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Czeslaw Milosz and Joseph Brodsky
Author/Editor: Gross, Irena Grudzinska
Author/Editor: Heimann, Mary
Author/Editor: Marinkovic, Ranko; Elias-Bursac, Ellen
Author/Editor: Gurak, Laura J
The Cutter Incident
Author/Editor: Offit, Paul A
Cursed Legacy
Author/Editor: Spotts, Frederic
Cursed Britain
Author/Editor: Waters, Thomas
The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn
Author/Editor: Willes, Margaret
Cultures in Motion
Author/Editor: Stearns, Peter N
The Culture of the New Capitalism
Author/Editor: Sennett, Richard
Culture of Intolerance
Author/Editor: Cohen, Mark Nathan
The Culture of Conflict: Interpretations and Interests in Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Marc Howard Ross
The Culture of Conflict
Author/Editor: Ross, Marc Howard
Culture in Nazi Germany
Author/Editor: Kater, Michael H
Culture, Capitalism, and Democracy in the New America
Author/Editor: Brown, Richard Harvey
Culture and the Death of God
Author/Editor: Eagleton, Terry
Cultivating Gentlemen
Author/Editor: Thornton, Tamara Plakins
The Crusader States
Author/Editor: Barber, Malcolm
Crusade and Jihad: The Thousand-Year War Between the Muslim World and the Global North
Author/Editor: William R. Polk
Cruel and Unusual
Author/Editor: Cusac, Anne-Marie
The Crowded Greenhouse
Author/Editor: Firor, John; Jacobsen, Judith E
Crossing the Line
Author/Editor: Kernan, Alvin B
The Cross and Other Jewish Stories
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Lamed; Garrett, Leah
Author/Editor: Tanner, Marcus
Critique of Religious Discourse
Author/Editor: Abu Zayd, Nasr Hamid
Criticism in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: Hartman, Geoffrey
Critical Issues in the Early Development of Premature Infants
Author/Editor: Escalona, Sibylle K
The Criterion for Distinguishing Legal Opinions from Judicial Rulings and the Administrative Acts of Judges and Rulers
Author/Editor: Shihāb al-Dīn Ah.mad ibn Idrīs al-Qarāfī al-Mālikī,Mohammad H. Fadel
The Crisis of Islamic Civilization
Author/Editor: Allawi, Ali A
Crisis and Political Beliefs
Author/Editor: Lendler, Marc
Crises in U.S. Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Hunt, Michael H
Crimes of the Middle Classes
Author/Editor: Weisburd, David; Wheeler, Stanton; Waring, Elin
Credit Between Cultures
Author/Editor: Shipton, Parker
The Creative Artist's Legal Guide
Author/Editor: Seiter, Bill; Seiter, Ellen
Creating the Administrative Constitution
Author/Editor: Mashaw, Jerry L
Creating Chinese Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Honig, Emily
The Crafty Reader
Author/Editor: Scholes, Robert
The Covenant of the Wild
Author/Editor: Budiansky, Stephen
Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia
Court Divided
Author/Editor: Barrow, Deborah J
The Courage to Be
Author/Editor: Tillich, Paul
Author/Editor: ASHTON, ROBERT
Author/Editor: Thakar, Markand
The Cost of Accidents
Author/Editor: Calabresi, Guido
The Cost Disease
Author/Editor: Baumol, William J
Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come
Author/Editor: Cohn, Norman
Cosima Wagner
Author/Editor: Hilmes, Oliver
Corruption and the Decline of Rome
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
The Corpse Washer
Author/Editor: Antoon, Sinan
Corporations Are People Too
Author/Editor: Greenfield, Kent
Corporate Physicians: Medicine as Management
Author/Editor: Diana Chapman Walsh
Corporate Physicians
Author/Editor: Walsh, Diana Chapman
Corporate Irresponsibility
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Lawrence E
Corporal Punishment of Children in Theoretical Perspective
Author/Editor: Donnelly, Michael; Straus, Murray
Coram's Children: The London Foundling Hospital in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Ruth K. McClure
Coram's Children
Author/Editor: McClure, Ruth K
Converting California
Author/Editor: Sandos, James A
Author/Editor: Harline, Craig
The Conversion of Scandinavia
Author/Editor: Winroth, Anders
Conversations about Sculpture
Author/Editor: Serra, Richard; Foster, Hal
