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The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji
Author/Editor: Fraenkel, Jon; Firth, Stewart; Lal, Brij V
4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange
Author/Editor: Dizon, Eusebio; Bellwood, Peter
Abbott's Gambit
Author/Editor: Johnson, Carol; Wanna, John; Lee, Hsu-Ann
Aboriginal Placenames
Author/Editor: Koch, Harold; Hercus, Luise
Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley
Author/Editor: Taylor, John
The Absent Presence of the State in Large-Scale Resource Extraction Projects
The ADB’s Story
Author/Editor: Nolan, Melanie; Fernon, Christine
The ADB’s Story
Author/Editor: Nolan, Melanie; Fernon, Christine
Afterlives of Chinese Communism: Political Concepts from Mao to Xi
Author/Editor: Christian Sorace ,Ivan Franceschini ,Nicholas Loubere
Agency, Contingency and Census Process
Author/Editor: Morphy, Frances
Agriculture and Food Security in China
Author/Editor: Chen, Chunlai; Duncan, Ron
Alliances, Nuclear Weapons and Escalation: Managing Deterrence in the 21st Century
Also Innovators
Author/Editor: Yardley, Christopher B
Also Innovators: How one computer salesman contributed to the digital revolution, Ed. NED - New edition, 2
Author/Editor: Christopher B. Yardley
Altered Ecologies
Author/Editor: Haberle, S.; Stevenson, J.; Prebble, M
Anomie and Violence
Author/Editor: Braithwaite, John; Braithwaite, Valerie; Cookson, Michael
Author/Editor: Hince, Bernadette; Summerson, Rupert; Wiesel, Arnan
APEC and liberalisation of the Chinese economy
Author/Editor: Drysdale, Peter; Yunling, Zhang; Song, Ligang
The Aranda’s Pepa
Author/Editor: Kenny, Anna
The Aranda’s Pepa
Author/Editor: Kenny, Anna
Archaeological Perspectives on Conflict and Warfare in Australia and the Pacific
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Clark ,Mirani Litster
Archaeological Science Under a Microscope
Author/Editor: Haslam, Michael; Robertson, Gail; Crowther, Alison
Archaeologies of Island Melanesia
Author/Editor: Leclerc, Mathieu; Flexner, James
An Archaeology of Early Christianity in Vanuatu
Author/Editor: Flexner, James L
The Archaeology of Rock Art in Western Arnhem Land, Australia
Author/Editor: David, Bruno; Taçon, Paul; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques
The Archaeology of Sulawesi
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Sue; Bulbeck, David; Meyer, Juliet
The Archaeology of the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Sue; Spriggs, Matthew; Veth, Peter
The Architecture of Security in the Asia-Pacific
Author/Editor: Huisken, Ron
Arndt's Story
Author/Editor: Coleman, Peter; Cornish, Selwyn; Drake, Peter
Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Shiro; Westland, Tom
Asian Socialism and Legal Change
Author/Editor: Gillespie, John; Nicholson, Pip
Assessing the Evidence on Indigenous Socioeconomic Outcomes
Author/Editor: Hunter, Boyd
At Home in Exile: A Memoir, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Helga M. Griffin
Atlas of Butterflies and Diurnal Moths in the Monsoon Tropics of Northern Australia
Author/Editor: Braby, M.F.; Franklin, D.C.; Bisa, D.E
An Atlas of the Global Water Cycle
Author/Editor: Lim, Wee Ho; Roderick, Michael L
Australia and Cyber-warfare
Author/Editor: Waters, Gary; Ball, Desmond; Dudgeon, Ian
Australia and Latin America
Author/Editor: Carr, Barry; Minns, John
Australia goes to Washington
Author/Editor: Lowe, David; Lee, David; Bridge, Carl
Australia: Identity, Fear and Governance in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Pietsch, Juliet; Aarons, Haydn
Australian Chamber Music with Piano
Author/Editor: Sitsky, Larry
Australian Clinical Legal Education
Author/Editor: Evans, Adrian; Cody, Anna; Copeland, Anna
The Australian Continent: A Geophysical Synthesis
Author/Editor: B.L.N. Kennett ,R. Chopping ,R. Blewett
Australian Department Heads Under Howard: Career Paths and Practice
Author/Editor: Malone, Paul
Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19: 1991–1995 (A–Z)
Author/Editor: Melanie Nolan ,Malcolm Allbrook
Australian Native Title Anthropology: Strategic practice, the law and the state
Australian Political Lives
Author/Editor: Arklay, Tracey; Nethercote, John; Wanna, John
Australian Politics in a Digital Age
Author/Editor: Chen, Peter John
Australian Travellers in the South Seas
Australia’s Fertility Transition: A study of 19th-century Tasmania
Author/Editor: HELEN MOYLE
Australia, the European Union and the New Trade Agenda
Author/Editor: Annmarie Elijah,Donald Kenyon,Karen Hussey,Pierre van der Eng
Australia Under Construction
Author/Editor: Butcher, John
Austronesian Paths and Journeys
Author/Editor: JAMES J. FOX
The Austronesians
Author/Editor: Bellwood, Peter; Fox, James J.; Tryon, Darrell
The Ayes Have It
Author/Editor: Wanna, John; Arklay, Tracey
A Bark But No Bite
Author/Editor: Vowles, Jack; Coffé, Hilde; Curtin, Jennifer
Basin Futures
Author/Editor: Connell, Daniel; Grafton, R. Quentin
Bayesian Methods for Statistical Analysis
Author/Editor: Borek Puza
Bearing Witness
Better Than Welfare?
