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Writing the Map of Anglo-Saxon England
Author/Editor: Howe, Nicholas
Writing Successful Science Proposals
Author/Editor: Friedland, Andrew J.; Folt, Carol L
Writings of Koda Aya, A Japanese Literary Daughter
Author/Editor: Tansman, Alan M
Writing in the New Nation: Prose, Print, and Politics in the Early United States
Author/Editor: LARZER ZIFF
Writing in the New Nation
Author/Editor: Ziff, Larzer
Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine
Author/Editor: Cooter, Roger
Writing for Science
Author/Editor: Goldbort, Robert
Writers and Rebels
Author/Editor: Gould, Rebecca Ruth
Wright and New York
Author/Editor: Alofsin, Anthony
Wrestling with an Angel
Author/Editor: Luz, Ehud
The Worth of the University
Author/Editor: Levin, Richard C
A World Without Jews
Author/Editor: Confino, Alon
The World's Oldest Church
Author/Editor: Peppard, Michael
Worlds Apart?
Author/Editor: Berberi, Tammy; Hamilton, Elizabeth C; Sutherland, Ian M
Worlds Apart
Author/Editor: Duncan, Cynthia M
World of Trouble: A Philadelphia Quaker Family's Journey through the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Richard Godbeer
The World of the Swahili
Author/Editor: Middleton, John
The World of the Crusades
Author/Editor: Tyerman, Christopher
The World of Samuel Beckett, 1906-1946
Author/Editor: Gordon, Lois
A World of Letters
Author/Editor: Basbanes, Nicholas A
World Forests for the Future: Their Use and Conservation
Author/Editor: Kilaparti Ramakrishna,George M. Woodwell
World Forests for the Future
Author/Editor: Ramakrishna, Kilaparti; Woodwell, George M
A World Connected
Author/Editor: Chanda, Nayan; Susan Froetschel
The World According to Itzik
Author/Editor: Manger, Itzik; Wolf, Leonard
The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 21
Author/Editor: Hyun Lee, Sang; Edwards, Jonathan
Works in Progress
Author/Editor: Smith, Jenny Leigh
The Work of the University
Author/Editor: Levin, Richard C
Wordsworth’s Poetry 1787-1814
Author/Editor: Hartman, Geoffrey
Wordsworth’s Poetry 1787-1814
Wordsworth and the Poetry of What We Are
Author/Editor: Fry, Paul H
The Words of Others
Author/Editor: Morson, Gary Saul
Woodrow Wilson
Author/Editor: Maynard, W. Barksdale
Women, Work, and Politics
Author/Editor: Iversen, Torben; Rosenbluth, Frances
Women's Rights and Transatlantic Antislavery in the Era of Emancipation
Author/Editor: Sklar, Kathryn Kish; Stewart, James Brewer
Women's Divination in Biblical Literature
Author/Editor: Hamori, Esther J
The Women's Awakening in Egypt
Author/Editor: Baron, Beth
Women, Men, and Gender
Author/Editor: Walsh, Mary Roth
Women in Middle Eastern History
Author/Editor: Keddie, Nikki R.; Baron, Beth
Women and Gender in Islam
Author/Editor: Ahmed, Leila
The Woman Who Walked into the Sea
Author/Editor: Wexler, Alice
The Woman Reader
Author/Editor: Jack, Belinda
A Woman Making History
Author/Editor: COTT, NANCY F
Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human Rights
Author/Editor: Botting, Eileen Hunt
Witness to History
Author/Editor: Schofield, Victoria
Witnessing Insanity
Author/Editor: Eigen, Joel Peter
Author/Editor: Rée, Jonathan
Witch Craze
Author/Editor: Roper, Lyndal
Winter Mythologies and Abbots
Author/Editor: Michon, Pierre
Winning the Silicon Sweepstakes
Author/Editor: Frieden, Rob
Winning Strategies for Successful Aging
Author/Editor: Pfeiffer, Eric
The Winds of Freedom
Author/Editor: Casper, Gerhard
A Windfall of Musicians
Author/Editor: Crawford, Dorothy Lamb
William Tyndale
Author/Editor: Daniell, David
William the Conqueror
Author/Editor: Douglas, David C
William the Conqueror
Author/Editor: David Bates
William Sloane Coffin Jr
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Warren
William Rufus
Author/Editor: Barlow, Frank
William Lloyd Garrison at Two Hundred
Author/Editor: Stewart, James Brewer
William James
Author/Editor: Myers, Gerald E
William Clark's World
Author/Editor: Kastor, Peter J
William Beckford
Author/Editor: Gauci, Perry
Wilfred Owen
Author/Editor: Cuthbertson, Guy
Wilde the Irishman
Author/Editor: McCormack, Jerusha
Why Writing Matters
Author/Editor: nicholas delbanco
Why We Believe
Author/Editor: Fuentes, Agustin
Why Trilling Matters
Author/Editor: Kirsch, Adam
Why Translation Matters
Author/Editor: Grossman, Edith
Why the Electoral College Is Bad for America
Author/Editor: Edwards III, George C
Why the Electoral College Is Bad for America
Author/Editor: Edwards, George C
Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters
Author/Editor: Begley, Louis
Why the Constitution Matters
Author/Editor: Tushnet, Mark
Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid
Author/Editor: Sternberg, Robert J
Why Presidents Succeed: A Political Psychology of Leadership
Why Presidents Succeed
Author/Editor: Simonton, Dean Keith
Why Poetry Matters
Author/Editor: Parini, Jay
Why Nudge?
