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Russia’s Dangerous Texts
Author/Editor: Parthé, Kathleen F
Russia’s Dangerous Texts
Author/Editor: Parthé, Kathleen F
Russia's Crony Capitalism
Author/Editor: Aslund, Anders
Russia's Cold War
Author/Editor: Haslam, Jonathan
The Russian Parliament
Author/Editor: Remington, Thomas F
Russian Orientalism
Author/Editor: Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David
Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms
Author/Editor: Lubensky, Sophia
Rush to Gold
Author/Editor: Rohrbough, Malcolm J
The Run of the Red Queen
Author/Editor: Breznitz, Dan; Murphree, Michael
Rumphius’ Orchids
Author/Editor: Rumphius, Georgius Everhardus
Rumphius’ Orchids
Author/Editor: Rumphius, Georgius Everhardus
Rotten Bodies
Author/Editor: Siena, Kevin
Rosenfeld's Lives
Author/Editor: Zipperstein, Steven J
The Rosenberg File
Author/Editor: Radosh, Ronald; Milton, Joyce
Rooted in the Land
Author/Editor: Vitek, William; Jackson, Wes
The Roof at the Bottom of the World
Author/Editor: Stump, Edmund
Romeo and Juliet
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
Rome and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Wills, Garry
Roman Woodworking
Author/Editor: Ulrich, Roger B
Romantic Readers
Author/Editor: Jackson, H. J
Romantic Fantasy and Science Fiction
Author/Editor: Kroeber, Karl
Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy
Author/Editor: Luzzi, Joseph
Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. to A.D. 284
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
The Romans and their World
Author/Editor: Campbell, Brian
Romanization in the Time of Augustus
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
Roman Government's Response to Crisis
Author/Editor: MacMULLEN, RAMSAY
The Romances of Chrétien de Troyes
Author/Editor: Duggan, Joseph J
Author/Editor: McPhee, Peter
Robert the Bruce
Author/Editor: Penman, Michael
The Robert Shaw Reader
Author/Editor: Blocker, Robert
Robert Penn Warren and American Idealism
Author/Editor: Burt, John
Robert Morris's Folly
Author/Editor: Smith, Ryan K
The Road to Terror
Author/Editor: Getty, J. Arch; Naumov, Oleg V
Roads to the Temple
Author/Editor: Aron, Leon
Roads Taken
Author/Editor: Diner, Hasia R
The Road Before Me Weeps
Author/Editor: Thorpe, Nick
Rituals of Childhood
Author/Editor: Marcus, Ivan G
Ritual, Politics, and Power
Author/Editor: Kertzer, David I
Risk, Chance, and Causation
Author/Editor: Bracken, Michael B
The Rise of Thomas Cromwell
Author/Editor: Everett, Michael
The Rise of Female Kings in Europe, 1300-1800
Author/Editor: Monter, William
The Rise of American Air Power
Author/Editor: Sherry, Michael S
The Rise and Fall of English
Author/Editor: Scholes, Robert
The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia
Author/Editor: Daniels, Robert V
The Rise and Decline of Nations
Author/Editor: Olson, Mancur
Rimbaud the Son
Author/Editor: Michon, Pierre
A Right to Discriminate?