Author/Editor: Jordan, Kirrily
Between the Plough and the Pick
Author/Editor: Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala
The Bionarrative
Author/Editor: Boyden, Stephen
A Bird That Flies With Two Wings
Author/Editor: Forsyth, Miranda
Black Gold
Author/Editor: Cahir, Fred
Black, White and Gold
Author/Editor: Nelson, Hank
Black Words White Page
Author/Editor: Shoemaker, Adam
Boats to Burn
Author/Editor: Stacey, Natasha
Bougainville before the conflict
Author/Editor: Anthony J Regan; Helga M Griffin
The Bounty from the Beach
Breaking Japanese Diplomatic Codes David Sissons and D Special Section during the Second World War
Author/Editor: Ball, Desmond; Tamura, Keiko
Bridging Australia and Japan: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Stockwin, Arthur; Tamura, Keiko
Bridging the 'Know-Do' Gap
Author/Editor: Bammer, Gabriele; Michaux, Annette; Sanson, Ann
Britain's Second Embassy to China: Lord Amherst's 'Special Mission' to the Jiaqing Emperor in 1816
Brokers and boundaries
Author/Editor: Shellam, Tiffany; Nugent, Maria; Konishi, Shino
The Bugis Chronicle of Bone
Building a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature
Author/Editor: Costanza, Robert; Alperovitz, Gar; Daly, Herman
Business and the Risk of Crime in China
Author/Editor: Broadhurst, Roderic; Bacon-Shone, John; Bouhours, Brigitte
Calvin for the Third Millennium
Author/Editor: Mol, Hans
Capturing Wealth from Tuna
Author/Editor: Barclay, Kate; Cartwright, Ian
Caretaker Conventions in Australasia
Author/Editor: Tiernan, Anne; Menzies, Jennifer
Carl Strehlow’s 1909 Comparative Heritage Dictionary
Author/Editor: Kenny, Anna
Carl Strehlow’s 1909 Comparative Heritage Dictionary
Author/Editor: Kenny, Anna
Cascades of Violence
Author/Editor: Braithwaite, John; D’Costa, Bina
The Centrelink Experiment
Author/Editor: Halligan, John; Wills, Jules
Chalo Jahaji
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V
Author/Editor: Bammer, Gabriele
The Changing South Pacific
Author/Editor: Tcherkezoff, Serge; Douaire-Marsaudon, Françoise
China 2002
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang
The China Alternative: Changing Regional Order in the Pacific Islands
China: A New Model for Growth and Development
Author/Editor: Ross Garnaut; Cai Fang; Ligang Song
China & ANU
Author/Editor: Sima, William
The China Boom and its Discontents
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang
China Dreams
Author/Editor: Jane Golley ,Linda Jaivin ,Ben Hillman ,Sharon Strange
China - Linking Markets for Growth
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Garnaut, Ross
China: New Engine of World Growth
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang
China’s 40 Years of Reform and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang; Fang, Cai
China’s 40 Years of Reform and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang; Fang, Cai
China's Challenges in Moving towards a High-income Economy
China's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Woo, Wing Thye
China’s Domestic Transformation in a Global Context
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Garnaut, Ross; Fang, Cai
China’s Domestic Transformation in a Global Context
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Garnaut, Ross; Fang, Cai
China's New Place in a World in Crisis
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang; Woo, Wing Thye
China's New Sources of Economic Growth
Author/Editor: Ligang Song,Ross Garnaut,Cai Fang,Lauren Johnston
China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Garnaut, Ross; Fang, Cai
China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Golley, Jane; Song, Ligang
China: Twenty Years of Economic Reform
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang
The Chinese Economic Transformation
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang; Zhou, Yixiao; Hurst, Luke
Circulating Cultures
Author/Editor: Harris, Amanda
Civic Insecurity
Author/Editor: Luker, Vicki; Dinnen, Sinclair
Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Asia and the Pacific
Clio’s Lives
Author/Editor: Munro, Doug; Reid, John G
Clio’s Lives
Author/Editor: Munro, Doug; Reid, John G
Coastal Themes (Terra Australis 24)
Author/Editor: Ulm, Sean
Collaborative Governance
Author/Editor: O'Flynn, Janine; Wanna, John
Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity: Australia in Asia, 1944–74
Author/Editor: DAN HALVORSON
Competing for Influence
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Barry
Complex Science for a Complex World
