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Titles (3,694) Information
Author/Editor: Samuels, Richard J
Author/Editor: Nelson, Michael; Perry, Barbara A
Author/Editor: Nelson, Michael; Perry, Barbara A.; Riley, Russell L
42, 1
Author/Editor: Michael Nelson,Barbara A. Perry,Russell L. Riley
Abnormality and Normality: The Mothering of Thalidomide Children
Author/Editor: ETHEL ROSKIES
The Abolitionist Sisterhood
Author/Editor: Yellin, Jean Fagan; van Van Horne, John C
Absolute Destruction
Author/Editor: Hull, Isabel V
Accidental Activists
Author/Editor: Arrington, Celeste L
Accidental Activists, 1
Author/Editor: Celeste L. Arrington
The Accommodated Jew
Author/Editor: Lavezzo, Kathy
The Accommodated Jew, 1
Author/Editor: Kathy Lavezzo
The Achievement of Christina Rossetti
Author/Editor: David A. Kent
The Achievement of Literary Authority: Gender, History, and the Waverly Novels
Author/Editor: Ina Ferris
Achieving Access
Author/Editor: Joseph Harris
Achieving Workers' Rights in the Global Economy
Author/Editor: Richard P. Appelbaum,Nelson Lichtenstein
Action, Intention, and Reason
Author/Editor: Robert Audi
Activists beyond Borders
Author/Editor: Keck, Margaret E.; Sikkink, Kathryn
Activists in City Hall
Author/Editor: Clavel, Pierre
Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia
Author/Editor: Thushara Dibley,Michele Ford
The Act of Living
Author/Editor: Di Nunzio, Marco
The Act of Living: Street Life, Marginality, and Development in Urban Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Marco Di Nunzio
Adam Mickiewicz
Author/Editor: Koropeckyj, Roman
Administrative Law in a Global Era
Author/Editor: Alfred C. Aman Jr.
Advancing Equity Planning Now
Author/Editor: Krumholz, Norman; Hexter, Kathryn Wertheim
The Aesthetic Function of Art
Author/Editor: Iseminger, Gary
The Aesthetics of Antichrist
Author/Editor: Parker, John
The Affirmative Action Empire
Author/Editor: Martin, Terry
Affirmative Action for the Future
Author/Editor: Sterba, James P
The African Food System and Its Interactions with Human Health and Nutrition
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per
Author/Editor: Richard D. E. Burton
After Antiquity
Author/Editor: Margaret Alexiou
After Dionysus: A Theory of the Tragic
Author/Editor: WILLIAM STORM
After-Images of the City
Author/Editor: Resina, Joan Ramon; Ingenschay, Dieter
After Lavinia
Author/Editor: Watkins, John
After Lean Production
Author/Editor: Thomas A. Kochan,Russell D. Lansbury,John Paul MacDuffie
Author/Editor: Caciola, Nancy Mandeville
Afterlives, 1
Author/Editor: Nancy Mandeville Caciola
After Newspeak
Author/Editor: Gorham, Michael S
After the Peace
Author/Editor: Gallaher, Carolyn
After the Peace, 1
Author/Editor: Carolyn Gallaher
Against Immediate Evil
Author/Editor: Johnstone, Andrew
Against Immediate Evil, 1
Author/Editor: Andrew Johnstone
Against Liberalism
Author/Editor: JOHN KEKES
The Agenda Mover
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Samuel B
Agents of Empire
Author/Editor: Levin, Michael J
The Age of Adversity: The Fourteenth Century
Author/Editor: ROBERT E. LERNER
The Age of Criticism: The Late Renaissance in Italy
Author/Editor: Baxter Hathaway
The Age of Reason
Author/Editor: FRANK E. MANUEL
The Age of Recovery: The Fifteenth Century
The Age of Reformation
Author/Editor: Harbison, E. Harris
Aggressive Fictions
Author/Editor: Hume, Kathryn
Aggressive Fictions, 1
Author/Editor: Kathryn Hume
Agricultural Price Policy: A Practitioner's Guide to Partial-Equilibrium Analysis
Author/Editor: Isabelle Tsakok
Agricultural Product Prices
Author/Editor: Tomek, William G.; Kaiser, Harry M
Agricultural Product Prices, 5
Author/Editor: William G. Tomek,Harry M. Kaiser
Air Plants
Author/Editor: Benzing, David H
Air Plants, 1
Author/Editor: David H. Benzing
Air Pollutant Deposition and Its Effects on Natural Resources in New York State
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Timothy J
Albert Camus
Author/Editor: Zaretsky, Robert
Alcuin and Charlemagne
Author/Editor: Wallach, Luitpold
Alfonso X, the Justinian of His Age
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
Alfonso X, the Justinian of His Age: Law and Justice in Thirteenth-Century Castile
Author/Editor: Joseph F. O’Callaghan
Alias Olympia
Author/Editor: Lipton, Eunice
Author/Editor: Zhang, Longxi
Allegories of America
Author/Editor: Dolan, Frederick M
The Allegory of Female Authority
Author/Editor: Quilligan, Maureen
All Good Books Are Catholic Books
Author/Editor: Cadegan, Una M
All Theater Is Revolutionary Theater
Author/Editor: Bennett, Benjamin
Alternatives to Lean Production: Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Christian Berggren
The Altruistic Imagination
Author/Editor: Ehrenreich, John
Author/Editor: Colignon, Richard A.; Usui, Chikako
The Ambiguities of Experience
Author/Editor: March, James G
The Ambiguous Allure of the West
Author/Editor: Harrison, Rachel V.; Jackson, Peter A
The Ambition to Rule: Alcibiades and the Politics of Imperialism
Author/Editor: STEVEN FORDE
America as an Ordinary Country: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Future
America Inc.?