Author/Editor: Sunstein, Cass R
Why Niebuhr Matters
Author/Editor: Lemert, Charles
Why Marx Was Right
Author/Editor: Eagleton, Terry
Why Literature Matters in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Roche, Mark William
Why Liberalism Failed
Author/Editor: Deneen, Patrick J
Why Conservation Is Failing and How It Can Regain Ground
Author/Editor: Freyfogle, Eric T
Why Arendt Matters
Author/Editor: Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
Why Architecture Matters
Author/Editor: Goldberger, Paul
Who Was Jacques Derrida?
Author/Editor: Mikics, David
Who Wants to Be a Jewish Writer?
Author/Editor: Kirsch, Adam
Who Votes?
Author/Editor: Wolfinger, Raymond E.; Rosenstone, Steven J
Who’s Teaching Your Children?
Author/Editor: Troen, Vivian; Boles, Katherine C
Who’s Teaching Your Children?
Author/Editor: Troen, Vivian; Boles, Katherine C
Whose Freud?
Author/Editor: Brooks, Peter; Woloch, Alex
Who Is an Evangelical?
Author/Editor: Kidd, Thomas S
Who Are the People of God?
Author/Editor: Kee, Howard Clark
Whitman and Tradition
Author/Editor: Price, Kenneth M
White Women, Black Men
Author/Editor: Hodes, Martha
White Guard
Author/Editor: Bulgakov, Mikhail; Schwartz, Marian; Dobrenko, Evgeny
White Fox and Icy Seas in the Western Arctic
Author/Editor: Bockstoce, John R
White Collar Crime
Author/Editor: Sutherland, Edwin H
Author/Editor: Stanger, Allison
Whispering City
Author/Editor: Bosworth, Richard
When You Were Gentiles
Author/Editor: Concannon, Cavan W
When Toys Come Alive
Author/Editor: Kuznets, Lois Rostow
When the Money Runs Out
Author/Editor: King, Stephen D
When London Was Capital of America
Author/Editor: Flavell, Julie
When Illness Strikes the Leader
Author/Editor: Post, Jerrold M.; Robins, Robert S
When Home Is No Haven
Author/Editor: Solnit, Albert J.; Nordhaus, Barbara F.; Lord, Ruth
When Dieting Becomes Dangerous
Author/Editor: Michel, Deborah M.; Willard, Susan G
When Christians Were Jews
Author/Editor: Fredriksen, Paula
What We Live For, What We Die For: Selected Poems
What We Live For, What We Die For
Author/Editor: Zhadan, Serhiy
What We Did in Bed
Author/Editor: Fagan, Brian; Durrani, Nadia
What to Listen For in Rock
Author/Editor: Stephenson, Ken
What to Listen For in Jazz
Author/Editor: Kernfeld, Barry
What Stalin Knew
Author/Editor: Murphy, David E
What's Next?
Author/Editor: Hale, David; Hale, Lyric H
What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?
Author/Editor: Zevit, Ziony
What Is Philosophy?
Author/Editor: Ragland, C.P.; Heidt, Sarah
What Is Honor?
Author/Editor: Welsh, Alexander
What Is Emotion?
