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California at War
Author/Editor: North, Diane M. T
The Cambodian Wars
Author/Editor: Conboy, Kenneth
The Cambodian Wars: Clashing Armies and CIA Covert Operations
Author/Editor: Kenneth Conboy
The Campaign to Impeach Justice William O. Douglas: Nixon, Vietnam, and the Conservative Attack on Judicial Independence
Author/Editor: Joshua E. Kastenberg,Fred Harris
Carbon Nation
Author/Editor: Johnson, Bob
The Case for Gay Rights
Author/Editor: Richards, David A. J
The Case for Gay Rights: From Bowers to Lawrence and Beyond
Author/Editor: David A. J. Richards
The Cattle Guard: Its History and Lore
Celebrity Influence
Author/Editor: Mark Harvey
Celebrity Influence: Politics, Persuasion, and Issue-Based Advocacy
Author/Editor: Mark Harvey
Chasing Chickens
Author/Editor: Neff, Rachel
Chasing Chickens: When Life after Higher Education Doesn't Go the Way You Planned
Author/Editor: RACHEL NEFF
The Cherokee Kid
Author/Editor: Ware, Amy M
The Cherokee Kid: Will Rogers, Tribal Identity, and the Making of an American Icon
Author/Editor: AMY M. WARE,Erika Doss,Philip J. Deloria
Chief Executive to Chief Justice
Author/Editor: Gould, Lewis L
Chief Executive to Chief Justice: Taft betwixt the White House and Supreme Court
Author/Editor: LEWIS L. GOULD
Child Labor in America
Author/Editor: Fliter, John A
Child Labor in America: The Epic Legal Struggle to Protect Children
Author/Editor: John A. Fliter
Children of the Silent Majority
Author/Editor: Seth Blumenthal
The CIA and Congress
Author/Editor: Barrett, David M
The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation
Author/Editor: Sharp, David H
The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation: Inside the Daring Mission to Recover a Nuclear-Armed Soviet Sub
Author/Editor: David H. Sharp
The CIA's Secret War in Tibet
Author/Editor: Conboy, Kenneth; Morrison, James
Cinematic Cold War
Author/Editor: Shaw, Tony; Youngblood, Denise J
Cinematic Cold War: The American and Soviet Struggle for Hearts and Minds
Author/Editor: Tony Shaw,Denise J. Youngblood
Clash of Empires in South China
Author/Editor: Macri, Franco David
Clash of Empires in South China: The Allied Nations' Proxy War with Japan, 1935-1941
Author/Editor: Franco David Macri
Class and Community in Frontier Colorado
Author/Editor: Richard Hogan
Cliffs and Challenges
Author/Editor: Brunner, Laura White; Champion, Jared
Cliffs and Challenges: A Young Woman Explores Yosemite, 1915–1917
Author/Editor: Laura White Brunner,Jared N. Champion
Clinton's Elections: 1992, 1996, and the Birth of a New Era of Governance
The Coalition Crumbles, Napoleon Returns: The 1799 Campaign in Italy and Switzerland, Volume 2
The Cold War Comes to Main Street
Author/Editor: Rose, Lisle A
Cold War Kids
Author/Editor: Holt, Marilyn Irvin
Cold War Kids: Politics and Childhood in Postwar America, 19451960
Author/Editor: Marilyn Irvin Holt
Colorado Powder Keg
Author/Editor: Childers, Michael W
Colorado Powder Keg: Ski Resorts and the Environmental Movement
Author/Editor: Michael W. Childers
The Coming of the Nixon Court
Author/Editor: Maltz, Earl M
The Coming of the Nixon Court: The 1972 Term and the Transformation of Constitutional Law
Author/Editor: Earl M. Maltz
Commanding the Army of the Potomac
Author/Editor: Taaffe, Stephen R
A Conflict of Principles
Author/Editor: Cohen, Carl
A Conflict of Principles: The Battle Over Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan
Author/Editor: Carl Cohen
Author/Editor: Fisher, Louis
The Congressional Journal of Barber B. Conable, Jr., 1968-1984
Author/Editor: Bill Kauffman ,Albert R. Hunt
Congress: Protecting Individual Rights
Author/Editor: Louis Fisher
The Conservation Constitution: The Conservation Movement and Constitutional Change, 1870-1930
Author/Editor: Kimberly K. Smith
The Conservative Heartland: A Political History of the Postwar American Midwest
Author/Editor: Jon K. Lauck,Catherine McNicol Stock
Constitutional Failure
Author/Editor: Barber, Sotirios
The Constitutional Rights of Children
Author/Editor: Tanenhaus, David S
The Constitutional Rights of Children: In re Gault and Juvenile Justice
A Constitution in Full
Author/Editor: Lawler, Peter Augustine; Reinsch, Richard M., II
A Constitution in Full: Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty
Author/Editor: Peter Augustine Lawler,Richard M. Reinsch II
The Contested Removal Power, 1789-2010
Author/Editor: Alvis, J. David; Bailey, Jeremy D.; A01
The Contract Clause
Author/Editor: Ely, James W. Jr
The Contract Clause: A Constitutional History
Author/Editor: James W. Ely Jr.
Conversations with Abner Mikva
Author/Editor: Horwitt, Sanford
Conversations with Abner Mikva: Final Reflections on Chicago Politics, Democracy’s Future, and a Life of Public Service
Author/Editor: SANFORD D. HORWITT,Senator Dick Durbin
Corinth 1862
Author/Editor: Smith, Timothy B
Corinth 1862: Siege, Battle, Occupation
Author/Editor: Timothy B. Smith
The Courts, the Ballot Box, and Gay Rights
Author/Editor: Mello, Joseph
The Courts, the Ballot Box, and Gay Rights: How Our Governing Institutions Shape the Same-Sex Marriage Debate
Author/Editor: Joseph Mello
Critical Pluralism, Democratic Performance, and Community Power
Author/Editor: Paul Schumaker
The Crusade for Equality in the Workplace
Author/Editor: Belton, Robert; Wasby, Stephen L
Crusader for Democracy
Author/Editor: Delgadillo, Charles
Crusader for Democracy: The Political Life of William Allen White