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Confronting Policy Challenges of the Great Recession
Author/Editor: Alvi, Eskander
Confronting Policy Challenges of the Great Recession: Lessons for Macroeconomic Policy
Author/Editor: Eskander Alvi
Data Science in the Public Interest: Improving Government Performance in the Workforce
Author/Editor: Joshua D. Hawley
Disasters in the United States
Author/Editor: Brusentsev, Vera; Vroman, Wayne
Disasters in the United States: Frequency, Costs, and Compensation
Author/Editor: Vera Brusentsev,Wayne Vroman
The Economics of Health
Author/Editor: Meyer, Donald J
Evolving Approaches to the Economics of Public Policy
Author/Editor: Kimmel, Jean
Evolving Approaches to the Economics of Public Policy: Views of Award-Winning Economists
Author/Editor: Jean Kimmel
Food Stamps and the Working Poor
Author/Editor: Peter Mueser,David Ribar,Erdal Tekin
From Preschool to Prosperity
Author/Editor: Bartik, Timothy J
From Preschool to Prosperity: The Economic Payoff to Early Childhood Education
Author/Editor: Timothy J. Bartik
How Did Employee Ownership Firms Weather the Last Two Recessions?: Employee Ownership, Employment Stability, and Firm Survival: 1999-2011
Author/Editor: Fidan Ana Kurtulus,Douglas L. Kruse
How Did Employee Ownership Firms Weather the Last Two Recessions?
Author/Editor: Kurtulus, Fidan Ana; Kruse, Douglas L
The Human and Economic Implications of Twenty-First Century Immigration Policy
Author/Editor: Pozo, Susan
The Impacts of China's Rise on the Pacific and the World
Author/Editor: Huang, Wei-Chaio; Zhou, Huizhong
Measuring Globalization
Author/Editor: Houseman, Susan N.; Mandel, Michael
Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy
Author/Editor: Susan N. Houseman,Michael Mandel
Pathways to Careers in Health Care
Author/Editor: Christopher T. King,Philip Young P. Hong
The Political Economy of Good Governance
Author/Editor: Asefa, Sisay; Huang, Wei-Chiao
Promise Nation
Author/Editor: Miller-Adams, Michelle
Promise Nation: Transforming Communities through Place-Based Policies
Author/Editor: Michelle Miller-Adams
The Road through the Rust Belt
Author/Editor: Bowen, William M
The Road through the Rust Belt: From Preeminence to Decline to Prosperity
Author/Editor: William M. Bowen
Social Security and Pension Reform
Author/Editor: Szczepanski, Marek; Turner. John A
Social Security and Pension Reform: International Perspectives
Author/Editor: Marek Szczepański,John A. Turner
The STEM Dilemma
Author/Editor: Stewart, Fran
The STEM Dilemma: Skills that Matter to Regions
Author/Editor: Fran Stewart
Student Loans and the Dynamics of Debt
Author/Editor: Hershbein, Brad; Hollenbeck, Kevin M
Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy?
Author/Editor: Lazonick, William
Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy?: Business Organization and High-Tech Employment in the United States
Author/Editor: William Lazonick
Sustaining Social Security in an Era of Population Aging
Author/Editor: Turner, John A
Unemployment Insurance Reform
Author/Editor: Wandner, Stephen A
Unemployment Insurance Reform: Fixing a Broken System
Author/Editor: Stephen A. Wandner
What Does the Minimum Wage Do?
Author/Editor: Belman, Dale; Wolfson, Paul J
Who Benefits from State and Local Economic Development Policies?
Author/Editor: Bartik, Timothy J
Workers' Compensation
Author/Editor: Hunt, H. Allan; Dillender, Marcus
Workers' Compensation: Analysis for Its Second Century
Author/Editor: H. Allan Hunt,Marcus Dillender