Author/Editor: Weiss, Linda
American Abyss
Author/Editor: Bender, Daniel E
American Abyss, 1
Author/Editor: DANIEL E. BENDER
American Biodefense
Author/Editor: Smith, Frank
American Biodefense, 1
Author/Editor: Frank L. Smith III
The American Century in Europe
Author/Editor: Moore, R. Laurence; Vaudagna, Maurizio
The American Dream in Black and White
Author/Editor: Jane Flax
American Foreign Policy in the Congo 1960-1964
The American General Hospital: Communities and Social Contexts
Author/Editor: Diana Elizabeth Long,Janet Golden
American Industry in International Competition: Government Policies and Corporate Strategies
Author/Editor: John Zvsman,Laura Tyson
American Labyrinth
Author/Editor: Raymond Haberski Jr.,Andrew Hartman
American Literature and the Culture Wars
Author/Editor: GREGORY S. Jay
American Odyssey
Author/Editor: Laguerre, Michel
American Pendulum
Author/Editor: Hemmer, Christopher
American Power after the Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Jonathan
American Power after the Financial Crisis, 1
Author/Editor: Jonathan Kirshner
Americans and Chinese Communists, 1927–1945: A Persuading Encounter
Author/Editor: Kenneth E. Shewmaker
The American War in Vietnam
Author/Editor: Werner, Jayne; Hunt, David
The American Way of Bombing
Author/Editor: Evangelista, Matthew; Shue, Henry
America's First Great Depression
Author/Editor: Roberts, Alasdair
America's First Great Depression, 1
Author/Editor: Alasdair Roberts
America the Fair: Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation
Author/Editor: Dan Meegan
Am I a Snob?
Author/Editor: Latham, Sean
Ammianus Marcellinus and the Representation of Historical Reality
Author/Editor: Barnes, Timothy D
Amoral Communities
Author/Editor: Dragojević, Mila
Amoral Communities
Author/Editor: Dragojević, Mila
Amphibians of Central and Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Alan Channing
Amphibians of Costa Rica: A Field Guide
Author/Editor: TWAN LEENDERS
The Anabasis of Cyrus
Author/Editor: Xenophon
Analogy and the Scope of Its Application in Language
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Benjamin Ide
The Analytic Imaginary
Author/Editor: La Caze, Marguerite
Anatomy of the Honey Bee
Author/Editor: Snodgrass, R. E
Anatomy of the Red Brigades
Author/Editor: Orsini, Alessandro
Anatomy of the Red Brigades, 1
Author/Editor: Alessandro Orsini,SARAH J. NODES
An Anatomy of Trade in Medieval Writing
Author/Editor: Farber, Lianna
Ancestral Images
Author/Editor: Moser, Stephanie
Ancient Egypt in 101 Questions and Answers
Author/Editor: Schneider, Thomas
Ancient Greek Literature and Society, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Charles Rowan Beye
Ancient People of the Andes
Author/Editor: Malpass, Michael A
Andrew D. White: Educator, Historian, Diplomat
And the Sparrow Fell
Author/Editor: Mrazek, Robert J
Anger's Past
Author/Editor: Barbara H. Rosenwein
Author/Editor: Wolff, Janet
The Angola Horror
Author/Editor: Vogel, Charity
Animal Minds and Human Morals
Author/Editor: Sorabji, Richard
Animal Minds and Human Morals
Author/Editor: Sorabji, Richard
Anthropogenic Rivers
Author/Editor: Jerome Whitington
Anthropologies of Unemployment
Author/Editor: Jong Bum Kwon,Carrie M. Lane
Anti-Americanisms in World Politics
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J.; Keohane, Robert O
Antifundamentalism in Modern America
Author/Editor: Watt, David Harrington
Author/Editor: Rosenstein, Leon
Antiques, 1
Author/Editor: Hausman, Bernice L
The Anxiety of Freedom
Author/Editor: Mehta, Uday Singh
Appetite for Change
Author/Editor: Belasco, Warren J
Appetite for Change, 2
Author/Editor: WARREN J. BELASCO
Approaches to Cross-Cultural Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Jane M. Murphy,Alexander H. Leighton