Author/Editor: Perez, Pascal; Batten, David
Conflict and Resource Development
Author/Editor: Haley, Nicole; May, Ron
Confronting Fiji Futures
Connected and Disconnected in Viet Nam
Author/Editor: PHILIP TAYLOR
Connected Worlds
Author/Editor: Curthoys, Co-edited Ann; Lake, Marilyn
Conquering the Highlands
Author/Editor: Oosthoek, Jan
Consolidated Gold Fields in Australia: The Rise and Decline of a British Mining House, 1926–1998
Author/Editor: ROBERT PORTER
Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions
Author/Editor: Antoinette, Michelle; Turner, Caroline
Contested Governance
Author/Editor: Hunt, Janet; Smith, Diane; Garling, Stephanie
The Contest for Aboriginal Souls
Author/Editor: Ganter, Regina
Contextualising the Neolithic Occupation of Southern Vietnam
Author/Editor: Sarjeant, Carmen
Author/Editor: Jane Golley,Linda Jaivin,Luigi Tomba
The Coombs
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V.; Ley, Allison
Cooperative Evolution: Reclaiming Darwin's Vision
Author/Editor: Barcham, Manuhuia; Hindess, Barry; Larmour, Peter
Corruption and Anti-Corruption
Author/Editor: Peter Larmour; Nick Wolanin
Country, Native Title and Ecology
Author/Editor: Weir, Jessica K
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V.; Pretes, Michael
The Court as Archive
Author/Editor: Genovese, Ann; Luker, Trish; Rubenstein, Kim
Creative Frictions: Arts Leadership, Policy and Practice in Multicultural Australia
Crisis Policymaking
Author/Editor: Connery, David
Critical Perspectives on the Scholarship of Assessment and Learning in Law
Author/Editor: Bone, Alison; Maharg, Paul
Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy
Author/Editor: Wanna, John
Crown and Sword
Author/Editor: Moore, Cameron
The Cult of the Market
Author/Editor: Boldeman, Lee
Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Hooper, Anthony
Culture in Translation
Author/Editor: Thomas, Martin
The Curious Country
Author/Editor: Dayton, Leigh
Customary Land Tenure & Registration in Australia and Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Weiner, James; Glaskin, Katie
Dance of the Nomad
Author/Editor: McCulloch, Ann
Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime
Author/Editor: Bammer, Gabriele
Debating Lapita: Distribution, Chronology, Society and Subsistence
Author/Editor: Stuart Bedford,Matthew Spriggs
Deep Crustal Seismic Reflection Profiling
Author/Editor: Kennett, B.L.N.; Saygin, E.; Fomin, T
Defence Policy-Making
Author/Editor: Tange, Sir Arthur; Edwards, Peter
Degei’s Descendants
Author/Editor: Spriggs, Matthew; Scarr, Deryck
Degei’s Descendants
Author/Editor: Spriggs, Matthew; Scarr, Deryck
Delivering Policy Reform
Author/Editor: Lindquist, Evert A.; Vincent, Sam; Wanna, John
Demographic and Socioeconomic Outcomes Across the Indigenous Australian Lifecourse
Author/Editor: Biddle, Nicholas; Yap, Mandy
Developing Asian Bondmarkets
Dharmalan Dana
Author/Editor: Nelson, George; Nelson, Robynne
Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar
Author/Editor: Skidmore, Monique; Wilson, Trevor
A Dictionary of Vurës, Vanuatu
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography
Author/Editor: Jones, Barry
Dictionary of World Biography, Ed. 8
Author/Editor: Barry Jones
A Difficult Neighbourhood
Author/Editor: Besemeres, John
Dilemmas of China's growth in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Song, Ligang
Dilemmas of Development
Author/Editor: Filer, Colin
The Dilemmas of Engagement
Author/Editor: Stewart, Jenny
Dilthey’s Dream
Author/Editor: Freeman, Derek
Dilthey’s Dream
Author/Editor: DEREK FREEMAN,James J. Fox
Dilthey’s Dream (Croatian version)
Author/Editor: DEREK FREEMAN,Jamesa J. Foxa
Dilthey’s Dream (Croatian version)
Author/Editor: Freeman, Derek
Directions in Australian Electoral Reform
Author/Editor: Kelly, Norm
The Disaster of the Third Princess
Author/Editor: Tyler, Royall
Disciplining Interdisciplinarity
Author/Editor: Bammer, Gabriele
Discretion and Public Benefit in a Regulatory Agency
Author/Editor: Vijaya Nagarajan
Dislocating the Frontier
Author/Editor: Rose, Deborah Bird; Davis, Richard
A Dissident Liberal
Author/Editor: Baume, Peter; Wanna, John; Taflaga, Marija
A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes
Disturbances in Heaven
Author/Editor: Franceschini, Ivan; Lin, Kevin; Loubere, Nicholas
Diversity in Leadership
Author/Editor: Damousi, Joy; Rubenstein, Kim; Tomsic, Mary
Divided Loyalties
Divine Domesticities
Author/Editor: Choi, Hyaeweol; Jolly, Margaret
A Doctor Across Borders
Author/Editor: Cameron-Smith, Alexander
Does History Matter?
