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Adoration of the Ram: Five Hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis Temple
Author/Editor: David Klotz
An Archaeology of Egyptian Monasticism: Settlement, Economy and Daily Life at the White Monastery Federation, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Louise Blanke
A Commemoration Ritual for Senwosret I: P. BM EA 10610.15/P. Ramesseum B (Ramesseum Dramatic Papyrus)
Author/Editor: Christina Geisen
Cult and Ritual in Persian Period Egypt: An Analysis of the Decoration of the Cult Chapels of the Temple of Hibis at Kharga Oasis, Vol. 12
Author/Editor: Fatma Talaat Ismail
Feasts and Fights: Essays on Time in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Anthony Spalinger
The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah: Grand Strategy in the 13th Century BC
Author/Editor: Colleen Manassa
The Inscription of Queen Katimala at Semna: Textual Evidence for the Origins of the Napatan State
Author/Editor: John Coleman Darnell
The Mortuary Papyrus of Padikakem: Walters Art Museum 551
Author/Editor: Yekaterina Barbash
Ritual Landscape and Performance: Proceedings of the International Conference on Ritual Landscape and Performance, Yale University, September 23-24, 2016, Vol. 13
Author/Editor: Christina Geisen ,John Baines ,Miroslav Bárta ,John C. Darnell ,Christina Geisen ,Robyn Gillam ,Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner ,Ute Rummel ,Martina Ullmann
A Royal Book of Protection of the Saite Period: pBrooklyn 47.218.49
Author/Editor: Paul F. O’Rourke
Theban Desert Road Survey II: The Rock Shrine of Pahu, Gebel Akhenaton, and other Rock Inscriptions from the Western Hinterland of Qamula