Author/Editor: Miller, Stephen
Controlling Environmental Policy
Contingency of Theory
Author/Editor: Wihl, Gary
Contesting Development
Author/Editor: Barron, Patrick; Woolcock, Michael; Diprose, Rachael
Contesting Democracy
Author/Editor: Müller, Jan-Werner
Contested Territory
Author/Editor: Lentz, Christian C
Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Religion
Author/Editor: Jones, James W
Contemporary Controversies in Psychoanalytic Theory, Techniques, and Their Appli
Author/Editor: Kernberg, Otto
Author/Editor: Harrison, Mark
Constructing Private Governance
Author/Editor: Auld, Graeme
The Constitution of Empire
Author/Editor: Lawson, Gary; Seidman, Guy
The Constitution and Criminal Procedure
Author/Editor: Amar, Akhil Reed
Constitutional Sentiments
Author/Editor: Sajo, Andras [Sajó András]
Constitutional Courts and Democratic Values
Author/Editor: Ferreres Comella, Víctor
Constitutional Cliffhangers
Author/Editor: Kalt, Brian C
Constantine and Rome
Author/Editor: Holloway, R. Ross
The Conservatives
Author/Editor: Allitt, Patrick
Conservation Biology and the Black-Footed Ferret
Author/Editor: Seal, Ulysses S.; Thorne, E. Tom
Consciousness and Culture
Author/Editor: Porte, Joel
Author/Editor: Zeman, Adam
Conscience and Conversion: Religious Liberty in Post-Revolutionary France
Author/Editor: Thomas Kselman
Conscience and Conversion
Author/Editor: Kselman, Thomas
The Conquest of Malaria
Author/Editor: Snowden, Frank
The Conquest of Death
Author/Editor: Matthew Lockwood
Connecticut's Indigenous Peoples
Author/Editor: Lavin, Lucianne; Volpe, Rosemary
Congress's Constitution
Author/Editor: Chafetz, Josh
Congress and the Bureaucracy
Author/Editor: ARNOLD, R. DOUGLAS
Author/Editor: Fiorina, Morris P
Author/Editor: Ginsberg, Benjamin; Hill, Kathryn Wagner
Conflicts Unending
Author/Editor: Haass, Richard N
Configuring the Networked Self
Author/Editor: Cohen, Julie E
Confidence Men and Painted Women
Author/Editor: Halttunen, Karen
Confessio Philosophi
Author/Editor: Leibniz, G. W
Concerto al-Quds
Author/Editor: Adonis,KHALED MATTAWA
Concepts of Free Labor in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Glickstein, Jonathan A
Conceiving of Personality
Author/Editor: Robbins, Michael
The Computer and the Brain
Author/Editor: von Neumann, John
Composition With Pitch-Classes: A Theory of Compositional Design
Author/Editor: Robert D. Morris
Composition With Pitch-Classes
Author/Editor: Morris, Robert D
The Composition of the Pentateuch
Author/Editor: Baden, Joel S
Composers’ Voices from Ives to Ellington
Author/Editor: Vivian Perlis,Libby Van Cleve
Composers’ Voices from Ives to Ellington
Author/Editor: Perlis, Vivian; Van Cleve, Libby
Composers in the Movies
Author/Editor: Tibbetts, John C
Complicity with Evil
Author/Editor: LeBor, Adam
A Complicated Man
Author/Editor: Takiff, Michael
The Complete Poems of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
Author/Editor: Vieth, David M
Complete Poems
Author/Editor: BACCHYLIDES
Complaining, Teasing, and Other Annoying Behaviors
Author/Editor: Kowalski, Robin M
Competing Visions of Empire
Author/Editor: Swingen, Abigail L
The Compelling Ideal
Author/Editor: Kiely, Jan
Comparative Studies and the Politics of Modern Medical Care
Author/Editor: Marmor, Theodore R.; Freeman, Richard; Okma, Kieke G. H
Companion to Schubert's Schwanengesang
Author/Editor: Chusid, Martin
A Companion to Heidegger's Introduction to Metaphysics
Author/Editor: Polt, Richard; Fried, Gregory
The Communist Manifesto
Author/Editor: Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich; Isaac, Jeffrey C
Communism and Collaboration
Author/Editor: Jankowski, Paul
Common Landscape of America, 1580-1845
Author/Editor: Stilgoe, John R
A Common Faith
Author/Editor: Dewey, John
Commentary on Song of Songs
Author/Editor: ben Gershom, Levi; Kellner, Menachem
Commander of the Armada
Author/Editor: Pierson, Peter
Coming Attractions
Author/Editor: Stoller, Robert J.; Levine, I. S
The Comedy and Tragedy of Machiavelli
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Vickie
