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Putin v. the People
Author/Editor: Greene, Samuel A.; Robertson, Graeme B
Pushkin's Historical Imagination
Author/Editor: Evdokimova, Svetlana
The Puritan Origins of the American Self
Author/Editor: Bercovitch, Sacvan
The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism
Author/Editor: McKenna, George
The Puritan Conscience and Modern Sexuality
Author/Editor: LEITES, EDMUND
The Punishment
Punctuated Equilibrium and the Dynamics of U.S. Environmental Policy
Author/Editor: Repetto, Robert
The Public Landscape of the New Deal
Author/Editor: Cutler, Phoebe
The Public Domain
Author/Editor: Boyle, James
Psychotherapy without the Self
Author/Editor: Epstein, Mark
Psychology's Ghosts
Author/Editor: Kagan, Jerome
Psychology, Science, and History: An Introduction to Historiomentry
Author/Editor: Dean Keith Simonton
Psychology, Science, and History
Author/Editor: Simonton, Dean Keith
The Psychology of Science and the Origins of the Scientific Mind
Author/Editor: Feist, Gregory J
Psychology and Religion
Author/Editor: Jung, Carl Gustav
Psychoanalytic Vocation: Rank, Winnicott, and the Legacy of Freud
Psychoanalytic Vocation
Author/Editor: Rudnytsky, Peter L
Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts
Author/Editor: Moore, Burness; Fine, Bernard
Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts
Author/Editor: Auchincloss, Elizabeth L.; Samberg, Eslee; American Psychoanalytic Association
Psychoanalysis and Ethics
Provisional Politics
Author/Editor: Ellis, Elisabeth
Proust in Love
Author/Editor: Carter, William C
Protocols of Reading
Author/Editor: Scholes, Robert
The Proteus Paradox
Author/Editor: Yee, Nick
Protestantism and Primogeniture in Early Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Fichtner, Paula Sutter
The Protestant Interest
Author/Editor: Kidd, Thomas S
The Prose Works of Andrew Marvell
Author/Editor: Marvell, Andrew; Dzelzainis, Martin; Patterson, Annabel
The Prose Works of Andrew Marvell
Author/Editor: Patterson, Annabel
Prophets, Profits, and Peace
Author/Editor: Fort, Timothy L
Property Outlaws
Author/Editor: Peñalver, Eduardo M.; Katyal, Sonia
Propaganda State in Crisis
Author/Editor: Brandenberger, David
The Promise of the Suburbs
Author/Editor: Bilston, Sarah
Author/Editor: Avishai, Bernard
Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas
Author/Editor: Berman, Boris
The Progressives' Century
Author/Editor: Stephen Skowronek,Stephen M. Engel,Bruce Ackerman
Profit with Honor
Author/Editor: Yankelovich, Daniel
Processing French
Author/Editor: Golato, Peter
Proceedings in Parliament 1626: Volume IV: Appendixes and Indexes
Author/Editor: William B. Bidwell,Maija Jansson
Proceedings in Parliament 1626: Volume III: House of Commons
Author/Editor: William B. Bidwell,Maija Jansson
Proceedings in Parliament 1626: Volume II: House of Commons
Author/Editor: William B. Bidwell,Maija Jansson
Proceedings in Parliament 1626: Volume 1, House of Lords
Author/Editor: William B. Bidwell,Maija Jansson
Proceedings in Parliament 1626
Author/Editor: Bidwell, William B.; Jansson, Maija
Proceedings in Parliament 1626
Author/Editor: Bidwell, William B.; Jansson, Maija
Proceedings in Parliament 1626
Author/Editor: Bidwell, William B.; Jansson, Maija
Proceedings in Parliament 1626
Author/Editor: Bidwell, William B.; Jansson, Maija
Problems of Idealism
Author/Editor: Poole, Randall A
The Problem of Slavery as History
Author/Editor: Miller, Joseph C
The Problem of God
Author/Editor: Murray, John
Author/Editor: McKenzie, Evan
Private Property and the Constitution
