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Gun Culture in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: LOIS G. SCHWOERER
Guilty Pleasures
Author/Editor: McIntosh, Hugh
Grief and Meter
Author/Editor: Sally Connolly
Greening the City
Author/Editor: Brantz, Dorothee; Dümpelmann, Sonja
The Grandees of Government
Author/Editor: Tarter, Brent
The Golden-Bristled Boar
Author/Editor: Greene, Jeffrey
Giant's Causeway
Author/Editor: Chaffin, Tom
The Ghost behind the Masks
Author/Editor: Shaw, W. David
A German Barber-Surgeon in the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Seventeenth-Century Journal of Johann Peter Oettinger
Author/Editor: Craig Koslofsky,Roberto Zaugg
George Washington's Hair: How Early Americans Remembered the Founders
Author/Editor: KEITH BEUTLER
Genre Theory and Historical Change
Author/Editor: John L. Rowlett
Genealogies of Environmentalism
Author/Editor: Glacken, Clarence; Rajan, S. Ravi
The Garden in the Machine: Planning and Democracy in the Tennessee Valley Authority
Author/Editor: Avigail Sachs
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Author/Editor: Thomson, Vivian E