Author/Editor: Koppelman, Andrew; Wolff, Tobias B
Riddle of the Feathered Dragons
Author/Editor: Feduccia, Alan
A Rich Spot of Earth
Author/Editor: Hatch, Peter J
Rich Neighbor Policy: Rockefeller and Kaiser in Brazil
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Anne Cobbs
Rich Neighbor Policy
Author/Editor: Cobbs, Elizabeth A
Richard Rodgers
Author/Editor: Block, Geoffrey
Richard Rodgers
Author/Editor: Hyland, William G
Richard III
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
Richard II
Author/Editor: Saul, Nigel
Richard I
Author/Editor: Gillingham, John
Richard Cobden: A Victorian Outsider
Author/Editor: Wendy Hinde
Richard Cobden
Author/Editor: Hinde, Wendy
The Richard Burton Diaries
Author/Editor: Burton, Richard; Williams, Chris
Rhetoric in an Antifoundational World
Author/Editor: Bernard-Donals, Michael; Glejzer, Richard R
Rhetoric and Law in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Kahn, Victoria; Hutson, Lorna
Rhetoric and Hermeneutics in Our Time
Author/Editor: Jost, Walter; Hyde, Michael J
Rhetorical Invention and Religious Inquiry
Author/Editor: Jost, Walter; Olmsted, Wendy
Revolution, Resistance, and Reform in Village China
Author/Editor: Friedman, Edward; Pickowicz, Paul G.; Selden, Mark
A Revolution in Commerce
Author/Editor: Kessler, Amalia D
Revolution Against Empire
Author/Editor: du Rivage, Justin
Revisiting The Waste Land
Author/Editor: Rainey, Lawrence
Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome
Author/Editor: Maskin, Steven L
The Revenge of Thomas Eakins
Author/Editor: Kirkpatrick, Sidney D
Revelation and Authority
Author/Editor: Sommer, Benjamin D
Return from the Natives
Author/Editor: Mandler, Peter
The Retreat of the Elephants
Author/Editor: Elvin, Mark
Rethinking the Rhetorical Tradition
Author/Editor: Kastely, James L
Rethinking the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Bauer, Yehuda
Rethinking Identity and Metaphysics
Author/Editor: Hill, Claire Ortiz
Resurrection and the Restoration of Israel
Author/Editor: Levenson, Jon D
Author/Editor: Madigan, Kevin; Levenson, Jon D
The Resurgence of the West
Author/Editor: Rosecrance, Richard
Restraining Great Powers
Author/Editor: Paul, T. V
Restoring the Power of Unions
Author/Editor: Getman, Julius G
Restoring North America's Birds
Author/Editor: Askins, Robert A
Restoration Church of England, 1646-1689
Author/Editor: Spurr, John
Restless Valley
Author/Editor: Shishkin, Philip
Restless Secularism
Author/Editor: Matthew Mutter
Restless Nights
Author/Editor: Lavie, Peretz
The Responsive Self
Author/Editor: Niditch, Susan
Responsible Parties
Author/Editor: Rosenbluth, Frances; Shapiro, Ian
The Resolution of Conflict
Author/Editor: Deutsch, Morton
Resisting Categories: Latin American and/or Latino?
Author/Editor: Ramírez, Mari Carmen; Ybarra-Frausto, Tomas; Olea, Héctor
Resistance in Postcolonial African Friction
Author/Editor: Lazarus, Neil
Resilience and Courage
Author/Editor: Tec, Nechama
Rescued from the Reich
Author/Editor: Rigg, Bryan Mark
A Rereading of Romans
Author/Editor: Stowers, Stanley K
Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner
Author/Editor: Turner, Frederick; Faragher, John Mack
A Republic of Mind and Spirit
Author/Editor: Albanese, Catherine L
Republic of Letters
Author/Editor: Fumaroli, Marc
Republic of Denial
Author/Editor: Janeway, Michael
Reptile Journalism
Author/Editor: Dobroszycki, Lucjan
Author/Editor: Turner, Frederick
The Renaissance of Jewish Culture in Weimar Germany
Author/Editor: Brenner, Michael
The Renaissance Epic and the Oral Past
Author/Editor: Welch, Anthony
Remoteness and Modernity
Author/Editor: Hussain, Shafqat
Remembrance and Reconciliation
Author/Editor: Krondorfer, Björn
Remembering War
Author/Editor: Winter, Jay
Religious Pluralism in America
Author/Editor: Hutchison, William R
The Religious Origins of the French Revolution
Author/Editor: Van Kley, Dale K
Religion in the University
Author/Editor: Wolterstorff, Nicholas
The Religion and Science Debate
Author/Editor: Attridge, Harold W
Religion and Psychology in Transition
Author/Editor: Jones, James W
Religion and Power in Morocco