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Bruce
Private Journals of the Long Parliament: 7 March - 1 June 1642
Private Journals of the Long Parliament: 3 January to 5 March 1642
Private Journals of the Long Parliament: 2 June to 17 September 1642
Private Journals of the Long Parliament
Author/Editor: Snow, Vernon F.; Young, Anne Steele
Private Journals of the Long Parliament
Author/Editor: Snow, Vernon F.; Young, Anne Steele
Private Journals of the Long Parliament
Author/Editor: Coates, William H.; Snow, Vernon F
Private Doubt, Public Dilemma
Author/Editor: Thomson, Keith
Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies
Author/Editor: Macrakis, Kristie
The Prison and the American Imagination
Author/Editor: Smith, Caleb
Principles of General Management
Author/Editor: Colley, John L. Jr.; Doyle, Jacqueline L.; Hardie, Robert D
Princess of the Hither Isles
Author/Editor: Alexander, Adele Logan
Prince of the Press
Author/Editor: Teplitsky, Joshua
Primo Levi
Author/Editor: Lang, Berel
A Primer for Environmental Literacy
Author/Editor: Golley, Frank B
Preserving Nature in the National Parks
Author/Editor: Sellars, Richard West
The Presence of the Word
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J
Preschool in Three Cultures
Author/Editor: Tobin, Joseph J.; Wu, David Y. H.; Davidson, Dana H
Pregnancy, Contraception, and Family Planning Services in Industrial Countries
Author/Editor: Jones, Elise F
Prefaces to Canon Law Books in Latin Christianity
The Preemption War
Author/Editor: McGarity, Thomas O
Author/Editor: Abramowicz, Michael
Preaching the Just Word
Author/Editor: Walter Burghardt
Preaching in the New Millennium
Author/Editor: Streets, Frederick J
Praise of Theory
Author/Editor: Gadamer, Hans-Georg; Dawson, Chris
The Praise of Folly
Prairie Women: Images in American and Canadian Fiction
Prairie Women
Author/Editor: Fairbanks, Carol
Practicing Stalinism
Author/Editor: Getty, J. Arch
Power Without Responsibility
Author/Editor: Schoenbrod, David
Power, Plain English, and the Rise of Modern Poetry
Author/Editor: Rosen, David
The Power of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Black, Jeremy
The Power of Feelings
Author/Editor: Chodorow, Nancy J
The Poverty of Welfare Reform
Author/Editor: Handler, Joel F
Author/Editor: Reader, John
The Postwar Moment
Author/Editor: Woloch, Isser
Post-Polio Syndrome
Author/Editor: Silver, Julie K
The Postmodern Bible
Author/Editor: Aichele, George; Burnett, Fred W.; Castelli, Elizabeth A
The Possessor and the Possessed
Author/Editor: Kivy, Peter
A Portrait of Mendelssohn
Author/Editor: Brown, Clive
Portrait of a Woman in Silk
Author/Editor: Anishanslin, Zara
Portfolio Selection
Author/Editor: Markowitz, Harry M
Author/Editor: STOLLER, ROBERT J
Population Biology and Evolution of Clonal Organisms
Author/Editor: Buss, Leo W.; Cook, Robert E
Ponary Diary, 1941-1943
Author/Editor: Sakowicz, Kazimierz; Arad, Yitzhak
Author/Editor: Pearsall, Sarah M. S
The Pol Pot Regime ... 1975-79
Author/Editor: Kiernan, Ben
The Politics of Religion in Early Modern France
Author/Editor: Bergin, Joseph
The Politics of Public Management
Author/Editor: Heymann, Philip B
The Politics of Parody: A Literary History of Caricature, 1760-1830
Author/Editor: David Francis Taylor
The Politics of Parody
Author/Editor: Taylor, David Francis
The Politics of Food Supply
Author/Editor: Winders, Bill
The Politics of Empire at the Accession of George III
Author/Editor: Vaughn, James M
The Politics of Cultural Retreat
Author/Editor: Vushko, Iryna
Politics, Law, and Morality
