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Lyrics of the French Renaissance
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Norman R
Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics
Author/Editor: Cavanagh, Clare
Luther: Man Between God and the Devil
Author/Editor: HEIKO A. OBERMAN,Eileen Walliser-Schwarzbart
Author/Editor: Oberman, Heiko A.; Walliser-Schwarzbart, Eileen
Love Relations
Author/Editor: Kernberg, Otto
Love in the New Millennium
Author/Editor: Can Xue
Love and the Law in Cervantes
Author/Editor: González Echevarría, Roberto
Love and Its Place in Nature
Author/Editor: Lear, Jonathan
Author/Editor: May, Simon
Louis XVI
Author/Editor: Hardman, John
Louis Armstrong and Paul Whiteman
Author/Editor: Berrett, Joshua
Louisa Catherine
Author/Editor: Heffron, Margery M; Michelmore, David L
Lost Worlds
Author/Editor: Beehler, Bruce M
The Lost Politburo Transcripts
Author/Editor: Gregory, Paul R; Naimark, Norman
Lost in Familiar Places
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Edward; Carr, A. Wesley
Lost in a Book: The Psychology of Reading for Pleasure
Author/Editor: VICTOR NELL
Lost in a Book
Author/Editor: Nell, Victor
The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies
Author/Editor: Lane, Robert E
Losing Small Wars
Author/Editor: Ledwidge, Frank
The Losing Parties
Losing It
Author/Editor: Miller, William Ian
Losing Control
Author/Editor: King, Stephen D
Lord Strange's Men and Their Plays
Author/Editor: Manley, Lawrence; MacLean, Sally-Beth
Lord Acton
Author/Editor: Hill, Roland
Loosening the Bonds
Author/Editor: Jensen, Joan M
The Long Space Age
Author/Editor: Alexander MacDonald
Long Road Home
Author/Editor: Schwarcz, Vera
Long Commentary on the De Anima of Aristotle
Author/Editor: Averroes
The Lonely Crowd
Author/Editor: Riesman, David; Glazer, Nathan; Denney, Reuel
The Lomborg Deception
Author/Editor: Friel, Howard
The Logic of Evil
Author/Editor: Brustein, William
The Logic of Congressional Action
Author/Editor: Arnold, R. Douglas
Logic and Politics
Author/Editor: Steinberger, Peter J
Lodge in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Blair, Anne E
Local Redistribution and Local Democracy
Author/Editor: Gillette, Clayton P
Author/Editor: Jeal, Tim
A Living Man from Africa
Author/Editor: Levine, Roger S
Living in the Resurrection
Author/Editor: Crunk, T
Author/Editor: Barrett, Anthony A
The Little Tragedies
Author/Editor: Pushkin, Alexander
A Little History of the World
Author/Editor: Gombrich, E.H
A Little History of Science
Author/Editor: Bynum, William
A Little History of Philosophy
Author/Editor: Warburton, Nigel
A Little History of Literature
Author/Editor: Sutherland, John
A Little Book of Language
Author/Editor: Crystal, David
The Literature of Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Simpson, William Kelly
Literature Lost
Author/Editor: Ellis, John M
A Literate South
Author/Editor: Schweiger, Beth Barton
Literary Theory and the New Testament
The Literary Spy
Author/Editor: Lathrop, Charles E
Literary Criticism and the Gospels: The Theoretical Challenge
Author/Editor: Stephen D. Moore
Literary Criticism and the Gospels
Author/Editor: Moore, Stephen D
Literacy in the United States
Author/Editor: Kaestle, Carl F.; Damon-Moore, Helen; Stedman, Lawrence C
Listen. Write. Present
Author/Editor: Barnard, Stephanie R; St James, Deborah
The List
Author/Editor: Belknap, Robert E
The Lions' Den
Author/Editor: Linfield, Susie
The Limits of Détente
Author/Editor: Daigle, Craig
Lillian Hellman
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Dorothy
Like Subjects, Love Objects
Author/Editor: Benjamin, Jessica
Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me
Author/Editor: Zaqtan, Ghassan
Like a Bomb Going Off
Author/Editor: Ross, Janice
Life Under the Sun
Author/Editor: Ensminger, Peter A
The Life of the Virgin
Life Explained
Author/Editor: Morange, Michel
Life, Death, and Growing Up on the Western Front
Author/Editor: Fletcher, Anthony
Life and Thought of Friedrich Engels
Author/Editor: Hunley, J. D
Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941
Author/Editor: Thurston, Robert W
The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin
Author/Editor: Phillips, Jonathan
Author/Editor: Gigante, Denise
Author/Editor: Cowhig, Frances Y
Author/Editor: Pargeter, Alison
The Library at Night
Author/Editor: Manguel, Alberto
Libraries in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Casson, Lionel
Liberty to the Downtrodden
Author/Editor: Grow, Matthew J
Liberty's Refuge
Author/Editor: Inazu, John D
Liberty's Dawn
Author/Editor: Griffin, Emma
