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Written on the Water
Author/Editor: Baker, Samuel
Writing through Jane Crow
Author/Editor: Hardison, Ayesha K
Worth a Dozen Men
Author/Editor: Hilde, Libra R
The Worst Passions of Human Nature: White Supremacy in the Civil War North
Author/Editor: Paul D. Escott
A World of Their Own
Author/Editor: Healy-Clancy, Meghan
A World of Disorderly Notions: Quixote and the Logic of Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Aaron R. Hanlon
A World of Disorderly Notions
Author/Editor: Hanlon, Aaron R
The Working Man's Green Space
Author/Editor: Nilsen, Micheline; Barnes, Brooks M
Words, Like Fire
Author/Editor: Cooper, Valerie C
The Word on the Streets: The American Language of Vernacular Modernism
Author/Editor: BROOKS E. HEFNER
The Word on the Streets
Author/Editor: Hefner, Brooks E
Word, Like Fire
Author/Editor: Cooper, Valerie C
Women Writers of the Beat Era: Autobiography and Intertextuality
Women Writers of the Beat Era
Author/Editor: Carden, Mary Paniccia
Women's Work
Author/Editor: Thorsson, Courtney
Women in the American Revolution: Gender, Politics, and the Domestic World
Author/Editor: BARBARA B. OBERG
Women in the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Oberg, Barbara B
Women Fight, Women Write: Texts on the Algerian War
Women Fight, Women Write
Author/Editor: Mortimer, Mildred
Without the Novel: Romance and the History of Prose Fiction
Author/Editor: Scott Black
Without the Novel
Author/Editor: Black, Scott
William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship
Author/Editor: Hess, Scott
Willful Submission
Author/Editor: Paxton, Amanda
The Wild Within
Author/Editor: Flack, Andrew
Whispers of Rebellion
Author/Editor: Nicholls, Michael L
When the Sun Danced
Author/Editor: Bennett, Jeffrey S
What Time and Sadness Spared
Author/Editor: Ben-Atar, Roma Nutkiewicz
What Shall We Do with the Negro?
Author/Editor: Escott, Paul D
The Way of the Stars
Author/Editor: Sibley, Robert C
The Way of the 88 Temples
Author/Editor: Sibley, Robert C
Water Graves: The Art of the Unritual in the Greater Caribbean
Author/Editor: Valérie Loichot
War upon Our Border
Author/Editor: Stephen I. Rockenbach
Wandering Memory