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Ma`afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji
Author/Editor: Spurway John
Macassan History and Heritage
Author/Editor: Marshall Clark; Sally K. May
Macrocriminology and Freedom
Making Change Happen
Author/Editor: Cook, Kevin; Goodall, Heather
Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific
Author/Editor: Corbett, Susan; Lai, Jessica
Making Mala
Author/Editor: MOORE CLIVE
The Making of The Australian National University
Author/Editor: Foster, Stephen; Varghese, Margaret
Making Sense of the Census
Author/Editor: Martin, David; Morphy, Frances; Sanders, Will
Managing Consultants
Author/Editor: Dobes, Leo
Managing Consultants
Author/Editor: Dobes, Leo
Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure
Author/Editor: Wanna, John; Lee, Hsu-Ann; Yates, Sophie
Man Bac
Author/Editor: Oxenham, Marc F.; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Dung, Nguyen Kim
Master poets, ritual masters
Author/Editor: Fox, James J
Author/Editor: Sila, Muhammad Adlin
Maverick Mathematician
Author/Editor: Moyal, Ann
Meaning, Life and Culture: In conversation with Anna Wierzbicka
Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing
Author/Editor: Podger, Andrew; Trewin, Dennis
A Memory of Ice
Author/Editor: Truswell, Elizabeth
Michi's Memories
Author/Editor: Tamura, Keiko
Migration and Transnationalism
Author/Editor: Lee, Helen; Francis, Steve Tupai
The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific
Author/Editor: May, Ron; Selochan, Viberto
Minding the Gap
Author/Editor: Carroll, Peter; Deighton-Smith, Rex; Silver, Helen
Ministerial Careers and Accountability in the Australian Commonwealth Government
Author/Editor: Dowding, Keith; Lewis, Chris
A Mission Divided
Author/Editor: Close-Barry, Kirstie
Mobilities of Return
Author/Editor: Taylor, John; Lee, Helen
The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones
Author/Editor: Foster, Robert J.; Horst, Heather A
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye
Author/Editor: Fox, Karen
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye
Author/Editor: Fox, Karen
Movement, Knowledge, Emotion
Author/Editor: Power, Jennifer
Mr Tulsi’s Store
Author/Editor: Brij V. Lal
Mr Tulsi’s Store
Author/Editor: Brij V. Lal
Multiculturalism and Integration
Author/Editor: Clyne, Professor Michael; Jupp, Dr James
Multi-level Governance
Author/Editor: Daniell, Katherine A.; Kay, Adrian
Author/Editor: Skidmore, Monique; Wilson, Trevor
My Country, Mine Country
Author/Editor: Benedict Scambary