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Conversations with Bourdieu: The Johannesburg Moment
Conversations with Bourdieu
Author/Editor: Burawoy, Michael; von Holdt, Karl
Contradicting Maternity: HIV-positive motherhood in South Africa
Author/Editor: Carol Long
Contradicting Maternity
Author/Editor: Long, Carol
Conspicuous Consumption in Africa
Author/Editor: Posel, Deborah; Posel, Deborah; van Wyk, Ilana
Composing Apartheid: Music for and against apartheid
Author/Editor: GRANT OLWAGE
Composing Apartheid
Author/Editor: Allen, Lara; Baines, Gary; Byerly, Ingrid
Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Klaaren, Jonathan; Paelo, Anthea; Robb, Genna
Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Southern Africa: Addressing Market Power in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Jonathan Klaaren,Simon Roberts,Imraan Valodia
The Colour of Our Future: Does race matter in post-apartheid South Africa?
Author/Editor: Xolela Mangcu,Xolela Mangcu,Nina G Jablonski,Lawrence Blum,Steven Friedman,Mark Swilling,Vusi Gumede,Joel Netshitenzhe,Suren Pillay,Crain Soudien,Hlonipha Mokoena,David Scott
The Colour of Our Future
Author/Editor: Mangcu, Xolela; Mangcu, Xolela; Jablonski, Nina G
The Climate Crisis: South African and Global Democratic Eco-Socialist Alternatives
Author/Editor: Vishwas Satgar
The Climate Crisis
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Martínez Abarca, Mateo; Acosta, Alberto
Climate Change: Briefings from Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Bob Scholes,Mary Scholes,Mike Lucas
Climate Change
Author/Editor: Scholes, Bob; Scholes, Mary; Lucas, Mike
Civilising Grass: The art of the lawn on the South African Highveld
Author/Editor: Jonathan Cane
Civilising Grass
Author/Editor: Cane, Jonathan
Changing Space, Changing City: Johannesburg after apartheid - Open Access selection
Changing Space, Changing City
Author/Editor: Ahmad, Peter; Badenhorst, Willem; Beavon, Keith
Capitalism’s Crises: Class struggles in South Africa and the world
Author/Editor: Vishwas Satgar
Capitalism’s Crises
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Satgar, Vishwas; Carroll, William K
Capitalism’s Crises
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Satgar, Vishwas; Carroll, William K
Cape Radicals: Intellectual and political thought of the New Era Fellowship, 1930s-1960s
Author/Editor: Crain Soudien
Cape Radicals
Author/Editor: Soudien, Crain