Author/Editor: Neumann, Klaus; Tavan, Gwenda
Dog Days
Author/Editor: Franceschini, Ivan; Loubere, Nicholas
Double Disillusion
Author/Editor: Gauja, Anika; Chen, Peter; Curtin, Jennifer
Double Vision
Author/Editor: Broinoswki, Alison
The Doubters' Dilemma
Author/Editor: Martín, Mario Daniel; Jansen, Louise; Beckmann, Elizabeth
Drawing in the Land
Author/Editor: Dibden, Julie
Dreamtime Superhighway
Author/Editor: McDonald, Jo
The Early Prehistory of Fiji
Author/Editor: Clark, Edited Geoffrey; Anderson, Atholl
Echoes of the Tambaran
Author/Editor: Lipset, David; Roscoe, Paul
Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences
Author/Editor: Rappert, Brian
Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History
Author/Editor: Furphy, Samuel
Election 2007
Author/Editor: May, R.J; Anere, Ray; Haley, Nicole
Electoral systems in divided societies
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V.; Larmour, Peter
Electronic Engagement
Author/Editor: Chen, Peter
Engaging Indigenous Economy
Author/Editor: Sanders, Will
Engaging the neighbours
Author/Editor: Frost, Frank
Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Jolly, Margaret; Stewart, Christine; Brewer, Carolyn
Ethics and Auditing
Author/Editor: Campbell, Tom; Houghton, Keith
Ethnography & the Production of Anthropological Knowledge
Author/Editor: Musharbash, Yasmine; Barber, Marcus
Everyday Revolutions: Remaking Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 1970s Australia
Author/Editor: Michelle Arrow ,Angela Woollacott
Experiments in Modern Living
Author/Editor: Cameron, Milton
Experiments in self-determination
Author/Editor: Nicolas Peterson,Fred Myers
Exploring the Earth under the Sea
Author/Editor: Exon, Neville
Exploring the Legacy of the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition
Author/Editor: Thomas, Martin; Neale, Margo
Expressions of Austronesian Thought and Emotions
Author/Editor: Fox, James J
The Eye of the Crocodile
Author/Editor: Plumwood, Val
Eyewitness to Early Reform in Myanmar
Author/Editor: TREVOR WILSON
Facing Asia
Author/Editor: Oakman, Daniel
Family Experiments
Author/Editor: Richardson, Shelley
Federalism and Regionalism in Australia
Author/Editor: Brown, A. J.; Bellamy, J.A
The Federated States of Micronesia's Engagement with the Outside World: Control, Self-Preservation and Continuity
Author/Editor: GONZAGA PUAS
Fiducial Governance
Author/Editor: Power, John
Fighting Australia's Cold War: The Nexus of Strategy and Operations in a Multipolar Asia, 1945–1965
Author/Editor: Tarte, Daryl
Fijian Colonial Experience
Author/Editor: MacNaught, Timothy J
Fiji before the storm
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V
Financing Higher Education and Economic Development in East Asia
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Shiro; Chapman, Bruce
Finding the Enemy Within: Blasphemy Accusations and Subsequent Violence in Pakistan
Author/Editor: SANA ASHRAF
Fire Mountains of the Islands
Author/Editor: Johnson, Wally R
First Contacts in Polynesia
Author/Editor: Tcherkézoff, Serge
The First Ten K R Narayanan Orations
Author/Editor: Jha, Raghbendra
Fishing for Fairness
Author/Editor: Fabinyi, Michael
Focality and Extension in Kinship: Essays in Memory of Harold W. Scheffler
Following the sun
Author/Editor: Tennant-Wood, Robin
Following the Water: Environmental History and the Hydrological Cycle in Colonial Gippsland, Australia, 1838–1900
Food and Agriculture in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Bourke, R. Michael; Harwood, Tracy
Foreign Bodies
Author/Editor: Douglas, Bronwen; Ballard, Chris
Forestry and Water Conservation in South Africa
Author/Editor: Bennett, Brett; Kruger, Fred
Forts and Fortification in Wallacea: Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Investigations
Author/Editor: Sue O’Connor,Andrew McWilliam,Sally Brockwell
Framing the Global Economic Downturn
Author/Editor: Hart, Paul `t; Tindall, Karen
France in the South Pacific
Author/Editor: Denise Fisher
Fresh Perspectives on the 'War on Terror'
Author/Editor: Gani, Miriam; Mathew, Penelope
From Election to Coup in Fiji
Author/Editor: Fraenkel, Jon; Firth, Stewart
From 'Stone-Age' to 'Real-Time'
Author/Editor: Slama, Martin; Munro, Jenny
The Future of Audit
Author/Editor: Houghton, Keith; Jubb, Christine; Kend, Michael
Gendering the Field
Author/Editor: Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala
Gender Violence & Human Rights
Author/Editor: Biersack, Aletta; Jolly, Margaret; Macintyre, Martha
A Genealogy of Bamboo Diplomacy: The Politics of Thai Détente with Russia and China
