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Dalle rotte alle strade: Infrastrutture e insediamenti nei Colli Albani dalle origini all’età romana, Vol. 43
Author/Editor: A.L. Fischetti
Dealing with biases: Three geo-archaeological approaches to the hidden landscapes of Italy
Author/Editor: Hendrik Feiken
Det Norske Litterære Feminapolis 1880-1980: Skram, Undset, Sandel og Haslunds byromaner - mot en ny modernistisk genre
Author/Editor: Janke Klok
De Zuiderzee als transportlandschap: Historische maritieme archeologie van de turfvaart (1550-1700), Vol. 41
Author/Editor: W.B. Waldus
Digital Atlas of Economic Plants in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Reinder Neef,René T.J. Cappers,Renée M. Bekker,L. Boulos,M. Dinies,Z. F. Ertuğ,N. Keller,M. Lahitte,G. J. Meulenbeld,Y.P. Zhu
Dwelling on the edge of the Neolithic: Investigating human behaviour through the spatial analysis of Corded Ware settlement material in the Dutch coastal wetlands (2900-2300 calBc)
Author/Editor: Gary Nobles