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The Future of the Academic Journal
Author/Editor: Bill Cope,Angus Phillips
The Future of Post-Human Knowledge
Author/Editor: Peter Baofu
The Future of Information Architecture
Author/Editor: Peter Baofu
The funding of biopharmaceutical research and development
Author/Editor: David R. Williams
Fundamentals of yarn winding
Author/Editor: Milind Koranne
Fundamentals of welding metallurgy
Author/Editor: H Granjon
Fundamentals of university mathematics
Author/Editor: Colin McGregor; Jonathan Nimmo; Wilson Stothers
Fundamentals of metallurgy
Author/Editor: Seshadri Seetharaman
Fundamentals of magnesium alloy metallurgy
Author/Editor: Mihriban O. Pekguleryuz,Karl U. Kainer,A. Arslan Kaya
Fundamentals of inorganic chemistry
Author/Editor: Jack Barrett,Mounir A. Malati
Fundamentals of Food Processing and Technology
Author/Editor: Wilbur A. Gould Phd.D
Fundamentals of evaluation and diagnostics of welded structures
Author/Editor: A. Nedoseka
Fundamentals of designing for textiles and other end uses
Author/Editor: J. W. Parchure
Fundamentals of aluminium metallurgy
Author/Editor: Roger Lumley
Fundamentals and practices in colouration of textiles
Author/Editor: J N Chakraborty
Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology
Author/Editor: Sadhan Chandra Ray
Fundamental engineering mathematics
Author/Editor: Neil Challis; Harry Gretton
Fundamental chemical kinetics
Author/Editor: Margaret Robson Wright
Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Chemically Modified Surfaces
Author/Editor: Jonathan P. Blitz; Charles B. Little
Functional textiles for improved performance, protection and health
Author/Editor: N. Pan; G. Sun
Functional nanofibers and their applications
Author/Editor: Wei Qufu
Functional materials for sustainable energy applications
Author/Editor: John Kilner; Stephen Skinner; Stuart Irvine; Peter Edwards
Functional ingredients from algae for foods and nutraceuticals
Author/Editor: Herminia Domínguez
Functional Foods: Principles and Technology
Author/Editor: Mingruo Guo
Functional foods, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Author/Editor: A. Arnoldi
Functional foods, ageing and degenerative disease
Author/Editor: C. Remacle; B. Reusens
Functional foods
Author/Editor: Maria Saarela
Functional foods
Author/Editor: Glenn R. Gibson; Christine M. Williams
Functional dairy products
Author/Editor: Tiina Mattila-Sandholm; Maria Saarela
Functional dairy products
Author/Editor: Maria Saarela
Functional assessment of wetlands
Author/Editor: Maltby Edward
Functional and speciality beverage technology
Author/Editor: Paul Paquin PhD
Fuel Systems for IC Engines
Author/Editor: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Author/Editor: J. B. Rossell
Fruit and vegetable processing
Author/Editor: Wim Jongen
Fruit and vegetable flavour
Author/Editor: Bernhard Brückner; S. Grant Wyllie
Fruit and vegetable biotechnology
Author/Editor: Victoriano Valpuesta
From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0
Author/Editor: Hervé Basset,David Stuart,Denise Silber,François Boutin
From plant genomics to plant biotechnology
Author/Editor: Palmiro Poltronieri,Natalija Burbulis,Corrado Fogher
From Lending to Learning
Author/Editor: Ronan O'Beirne
From Knowledge Abstraction to Management
Author/Editor: Aparajita Suman
From Fear to Flow
Author/Editor: Jannica Heinstrom
Friction stir welding
Author/Editor: Daniela Lohwasser; Zhan Chen
Friction in textile materials
Author/Editor: B. S. Gupta
Freeze-drying of pharmaceutical and food products
Author/Editor: Tse-Chao Hua; Bao-Lin Liu; Hua Zhang
Freedom of Information and the Developing World
Author/Editor: Colin Darch,Peter G. Underwood
Freedom of Information
Author/Editor: Liz Taylor
FRC 2000: Composite for the Milliennium
Author/Editor: A. G. Gibson
Fracture and fatigue of welded joints and structures
Author/Editor: Kenneth A. Macdonald
Fractal geometry
Author/Editor: J.M. Blackledge,A.K. Evans,M.J. Turner
Formulation tools for pharmaceutical development
Author/Editor: J. E. Aguilar
Forensic polymer engineering
Author/Editor: Peter Rhys Lewis; Colin Gagg
Food Structure
Author/Editor: J. M. V. Blanshard; J. R. Mitchell
Food spoilage microorganisms
Author/Editor: Clive de W. Blackburn
Foods, Nutrients and Food Ingredients with Authorised EU Health Claims
Author/Editor: M J Sadler
Food Science Reviews
Author/Editor: David Watson
Food safety control in the poultry industry
Author/Editor: G. C. Mead
Food product development
Author/Editor: Mary Earle; Earle Richard; Allan Anderson
Food process modelling
Author/Editor: L. M. M. Tijskens; M. L. A. T. M. Hertog; B. M. Nicolä
Food processing technology
Author/Editor: P. J. Fellows
Food preservation techniques
Author/Editor: Peter Zeuthen; Leif Bøgh-Sørensen
Food preservation by pulsed electric fields
Author/Editor: H. L. M. Lelieveld; S. Notermans; S. W. H. de Haan
Food Polymers, Gels and Colloids
Author/Editor: E. Dickinson
Food policy trends in Europe
