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Over the Mountains Are Mountains: Korean Peasant Households and Their Adaptations to Rapid Industrialization
Author/Editor: CLARK W. SORENSEN
Over the Lip of the World: Among the Storytellers of Madagascar
Author/Editor: COLLEEN J. McELROY
Outriders: Rodeo at the Fringes of the American West
Outcaste Bombay: City Making and the Politics of the Poor
Author/Editor: JUNED SHAIKH
Ottoman Lyric Poetry: An Anthology
Author/Editor: Walter G. Andrews ,Najaat Black ,Mehmet Kalpakli
The Other Milk: Reinventing Soy in Republican China
Author/Editor: Jia-Chen Fu
The Orphan Tsunami of 1700: Japanese Clues to a Parent Earthquake in North America, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Brian F. Atwater ,Musumi-Rokkaku Satoko ,Satake Kenji ,Tsuji Yoshinobu ,Ueda Kazue ,David K. Yamaguchi
The Orphan Tsunami of 1700: Japanese Clues to a Parent Earthquake in North America, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Brian F. Atwater ,Musumi-Rokkaku Satoko ,Satake Kenji ,Tsuji Yoshinobu ,Ueda Kazue ,David K. Yamaguchi
The Origins of the Choson Dynasty
Author/Editor: John B. Duncan
Organic Sovereignties: Struggles over Farming in an Age of Free Trade
Author/Editor: Guntra A. Aistara
The Organic Profit: Rodale and the Making of Marketplace Environmentalism
Author/Editor: ANDREW N. CASE
Oregon: This Storied Land, Ed. NED - New edition, 2
Author/Editor: William G. Robbins
Oregon: This Storied Land, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: William G. Robbins
Oregon's Doctor to the World: Esther Pohl Lovejoy and a Life in Activism
Author/Editor: Kimberly Jensen
Ordering the Myriad Things: From Traditional Knowledge to Scientific Botany in China
Author/Editor: Nicholas K. Menzies
Order and Discipline in China: The Shanghai Mixed Court 1911-1927
Author/Editor: Thomas B. Stephens ,Dan Fenno Henderson
Open Wounds: The Crisis of Jewish Thought in the Aftermath of the Holocaust
Open Spaces: Voices from the Northwest
Author/Editor: Penny Harrison
Opening Kailasanatha: The Temple in Kanchipuram Revealed in Time and Space
Author/Editor: PADMA KAIMAL
On the Road Again: Montana's Changing Landscape
Author/Editor: WILLIAM WYCKOFF ,William Cronon
On the Margins of Tibet: Cultural Survival on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier
Author/Editor: Åshild Kolås ,Monika P. Thowsen
On Sacred Ground: The Spirit of Place in Pacific Northwest Literature
Onnagata: A Labyrinth of Gendering in Kabuki Theater
Author/Editor: Maki Isaka
One Left: A Novel
Author/Editor: Kim Soom ,Bruce,Ju-Chan Fulton ,Bonnie Oh
On Cold Mountain: A Buddhist Reading of the Hanshan Poems
Author/Editor: PAUL ROUZER
Olympic National Park: A Natural History, Ed. 4
Author/Editor: Tim McNulty
Old Stacks, New Leaves: The Arts of the Book in South Asia
Author/Editor: SONAL KHULLAR
Offspring of Empire: The Koch'ang Kims and the Colonial Origins of Korean Capitalism, 1876-1945
Author/Editor: Carter J. Eckert
The Offense of Poetry
Author/Editor: HAZARD ADAMS
The Odyssey of China's Imperial Art Treasures
Author/Editor: Jeannette Shambaugh Elliott ,David Shambaugh
Oceanographers and the Cold War: Disciples of Marine Science
The Objectionable Li Zhi: Fiction, Criticism, and Dissent in Late Ming China
Author/Editor: Rivi Handler-Spitz ,Pauline C. Lee ,Haun Saussy