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Titles start with V (47) Information
Validity in Interpretation
Author/Editor: Hirsch, E
The Value of Species
Author/Editor: McCord, Edward L
The Vampire
Author/Editor: Groom, Nick
Vampires, Burial, and Death
Author/Editor: Barber, Paul
Vanishing Acts
Author/Editor: Rogoff, Gordon
Vasily Grossman and the Soviet Century
Author/Editor: Popoff, Alexandra
Vatican Secret Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Charles R
Author/Editor: Haynes, John Earl; Klehr, Harvey
Versions of History from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Kelley, Donald R
The Very Hungry City
Author/Editor: Troy, Austin
Author/Editor: Coleman, Jon T
Victorian Bloomsbury
Author/Editor: Ashton, Rosemary
The Victorian Frame of Mind
Author/Editor: Houghton, Walter E
Author/Editor: Hayton, Bill
Vietnam: A Natural History
Author/Editor: Sterling, Eleanor Jane; Hurley, Martha Maud; Minh, Le Duc
Village Without Solidarity
Author/Editor: Hann, C. M
Village Without Solidarity: Polish Peasants in Years of Crisis
Author/Editor: C. M. HANN
Vilna on the Seine
Author/Editor: Friedlander, Judith
The Vindication of Tradition
Author/Editor: Pelikan, Jaroslav
The Virgilian Tradition
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Jan M.; Putnam, Michael C. J
Virgil's Epic Designs
Author/Editor: Putnam, Michael C. J
Virgil's Georgics
Author/Editor: Virgil
The Virgin and the Grail
Author/Editor: Goering, Joseph
Virginia Woolf
Author/Editor: Dalsimer, Katherine
The Virgin of Chartres
Author/Editor: Fassler, Margot E
The Virgin Warrior
Author/Editor: Taylor, Larissa Juliet
Virtual Justice
Author/Editor: Uviller, H. Richard
Virtual Justice
Author/Editor: Lastowka, Greg
The Virtual Weapon and International Order
Author/Editor: LUCAS KELLO
The Virtue of Sympathy
Author/Editor: Lobis, Seth
Visible Deeds of Music
Author/Editor: Shaw-Miller, Simon
Visionary Fictions
Author/Editor: Ahearn, Edward J
Visions of a New Land
Author/Editor: Widdis, Emma
Visions of Schooling
Author/Editor: Salomone, Rosemary C
A Visitor's Guide to the Ancient Olympics
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Neil
Visual Strategies
Author/Editor: Frankel, Felice C.; DePace, Angela H
The Voice of Liberal Learning
Author/Editor: Fuller, Timothy
The Voice of Liberal Learning: Michael Oakeshott on Education
Author/Editor: Timothy Fuller
The Voice of the People
Author/Editor: Storella, C. J.; Sokolov, A. K
The Voice of the People
Author/Editor: Fishkin, James S
Voices from the Warsaw Ghetto
Author/Editor: Roskies, David G
The Voices of Morebath
Author/Editor: Duffy, Eamon
A Voice Still Heard
Author/Editor: Howe, Irving; Howe, Nina
Voting About God in Early Church Councils
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
The Voting Wars
Author/Editor: Hasen, Richard L
Voting with Dollars
Author/Editor: Ackerman, Bruce; Ayres, Ian
The Vulnerability Thesis
Author/Editor: Moosbrugger, Lorelei