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Babel in Zion
Author/Editor: Halperin, Liora R
Babies by Design
Author/Editor: Green, Ronald M
Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier
Author/Editor: Ledbetter, David
Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier
Author/Editor: Ledbetter, David
Back to the Future in the Caves of Kauai
Author/Editor: Burney, David A
Author/Editor: Jeal, Tim
A Baedeker of Decadence
Author/Editor: Schoolfield, George C
The Bagel
Author/Editor: Balinska, Maria
Baghdad at Sunrise
Author/Editor: Mansoor, Peter R
Baldwin and the Conservative Party
Author/Editor: Ball, Stuart
Ballet's Magic Kingdom
Author/Editor: Volynsky, Akim; Rabinowitz, Stanley J
The Baltic Revolution
Author/Editor: Lieven, Anatol
The Banana Tree at the Gate
Author/Editor: Dove, Michael R
Author/Editor: Davis, Frederick Rowe
Author/Editor: Cornell, David
Barley, Gold, or Fiat
Author/Editor: Quint, Thomas; Shubik, Martin
Bart Giamatti
Author/Editor: Moncreiff, Robert P
Author/Editor: Drews, Robert
The Bassoon
Author/Editor: Kopp, James B
Battered Women and Feminist Lawmaking
Author/Editor: Schneider, Elizabeth M
Battle for Batangas
Author/Editor: May, Glenn Anthony
The Battle for the Arab Spring
Author/Editor: Noueihed, Lin; Warren, Alex
The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Bogle, John C
Battleground Berlin
Author/Editor: Murphy, David E.; Kondrashev, Sergei A.; Bailey, George
The Battle of Marathon
Author/Editor: Krentz, Peter
Battle Tactics of the Western Front
Author/Editor: Griffith, Paddy
Author/Editor: Brunner, Bernd
Beaumarchais in Seville
Author/Editor: Thomas, Hugh
Beautiful Province
Author/Editor: Coo, Clarence
Becoming Diaspora Jews
Author/Editor: Toorn, Karel van der
Bedouin Culture in the Bible
Author/Editor: Bailey, Clinton
Bedouin Law from Sinai and the Negev
Author/Editor: Bailey, Clinton
The Beecher Sisters
Author/Editor: White, Barbara A
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
Author/Editor: Schenker, Heinrich
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: A Portrayal of its Musical Content, with Running Commentary on Performance and Literature as Well
Author/Editor: Heinrich Schenker,John Rothgeb
Beethoven's Piano Sonatas
Author/Editor: Rosen, Charles
Beethoven: The Ninth Symphony
Author/Editor: Levy, David Benjamin
Before L.A
Author/Editor: Torres-Rouff, David Samuel
Before Pastoral
Author/Editor: Halperin, David M
Before Religion
Author/Editor: Nongbri, Brent
Before the Door of God
Author/Editor: Hopler, Jay; Johnson, Kimberly
Before the Next Attack
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Bruce
Beginnings of Cellular Life
Author/Editor: Morowitz, Harold J
Beginning with O
Author/Editor: Broumas, Olga
Behind Closed Doors
Author/Editor: Vickery, Amanda
Behind the Lines
Author/Editor: Higonnet, Margaret R.; Jenson, Jane; Michel, Sonya
Behind the Screen
Author/Editor: Roberts, Sarah T
Author/Editor: Wilson, Andrew
The Belgian Essays
Author/Editor: Brontë, Charlotte; Brontë, Emily
Belonging and Genocide
Author/Editor: Kühne, Thomas
Benedict de Spinoza
Author/Editor: Allison, Henry E
Benevolent Assimilation
Author/Editor: Miller, Stuart Creighton
Ben Hecht
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Adina
Ben Hecht: Fighting Words, Moving Pictures
Author/Editor: ADINA HOFFMAN
Benjamin Constant and the Post-Revolutionary Mind
Author/Editor: Fontana, Biancamaria
Benjamin Franklin
Author/Editor: Morgan, Edmund S
Benjamin Franklin and the Politics of Improvement
Author/Editor: Houston, Alan
Benjamin V. Cohen
Author/Editor: Lasser, William
Bereavement and Consolation
Author/Editor: Bolitho, Harold
Author/Editor: Frost, Orcutt
Bernard Berenson
Author/Editor: Cohen, Rachel
Author/Editor: Albertson, Chris
The Best Technology Writing 2009
Author/Editor: Johnson, Steven
The Best Technology Writing 2010
