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The Last Cattle Drive
Author/Editor: Day, Robert
The Last Lincoln Republican: The Presidential Election of 1880
The Last Wild Places of Kansas
Author/Editor: Frazier, George
The Last Wild Places of Kansas: Journeys into Hidden Landscapes
Author/Editor: George Frazier
Launch the Intruders
Author/Editor: Reardon, Carol
Launch the Intruders: A Naval Attack Squadron in the Vietnam War, 1972
Author/Editor: Carol Reardon
Leadership in American Politics
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Jeffery A.; Volden, Craig
Author/Editor: Holland, Max
Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat
Author/Editor: Max Holland
Lee Harvey Oswald as I Knew Him
Author/Editor: de Mohrenschildt, George; Rinella, Michael A
Leonidas Polk
Author/Editor: Horn, Huston
Liberty and Equality
Author/Editor: Seagrave, S. Adam
Liberty and Equality: The American Conversation
Author/Editor: S. Adam Seagrave
Liberty and Union
Author/Editor: Huebner, Timothy S
Liberty and Union: The Civil War Era and American Constitutionalism
Lincoln and Shakespeare
Author/Editor: Anderegg, Michael
Lincoln and the Border States
Author/Editor: Harris, William C
Lincoln and the Border States: Preserving the Union
Author/Editor: William C. Harris
Lincoln's Informer: Charles A. Dana and the Inside Story of the Union War
Author/Editor: Carl J. Guarneri
Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
Author/Editor: RIgg, Bryan Mark
Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich
Author/Editor: Bryan Mark Rigg
Lizzie Borden on Trial
Author/Editor: Conforti, Joseph A
Lizzie Borden on Trial: Murder, Ethnicity, and Gender
Author/Editor: JOSEPH A. CONFORTI,Peter Charles Hoffer,N. E. H. Hull
Lochner v. New York
Author/Editor: Kens, Paul
Lochner v. New York: Economic Regulation on Trial
Author/Editor: PAUL KENS
Losing Binh Dinh
Author/Editor: Boylan, Kevin M
Losing Binh Dinh: The Failure of Pacification and Vietnamization, 1969-1971
Author/Editor: Kevin M. Boylan
The Lost Soul of the American Presidency: The Decline into Demagoguery and the Prospects for Renewal
Author/Editor: Stephen F. Knott
Lou Henry Hoover
Author/Editor: Young, Nancy Beck
Lou Henry Hoover: Activist First Lady