The Comanche Empire
Author/Editor: Hamalainen (Hämäläinen), Pekka
Columbus’s Outpost among the Taínos
Author/Editor: Deagan, Kathleen; Cruxent, José María
Columbus’s Outpost among the Taínos
Author/Editor: Deagan, Kathleen; Cruxent, José María
Colour of Paradise
Author/Editor: Lane, Kris
The Colorado Doctrine
Author/Editor: Schorr, David
The Collector
Author/Editor: Semenova, Natalya; Delocque-Fourcaud, André-Marc
Collecting Food, Cultivating People
Author/Editor: de Luna, Kathryn M
Collected Poetry and Prose
Author/Editor: Rossetti, Dante Gabriel; McGann, Jerome
The Collapse of the Spanish Republic, 1933-1936
Author/Editor: Payne, Stanley G
The Collapse of the Soviet Military
Author/Editor: Odom, William E
The Collaborative Enterprise
Author/Editor: Heckscher, Charles
Collaboration in Belgium
Author/Editor: Conway, Martin
Cold War Monks
Author/Editor: Ford, Eugene
Cold War Ecology
Author/Editor: Nelson, Arvid
Clueless in Academe
Author/Editor: Graff, Gerald
The Club
Author/Editor: Damrosch, Leo
Closed Borders
Author/Editor: Dowty, Alan
Cloak and Dollar
Author/Editor: Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri
Author/Editor: Feinstein, Alvan
The Climate Casino
Author/Editor: Nordhaus, William
Author/Editor: Chrétien de Troyes
The Clerics of Islam
Author/Editor: Mouline, Nabil
Clear and Present Safety
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael A.; Zenko, Micah
Clean Coal/Dirty Air
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Bruce; Hassler, William T
Class, Race, and Inequality in South Africa
Author/Editor: Seekings, Jeremy; Nattrass, Nicoli
The Classical Music Lover's Companion to Orchestral Music
Author/Editor: Philip, Robert
The Clash of Rights
Author/Editor: Sniderman, Paul; Fletcher, Joseph F.; Russell, Peter
Claiming Crimea: A History of Catherine the Great's Southern Empire
Author/Editor: KELLY O’NEILL
Claiming Crimea
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Kelly
Civil Society and Empire
Author/Editor: Livesey, James
Civil Disobedience
Author/Editor: Perry, Lewis
Civic Ideals
Author/Editor: Smith, Rogers M
City Unseen
Author/Editor: Seto, Karen C.; Reba, Meredith
The City as a Work of Art
Author/Editor: Olsen, Donald J
Author/Editor: Rae, Douglas W
The Citizen's Share
Author/Editor: Blasi, Joseph R; Freeman, Richard B; Kruse, Douglas L
Cicero: The Senior Statesman
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Thomas N
The CIA and American Democracy
Author/Editor: Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri
Church, Society, and Religious Change in France, 1580-1730
Author/Editor: Bergin, Joseph
Churchill's Promised Land
Author/Editor: Makovsky, Michael
Church and Community in the Diocese of Lyon, 1500-1789
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Philip T
Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed
Author/Editor: Benedict, Philip
Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed
Author/Editor: Benedict, Philip
Christian Trade Unions in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933
Author/Editor: Patch, William
The Christians Who Became Jews: Acts of the Apostles and Ethnicity in the Roman City
Author/Editor: Christopher Stroup
Christians, Muslims and Jesus
Author/Editor: Siddiqui, Mona
The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
Author/Editor: Wilken, Robert Louis
Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought
Author/Editor: McConnell, Michael W.; Carmella, Angela C
The Christian Monitors
Author/Editor: Sirota, Brent S
Christianizing the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: MacMULLEN, RAMSAY
Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Tanner, Kathryn
Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
Christianity and Classical Culture
Author/Editor: Pelikan, Jaroslav
The Christian Imagination
Author/Editor: Jennings, Willie J
Christ Child
Author/Editor: Davis, Stephen J
The Chosen Will Become Herds
Author/Editor: Garb, Jonathan
Choosing the Leader
Author/Editor: Green, Matthew N.; Harris, Douglas B
