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October Dedications
Author/Editor: Mang Ke,芒克,Lucas Klein,Huang Yibing,Jonathan Stalling
Off the Wild Poles of Love Games
Author/Editor: Chris Song,Lucas Klein,Shelby K. Y. Chan,MARTIN SOLOTRUK
Old Things
Author/Editor: 王良和,Wong Leung Wo
On the Cold Mountain
Author/Editor: 黃有源,HWANG YU-WON
On the Preeminence of the Working Class
Author/Editor: 米若什.別德日茨基,MIŁOSZ BIEDRZYCKI
Author/Editor: Jaffrey Yang
Orion's Shoulder
Author/Editor: 悠莉亞・費多奇克,JULIA FIEDORCZUK
Author/Editor: Aase Berg
Overt and Covert Treasures
Author/Editor: Clara Wing-chung Ho