The General’s Goose
The General’s Goose
Author/Editor: Robertson, Robbie
The Genesis of a Policy: Defining and Defending Australia's National Interest in the Asia-Pacific, 1921–57
Author/Editor: HONAE CUFFE
Geography, Power, Strategy and Defence Policy
Author/Editor: Ball, Desmond; Lee, Sheryn
Geology at ANU (1959-2009)
Author/Editor: Compiled; Rickard, Mike; Caton, Judith
Georges River Blues: Swamps, Mangroves and Resident Action, 1945–1980
German Ethnography in Australia
Author/Editor: Peterson, Nicolas; Kenny, Anna
Giblin's Platoon
Author/Editor: Coleman, William; Cornish, Selwyn; Hagger, Alf
Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Franceschini, Ivan; Loubere, Nicholas
Global Allies
Global Debates, Local Dilemmas
Author/Editor: TRAN MINH HANG
Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands
Author/Editor: Stewart Firth
Global Warming and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Taylor, Maria
Gobernanza y gestión de áreas protegidas
Author/Editor: Worboys, Graeme L.; Lockwood, Michael; Kothari, Ashish
A Good Life
Author/Editor: Mary Edmunds
Goodna Girls: A History of Children in a Queensland Mental Asylum
The Governance of Common Property in the Pacific Region
Author/Editor: Peter Larmour
Grappling with the Bomb
Author/Editor: Maclellan, Nic
Green Carbon Part 1
Author/Editor: Mackey, Brendan; Keith, Heather; Berry, Sandra L
Green Carbon Part 2
Author/Editor: Berry, Sandra; Keith, Heather; Mackey, Brendan
Gunnar Landtman in Papua
Author/Editor: Lawrence, David; Varjola, Pirjo
Harnessing the Bohemian
Author/Editor: Skippington, Peter
Health Expenditure, Income and Health Status Among Indigenous and Other Australians
Author/Editor: Gray, M.C.; Hunter, Boyd; Taylor, John
Health of People, Places and Planet
Author/Editor: Butler, Colin D.; Dixon, Jane; Capon, Anthony G
Henry Prinsep’s Empire
Author/Editor: Allbrook, Malcolm
Henry Prinsep’s Empire
Author/Editor: Allbrook, Malcolm
Hesychasm and Art
Author/Editor: Strezova, Anita
The Histories of Raphael Samuel
History as Policy
Author/Editor: Huisken, Ron; Thatcher, Meredith
History Wars: The Peter Ryan – Manning Clark Controversy
Author/Editor: DOUG MUNRO
The Hmong of Australia
Author/Editor: Tapp, Nicholas; Lee, Gary Yia
Honouring a Nation: A History of Australia's Honours System
Author/Editor: KAREN FOX
Howard's Long March
Author/Editor: McDowall, Roy Campbell
How Local Art Made Australia's National Capital
Humanities Research Centre
Author/Editor: Barclay, Glen St John; Turner, Caroline
Hybridity on the Ground in Peacebuilding and Development: Critical Conversations
Imaging Identity
Author/Editor: Hinkson, Melinda
Improving Implementation
Author/Editor: Wanna, John
In Defence of Country
Author/Editor: NOAH RISEMAN
Indigenous and Minority Placenames
Author/Editor: Clark, Ian D.; Hercus, Luise; Kostanski, Laura
Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Author/Editor: Biddle, N.; Al-Yaman, F.; Gourley, M
Indigenous Australian Youth Futures: Living the Social Determinants of Health
Indigenous Biography and Autobiography
Author/Editor: Read, Peter; Peters-Little, Frances; Haebich, Anna
Indigenous Data Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Kukutai, Tahu; Taylor, John
Indigenous Efflorescence
Indigenous Intermediaries
Author/Editor: Shino Konishi,Maria Nugent,Tiffany Shellam
Indigenous Mobilities
Author/Editor: Standfield, Rachel
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies
Author/Editor: Keen, Ian
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II
Author/Editor: Fijn, Natasha; Keen, Ian; Lloyd, Christopher
Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom
Author/Editor: Taylor, John; Scambary, B
Indigenous Peoples' Innovation
Author/Editor: Drahos, Peter; Frankel, Susy
Indigenous Self-Determination in Australia: Histories and Historiography
The Indigenous Welfare Economy and the CDEP Scheme
Author/Editor: Morphy, Frances; Sanders, Will
The Information Systems Academic Discipline in Australia
Author/Editor: Gable, Guy G.; Gregor, Shirley; Clarke, Roger
Information Systems Foundations: Constructing and Criticising
Author/Editor: Hart, Dennis; Gregor, Shirley
Information Systems Foundations: Theory Building in Information Systems
Author/Editor: Hart, Dennis N.; Gregor, Shirley D
Information Systems Foundations: Theory, Representation and Reality
Author/Editor: Hart, Dennis; Gregor, Shirley
Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science
Author/Editor: Hart, Dennis; Gregor, Shirley
Informative Psychometric Filters
Author/Editor: Gregson, Robert A. M
In Good Faith?