Approaching Suharto's Indonesia from the Margins
Author/Editor: Shiraishi, Takashi
Appropriating the Weather
Author/Editor: Friedman, Robert Marc
Aquinas's Moral Theory
Author/Editor: Scott MacDonald,Eleonore Stump
The Archidamian War
Author/Editor: Kagan, Donald
Architect of Justice
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Dalia Tsuk
Author/Editor: Yarrow, Thomas
Architects of Occupation
Author/Editor: Barnes, Dayna L
Architects of Occupation, 1
Author/Editor: Dayna L. Barnes
Architects: Portraits of a Practice
Author/Editor: Thomas Yarrow
Architectures of Russian Identity, 1500 to the Present
Author/Editor: Cracraft, James; Rowland, Daniel
Arc of Containment
Author/Editor: Ngoei, Wen-Qing
Arc of Containment: Britain, the United States, and Anticommunism in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Wen-Qing Ngoei
Arctic Mirrors: Russia and the Small Peoples of the North
Author/Editor: Yuri Slezkine
Arguing about Alliances
Author/Editor: Poast, Paul
Aristotle and Other Platonists
Author/Editor: Gerson, Lloyd P
Aristotle and Other Platonists, 1
Author/Editor: Lloyd P. Gerson
Aristotle's System of the Physical World
Author/Editor: Solmsen, Friedrich
Armed State Building
Author/Editor: Miller, Paul D
Armed with Expertise
Author/Editor: Rohde, Joy
The Army and Politics in Indonesia
Author/Editor: HAROLD CROUCH
Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan
Author/Editor: Justin Jesty
Art as Language
Author/Editor: G. L. Hagberg
Articulate Silences
Author/Editor: Cheung, King-Kok
Artifice and Design
Author/Editor: Allen, Barry
Artifice and Design, 1
Author/Editor: BARRY ALLEN
Artifices of Eternity
Author/Editor: Putnam, Michael C. J. 
Artillery of Heaven
Author/Editor: Makdisi, Ussama
Artillery of Heaven, 1
The Art of Being Free: Taking Liberties with Tocquevile, Marx, and Arendt
Author/Editor: Mark Reinhardt
The Art of English Poesy
Author/Editor: Puttenham, George; Whigham, Frank; Rebhorn, Wayne A
The Art of English Poesy, 1
Author/Editor: George Puttenham,Frank Whigham,Wayne A. Rebhorn
The Art of Humane Education
Author/Editor: Verene, Donald Phillip
The Art of Life
Author/Editor: Kekes, John
Art of the Ordinary
Author/Editor: Deming, Richard
The Arts of Cinema
Author/Editor: Seel, Martin
Asian Designs
Author/Editor: Pekkanen, Saadia M
Asian Designs, 1
Author/Editor: Saadia M. Pekkanen
Asian States, Asian Bankers
Author/Editor: Natasha Hamilton-Hart
Asia's Flying Geese
Author/Editor: Hatch, Walter F
Aspects of Digestive Physiology in Ruminants: Proceedings of a Satellite Symposium of the 30th International Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, Held at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, July 21-23, 1986
Author/Editor: Alan Dobson,Marjorie J. Dobson
Assassins and Conspirators: Anarchism, Socialism, and Political Culture in Imperial Germany
Author/Editor: ELUN T. GABRIEL
Asylum for Mankind
Author/Editor: Marilyn C. Baseler
The Athenian Archons of the Third and Second Centuries before Christ
Author/Editor: Ferguson, William Scott
Athenian Political Thought and the Reconstitution of American Democracy
Author/Editor: Euben, J. Peter; Wallach, John R.; Ober, Josiah
The Athenian Secretaries
Author/Editor: Ferguson, William Scott
At Home Abroad
Author/Editor: HENRY R. NAU
At Home with the Diplomats
Author/Editor: Neumann, Iver B
The Atlantic Economy and Colonial Maryland's Eastern Shore: From Tobacco to Grain
Author/Editor: Paul G. E. Clemens
Atomic Assistance
Author/Editor: Fuhrmann, Matthew
Atomic Assurance
Author/Editor: Lanoszka, Alexander
The Attalids of Pergamon
Author/Editor: Hansen, Esther V
The Attalids of Pergamon, 2
Author/Editor: Esther V. Hansen
At the Edge of the Forest
Author/Editor: Hansen, Anne Ruth; Ledgerwood, Judy
At the Margins of Orthodoxy
Author/Editor: Werth, Paul W
