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A Valley of Vision
The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Beeman, Richard R
Varieties of Sovereignty and Citizenship
Author/Editor: Ben-Porath, Sigal R.; Smith, Rogers M
Vassals, Heiresses, Crusaders, and Thugs
Author/Editor: Thomas, Hugh M
Venomous Tongues
Author/Editor: Bardsley, Sandy
Verbal Arts in Madagascar
Author/Editor: Haring, Lee
Vernacular Voices
Author/Editor: Fudeman, Kirsten A
The Vestibular System and Its Diseases
Author/Editor: Wolfson, Robert Joseph
Victoria Woodhull's Sexual Revolution
Author/Editor: Frisken, Amanda
Vigilante Politics
Author/Editor: Rosenbaum, H. Jon; Sederberg, Peter C
Violence and Belief in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Sizgorich, Thomas
Violence in Roman Egypt
Author/Editor: Bryen, Ari Z
Virgil's Eclogues
Author/Editor: Virgil
The Virgin in Song
Author/Editor: Arentzen, Thomas
Virtuosity in Business
Author/Editor: Jackson, Kevin T
Visions of Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Lluch, Jaime
The Visual and Verbal Sketch in British Romanticism
Author/Editor: Sha, Richard C
The Visual Object of Desire in Late Medieval England
Author/Editor: Stanbury, Sarah
Vodun: Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power
Author/Editor: Timothy R. Landry
A Voice for Human Rights
Author/Editor: Robinson, Mary; Boyle, Kevin
Voice in Motion
Author/Editor: Bloom, Gina
The Voice of My Beloved
Author/Editor: Matter, E. Ann
Voice of the Lord
Author/Editor: Wildes, Harry Emerson
The Voice of the Old Frontier
Author/Editor: Vail, R. W. G
The Voice of the Trobairitz
Author/Editor: Paden, William D
Voices of the English Reformation
Author/Editor: King, John N
Voluntary Allotment
Author/Editor: Mead, Edward S.; Ostrolenk, Bernhard