Author/Editor: Kagan, Jerome
What Intelligence Tests Miss
Author/Editor: Stanovich, Keith E
What Every Woman Needs to Know about Menopause: The Years Before, During, and After
Author/Editor: Mary Jane Minkin,Carol V. Wright,Frederick Naftolin
What Every Woman Needs to Know about Menopause
Author/Editor: Minkin, Mary Jane; Wright, Carol V
Whatever Happened to Thrift?
Author/Editor: Wilcox, Ronald T
What Ever Happened to Modernism?
Author/Editor: Josipovici, Gabriel
What Changed When Everything Changed
Author/Editor: Margulies, Joseph
What Art Is
Author/Editor: Danto, Arthur C
What Are Journalists For?
Author/Editor: Rosen, Jay
What Are Biblical Values?
Author/Editor: Collins, John
What Americans Know about Politics and Why It Matters
Author/Editor: Delli Carpini, Michael X.; Keeter, Scott
We Wept Without Tears
Author/Editor: Greif, Gideon
Author/Editor: Bray, Dennis
West from Appomattox
Author/Editor: Richardson, Heather Cox
The Western Theory of Tradition
Author/Editor: Budick, Sanford
The Western Paradox
Author/Editor: DeVoto, Bernard; Brinkley, Douglas; Limerick, Patricia Nelson
Western Chou Civilization
Author/Editor: Hsu, Cho-yun; Linduff, Katheryn M
Author/Editor: Schutt, Will
Wesleyan University, 1831-1910
Author/Editor: Potts, David B
We Shall Overcome
Author/Editor: Tsesis, Alexander
The Well-Ordered Police State
Author/Editor: Raeff, Marc
Wellington's Wars
Author/Editor: Davies, Huw J
Author/Editor: Muir, Rory
Author/Editor: Lambert, Kelly
Welfare Justice
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Neil
Author/Editor: Kater, Michael H
Weapons of the Weak
Author/Editor: Scott, James C
The Wealth of Networks
Author/Editor: Benkler, Yochai
Wayward Capitalists
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Susan P
Way to Wisdom
Author/Editor: JASPERS, KARL
A Way of Life: Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine
The Way Men Think: Intellect, Intimacy, and the Erotic Imagination
Author/Editor: Liam Hudson,Bernadine Jacot
The Way Men Think
Author/Editor: Hudson, Liam
The Way and the Word
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Geoffrey; Sivin, Nathan
The Watershed of Modern Politics
Author/Editor: Oakley, Francis
The Water Paradox
Author/Editor: Barbier, Ed
Water 4.0
Author/Editor: Sedlak, David
The Watchman in Pieces
Author/Editor: Rosen, David; Santesso, Aaron
The Watchful Clothier
Author/Editor: Kadane, Matthew
Wartime Notebooks: France, 1940-1944
Wartime Notebooks
Author/Editor: Bobkowski, Andrzej
The War That Used Up Words
Author/Editor: Hutchison, Hazel
The Wars of the Roses
Author/Editor: Hicks, Michael
The Warrior, the Voyager, and the Artist: Three Lives in an Age of Empire
Author/Editor: Kate Fullagar
The Warrior Generals
Author/Editor: Wanklyn, Malcolm
War of a Thousand Deserts
Author/Editor: DeLay, Brian
The Warm South
Author/Editor: Holland, Robert
War Machine
Author/Editor: PICK, DANIEL
The War for the Seas
Author/Editor: Mawdsley, Evan
War by Land, Sea, and Air
Author/Editor: Jablonsky, David
The Warburg Years (1919-1933)
Author/Editor: Cassirer, Ernst
War and the World
Author/Editor: Black, Jeremy
War and Society in Colonial Connecticut
Author/Editor: Selesky, Harold E
War and Reason
Author/Editor: Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce; Lalman, David
The War Against the Peasantry, 1927-1930
Author/Editor: Viola, Lynne; Kozlov, Denis; Danilov, V. P
Walvis Bay: Decolonization and International Law
Author/Editor: Lynn Berat
Walvis Bay
Author/Editor: Berat, Lynn
Walt Whitman and the Culture of American Celebrity
Author/Editor: Blake, David Haven
Walther Rathenau
Author/Editor: Volkov, Shulamit
Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht
Author/Editor: Wizisla, Erdmut
Wall Street
Author/Editor: Fraser, Steve
The Walls Have Ears
Author/Editor: Fry, Helen
Walking Toward the Sun
Author/Editor: Weismiller, Edward
Author/Editor: Thoreau, Henry D.; Cramer, Jeffrey S