Sarajevo Under Siege
Author/Editor: Ivana Maček
Satire and the Transformation of Genre
Author/Editor: Guilhamet, Leon
The Satires of Horace
Author/Editor: Horace
The Saving Lie
Author/Editor: Bailey, F. G
Saving Shame
Author/Editor: Burrus, Virginia
The Saxon Mirror
Say Little, Do Much
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban
The Scandinavian Unemployment Relief Program
Author/Editor: Ratzlaff, C. J
Schiller in Russian Literature
Author/Editor: Kostka, Edmund K
Science and Religion in America, 1800-1860
Author/Editor: Hovenkamp, Herbert
The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Dales, Richard C
The Script of Jonathan Swift and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Leslie, Shane
Scripture and Tradition
Author/Editor: Yadin-Israel, Azzan
Scripture as Logos
Author/Editor: Yadin, Azzan
Author/Editor: Rawson, Philip
Author/Editor: Bert Bender,Tony Angell
The Sea in the Greek Imagination
Author/Editor: Beaulieu, Marie-Claire
Sealed with Blood
Author/Editor: Purcell, Sarah J
Sea of Silk
Author/Editor: Burns, E. Jane
The Sea Peoples and Their World
Author/Editor: Oren, Eliezer D
The Search for an Alternative
Author/Editor: Farber, Marvin
Searching for Health Information
Author/Editor: Freimuth, Vicki S.; Stein, Judith A.; Kean, Thomas J
Searching for Normal in the Wake of the Liberian War
Author/Editor: Abramowitz, Sharon Alane
Seasonal Variations in Employment in Manufacturing Industries
Author/Editor: Bursk, J. Parker
Seasons of Misery
Author/Editor: Donegan, Kathleen
The Secret Faith of Maestre Honoratus
Author/Editor: Kozodoy, Maud
Secular and Cyclical Movement in the Production and Price of Copper
Author/Editor: Knight, Charles Louis
Secularism in Question
Author/Editor: Joskowicz, Ari; Katz, Ethan B
Security and Suspicion
Author/Editor: Ochs, Juliana
Seduced, Abandoned, and Reborn
Author/Editor: Hessinger, Rodney
Seeing the Gawain-Poet
Author/Editor: Stanbury, Sarah
Seeing the Myth in Human Rights
Author/Editor: Reinbold, Jenna
"Sefer Hasidim" and the Ashkenazic Book in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Ivan G. Marcus
"Sefer Yesirah" and Its Contexts: Other Jewish Voices
Author/Editor: Tzahi Weiss
A Selected Bibliography of Significant Works About Adam Smith
Author/Editor: Lightwood, Martha Bolar
A Selected Guide to the Literature of the Flowering Plants of Mexico
Author/Editor: Langman, Ida Kaplan
Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts
Author/Editor: Lutz, Henry Frederick
Self and the World
Author/Editor: Skinner, John E
The Self-Conscious Novel
Author/Editor: Stonehill, Brian
Selling Antislavery: Abolition and Mass Media in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Teresa A. Goddu
Selling the American Way
Author/Editor: Belmonte, Laura A
Semiconductor Surface Physics
Author/Editor: Kingston, R. H
Seneca by Candlelight and Other Stories of Renaissance Drama
Author/Editor: Helms, Lorraine
Seneca Possessed
Author/Editor: Dennis, Matthew
Sensible Flesh
Author/Editor: Elizabeth D. Harvey
Sensuous Scholarship
Author/Editor: Stoller, Paul
Sentimental Twain
Author/Editor: Camfield, Gregg
Serbocroatian-English Dictionary
Serious Play
Author/Editor: Franklin, J. Jeffrey
Settlement Archaeology at Quirigua, Guatemala
Author/Editor: Ashmore, Wendy
Series Title: Default Book Series
The Settlement Survey of Tikal
Author/Editor: Puleston, Dennis E
The Settlers' Empire
Author/Editor: Saler, Bethel
Settling Hebron: Jewish Fundamentalism in a Palestinian City
Author/Editor: Tamara Neuman
The Seven Ages of a Medical Scientist
Author/Editor: Corner, George W
Sex and International Tribunals
Author/Editor: Mibenge, Chiseche Salome
The Sex Lives of Saints
Author/Editor: Burrus, Virginia
Sexual Types
Author/Editor: DiGangi, Mario
Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones
Author/Editor: Heineman, Elizabeth D
Sex Work Politics
Author/Editor: Majic, Samantha
Shades of Difference
Author/Editor: Iyengar, Sujata
Shakespeare and Demi-Science
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Shakespearean Intersections: Language, Contexts, Critical Keywords
Author/Editor: Patricia Parker
Shakespeare Biography and Other Papers, Chiefly Elizabethan