A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Marvin
A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Marvin
A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Marvin
Augustine and Academic Skepticism
Author/Editor: Dutton, Blake D
Augustine and Academic Skepticism, 1
Author/Editor: Blake D. Dutton
Author/Editor: PETER KIVY
Authoritarianism in Syria
Author/Editor: Steven Heydemann
The Authority Trap
Author/Editor: Sarah S. Stroup,Wendy H. Wong
Authorizing Words: Speech, Writing, and Print in the English Renaissance
Author/Editor: MARTIN ELSKY
Authors and Apparatus
Author/Editor: Dommann, Monika
Authors and Apparatus: A Media History of Copyright
Author/Editor: Monika Dommann,Sarah Pybus
Autobiographical Voices
Author/Editor: Lionnet, Françoise
Autobiography of a Farm Boy
Author/Editor: Roberts, Isaac Phillips
The Avars
Author/Editor: Walter Pohl
Averroes on Plato's Republic
Author/Editor: Averroes; Lerner, Ralph
Averroes on Plato's "Republic", 1
Author/Editor: Ralph Lerner
Aversion and Erasure
Author/Editor: Dean, Carolyn J
Avicenna's Metaphysics in Context
Author/Editor: Wisnovsky, Robert
The Avila of Saint Teresa
Author/Editor: Bilinkoff, Jodi
Awaiting the Heavenly Country
Author/Editor: Schantz, Mark S
Awkward Dominion
Author/Editor: Costigliola, Frank C
The Axis Alliance and Japanese-American Relations, 1941
Author/Editor: PAUL W. SCHROEDER
Bach in Berlin
Author/Editor: Applegate, Celia
Back-Alley Banking
Author/Editor: Tsai, Kellee S
Balanced Budgets and American Politics
Author/Editor: JAMES D. SAVAGE
Balancing Risks: Great Power Intervention in the Periphery
Author/Editor: Jeffrey W. Taliaferro
Balkan Smoke
Author/Editor: Neuburger, Mary C
Balkan Smoke, 1
Author/Editor: Mary C. Neuburger
Ballots and Bibles
Author/Editor: Sterne, Evelyn Savidge
Ballots and Bibles: Ethnic Politics and the Catholic Church in Providence
Bandits and Bureaucrats
Author/Editor: Karen Barkey
Bang Chan
Author/Editor: Sharp, Lauriston; Hanks, Lucien M
Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness
Author/Editor: Wang, Ning
Banking on Privilege: The Politics of Spanish Financial Reform
Author/Editor: Sofía A. Pérez
Banking on Small Business
Author/Editor: Buyske, Gail
Banking Reform and the Federal Reserve, 1863-1923
Barns of New York
Author/Editor: Falk, Cynthia
The Baron's Cloak
Author/Editor: Sunderland, Willard
Barriers to Bioweapons
Author/Editor: Ben Ouagrham-Gormley, Sonia
Base Politics
Author/Editor: Cooley, Alexander
The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550–1800
Author/Editor: Amanda L. Scott
The Battle for Fortune
Author/Editor: Makley, Charlene
The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne
The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne
The Battle of the Books
Author/Editor: Levine, Joseph M
Battling the Buddha of Love
Author/Editor: Falcone, Jessica Marie
Baudelaire's World
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Rosemary
Beautiful City
Author/Editor: David Roochnik
Beauty and Revolution in Science
Author/Editor: McAllister, James W
The Beaver
Author/Editor: Müller-Schwarze, Dietland
The Beaver, 2
Author/Editor: Dietland Müller-Schwarze
Becoming American, Being Indian
Author/Editor: Khandelwal, Madhulika S
Becoming American under Fire
Author/Editor: Samito, Christian G
Becoming American under Fire, 1
Author/Editor: Christian G. Samito
Becoming Bourgeois
Author/Editor: Johnson, Christopher H
Becoming Bourgeois, 1
Becoming German
Author/Editor: Otterness, Philip
Becoming Muslim in Imperial Russia
Author/Editor: Kefeli, Agnes Nilufer
Becoming William James
Author/Editor: Feinstein, Howard
Becoming William James, wit
Author/Editor: Howard M. Feinstein
Bedside Manners
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne; Hayes, Lisa; Reeves, Scott