Author/Editor: Hendrick Deelstra,Michel Fondu,Wilfried Ooghe,Rudy Van Havere
Food microstructures
Author/Editor: V. J. Morris,K. Groves
Food Machinery
Author/Editor: Ling-Min Cheng
Food labelling
Author/Editor: J. Ralph Blanchfield MBE
Food Irradiation
Author/Editor: V M Wilkinson BSc, PhD; G W Gould BSc, MSc, PhD
Food intolerance and the food industry
Author/Editor: Taraneh Dean
Food fortification and supplementation
Author/Editor: Peter Berry Ottaway
Food for the ageing population
Author/Editor: Monique Raats; Lisette de Groot; Wija van Staveren
Food enrichment with omega-3 fatty acids
Author/Editor: Charlotte Jacobsen,Nina Skall Nielsen,Anna Frisenfeldt Horn,Ann-Dorit Moltke Sørensen
Food Emulsions and Foams
Author/Editor: Eric Dickinson
Food diet and obesity
Author/Editor: David J. Mela
Food Dehydration
Author/Editor: J. G. Brennan
Food Contaminants
Author/Editor: Colin Creaser,Rupert Purchase
Food consumption and disease risk
Author/Editor: Morris Potter
Food constituents and oral health
Author/Editor: Michael Wilson
Food colloids and polymers: Stability and mechanical properties
Author/Editor: E. Dickinson; P. Walstra
Food Colloids
Author/Editor: E. Dickinson; B. Bergenståhl
Food chemical safety
Author/Editor: David H. Watson
Food chemical safety
Author/Editor: David H. Watson
Food chain integrity
Author/Editor: J. Hoorfar; K. Jordan; F. Butler; R. Prugger
Foodborne pathogens
Author/Editor: Clive de W. Blackburn; Peter J. McClure
Food authenticity and traceability
Author/Editor: Micheèle Lees
Food and Cancer Prevention
Author/Editor: K. W. Waldron,I. T. Johnson,G. R. Fenwick
Food and beverage stability and shelf life
Author/Editor: David Kilcast; Persis Subramaniam
Fluidized bed technologies for near-zero emission combustion and gasification
Author/Editor: Fabrizio Scala
Flow-Induced Alignment in Composite Materials
Author/Editor: T D Papathanasiou; D C Guell
Flight dynamics and system identification for modern feedback control
Author/Editor: Jared A. Grauer,James E. Hubbard, Jr.
Flavour Science
Author/Editor: D.S. Mottram; A.J. Taylor
Flavours and Fragrances
Author/Editor: Karl A. D. Swift
Flavour in food
Author/Editor: Andrée Voilley; Patrick Etiévant
Flammability testing of materials used in construction, transport and mining
Author/Editor: Vivek B. Apte
Fire toxicity
Author/Editor: Anna Stec; Richard Hull
Fire retardant materials
Author/Editor: A R Horrocks; D Price
Fire retardancy of polymers
Author/Editor: M. Le Bras; G. Camino; S. Bourbigot; R. Delobel
Finite element techniques in structural mechanics
Author/Editor: Carl T. F. Ross
Finite element programs in structural engineering and continuum mechanics
Author/Editor: Carl T. F. Ross
Finite element modelling of composite materials and structures
Author/Editor: F. L. Matthews; G. A. O. Davies; D. Hitchings; C. Soutis
Finding the Concept, Not Just the Word
Author/Editor: Brandy King,Kathy Reinold
Finding Official British Information
Author/Editor: Jane Inman,Howard Picton
Finding Legal Information
Author/Editor: David Pester
Fibrous and composite materials for civil engineering applications
Author/Editor: R. Fangueiro
Fibre-rich and wholegrain foods
Author/Editor: Jan A. Delcour,Kaisa Poutanen
Feta and Related Cheeses
Author/Editor: R. K. Robinson M.A., D. Phil; A. Y. Tamime Ph. D
Female Entrepreneurship in East and South-East Asia
Author/Editor: Philippe Debroux
The Fatigue Strength of Transverse Fillet Welded Joints
Author/Editor: T R Gurney
Fatigue life prediction of composites and composite structures
Author/Editor: Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos
Fatigue in railway infrastructure
Author/Editor: Mark Robinson; Ajay Kapoor
Fatigue in composites
Author/Editor: Bryan Harris
Fatigue failure of textile fibres
Author/Editor: Mohsen Miraftab
Fatigue design procedure for welded hollow section joints
Author/Editor: Xiao-Ling Zhao; Jeffrey A Packer
Fatigue design of welded joints and components
Author/Editor: A Hobbacher
Fatigue assessment of welded joints by local approaches
Author/Editor: D Radaj; C M Sonsino; W Fricke
Fatigue analysis of welded components
Author/Editor: E. Niemi; W. Fricke; S. I. Maddox
Fatal accidents
Author/Editor: John Lancaster
Fashion supply chain management using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies
Author/Editor: W. K. Wong,Z. X. Guo
Fancy yarns
Author/Editor: R H Gong; R M Wright
False twist textured yarns
Author/Editor: C. Atkinson
Failure mechanisms of advanced welding processes
Author/Editor: Xin Sun
Failure mechanisms in polymer matrix composites
Author/Editor: Paul Robinson; Emile Greenhalgh; Silvestre Pinho
Failure, distress and repair of concrete structures
Author/Editor: Norbert Delatte
Failure analysis and fractography of polymer composites
Author/Editor: Emile S. Greenhalgh
Faculty-Librarian Relationships
Author/Editor: Paul O Jenkins
Facelifts for Special Libraries
Author/Editor: Dawn Bassett,Brooke Ballantyne-Scott,Jenny Fry
Fabric testing
Author/Editor: Jinlian Hu