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Shakespeare's Domestic Economies
Author/Editor: Korda, Natasha
Shakespeare's Perfume
Shakespeare's Schoolroom
Author/Editor: Enterline, Lynn
Shakespeare's Shrine
Author/Editor: Thomas, Julia
Shakespeare's Stationers
Author/Editor: Straznicky, Marta
Shame and Honor
Author/Editor: Trigg, Stephanie
The Shame and the Sorrow
Author/Editor: Merwick, Donna
The Shaping of Somali Society
Author/Editor: Cassanelli, Lee V
Shaping Romance
Author/Editor: Bruckner, Matilda Tomaryn
Shared Prosperity in America's Communities
Author/Editor: Susan M. Wachter,Lei Ding
Shareholder Cities: Land Transformations Along Urban Corridors in India
Author/Editor: Sai Balakrishnan
Shattered Voices
Author/Editor: Phelps, Teresa Godwin
Shays's Rebellion
Author/Editor: Richards, Leonard L
The Sheik
Author/Editor: Hull, E. M
Shelter Blues
Author/Editor: Desjarlais, Robert R
Author/Editor: Gold, Ann Grodzins
Short Stories of Yashpal, Author and Patriot
Showing Like a Queen
Author/Editor: Eggert, Katherine
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
Author/Editor: Smith, Susan L
Sick Economies
Author/Editor: Harris, Jonathan Gil
The Significance of Wage Uniformity
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Thomas
Significant Post-War Changes in the Full-Fashioned Hosiery Industry
Author/Editor: Taylor, George William
The Silk Industries of Medieval Paris
Author/Editor: Farmer, Sharon
Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Secretary of War
Author/Editor: Bradley, Erwin Stanley
Singapore Population in Transition
Author/Editor: Swee-Hock, Saw
Singing in a Foreign Land: Anglo-Jewish Poetry, 1812-1847
Author/Editor: KAREN A. WEISMAN
Singing in the Spirit
Author/Editor: Allen, Ray
Singing of Birth and Death
Author/Editor: Blackburn, Stuart H
Singing the New Song
Author/Editor: Zieman, Katherine
Singlewomen in the European Past, 1250-1800
Author/Editor: Bennett, Judith M.; Froide, Amy M
Sinop Landscapes
Author/Editor: Doonan, Owen P
Sir William Davenant
Author/Editor: Harbage, Alfred
Sister Carrie
Author/Editor: Dreiser, Theodore; West III, James L. W
Sister Carrie
Sister Carrie, REV - Revised
Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life
Author/Editor: Van Engen, John
Six Historic Homesteads
Author/Editor: Oakley, Imogen B
Sixteenth-Century Imprints in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Shaaber, M. A
A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses
Author/Editor: Trubek, Anne
Skipper from Leith
Author/Editor: Reid, W. Stanford
Author/Editor: Flowers, Benjamin
Slandering the Jew
Author/Editor: Drake, Susanna
Slantwise Moves: Games, Literature, and Social Invention in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Douglas A. Guerra
Slavery and the Democratic Conscience
Author/Editor: Padraig Riley
Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia
Author/Editor: Phillips Jr., William D
Slavery's Borderland
Author/Editor: Salafia, Matthew
Slavery's Capitalism
Author/Editor: Beckert, Sven; Rockman, Seth
Slaves and Englishmen
Author/Editor: Guasco, Michael
Author/Editor: Eugenie L. Birch,Shahana Chattaraj,Susan M. Wachter
Author/Editor: Schneider, Eric C
Small Countries
Author/Editor: Hannerz, Ulf; Gingrich, Andre
Smarter Growth: Activism and Environmental Policy in Metropolitan Washington
Author/Editor: John H. Spiers
The Sociable City
Author/Editor: Rowan, Jamin Creed
Sociable Knowledge
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Yale
Social Aspects of Enterprise in the Large Corporation
Author/Editor: Hurff, George B
Social Class and Democratic Leadership
Author/Editor: Bershady, Harold J
Social Control in a Free Society
Author/Editor: Spiller, Robert E
Social Courts in Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Hayden, Robert M
Social Darwinism in American Thought, 1860-1915
Author/Editor: Hofstadter, Richard
Social Determinants of Moral Ideas
Author/Editor: Ossowska, Maria
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
The Social Engagement of Social Science, a Tavistock Anthology, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Trist, Eric; Murray, Hugh
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Hugh Murray,Beulah Trist
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Hugh Murray,Beulah Trist