Author/Editor: Soloviev, Vladimir; Wozniuk, Vladimir
Politics and Symbols
Author/Editor: Kertzer, David I
Politics and Passion
Author/Editor: Walzer, Michael
Political Will and Personal Belief
Author/Editor: Hollander, Paul
Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Smith, Steven B
Political Paranoia
Author/Editor: Robins, Robert S.; Post, Jerrold M
Political Order in Changing Societies
Author/Editor: Huntington, Samuel P
The Political Mythology of Apartheid
Author/Editor: Thompson, Leonard
Political Journeys
Author/Editor: Halliday, Fred
Political Innovation in America: The Politics of Policy Initiation
Author/Editor: Nelson W. Polsby
Political Innovation in America
Author/Editor: Polsby, Nelson W
The Political Ideas of Thorstein Veblen
Author/Editor: Plotkin, Sidney; Tilman, Rick
The Policy Process
Author/Editor: Clark, Susan G
Policing Stalin's Socialism
Author/Editor: Shearer, David R
The Police-Mental Health Partnership
Author/Editor: Marans, Steven
The Polemics of Possession in Spanish American Narrative
Author/Editor: Adorno, Rolena
Author/Editor: Edward M. Strauss,Robert Cowley,Rémy Cazals
Poets Historical
Author/Editor: Fichter, Andrew
Poets and Critics Read Vergil
Author/Editor: Spence, Sarah
The Poetry of Michelangelo
Author/Editor: Saslow, James M
The Poetry of Kabbalah
Author/Editor: Cole, Peter
Poetic Traditions of the English Renaissance
Author/Editor: Mack, Maynard
The Poetics of Translation
Author/Editor: Barnstone, Willis
Poems and Prose from the Old English
Author/Editor: Olsen, Alexandra H
Author/Editor: Stein, Sarah A
Plugged In
Author/Editor: Patti M. Valkenburg,Jessica Taylor Piotrowski
Author/Editor: Smiley, Sam
Playing Monopoly with the Devil
Author/Editor: Hinds, Manuel
The Playful Entrepreneur
Author/Editor: Dodgson, Mark; Gann, David M
The Plausibility of Life
Author/Editor: Kirschner, Marc W.; Gerhart, John C
Plato's Republic
Author/Editor: Rosen, Stanley
Platonic Piety: Philosophy and Ritual in 4th Century Thens
Author/Editor: MICHAEL L. MORGAN
Platonic Piety
Author/Editor: Morgan, Michael L
Planning Research
Author/Editor: Gordon, John C
Planning Democracy
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Jess
A Plague of Informers
Author/Editor: Weil, Rachel
Pivotal Decade
Author/Editor: Stein, Judith
Author/Editor: Lehr, Peter
Piggy Foxy and the Sword of Revolution
Author/Editor: Vatlin, Alexander; Malashenko, Larisa
Picturing Russia
Author/Editor: Kivelson, Valerie A; Neuberger, Joan
Picturing Faith
Author/Editor: McDannell, Colleen
Picture Bride
Author/Editor: Song, Cathy
Piano Roles
Author/Editor: Parakilas, James
Piaget's Theory of Knowledge: Genetic Epistemology and Scientific Reason
Piaget's Theory of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Kitchener, Richard F
Physics and Dance
Author/Editor: Coates, Emily; Demers, Sarah
Phylogeny and Classification of the Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution
Author/Editor: Charles G. Sibley,Jon E. Ahlquist
Phylogeny and Classification of the Birds
Author/Editor: Sibley, Charles G.; Ahlquist, Jon E
Philosophy, Politics, and Society
Author/Editor: Fishkin, James S.; Laslett, Peter
A Philosophy of Second Language Acquisition
Author/Editor: Johnson, Marysia
The Philosophy of Positive Law
Author/Editor: Murphy, James Bernard
Philosophy of Economy
Author/Editor: Bulgakov, Sergei
Philosophy of Dreams
Author/Editor: Türcke, Christoph
The Philosophers' Quarrel
Author/Editor: Zaretsky, Robert; Scott, John T
Philo of Alexandria: An Intellectual Biography
Author/Editor: MAREN R. NIEHOFF
Philo of Alexandria
Author/Editor: Niehoff, Maren R
