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Battering States: The Politics of Domestic Violence in Israel
Author/Editor: Madelaine Adelman
Becoming the Tupamaros: Solidarity and Transnational Revolutionaries in Uruguay and the United States
Author/Editor: Lindsey Churchill
Beyond Cuban Waters: Africa, La Yuma, and the Island's Global Imagination
Author/Editor: Paul Ryer
Beyond Realism and Antirealism: John Dewey and the Neopragmatists
Author/Editor: David L. Hildebrand
Black Writing, Culture, and the State in Latin America
Author/Editor: Jerome Branche
Bobby Braddock: A Life on Nashville’s Music Row
Bodies of Knowledge: The Medicalization of Reproduction in Greece
Author/Editor: Eugenia Georges
Bodies, Pleasures, and Passions: Sexual Culture in Contemporary Brazil, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Richard G. Parker
Borges and Kafka, Bolaño and Bloom: Latin American Authors and the Western Canon
Author/Editor: JUAN E. DE CASTRO
Borges: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Julio Premat ,Amanda Murphy
Building Nineteenth-Century Latin America: Re-Rooted Cultures, Identities, and Nations
Author/Editor: William G. Acree Jr.,Juan Carlos González Espitia