Author/Editor: Dibbell, Julian
Best Truth
Author/Editor: Berkowitz, Bruce D.; Goodman, Allan E
The Bet
Author/Editor: Sabin, Paul
Better Capitalism
Author/Editor: Litan, Robert E; Schramm, Carl J
Between Fire and Sleep
Author/Editor: Anders, Jaroslaw
Between Virtue and Power
Author/Editor: Kane, John
Beyond Methods: Macrostrategies for Language Teaching
Author/Editor: Kumaravadivelu, B
Beyond Right and Left
Author/Editor: Finocchiaro, Maurice A
Beyond Subjective Morality
Author/Editor: Fishkin, James S
Beyond Subjective Morality: Ethical Reasoning and Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: JAMES S. FISHKIN
Beyond the Nation-State
Author/Editor: Shumsky, Dmitry
Beyond the Tower
Author/Editor: Marriott, John
Beyond the University
Author/Editor: Roth, Michael S
The Bible and the People
Author/Editor: Ferrell, Lori Anne
The Bible in English
Author/Editor: Daniell, David
Biblical Truths
Author/Editor: DALE B. MARTIN
Bibliography of American Literature, Volume 9
Author/Editor: Blanck, Jacob; Winship, Michael
Bibliography of American Literature, Volume 9: Edward Noyes Westcott to Elinor Wylie
The Big House
Author/Editor: Cox, Stephen
The Bigot
Author/Editor: Bronner, Stephen E
Bill Evans
Author/Editor: Pettinger, Peter
The Bill of Rights
Author/Editor: Amar, Akhil Reed
Biodiversity and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Hannah, Lee
Biographical Truth
Author/Editor: Anderson, Judith H
Biological Relationships between Africa and South America
Author/Editor: Goldblatt, Peter
Author/Editor: Kenney, Martin
Biotechnology: The University Industrial Complex
Author/Editor: Martin Kenney
The Birth of Christian History
Author/Editor: Kellert, Stephen R
Birth to Maturity
Bisexuality in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Cantarella, Eva; Ó Cuilleanáin, Cormac
A Bishop's Tale
Author/Editor: Harline, Craig; Put, Eddy
Bishop von Galen
Author/Editor: Griech-Polelle, Beth A
Bite the Hand That Feeds You
Author/Editor: Fairlie, Henry; McCarter, Jeremy
Bitter Fruit
Author/Editor: Kim, Claire Jean
The Black Envelope
Author/Editor: Manea, Norman; Camiller, Patrick
Black Gotham
Author/Editor: Peterson, Carla L
Author/Editor: Symanski, Richard
Black Ranching Frontiers
Author/Editor: Sluyter, Andrew
Blacks in Gold Rush California
Author/Editor: Lapp, Rudolph M
Black Square
Author/Editor: Shatskikh, Aleksandra
Blake and the Bible
Author/Editor: Rowland, Christopher
Blanco White
Author/Editor: Murphy, Martin
Bletchley Park and D-Day
Author/Editor: Kenyon, David
Author/Editor: Magris, Claudio
Blood and Mistletoe
Author/Editor: Hutton, Ronald
Blood Relations
Author/Editor: Knight, Chris
Blood Sport
Author/Editor: Griffin, Emma
Bloody Engagements
Author/Editor: John R. Kelso,Christopher Grasso
Author/Editor: Grise, Virginia; Hare, David
Blue-Collar Marriage
Bob Dylan
Author/Editor: Yaffe, David; Miller, Mark Crispin
Body and the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Outram, Dorinda
The Bonds of Womanhood
Author/Editor: Cott, Nancy F
The Book in the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Pettegree, Andrew
The Book of Collateral Damage
Author/Editor: Antoon, Sinan
The Book of Mormon
Author/Editor: Skousen, Royal
The Book of Numbers: A Critique of Genesis
Author/Editor: Carmichael, Calum
Books and Readers in the Early Church
Author/Editor: Gamble, Harry Y
The Bookshop of the World
Author/Editor: Pettegree, Andrew; der Weduwen, Arthur
Booms and Recessions in a Noisy Economy
Author/Editor: Hall, Robert E
Borderlines in Borderlands
Author/Editor: Stagg, J. C. A
Author/Editor: Toohey, Peter
Bottle Fly
Author/Editor: Goldfinger, Jacqueline
The Bourgeois Frontier
Author/Editor: Gitlin, Jay
Bourgeois Nightmares
Author/Editor: Fogelson, Robert M
Author/Editor: Corbett, Ken
The Boys from Siam
Author/Editor: Connolly, John Austin
Boy Will Come to Nothing!