Philip of Spain
Author/Editor: Kamen, Henry
Philip III and the Pax Hispanica, 1598-1621
Author/Editor: Allen, Paul
Petrarchan Love and the Continental Renaissance
Author/Editor: Braden, Gordon
Peter the Great
Author/Editor: Hughes, Lindsey
Peter's War
Author/Editor: Malcolm, Joyce Lee
Petersburg Fin de Siècle
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Mark D
Perversions and Near-Perversions in Clinical Practice: New Psychoanalytic Perspectives
Author/Editor: Gerald I. Fogel,Wayne A. Myers
Perversions and Near-Perversions in Clinical Practice
Author/Editor: Fogel, Gerald; Myers, Wayne
Persuasion and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Michelstaedter, Carlo
The Persians
Author/Editor: Katouzian, Homa
Persephone's Quest
Author/Editor: Wasson, R. Gordon; Kramrisch, Stella; Ruck, Carl
The Perilous Life of Symphony Orchestras
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Robert J
Perilous Glory
Author/Editor: France, John
Performing Twentieth-Century Music
Author/Editor: Weisberg, Arthur
Performing Music in the Age of Recording
Author/Editor: Philip, Robert
A Performer's Guide to the Keyboard Partitas of J.S. Bach
Author/Editor: Valenti, Fernando
Author/Editor: Chrétien de Troyes
Perception and Prejudice
Author/Editor: Hurwitz, Jon; Peffley, Mark
Peppermint Kings: A Rural American History
Author/Editor: DAN ALLOSSO
People and the Land through Time
Author/Editor: Southgate, Emily W. B. (Russell)
Penicillin: Meeting the Challenge
Author/Editor: Gladys L. Hobby
Author/Editor: Hobby, Gladys L
Peasant Protest in Japan, 1590-1884
Author/Editor: Bix, Herbert B
Peasant Politics in Modern Egypt: The Struggle Against the State
Author/Editor: NATHAN J. BROWN
Peasant Politics in Modern Egypt
Author/Editor: Brown, Nathan J
The Pearl
Author/Editor: Smith, Douglas
Peace Now!
Author/Editor: Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri
The Peacekeeping Economy
Author/Editor: Dumas, Lloyd J
Peace at Last
Author/Editor: Cuthbertson, Guy
Paul Celan
Author/Editor: Felstiner, John
Author/Editor: Paula Fredriksen
Patterns of Democracy
Author/Editor: Lijphart, Arend
Patriotism and Other Mistakes
Author/Editor: Kateb, George
Author/Editor: Prior, Robin; Wilson, Trevor
Passage to Modernity
Author/Editor: Dupré, Louis
The Passage to Europe
Author/Editor: van Middelaar, Luuk
Author/Editor: Mather, James
Partner and I
Author/Editor: Ware, Susan
Partly Laws Common to All Mankind
Author/Editor: Waldron, Jeremy
Partisan Hearts and Minds
Author/Editor: Green, Donald; Palmquist, Bradley; Schickler, Eric
The Parties Versus the People
Author/Editor: Edwards, Mickey
Parties and Policies
Author/Editor: Mayhew, David R
Parmenides: Being, Bounds, and Logic
Author/Editor: Scott, Austin
The Paris Years of Thomas Jefferson
Author/Editor: Adams, William Howard
The Parisian Worlds of Frédéric Chopin
Author/Editor: Atwood, William G
The Parisian Jazz Chronicles
Author/Editor: Zwerin, Mike
Parenting Stress
Author/Editor: Deater-Deckard, Kirby
Paradoxy of Modernism
Author/Editor: Scholes, Robert
Paradoxical Life
Author/Editor: Wagner, Andreas
Paradoxes of Gender
Author/Editor: Lorber, Judith
Panare: Tradition and Change on the Amazonian Frontier
Author/Editor: PAUL HENLEY
Author/Editor: Henley, Paul
Author/Editor: Albright, Daniel
Author/Editor: Brown, David
Palestine Betrayed
Author/Editor: Karsh, Efraim
Palaces of Pleasure
Author/Editor: Jackson, Lee
Paganism in the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: MacMULLEN, RAMSAY
Pagan Britain
Author/Editor: Hutton, Ronald
Pacific Alliance
Author/Editor: Calder, Kent E