Author/Editor: Henry Munson
Relapse and Recovery in Addictions
Author/Editor: Tims, Frank M.; Leukefeld, Carl G.; Platt, Jerome J
Reign of Nabonidus, King of Babylon (556-539 BC)
Author/Editor: Beaulieu, Paul-Alain
The Reign of Law
Author/Editor: Kahn, Paul W
Regulation by Litigation
Author/Editor: Morriss, Andrew P.; Yandle, Bruce; Dorchak, Andrew
Regulating Sex in the Roman Empire: Ideology, the Bible, and the Early Christians
Author/Editor: David Wheeler-Reed
Regulating Sex in the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: Wheeler-Reed, David
Regulating from Nowhere
Author/Editor: Kysar, Douglas A
Regulating Covert Action
Author/Editor: Reisman, W. Michael; Baker, James E
Refugees or Migrants
Author/Editor: Chazan, Robert
Reforming Liberalism
Author/Editor: Devigne, Robert
Reforming Federal Regulation
Author/Editor: Litan, Robert E; Nordhaus, William
Reform and Resistance in Schools and Classrooms
Author/Editor: Muncey, Donna E.; McQuillan, Patrick J
Reflections on the Revolution in France
Author/Editor: Burke, Edmund; Turner, Frank M
Reflections on Jesus and Socrates
Author/Editor: Gooch, Paul W
Reflections of a Cold Warrior
Author/Editor: Bissell, Richard
Red Sky at Morning
Author/Editor: Speth, James Gustave
The Red Pencil
Author/Editor: Sizer, Theodore R
The Red Millionaire
Author/Editor: McMeekin, Sean
Red Lines, Black Spaces
Author/Editor: Haynes, Bruce D
Red Flags
Author/Editor: Magnus, George
Redeemed by Fire
Author/Editor: Lian Xi
The Recording Angel
Author/Editor: Eisenberg, Evan
The Reconstruction of Nations
Author/Editor: Snyder, Timothy
Reconstructing America
Author/Editor: Ceaser, James W
Reconceiving the Gene
Author/Editor: Holmes, Frederic Lawrence; Summers, William C
Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland
Author/Editor: Wordsworth, Dorothy
Reclaiming the Petition Clause
Author/Editor: Krotoszynski, Ronald J
Reclaiming Our Health
Author/Editor: Gourdine, Michelle A
Reclaiming a Conversation
Author/Editor: Martin, Jane Roland
Recasting Conservatism
Author/Editor: Devigne, Robert
Rebranding Rule
Author/Editor: Sharpe, Kevin
Rebels, Mavericks, and Heretics in Biology
Author/Editor: Harman, Oren
Rebellion and Repression in the Philippines
Author/Editor: Kessler, Richard J
Reason, Faith, and Revolution
Author/Editor: Eagleton, Terry
The Realm of the Nebulae
Author/Editor: Hubble, Edwin
Realist Vision
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter
The Real Fidel Castro
Author/Editor: Coltman, Leycester
Author/Editor: Yavlinsky, Grigory
Readings in Latin American Modern Art
Author/Editor: Frank, Patrick
Reading Matters
Author/Editor: Willes, Margaret
Reading Godot
Author/Editor: Gordon, Lois
Reading Freud
Author/Editor: Gay, Peter
Reading Dante
Author/Editor: Mazzotta, Giuseppe
Reading Between the Lines
Author/Editor: Patrikis, Peter C
Reading Abstract Expressionism
Author/Editor: Landau, Ellen G
A Reader on Reading
Author/Editor: Manguel, Alberto
The Reader of Gentlemen’s Mail
Author/Editor: Kahn, David
The Reader of Gentlemen’s Mail
Author/Editor: Kahn, David
Reaching for the Moon
Author/Editor: Launius, Roger D
Rav Kook
Author/Editor: Mirsky, Yehudah
Author/Editor: Nichols, Roger
The Rational Choice Controversy
Author/Editor: Friedman, Jeffrey
Ralph Tailor's Summer
Author/Editor: Wrightson, Keith
Ralph Ellison in Progress
Author/Editor: Bradley, Adam
Raising Henry
Author/Editor: Adams, Rachel
Raised on Christian Milk
Author/Editor: John David Penniman
Rage, Power, and Aggression
Author/Editor: Glick, Robert A.; Roose, Steven P
Radio Free Europe and the Pursuit of Democracy
Author/Editor: Urban, George R
Radical Judaism
Author/Editor: Green, Arthur
Radical Islam
Author/Editor: Sivan, Emmanuel
Radiant Truths
Author/Editor: Sharlet, Jeff
Radial Symmetry
Author/Editor: Larson, Katherine
Race, Poverty, and Domestic Policy
Author/Editor: Henry, C. Michael
Race, Nation, Translation
Author/Editor: Wicomb, Zoë; van der Vlies, Andrew
Race, Campaign Politics, and the Realignment in the South
Author/Editor: Glaser, James M
Rabbinic Fantasies
Author/Editor: Stern, David; Mirsky, Mark Jay