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Jessie
Innamincka Talk
Author/Editor: Gavan Breen
Innamincka Words
Author/Editor: Gavan Breen
In Search of the Never-Never
Author/Editor: McGrath, Ann
Inside Austronesian Houses
Author/Editor: James J. Fox
Inside the Canberra Press Gallery
Author/Editor: Chalmers, Rob
Interpreting Chekhov
Author/Editor: Borny, Geoffrey
Interpreting Myanmar: A Decade of Analysis
Author/Editor: ANDREW SELTH
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V
In the Eye of the Beholder
Author/Editor: Dawson, Barbara
In the Eye of the Storm
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V
Introducing China
Author/Editor: Huisken, Ron
The Islamic Traditions of Cirebon
Author/Editor: Muhaimin, A.G
Islamising Indonesia
Author/Editor: Machmudi, Yon
Island Encounters: Timor-Leste from the outside in
Author/Editor: Lisa Palmer
Island Rivers
Author/Editor: Wagner, John R.; Jacka, Jerry K
Islands of Inquiry
Author/Editor: Clark, Geoffrey; Leach, Foss; O'Connor, Sue
Islands of Turmoil
Author/Editor: Lal, Brij V
'I Succeeded Once'
Author/Editor: Fels, Marie Hansen
Japan at War and Peace: Shidehara Kijūrō and the Making of Modern Diplomacy
Author/Editor: RYUJI HATTORI
Japan’s Failed Revolution
Author/Editor: Aurelia George Mulgan
Japan’s Failed Revolution
Author/Editor: Aurelia George Mulgan
Japan's Future in East Asia and the Pacific
Author/Editor: Pangestu, Mari; Song, Ligang
The Jingshan Report: Opening China’s Financial Sector
Joro's Youth
Author/Editor: de Rachewiltz, Igor; Narangoa, Li
The Journey of a Book
Author/Editor: Keen, Elizabeth
Journeys into the Rainforest
Author/Editor: Ferrier, Ã…sa
Julia 2010: The caretaker election
Author/Editor: Simms, Marian; Wanna, John
Kastom, property and ideology
Author/Editor: McDonnell, Siobhan; Allen, Matthew; Filer, Colin
A Kind of Mending
Author/Editor: Dinnen, Sinclair; Jowitt, Anita; Newton, Tess
Labour Lines and Colonial Power
Author/Editor: Stead, Victoria; Altman, Jon
Lak Chang
Author/Editor: Santasombat, Yos
Land and Life in Timor-Leste
Author/Editor: McWilliam, Andrew; Traube, Elizabeth G
The Land is a Map
Author/Editor: Hercus, Luise; Hodges, Flavia; Simpson, Jane
Land Use in Australia: Past, Present and Future
Large-scale Mines and Local-level Politics
Author/Editor: Filer, Colin; Le Meur, Pierre-Yves
Law and Democracy
Author/Editor: Patmore, Glen; Rubenstein, Kim
Law's Anthropology
Author/Editor: Burke, Paul
Leading from the North: Rethinking Northern Australia Development
Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia
Author/Editor: Ansell, Dean; Gibson, Fiona; Salt, David
Learning from Fukushima
Author/Editor: Van Ness, Peter; Gurtov, Mel
Learning from Fukushima (Japanese version): Nuclear power in East Asia
Learning Spaces
Author/Editor: Kral, Inge; Schwab, Robert G
Learning Spaces
Author/Editor: Kral, Inge; Schwab, Robert G
Levelling Wind: Remembering Fiji
Author/Editor: BRIJ V. LAL
The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic
Author/Editor: Ross, Malcolm; Pawley, Andrew; Osmond, Meredith
Life on the Margins
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Patrick
The Light Inside the Shadow
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Julia; Allen, Joanne; Anderson, Michelle
The Lihir Destiny
Author/Editor: Bainton, Nicholas A
Like Fire: The Paliau Movement and Millenarianism in Melanesia
Linguistic Organisation and Native Title: The Wik Case, Australia
The Lion that Didn't Roar
Author/Editor: Davidson, Nigel
Lithics in the Land of the Lightning Brothers
Author/Editor: Clarkson, Chris
The Lives of Stories
Author/Editor: EMMA DORTINS
Long History, Deep Time
Author/Editor: McGrath, Ann; Jebb, Mary Ann
A Long Way to Go
Author/Editor: McAuliffe, Marie; Koser, Khalid
Looking for Love in the Legal Discourse of Marriage
Author/Editor: Grossi, Renata
Losing Control
Ma`afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji
Author/Editor: Spurway John
Macassan History and Heritage
Author/Editor: Marshall Clark; Sally K. May
Macrocriminology and Freedom
Making Change Happen
Author/Editor: Cook, Kevin; Goodall, Heather
Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific
Author/Editor: Corbett, Susan; Lai, Jessica
Making Mala
Author/Editor: MOORE CLIVE
The Making of The Australian National University
Author/Editor: Foster, Stephen; Varghese, Margaret
Making Sense of the Census
Author/Editor: Martin, David; Morphy, Frances; Sanders, Will
Managing Consultants
Author/Editor: Dobes, Leo
Managing Consultants
Author/Editor: Dobes, Leo
Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure
Author/Editor: Wanna, John; Lee, Hsu-Ann; Yates, Sophie
Man Bac
Author/Editor: Oxenham, Marc F.; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Dung, Nguyen Kim
Master poets, ritual masters
Author/Editor: Fox, James J
Author/Editor: Sila, Muhammad Adlin
Maverick Mathematician
Author/Editor: Moyal, Ann
Meaning, Life and Culture: In conversation with Anna Wierzbicka
Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing
Author/Editor: Podger, Andrew; Trewin, Dennis
A Memory of Ice
Author/Editor: Truswell, Elizabeth
Michi's Memories
Author/Editor: Tamura, Keiko
