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I Am Not Master of Events
Author/Editor: Neal, Larry
I Chronicles 10-29
Author/Editor: GARY N. KNOPPERS
I Chronicles 1-9
Author/Editor: GARY N. KNOPPERS
The Idea of a University
Author/Editor: Newman, John; Turner, Frank M
The Idea of Progress in Eighteenth-Century Britain
The Idea of the Good in Platonic-Aristotelian Philosophy
Author/Editor: Gadamer, Hans-Georg; Smith, P. Christopher
The Idea of Wilderness
Author/Editor: Oelschlaeger, Max
Ideas and International Political Change
Author/Editor: Checkel, Jeffrey T
Ideology and Inquisition
Author/Editor: Nesvig, Martin Austin
Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Hunt, Michael H
Ideology and U.S Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Hunt, Michael H
If Mayors Ruled the World
Author/Editor: Barber, Benjamin R
I Live in the Slums: Stories
Illness and Inhumanity in Stalin's Gulag
The Illusions of Entrepreneurship
Author/Editor: Shane, Scott A
The I. L. Peretz Reader
Author/Editor: Peretz, I. L.; Wisse, Ruth
The Image of the Architect
Author/Editor: Saint, Andrew
Images of Quattrocento Florence
Author/Editor: Baldassarri, Stefano Ugo; Saiber, Arielle
Image Wars
Author/Editor: Sharpe, Kevin
Imagined Cities
Author/Editor: Alter, Robert
Imagining Black America
Author/Editor: Wayne, Michael
Imagining Nabokov
Author/Editor: Khrushcheva, Nina L
Imagining Native America in Music
Author/Editor: Pisani, Michael V
Imagining Zion
Author/Editor: Troen, S. Ilan
I, Maya Plisetskaya
Author/Editor: Plisetskaya, Maya
Immigration and Race
Author/Editor: Jaynes, Gerald D
Immortality and the Law
Author/Editor: Madoff, Ray D
Author/Editor: Black, Charles L. Jr
Imperial Nature
Author/Editor: Goldman, Michael
Impolite Learning
Author/Editor: Goldgar, Anne
Importing Oxbridge
Author/Editor: Duke, Alex
Importing Poverty?
Author/Editor: Martin, Philip
The Imprint of Congress
Author/Editor: DAVID R. MAYHEW
Improving Literacy in America
Author/Editor: Morrison, Frederick J.; Bachman, Heather J.; Connor, Carol McDonald
Author/Editor: Knausgaard, Karl Ove
In China's Shadow
Author/Editor: Hundt, Reed
The Incidental Steward
Author/Editor: Busch, Akiko
In Confidence
Author/Editor: Goldfarb, Ronald
Inconvenient Fictions
Author/Editor: Harrison, Bernard
Indian Ocean Slavery in the Age of Abolition
Author/Editor: Harms, Robert; Freamon, Bernard K; Blight, David W
The Indian Slave Trade
Author/Editor: Gallay, Alan
Indian Survival on the California Frontier
Author/Editor: Hurtado, Albert L
Indigenous London
Author/Editor: Coll Thrush,NED BLACKHAWK,KATE W. SHANLEY
Indigenous Visions
Author/Editor: Blackhawk, Ned; Wilner, Isaiah Lorado
Author/Editor: Taylor, Jean Gelman
The Informant
Author/Editor: May, Gary
Information and Exclusion
Author/Editor: Strahilevitz, Lior J
The Ingenious Gentleman and Poet Federico García Lorca Ascends to Hell
Author/Editor: Rojas, Carlos
Inglorious Revolution
Author/Editor: Summerhill, William R
In God's Shadow
Author/Editor: Walzer, Michael
Inheritance in Public Policy
Author/Editor: Rose, Richard; Davies, Phillip L
In Irons
Author/Editor: Buel, Richard
Initiative to Stop the Violence
Author/Editor: al-Gama'ah al-Islamiyah
Innovation and the State
Author/Editor: Breznitz, Dan
Innovation Economics
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Robert D; Ezell, Stephen J
In Plato's Cave
Author/Editor: Kernan, Alvin
In Pursuit of Ancient Pasts
Author/Editor: Dyson, Stephen L
Inquiry and Change
Author/Editor: Lindblom, Charles E
In Search of the Early Christians
Author/Editor: Meeks, Wayne A.; Hilton, Allen R.; Snyder, H. Gregory
Inside Campaign Finance