The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Eric Trist,Fred Emery,Hugh Murray
The Social Life of Language
Author/Editor: Sankoff, Gillian
The Social Lives of Poems in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael C
Social Policy and Social Justice
Author/Editor: Jackson Jr., John L
The Social Use of Metaphor
Author/Editor: Sapir, J. David; Crocker, J. Christopher
Social Work in a Revolutionary Age and Other Papers
Author/Editor: Pray, Kenneth L. M.; Taft, Jessie
A Sociosemiotic Theory of Theatre
Author/Editor: Alter, Jean
Socrates and Alcibiades
Author/Editor: Helfer, Ariel
The Socratic Turn
Author/Editor: Sebell, Dustin
Soldier in the West
Author/Editor: Hough, Alfred Lacey; Athearn, Robert G
Some Economic Aspects of Business Organization
Author/Editor: McNulty, James E
Some Forerunners of the Newspapers in England, 1476-1622
Author/Editor: Shaaber, Matthias A
Some International Aspects of the Business Cycle
Author/Editor: Neisser, Hans
Some Spanish-American Poets
The Song in the Story
Author/Editor: Boulton, Maureen Barry McCann
The Song of Troilus
Author/Editor: Stillinger, Thomas C
A Sonnet from Carthage
Author/Editor: Helgerson, Richard
Author/Editor: Boker, George Henry; Bradley, Edward Sculley
Author/Editor: Bates, William Nickerson
Author/Editor: Dikaois, Porphyrios
The Soul of America
Author/Editor: Quinn, Arthur Hobson
Souls in Dispute
Author/Editor: Graizbord, David L
Sound Business
Author/Editor: Stamm, Michael
Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Author/Editor: Suisman, David; Strasser, Susan
Sound, Space, and the City
Author/Editor: Peterson, Marina
Sounds So Good to Me
Author/Editor: Barry Lee Pearson
Sources of Law, Legal Change, and Ambiguity
Author/Editor: Alan Watson
South After Gettysburg
Author/Editor: Hancock, Cornelia; Jaquette, Henrietta Stratton
The Sovereign Citizen
Author/Editor: Weil, Patrick
Sovereign Fantasies
Author/Editor: Ingham, Patricia Clare
Sovereignty in Exile
Author/Editor: Wilson, Alice
Sovereignty Suspended: Building the So-Called State
Author/Editor: Rebecca Bryant,Mete Hatay
Soviet Administration of Criminal Law
Author/Editor: Zelitch, Judah
The Spanish College at Bologna in the Fourteenth Century
Author/Editor: Marti, Berthe M
The Spanish Pastoral Romances
Author/Editor: Rennert, Hugo A
Speaking of the Moor
Author/Editor: Bartels, Emily C
Speaking with the Dead in Early America
Author/Editor: Erik R. Seeman
Spectacles of Empire
Author/Editor: Frilingos, Christopher A
Spectacles of Strangeness
Author/Editor: Bartels, Emily C
Specters of Paul
Author/Editor: Dunning, Benjamin H
Speech Play
Author/Editor: Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara
The Sphinx That Traveled to Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Wegner, Josef; Wegner, Jennifer Houser
Spirit Keepers of the North
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Susan A
Spiritual Economies
Author/Editor: Warren, Nancy Bradley
Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority
Author/Editor: Heidi Marx-Wolf
Spoken Marathi, Book 1
Author/Editor: Kavadi, Naresh B.; Southworth, Franklin C
The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation
Author/Editor: Tedlock, Dennis
The Sports Franchise Game
Author/Editor: Shropshire, Kenneth L
Stages of Industrial Development in Asia
Author/Editor: Koh, Sung Jae
Author/Editor: Yachnin, Paul
Standardizing Diversity
Author/Editor: Liu, Amy H
Standards of Bibliographical Description
Author/Editor: Bühler, Curt F.; McManaway, James G.; Wroth, Lawrence C
Star Territory: Printing the Universe in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Gordon Fraser
Statebuilding from the Margins
Author/Editor: Nackenoff, Carol; Novkov, Julie
State Government in Transition
Author/Editor: Smith, Reed M
State Insurance in the United States
Author/Editor: McCahan, David
Statelessness in the Caribbean: The Paradox of Belonging in a Postnational World
Author/Editor: Kristy A. Belton
A State of Deference
Author/Editor: Stuard, Susan Mosher
The State of the Nation
Author/Editor: Lee, Charles
States of Dispossession: Violence and Precarious Coexistence in Southeast Turkey
Author/Editor: Zerrin Özlem Biner
State Theory and Andean Politics
