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Bacchus and Civic Order
Author/Editor: Tlusty, B. Ann
Backstage in the Novel
Author/Editor: Saggini, Francesca
Bad Men: Creative Touchstones of Black Writers
Author/Editor: Howard Rambsy II
Barbaric Culture and Black Critique
Author/Editor: Wheelock, Stefan M
Basura: Cultures of Waste in Contemporary Spain
Author/Editor: SAMUEL AMAGO
Bathed in Blood
Author/Editor: Proctor, Nicolas W
Battle over the Bench
Author/Editor: Steigerwalt, Amy
Beastly Natures
Author/Editor: Brantz, Dorothee
Beautiful Deceptions
Author/Editor: Schweighauser, Philipp
Becoming Men of Some Consequence
Author/Editor: Ruddiman, John A
Being Apart
Author/Editor: Parris, LaRose T
Be It Ever So Humble
Author/Editor: MacKenzie, Scott R
The Belle Créole
Between Sovereignty and Anarchy
Author/Editor: Griffin, Patrick; Ingram, Robert G.; Onuf, Peter S
Between the Novel and the News
Author/Editor: Edelstein, Sari
Bewildered Travel
Author/Editor: Ruf, Frederick J
Beyond 1776
Author/Editor: O'Malley, Maria; van Van Renen, Denys
Beyond 1776: Globalizing the Cultures of the American Revolution
Beyond the Royal Gaze
Author/Editor: Kodesh, Neil
The Big House after Slavery
Author/Editor: Morsman, Amy Feely
Black Aesthetics and the Interior Life
Blue Laws and Black Codes
Author/Editor: Wallenstein, Peter
Bodies and Bones
Author/Editor: Shields, Tanya L
Body and Soul
Author/Editor: Cox, Robert S
Bound for Work
Author/Editor: Kagan Guthrie, Zachary
Bound for Work: Labor, Mobility, and Colonial Rule in Central Mozambique, 1940-1965
Author/Editor: Zachary Kagan Guthrie
The Bourgeois Interior
Author/Editor: Brown, Julia Prewitt
Bridges to Memory
Author/Editor: Bellamy, Maria Rice
Bringing Race Back In
Author/Editor: Stout, Christopher T
Broken Government
Author/Editor: Antholis, William J.; Sabato, Larry J
Broken Government: Bridging the Partisan Divide
Author/Editor: William J. Antholis ,Larry J. Sabato
Brothers Born of One Mother
Author/Editor: LeMaster, Michelle
Buddha in the Marketplace: The Commodification of Buddhist Objects in Tibet
Building Charleston
Author/Editor: Hart, Emma
Building Natures
Author/Editor: Daniel, Julia
Building Natures: Modern American Poetry, Landscape Architecture, and City Planning
Author/Editor: Julia E. Daniel