Author/Editor: Sorauf, Frank J
Inside CIA's Private World
Author/Editor: Westerfield, H. Bradford
Inside Hitler's Greece
Author/Editor: Mazower, Mark
An Insider’s Guide to the UN
Author/Editor: Fasulo, Linda
An Insider’s Guide to the UN
Author/Editor: Fasulo, Linda
Insider Trading
Author/Editor: Pfeffer, Naomi
Insincere Promises
Author/Editor: Ayres, Ian; Klass, Gregory
Institutional Realism
Author/Editor: Grafstein, Robert
Intelligence of Apes and Other Rational Beings
Author/Editor: Rumbaugh, Duane M.; Washburn, David A
The International Novel
Author/Editor: Patterson, Annabel
Interpreting Communicative Language Teaching
Author/Editor: Savignon, Sandra J
Interpreting Interpretation
Author/Editor: Saks, Elyn
Interpreting the Bible and the Constitution
Author/Editor: Pelikan, Jaroslav
Author/Editor: Doob, Leonard W
In the Cause of True Education
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Edith Nye
In the Company of Crows and Ravens
Author/Editor: Marzluff, John M.; Angell, Tony
In the Name of God and Country
Author/Editor: Fellman, Michael
Into the Black
Author/Editor: Westwick, Peter J
Into the Valley
Author/Editor: Hafferty, Frederic W
Author/Editor: Hepburn, Allan
An Introduction to Medical Spanish
Author/Editor: Chase, Robert O.; Medina de Chase, Clarisa B
Introduction to Metaphysics
Author/Editor: Heidegger, Martin
Introduction to Philosophical Hermeneutics
Author/Editor: Grondin, Jean
An Introduction to Shi'i Islam
Author/Editor: Momen, Moojan
Introduction to the Bible
Author/Editor: Hayes, Christine
Introduction to the Code of Maimonides
Author/Editor: Twersky, Isadore
An Introduction to the New Testament
Author/Editor: Brown, Raymond E.; Soards, Marion
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law
Author/Editor: Pound, Roscoe
Author/Editor: Myers, David G
Intuition and Construction
Author/Editor: Seung, T.K
Inuit Morality Play
Author/Editor: Briggs, Jean L
Inventing American Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Amalia D. Kessler
Inventing the Christmas Tree
Author/Editor: Brunner, Bernd
The Invention of News
Author/Editor: Pettegree, Andrew
The Invention of Peace
Author/Editor: Howard, Michael
The Invention of Scotland
Author/Editor: Trevor-Roper, Hugh
Investment in Blood
Author/Editor: Ledwidge, Frank
The Invisible Harry Gold
Author/Editor: Hornblum, Allen M
Iphigenia in Forest Hills
Author/Editor: Malcolm, Janet
The Iron Way
Author/Editor: Thomas, William G
Irving Berlin: New York Genius
Author/Editor: JAMES KAPLAN
Isaac and Isaiah
Author/Editor: Caute, David
Islam and Revolution in the Middle East
Author/Editor: MUNSON, HENRY JR
Islamism and Islam
Author/Editor: Tibi, Bassam
Islamization from Below
Author/Editor: Peterson, Brian J
Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History
Author/Editor: Dallal, Ahmad
Israelis and the Jewish Tradition
Author/Editor: Hartman, David
Italian Drama in Shakespeare's Time
Author/Editor: Clubb, Louise George
Italian Tales
Author/Editor: Riva, Massimo
Italian Venice
Author/Editor: Bosworth, Richard
Italy and its Monarchy
Author/Editor: Mack Smith, Denis
Itch, Clap, Pox
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Noelle
It Is Daylight
Author/Editor: Collins, Arda
I to Myself
Author/Editor: Thoreau, Henry D.; Cramer, Jeffrey S
It’s a Jungle Up There
Author/Editor: Lowman, Margaret D.; Burgess, James; Burgess, Edward
It’s a Jungle Up There
Author/Editor: Lowman, Margaret D.; Burgess, James; Burgess, Edward
It's Complicated
Author/Editor: boyd, danah
It Was a Long Time Ago, and It Never Happened Anyway
Author/Editor: Satter, David
Ivan the Terrible
Author/Editor: de Madariaga, Isabel