Migration and Transnationalism
Author/Editor: Lee, Helen; Francis, Steve Tupai
The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific
Author/Editor: May, Ron; Selochan, Viberto
Minding the Gap
Author/Editor: Carroll, Peter; Deighton-Smith, Rex; Silver, Helen
Ministerial Careers and Accountability in the Australian Commonwealth Government
Author/Editor: Dowding, Keith; Lewis, Chris
A Mission Divided
Author/Editor: Close-Barry, Kirstie
Mobilities of Return
Author/Editor: Taylor, John; Lee, Helen
The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones
Author/Editor: Foster, Robert J.; Horst, Heather A
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye
Author/Editor: Fox, Karen
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye
Author/Editor: Fox, Karen
Movement, Knowledge, Emotion
Author/Editor: Power, Jennifer
Mr Tulsi’s Store
Author/Editor: Brij V. Lal
Mr Tulsi’s Store
Author/Editor: Brij V. Lal
Multiculturalism and Integration
Author/Editor: Clyne, Professor Michael; Jupp, Dr James
Multi-level Governance
Author/Editor: Daniell, Katherine A.; Kay, Adrian
Author/Editor: Skidmore, Monique; Wilson, Trevor
My Country, Mine Country
Author/Editor: Benedict Scambary
Name, Shame and Blame
Author/Editor: Stewart, Christine
Narrow But Endlessly Deep
Author/Editor: Read, Peter; Wyndham, Marivic
A National Asset
Author/Editor: Ball, Desmond; Carr, Andrew
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’
Author/Editor: Lawrence, David Russell
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’
Author/Editor: Lawrence, David Russell
Nature, Nurture and Chance
Author/Editor: Fenner, Frank
The Nature of Northern Australia
Author/Editor: Woinarski, John; Mackey, Brendan; Nix, Henry
Navigating the Future
Negotiating the Sacred
Author/Editor: Coleman, Elizabeth Burns; White, Kevin
Negotiating the Sacred II
Author/Editor: Coleman, Elizabeth Burns; Fernandes-Dias, Maria Suzette
The Neoliberal State, Recognition and Indigenous Rights
Author/Editor: Deirdre Howard-Wagner,Maria Bargh,Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez
Networked Governance of Freedom and Tyranny
Author/Editor: Braithwaite, John; Charlesworth, Hilary; Soares, Adérito
New Accountabilities, New Challenges
Author/Editor: Wanna, John; Lindquist, Evert A.; Marshall, Penelope
New Dimensions of Connectivity in the Asia-Pacific
New Directions for Law in Australia
Author/Editor: Levy, Ron; O’Brien, Molly; Rice, Simon
New Directions in Archaeological Science
Author/Editor: Fairbairn, Andrew; O'Connor, Sue; Marwick, Ben
New Directions in Strategic Thinking 2.0: ANU Strategic & Defence Studies Centre's Golden Anniversary Conference Proceedings
Author/Editor: RUSSELL W. GLENN
A New Era?
Author/Editor: Ingram, Sue; Kent, Lia; McWilliam, Andrew
A New Idea Each Morning
Author/Editor: Wendy Way
New Mana
Author/Editor: Tomlinson, Matt; Kāwika Tengan, Ty P
The New Pacific Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Fry, Greg; Tarte, Sandra
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory
Author/Editor: Piper, Philip J.; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Bulbeck, David
A New Rival State?: Australia in Tsarist Diplomatic Communications
New Worlds from Below
Author/Editor: Morris-Suzuki, Tessa; Jeong Soh, Eun
Ngapartji Ngapartji
Author/Editor: Castejon, Vanessa; Cole, Anne; Haag, Oliver
NGOs and Political Change
Author/Editor: Kilby, Patrick
NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery
Author/Editor: Hakena, Helen; Ninnes, Peter; Jenkins, Bert
Niche Wars: Australia in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001–2014
No Truck with the Chilean Junta!
Author/Editor: Jones, Ann
'Now is the Psychological Moment': Earle Page and the Imagining of Australia
Author/Editor: STEPHEN WILKS
Numinous Subjects
Author/Editor: Tatman, Lucy
Oceanic Encounters
Author/Editor: Jolly, Margaret; Tcherkézoff, Serge; Tryon, Darrell
Oceanic Explorations
Author/Editor: Bedford, Stuart; Sand, Christophe; Connaughton, Sean P
On Taungurung Land: Sharing History and Culture
On the Dual Uses of Science and Ethics
Author/Editor: Rappert, Brian; Selgelid, Michael J
Opening Government
Author/Editor: Wanna, John; Vincent, Sam
Origins, Ancestry and Alliance
Author/Editor: Fox, James J.; Sather, Clifford
An Otago Storeman in Solomon Islands
Author/Editor: Bayliss-Smith, Tim; Bennett, Judith A
Our Unswerving Loyalty
Author/Editor: Lovell, David W.; Windle, Kevin
Out of the Ashes
Author/Editor: Fox, James J.; Soares, Dionisio Babo
Pacific Exposures
Pacific Islanders Under German Rule
Author/Editor: Hempenstall, Peter J
Pacific Island Heritage
Author/Editor: Liston, Jolie; Clark, Geoffrey; Alexander, Dwight
Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance
Author/Editor: Satish Chand
Pacific Missionary George Brown 1835-1917
Author/Editor: Margaret Reeson
Pacific Regional Order
Author/Editor: Peebles, Dave
Pacific Youth: Local and Global Futures
Author/Editor: HELEN LEE
Papua New Guinea: Government, Economy and Society
Partnership for Change
Author/Editor: East Asian Bureau of Economic Research; China Center for International Economic Exchanges
Party Rules?