Chinese Village, Socialist State
Author/Editor: Friedman, Edward; Pickowicz, Paul G.; Selden, Mark
Chinese Theology
Author/Editor: Chloë Starr
Chinese Society in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Naquin, Susan; Rawski, Evelyn S
China Turned Rightside Up
Author/Editor: Thaxton, Ralph
China Learns English
Author/Editor: Ross, Heidi A
Child Witnesses
Author/Editor: McGough, Lucy S
Children with a Star
Author/Editor: Dwork, Debórah
Children’s Peer Relations and Social Competence
Author/Editor: Ladd, Gary W
Children’s Peer Relations and Social Competence
Author/Editor: Ladd, Gary W
Children of Cambodia's Killing Fields
Author/Editor: Pran, Dith; DePaul, Kim
Children in Jeopardy
Author/Editor: Harris, Irving B
Author/Editor: Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
Childhood Dialogues and the Lifting of Repression
Author/Editor: Myerson, Paul
Author/Editor: Striffler, Steve
Chia-ting Loyalists
Author/Editor: Dennerline, Jerry
Cheyenne Memories
Author/Editor: Stands In Timber, John; Liberty, Margot
The Cherokee Diaspora
Author/Editor: Smithers, Gregory D
A Cheerful and Comfortable Faith
Author/Editor: Winner, Lauren F
Chaucerian Belief
Author/Editor: Hill, John M
The Chattel Principle
Author/Editor: Johnson, Walter
Charter of the United Nations
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Ian; Lampert, Joseph
Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Together with Scholarly Commentaries and Essential Historical Documents
Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Ian; Tooze, Adam
Charleston Fancy
Author/Editor: Rybczynski, Witold
Charles Dickens
Author/Editor: Slater, Michael
Author/Editor: Becher, Matthias
Author/Editor: Anderson, Gary A
A Changing Wind
Author/Editor: Venet, Wendy H
Chairman of the Fed
Author/Editor: Bremner, Robert P
A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia
Author/Editor: Yakovlev, Alexander N
Central America: A Natural and Cultural History
Author/Editor: Anthony G. Coates,Olga F. Linares
Central America
Author/Editor: Coates, Anthony G
Author/Editor: de Rojas, Fernando; González Echevarría, Roberto [Gonzalez Echevarria]
Celebrating Homer's Landscapes: Troy and Ithaca Revisited
Author/Editor: J.V. Luce
Celebrating Homer's Landscapes
Author/Editor: Luce, J. V
Caviar and Ashes
Author/Editor: Shore, Marci
Cavaillé-Coll and the French Romantic Tradition
Author/Editor: Douglass, Fenner
Caught in the Web of Words: James A. H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary
Author/Editor: K. M. ELISABETH MURRAY,R. W. Burchfield
Caught in the Web of Words
Author/Editor: Murray, K.M. Elisabeth
Catholics on the Barricades: Poland, France, and "Revolution," 1891-1956
Author/Editor: PIOTR H. KOSICKI
Catholics on the Barricades
Author/Editor: Kosicki, Piotr H
Catherine the Great
Author/Editor: de Madariaga, Isabel
Author/Editor: Goodman, Micah
The Cast of Characters
Author/Editor: Schwaber, Paul
Cassirer's Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms
Author/Editor: Bayer, Thora Ilin
The Case for Greatness
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Robert
The Cartoons That Shook the World
Author/Editor: Klausen, Jytte
Author/Editor: Brunetti, Ivan
Carnival and Culture
Author/Editor: Gilmore, David D
Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance
Author/Editor: Bernard, Emily
Care of the Psyche
Author/Editor: Jackson, Stanley
Care of Patients
Author/Editor: Lipkin, Mack
The Carbon Crunch
Author/Editor: Helm, Dieter
Captured by Evil
Author/Editor: Underkuffler, Laura S
Captive Audience
Author/Editor: Crawford, Susan
Captain Cook
Author/Editor: McLynn, Frank
Can Poetry Save the Earth?
Author/Editor: Felstiner, John
Can God and Caesar Coexist?
Author/Editor: Drinan, Robert F
Author/Editor: Voltaire
Author/Editor: Hart, Darryl
Author/Editor: Gordon, Bruce
Calling on the Composer
Author/Editor: Sadie, Julie Anne; Sadie, Stanley
California Dreaming
Author/Editor: Wilson, Suzanne M
Caesar's Druids
Author/Editor: Aldhouse-Green, Miranda
The Cabala of Pegasus
Author/Editor: Bruno, Giordano