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Early Struggles for Vicksburg: The Mississippi Central Campaign and Chickasaw Bayou, October 25-December 31, 1862
Author/Editor: Timothy B. Smith
The Earth Memory Compass
Author/Editor: King, Farina
The Eclipse of the Demos: The Cold War and the Crisis of Democracy before Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Kyong-Min Son
Edith Kermit Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Gould, Lewis L
Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875–1928, Ed. REV - Revised, 2nd
Author/Editor: David Wallace Adams
Electing FDR
Author/Editor: Ritchie, Donald A
Electing the House
Author/Editor: Dow, Jay K
The Election of 1860
Author/Editor: Holt, Michael F
Author/Editor: McCoy, Max
Ellen and Edith
Author/Editor: Miller, Kristie
Empire of Direct Mail: How Conservative Marketing Persuaded Voters and Transformed the Grassroots
Author/Editor: Takahito Moriyama
Empire of the People
Author/Editor: Dahl, Adam
Endgame at Stalingrad: Book One: November 1942 The Stalingrad Trilogy, Volume 3
Author/Editor: David M. Glantz ,Jonathan M. House
Endgame at Stalingrad: Book Two: December 1942 - February 1943 The Stalingrad Trilogy, Volume 3
Author/Editor: David M. Glantz ,Jonathan M. House
The End of Sustainability
Author/Editor: Benson, Melinda Harm; Craig, Robin Kundis
Enduring Battle
Author/Editor: Hamner, Christopher H
The Enduring Indians of Kansas: A Century and a Half of Acculturation
Author/Editor: JOSEPH B. HERRING
Enduring Liberalism: American Political Thought Since the 1960s
Author/Editor: Robert Booth Fowler
Entangled Encounters at the National Zoo: Stories from the Animal Archive
Author/Editor: Daniel Vandersommers
Everyone Orthodox to Themselves: John Locke and His American Students on Religion and Liberal Society
Author/Editor: John Colman
Expanding the Black Film Canon: Race and Genre across Six Decades
Author/Editor: Lisa Doris Alexander
Expedition of Thirst
Author/Editor: Dulin, Pete
Explicit and Authentic Acts
Author/Editor: Kyvig, David E