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Sacrificing Childhood
Author/Editor: deGraffenried, Julie K
The Salvadoran Crucible
Author/Editor: D'Haeseleer, Brian
Sam Nunn: Statesman of the Nuclear Age
Author/Editor: Frank Leith Jones
The Santa Fe Trail
Author/Editor: Dary, David
Scarlet Fields
Author/Editor: Barkley, John Lewis
Schools for Statesmen: The Divergent Educations of the Constitutional Framers
The Search for Domestic Bliss
Author/Editor: Dowbiggin, Ian
A Season of Inquiry Revisited
Author/Editor: Johnson, Loch K
Secrecy in the Sunshine Era
Author/Editor: Arnold, Jason Ross
Secret Messages
Author/Editor: Alvarez, David
Selling the CIA
Author/Editor: McCarthy, David S
Service above Self: Women Veterans in American Politics
The Seventh West Virginia Infantry
Author/Editor: Mellott, David W.; Snell, Mark A
The Sex Radicals: Free Love in High Victorian America
Author/Editor: Hal D. Sears
Shaping Modern Liberalism: Herbert Croly and Progressive Thought
Author/Editor: Edward A. Stettner
The Sharon Kowalski Case: Lesbian and Gay Rights on Trial
Author/Editor: CASEY CHARLES
Author/Editor: Smith, Timothy B
The Siege of Vicksburg: Climax of the Campaign to Open the Mississippi River, May 23-July 4, 1863
Author/Editor: Timothy B. Smith
Silent Coup of the Guardians: The Influence of U.S. Military Elites on National Security
Author/Editor: Todd Andrew Schmidt
Ski Style
Author/Editor: Coleman, Annie Gilbert
Slave Women in the New World: Gender Stratification in the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Marietta Morrissey
Socialist Mayors in the United States: Governing in an Era of Municipal Reform, 1900-1920
Author/Editor: David R. Berman
Soldiering On in a Dying War: The True Story of the Firebase Pace Incidents and the Vietnam Drawdown
Author/Editor: William J. Shkurti
Soldier Snapshots: Masculinity, Play, and Friendship in the Everyday Photographs of Men in the American Military
Author/Editor: JAY MECHLING
Southern First Ladies: Culture and Place in White House History
Author/Editor: Katherine A. S. Sibley
Southern Strategies: Why the Confederacy Failed
Author/Editor: Christian B. Keller
Sovereign Mars: Transforming Our Values through Space Settlement
Author/Editor: Jacob Haqq-Misra
Speaking Freely
Author/Editor: Strum, Philippa
Spies in the Himalayas
Author/Editor: Kohli, Mohan S.; Conboy, Kenneth
Spies in the Vatican
Author/Editor: Alvarez, David
Spying Through a Glass Darkly
Author/Editor: Alvarez, David; Mark, Eduard
Stabilizing Fragile States: Why It Matters and What to Do about It
Author/Editor: Rufus C. Phillips III
Stalin's Secret War: Soviet Counterintelligence against the Nazis, 1941-1945
Author/Editor: Robert W. Stephan
Stalin's World War II Evacuations
Author/Editor: Holmes, Larry E
Stopped at Stalingrad
Author/Editor: Hayward, Joel S. A
Stopping the Panzers
Author/Editor: Milner, Marc
Structuring Poverty in the Windy City
Author/Editor: Black, Joel E
Superheroes, Movies, and the State: How the U.S. Government Shapes Cinematic Universes
The Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Hoffer, Peter Charles; Hoffer, Williamjames Hull; Hull, N. E. H
The Supreme Court and the American Elite, 1789-2020
Author/Editor: Lucas A. Powe Jr.
Supreme Court Expansion of Presidential Power
Author/Editor: Louis Fisher
Sustainable Cities in American Democracy: From Postwar Urbanism to a Civic Green New Deal
Author/Editor: Carmen Sirianni