Author/Editor: Shengold, Leonard
Brahms: The Four Symphonies
Author/Editor: Frisch, Walter
The Brain
Author/Editor: DeSalle, Rob; Tattersall, Ian
Brandeis and the Progressive Constitution
Author/Editor: Purcell, Edward A. Jr
Author/Editor: Weber, David J
Breaking Democracy's Spell
Author/Editor: Dunn, John
Breaking the Logjam
Author/Editor: Schoenbrod, David; Stewart, Richard B.; Wyman, Katrina M
Breaking White Supremacy
Author/Editor: Dorrien, Gary
Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel
Author/Editor: Gary Dorrien
The Breast Cancer Book
Author/Editor: Grobstein, M.D. Ph.D. Ruth H
Breathing Space
Author/Editor: Mitman, Gregg
Bretton Woods Agreements
Author/Editor: Lamoreaux, Naomi; Shapiro, Ian
Bretton Woods Agreements: Together with Scholarly Commentaries and Essential Historical Documents
The Bride and the Dowry
Author/Editor: Raz, Avi
Bridge Across Broken Time
Author/Editor: Schwarcz, Vera
The Bridge at the Edge of the World
Author/Editor: Speth, James Gustave
Bright Colors Falsely Seen
Author/Editor: Dann, Kevin T
Britain and Europe in a Troubled World
Britain and Islam
Author/Editor: Pugh, Martin
The British Monarchy and the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Morris, Marilyn
British Politics and the Great War
Author/Editor: Turner, John
British Theatre Since the War
Author/Editor: Shellard, Dominic
Author/Editor: Colley, Linda
The Brittle Thread of Life
Author/Editor: Williams, Mark
Broken Bargain
Author/Editor: Day, Kathleen
The Bronze Horseman
Author/Editor: Schenker, Alexander M
The Brothers Karamazov
Author/Editor: Miller, Robin Feuer
Browned Off and Bloody-Minded
Author/Editor: Allport, Alan
Bruno Walter
Author/Editor: Ryding, Erik; Pechefsky, Rebecca
Brutal Need
Author/Editor: Davis, Martha F
The Buddha in the Machine
Author/Editor: Williams, R. John
Bugs and the Victorians
Author/Editor: Clark, John E
Building a New Jerusalem
Author/Editor: Bremer, Francis J
Burdens of Proof in Modern Discourse
Author/Editor: Gaskins, Richard H
The Burdens of Sister Margaret
Author/Editor: Harline, Craig
Bureaucratic Justice
Author/Editor: MASHAW, JERRY L
Bush v. Gore
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Bruce
The Business of Books
Author/Editor: Raven, James
The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815–1860
Author/Editor: Schermerhorn, Calvin
Business on Trial
Author/Editor: Hans, Valerie P
The Bus Kids
Author/Editor: Lit, Ira W
Butterfly's Sisters
Author/Editor: Kawaguchi, Yoko