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Swift to Wrath
Author/Editor: Carrigan, William D.; Waldrep, Christopher
Sustainability and Privilege: A Critique of Social Design Practice
Supposing Bleak House
Author/Editor: Jordan, John O
Suicide: The Social Causes of Self-Destruction
Author/Editor: JASON MANNING
The Struggle for Equality
Author/Editor: Burton, Orville Vernon; Podair, Jerald; Weber, Jennifer L
The Struggle for Change: Race and the Politics of Reconciliation in Modern Richmond
Author/Editor: Marvin T. Chiles
A Strife of Tongues: The Compromise of 1850 and the Ideological Foundations of the American Civil War
Author/Editor: Stephen E. Maizlish
Strategies for Survival
Author/Editor: Dusinberre, William
Stranger America: A Narrative Ethics of Exclusion
Author/Editor: JOSH TOTH
Strange Brethren: Refugees, Religious Bonds, and Reformation in Frankfurt, 1554–1608
Author/Editor: Maximilian Miguel Scholz
A Storm over This Court
Author/Editor: Hockett, Jeffrey D
Stewards of Memory: The Past, Present, and Future of Historic Preservation at George Washington's Mount Vernon
Author/Editor: Carol Borchert Cadou,Luke J. Pecoraro,Thomas A. Reinhart
Statute Law in Colonial Virginia: Governors, Assemblymen, and the Revisals That Forged the Old Dominion
Author/Editor: Warren M. Billings
State and Citizen
Author/Editor: Thompson, Peter; Onuf, Peter S
Staging Creolization
Author/Editor: Emily Sahakian
Spirit Deep: Recovering the Sacred in Black Women’s Travel
Author/Editor: TISHA M. BROOKS
Speculative Enterprise: Public Theaters and Financial Markets in London, 1688–1763
Author/Editor: Mattie Burkert
The Specter of Races
Author/Editor: Anke Birkenmaier
Spectacular Suffering
Author/Editor: Ramesh Mallipeddi
Spectacular Blackness
Author/Editor: Ongiri, Amy Abugo
Sounding the Break
Author/Editor: Frydman, Jason
Sons of the Father
Author/Editor: McDonald, Robert M. S
Some Unfinished Chaos: The Lives of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author/Editor: Arthur Krystal
Solastalgia: An Anthology of Emotion in a Disappearing World
Author/Editor: Paul Bogard
Sobering Wisdom
Author/Editor: Miller, Jerome A.; Plants, Nicholas
Slavery in the City
Slavery, Freedom, and Expansion in the Early American West
Author/Editor: John Craig Hammond
Slavery by Any Other Name
Author/Editor: Allina, Eric
Slavery and War in the Americas
Author/Editor: Izecksohn, Vitor
Skyscraper Gothic
The Sky of Our Manufacture
Author/Editor: Jesse Oak Taylor
Skimpy Coverage: Sports Illustrated and the Shaping of the Female Athlete
Author/Editor: Bonnie M. Hagerman
The Sketch, the Tale, and the Beginnings of American Literature
Author/Editor: Lydia G. Fash
Sites of Southern Memory
Author/Editor: O'Dell, Darlene
A Single, Numberless Death
Author/Editor: Nora Strejilevich,Cristina de la Torre
Singer of the Land of Snows: Shabkar, Buddhism, and Tibetan National Identity
Author/Editor: Rachel H. Pang
Sight Correction: Vision and Blindness in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: CHRIS MOUNSEY
Sifilografía: A History of the Writerly Pox in the Eighteenth-Century Hispanic World
Author/Editor: Juan Carlos González Espitia
Showdown in Virginia
Author/Editor: Freehling, William W.; Simpson, Craig M
The Shortest Way with Defoe: Robinson Crusoe, Deism, and the Novel
Author/Editor: Michael B. Prince
Shakespeare's Ocean
Author/Editor: Brayton, Dan
Shaken Wisdom
Author/Editor: Onyeoziri, Gloria Nne
Sex and the Citizen
Author/Editor: Smith, Faith L
Sex and Sects: The Story of Mormon Polygamy, Shaker Celibacy, and Oneida Complex Marriage
Author/Editor: Stewart Davenport
Seven Virginians: The Men Who Shaped Our Republic
Author/Editor: John B. Boles
Settler Jamaica in the 1750s
Author/Editor: JACK P. GREENE
A Separate Civil War
Author/Editor: Sarris, Jonathan Dean
The Senate: From White Supremacy to Governmental Gridlock
Author/Editor: Daniel Wirls
Semi-Detached Empire
Author/Editor: Kuchta, Todd
Segregation's Science
Author/Editor: Dorr, Gregory Michael
Seeing Jefferson Anew
Author/Editor: Boles, John B.; Hall, Randal L
Second Person Singular
Author/Editor: Harrington, Emily
The Science of Religion in Britain, 1860-1915
Author/Editor: Wheeler-Barclay, Marjorie
Schooling Jim Crow
Author/Editor: Driskell, Jay Winston
Scarecrows of Chivalry
Author/Editor: Gopinath, Praseeda
Author/Editor: Peeples, Edward H.; MacLean, Nancy
Saving Snakes: Snakes and the Evolution of a Field Naturalist
Saul Steinberg’s Literary Journeys: Nabokov, Joyce, and Others
Satan and Salem
Author/Editor: Ray, Benjamin C
Sapphic Crossings: Cross-Dressing Women in Eighteenth-Century British Literature
San Francisco
Author/Editor: Ponsi, Andrea
A Saga of the New South
Author/Editor: BRENT TARTER