Liberty in the Things of God
Author/Editor: Wilken, Robert Louis
Liberty for All
Author/Editor: Foley, Elizabeth Price
Liberty, Equality, and the Market
Author/Editor: Chicherin, B. N.; Hamburg, G. M
The Liberty Bell
Author/Editor: Nash, Gary B
The Levant Express
Author/Editor: Ishay, Micheline R
The Letters of T. S. Eliot
Author/Editor: Eliot, T. S.; Eliot, Valerie; Haffenden, John
The Letters of Menakhem-Mendl and Sheyne-Sheyndl and Motl, the Cantor's Son
Author/Editor: Aleichem, Sholem
The Letters of C. Vann Woodward
Author/Editor: Woodward, C. Vann; O'Brien, Michael
Letters from America
Author/Editor: Tocqueville, Alexis de; Brown, Frederick
The Lessons of Tragedy
Author/Editor: Brands, Hal; Edel, Charles
The Lessons of History
Author/Editor: HOWARD, MICHAEL
Author/Editor: Böhlke, Eugenia B.; Böhlke, James E.; Leiby, Mark M
Leo Tolstoy and the Alibi of Narrative
Author/Editor: Weir, Justin
Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire
Author/Editor: Norton, Anne
Leon Trotsky
Author/Editor: Rubenstein, Joshua
The Leonard Bernstein Letters
Author/Editor: Leonard Bernstein; Simeone, Nigel
The Lenses of Gender
Author/Editor: Bem, Sandra Lipsitz
Lenin's Jewish Question
Author/Editor: Petrovsky-Shtern, Yohanan
The Leningrad Blockade, 1941-1944
Author/Editor: Bidlack, Richard; Lomagin, Nikita
Leibniz on the Trinity and the Incarnation
Author/Editor: Antognazza, Maria R
The Leibniz-Des Bosses Correspondence
Author/Editor: Leibniz, G. W
Leibniz and Arnauld
Author/Editor: Sleigh, R. C
Legitimacy and History
Author/Editor: Kahn, Paul W
Legend, Myth, and Magic in the Image of the Artist
Author/Editor: Kris, Ernst; Kurz, Otto
Legal Issues in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
Author/Editor: Holder, Angela Roddey
The Legacy of the Second World War
Author/Editor: Lukacs, John
The Legacy of the Mastodon
Author/Editor: Thomson, Keith
Leave No Child Behind
Author/Editor: Comer, James
The Least Dangerous Branch
Author/Editor: Bickel, Alexander M
Learning to Teach Through Discussion
Author/Editor: Haroutunian-Gordon, Sophie
Learning Together: A History of Coeducation in American Public Schools
Author/Editor: David Tyack,Elisabeth Hansot
Learning Together
Author/Editor: Hansot, Elisabeth; Tyack, David
Learning to Forget
Author/Editor: Lassonde, Stephen
Learning to Be Adolescent
Author/Editor: LeTendre, Gerald K
Learning Policy
Author/Editor: Cohen, David K.; Hill, Heather C
Laying Down the Law
Author/Editor: Matthews, John
Lay Culture, Learned Culture
Author/Editor: Chrisman, Miriam Usher
Law's Stories
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter; Gewirtz, Paul
Law's Promise, Law's Expression
Author/Editor: Karst, Kenneth L
The Laws of War
Author/Editor: Howard, Michael; Andreopoulos, George; Shulman, Mark R
Law's Environment
Author/Editor: Nagle, John C
Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions
Author/Editor: Manning, Maurice
Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions
Author/Editor: Manning, Maurice
Law and the Contradictions of the Disability Rights Movement
Author/Editor: Bagenstos, Samuel R
Law and School Reform
Author/Editor: Heubert, Jay P
La Vida Doble
Author/Editor: Fontaine, Arturo
Launching Democracy in South Africa
Author/Editor: Johnson, R. W.; Schlemmer, Lawrence
The Late Medieval English Church
Author/Editor: Bernard, G.W
The Last Days of the Sioux Nation
Author/Editor: Utley, Robert M
The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania
Author/Editor: Kruk, Herman; Harshav, Benjamin
Last Chance High
Author/Editor: Kelly, Deirdre M
Languages of the Night
Author/Editor: McCrea, Barry
The Language of the Classical French Organ
Author/Editor: Douglass, Fenner
Language and Truth
Author/Editor: Hallett, Garth L
Language and Literacy in Roman Judaea
Author/Editor: Wise, Michael Owen
Land to the Tiller: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in South Asia
Author/Editor: Ronald J. Herring
Land to the Tiller
Author/Editor: Herring, Ronald J
Landscape in Sight
Author/Editor: Jackson, John Brinckerhoff; Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz
Land Reform in Russia
Author/Editor: Wegren, Stephen K
Landmark of the Spirit
Author/Editor: Polland, Annie
The Land Called Holy
Author/Editor: Wilken, Robert Louis
Author/Editor: Chrétien de Troyes
Lancelets, Cyclostomes, Sharks
Author/Editor: Bigelow, Henry B.; Farfante, Isabel Perez; Schroeder, William C
The Lair
Author/Editor: Manea, Norman; Marian, Oana S
Labor Pains: Modern Midwives and Home Birth
Author/Editor: Deborah A. Sullivan,Rose Weitz
Labor Pains
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Deborah A