Author/Editor: Gauja, Anika; Sawer, Marian
Passage of Change
Author/Editor: Jowitt, Anita; Cain, Tess Newton
Passionate Histories
Author/Editor: Peters-Little, Frances; Curthoys, Ann; Docker, John
A Passion for Policy
Author/Editor: Wanna, John
Past Law, Present Histories
Author/Editor: Kirkby, Diane
Pedigree and Panache
Author/Editor: Huda, Shireen
People and Place: The West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island in History and Literature
Peopled Landscapes
Author/Editor: Haberle, Simon G.; David, Bruno
The People Have Spoken
Performance Measurement, Reporting, Obstacles and Accountability
Author/Editor: Thomas, Paul G
Permissive Residents
Author/Editor: Glazebrook, Diana
The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929–1953
Author/Editor: Pisch, Anita
Phoenix from the Ashes?
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Cameron Scott
Pieces of the Vanuatu Puzzle
Author/Editor: Bedford, Stuart
Pillars and Shadows
Author/Editor: Braithwaite, John; Dinnen, Sinclair; Allen, Matthew
Pioneers, Settlers, Aliens, Exiles
Author/Editor: Fisher, J. L
Planning and Managing Scientific Research
Author/Editor: Kennett, Brian
The Poetic Power of Place
Author/Editor: Fox, James J
Policy Making and Implementation
Author/Editor: May, Ron
Political Life Writing in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Corbett, Jack; Lal, Brij V
A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides
Author/Editor: Woodward, Keith
Political Parties in the Pacific Islands
Author/Editor: Rich, Roland; Hambly, Luke; Morgan, Michael G
Politics and State Building in Solomon Islands
Author/Editor: Dinnen, Sinclair; Firth, Stewart
Politics, Development and Security in Oceania
Author/Editor: David Hegarty; Darrell Tryon
Politics of preferential development
Author/Editor: Steven Ratuva
Politics, Policy and Public Administration in Theory and Practice: Essays in honour of Professor John Wanna
Author/Editor: Davies, Gloria; Goldkorn, Jeremy; Tomba, Luigi
Popular Music, Stars and Stardom
Author/Editor: Stephen, Loy; Rickwood, Julie; Bennett, Samantha
Population Ageing and Australia's Future
Author/Editor: Kendig, Hal; McDonald, Peter; Piggott, John
Author/Editor: Jane Golley,Linda Jaivin,Paul J. Farrelly,Sharon Strange
Power and Dysfunction: The New South Wales Board for the Protection of Aborigines 1883–1940
Author/Editor: RICHARD EGAN
Power and International relations
Author/Editor: Ball, Desmond; Lee, Sheryn
Power and Pork
Author/Editor: Mulgan, Aurelia George
Power and Responsibility in Chinese Foreign Policy
Power, Culture, Economy
Author/Editor: Altman, Jon; Martin, David
The Power of Economic Ideas
Author/Editor: Millmow, Alex
Power, Protection and Magic in Thailand: The Cosmos of a Southern Policeman
Author/Editor: CRAIG J. REYNOLDS
Author/Editor: Vischer, Michael P
Prehistoric Marine Resource Use in the Indo-Pacific Regions
Author/Editor: Ono, Rintaro; Morrison, Alex; Addison, David
Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago
Author/Editor: Bellwood, Peter
Private Enterprise in China
Author/Editor: Garnaut, Ross; Song, Ligang; Yao, Yang
Professionalism in the Information and Communication Technology Industry
Author/Editor: Weckert, John; Lucas, Richard
Professional Social Work in Australia
Author/Editor: R. J. LAWRENCE
The Promise of Prosperity
Author/Editor: Golley, Jane; Jaivin, Linda
Protected Area Governance and Management
Author/Editor: Worboys, Graeme L; Lockwood, Michael; Kothari, Ashish
Protection of intellectual, biological & cultural property in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Kathy Whimp; Mark Busse
Public Leadership
Author/Editor: Hart, Paul `t; Uhr, John
Public Policy
Author/Editor: Boston, Jonathan; Bradstock, Andrew; Eng, David
Public Sector Employment in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Pittard, Marilyn; Weeks, Phillipa
Public Sector Governance in Australia
Author/Editor: Edwards, Meredith; Halligan, John; Horrigan, Bryan
Pursuing Livelihoods, Imagining Development
Author/Editor: Kusworo, Ahmad
Putting Citizens First
Author/Editor: Lindquist, Evert A.; Vincent, Sam; Wanna, John
The Quest for the Good Life in Precarious Times
Author/Editor: Gregory, Chris; Altman, Jon
A Quest for True Islam
Author/Editor: Rosyad, Rifki
Racial Folly
Author/Editor: Briscoe, Gordon