Author/Editor: Krupa, Christopher; Nugent, David
Statistics in Social Studies
Author/Editor: Rice, Stuart A
Steam Power on the American Farm
Author/Editor: Wik, Reynold M
Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone
Author/Editor: Hewamanne, Sandya
The Stories of Ernest Dowson
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
The Story of the Negro
Author/Editor: Washington, Booker T
Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels
Author/Editor: Narayan, Kirin
The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims
Author/Editor: Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate
The Strangers Book
Author/Editor: Pratt, Lloyd
Strangers Nowhere in the World
Author/Editor: Margaret C. Jacob
The Strategic Defense Debate
Author/Editor: Snyder, Craig
Strategies of Compliance with the European Court of Human Rights: Rational Choice Within Normative Constraints
Author/Editor: Andreas von Staden
Street Commerce: Creating Vibrant Urban Sidewalks
Author/Editor: Andres Sevtsuk
Structural Analysis of Oral Tradition
Author/Editor: Maranda, Pierre; Maranda, Elii Köngäs
Structural Forms in the French Theater, 1500-1700
Author/Editor: Roaten, Darnell
Structure and Style in Javanese
Author/Editor: Errington, J. Joseph
The Structure of American Medical Practice, 1875-1941
Author/Editor: Rosen, George; Rosenberg, Charles E
The Structure of Artistic Revolutions
Author/Editor: Clignet, Remi
The Structure of Byron's Major Poems
Author/Editor: Marshall, William Harvey
Structuring the Journey to Work
Author/Editor: Lapin, Howard S
Studies in African Native Law
Author/Editor: Lewin, Julius
Studies in Civilization
Author/Editor: Wace, Alan J. B.; Neugebauer, Otto E.; Ferguson, William S
Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Wesley C
Studies in Medieval Literature
Author/Editor: Leach, MacEdward
Studies in Political Science and Sociology
Author/Editor: Shih, Hu; Edwards, Newton; May, Mark A
Studies in the History of Science
Author/Editor: Speiser, E. A.; Neugebauer, Otto E.; Ranke, Hermann
Studying Visual Communication
Author/Editor: Worth, Sol; Gross, Larry
A Study of Cyril Tourneur
Author/Editor: Murray, Peter B
Stuyvesant Bound
Author/Editor: Merwick, Donna
Subjects unto the Same King
Author/Editor: Pulsipher, Jenny Hale
The Submission Agreement in Contract Arbitration
Author/Editor: Handsaker, Morrison; Handsaker, Marjorie
Subscription Theater: Democracy and Drama in Britain and Ireland, 1880-1939
Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles
Author/Editor: Cammann, Schuyler V. R
Suburban Differences and Metropolitan Policies
Author/Editor: Williams, Oliver P.; Herman, Harold; Liebman, Charles S
A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue
Author/Editor: Lobel, Diana
The Sufi Journey of Baba Rexheb
Author/Editor: Trix, Frances
Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale
Author/Editor: Calabria, Michael D.; Macrae, Janet A
Sumerian Business and Administrative Documents from the Earliest Times to the Dynasty of Agade
Author/Editor: Barton, George A
Sumerian Grammatical Texts
Author/Editor: Langdon, Stephen
Sumerian Proverbs
Author/Editor: Gordon, Edmund I
Sunbelt Capitalism
Author/Editor: Shermer, Elizabeth Tandy
Sunbelt Rising
Author/Editor: Nickerson, Michelle; Dochuk, Darren
Sunrise to Eternity
Author/Editor: Stoudt, John Joseph
The Sunshade Chapel of Meritaten from the House-of-Waenre of Akhenaten
Author/Editor: Wegner, Josef
The Supreme Court and the Idea of Constitutionalism
Author/Editor: Kautz, Steven; Melzer, Arthur; Weinberger, Jerry
Survival Through War and Revolution in Russia
Author/Editor: Fedotoff White, D
Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean
Author/Editor: RANDY M. BROWNE
Suspicious Readings of Joyce's Dubliners
Author/Editor: Norris, Margot
Sustainable Lifeways
Author/Editor: Miller, Naomi F.; Moore, Katherine M.; Ryan, Kathleen
The Swahili
Author/Editor: DEREK NURSE,THOMAS SPEAR,Anthony F. C. Wallace,Lee V. Cassanelli
Sweden at the Edge
Author/Editor: Maccoby, Michael
The Swedish Acceptance of American Literature
Author/Editor: Anderson, Carl L
Sweet Liberty
Author/Editor: Schloss, Rebecca Hartkopf
Swift at Moor Park
Author/Editor: Elias Jr., A. C