Author/Editor: von Frisch, Karl
Bees, REV - Revised, 1
Author/Editor: Karl von Frisch
"Be Fertile and Increase, Fill the Earth and Master It": The Ancient and Medieval Career of a Biblical Text
Author/Editor: JEREMY COHEN
Before the Gregorian Reform
Author/Editor: Howe, John
Before the Gregorian Reform, 1
Author/Editor: JOHN HOWE
Beggars, Iconoclasts, and Civic Patriots
Author/Editor: Peter Arnade
Behind the Kitchen Door
Author/Editor: Jayaraman, Saru
Being and Goodness
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Scott
Being Kammu
Author/Editor: Tayanin, Damrong
Being Local Worldwide
Author/Editor: Bélanger, Jacques; Berggren, Christian; Björkman, Torsten
Benedictine Maledictions
Author/Editor: Little, Lester K
Benjamin's Library
Author/Editor: Newman, Jane O
Berkeley's Revolution in Vision
Author/Editor: Margaret Atherton
Berkeley's Thought
Author/Editor: Pappas, George S
Berlin Coquette
Author/Editor: Smith, Jill Suzanne
The Best System Money Can Buy
Author/Editor: Warner, Carolyn M
The Best System Money Can Buy, 1
Author/Editor: Carolyn M. Warner
The Betrayal of Local 14
Author/Editor: JULIUS GETMAN
Better a Shrew than a Sheep
Author/Editor: Brown, Pamela Allen
Better Must Come
Author/Editor: Marr, Matthew D
Betting on Biotech
Author/Editor: Wong, Joseph
Between Craft and Science
Author/Editor: Stephen R. Barley,Julian E. Orr
Between Homeland and Motherland
Author/Editor: Tillery, Alvin B. Jr
Between the Hills and the Sea
Author/Editor: Gilden, K. B
Between the Sign and the Gaze
Author/Editor: Rapaport, Herman
Between Two Motherlands
Author/Editor: Dragostinova, Theodora
Between Two Nations
Author/Editor: Michael Jones-Correa
Beyond Appeasement
Author/Editor: Lynch, Cecelia M
Beyond Borders
Author/Editor: Chang, Wen-Chin
Beyond Borders, 1
Author/Editor: Wen-Chin Chang
Beyond Consolation
Author/Editor: Melissa F. Zeiger
Beyond Japan
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J.; Shiraishi, Takashi
Beyond Justification
Author/Editor: Alston, William P
Beyond Oligarchy
Author/Editor: Ford, Michele; Pepinsky, Thomas B
Beyond Oligarchy: Wealth, Power, and Contemporary Indonesian Politics
Author/Editor: Michele Ford,Thomas B. Pepinsky
Beyond the Asylum
Author/Editor: Edington, Claire E
Beyond the Checklist
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne; Mendenhall, Patrick; O'toole, Bonnie Blair
Beyond the Checklist, 1
Author/Editor: Suzanne Gordon,Patrick Mendenhall,Bonnie Blair O’Connor,Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
Beyond the Household
Author/Editor: Kierner, Cynthia A
The Bianchi of 1399: Popular Devotion in Late Medieval Italy
Author/Editor: Daniel E. Bornstein
The Big Squeeze
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Handel E
Biological Systematics
Author/Editor: Schuh, Randall T.; Brower, Andrew V. Z
Biology and Conservation of Martens, Sables, and Fishers
Author/Editor: Aubry, Keith B.; Zielinski, William J.; Raphael, Martin G
Biology and Utilization of the Cucurbitaceae
Biomedical Ambiguity
Author/Editor: Whitmarsh, Ian
Biomedical Ambiguity, 1
Author/Editor: Ian Whitmarsh
A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico
Author/Editor: STEVE N. G. HOWELL
The Birds at My Table
Author/Editor: Jones, Darryl
Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao
Author/Editor: Wells, Jeffrey V.; Wells, Allison Childs; Dean, Robert
Birds of Nicaragua: A Field Guide
The Birds of Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Gerald M. McWilliams,Daniel W. Brauning,Kenn Kaufman
The Birth of the Despot
Author/Editor: Valensi, Lucette
Bishops and the Politics of Patronage in Merovingian Gaul
Author/Editor: Halfond, Gregory I
The Bishop's Palace
Author/Editor: MAUREEN C. MILLER
Bitter Choices
Author/Editor: Khodarkovsky, Michael
Bitter Choices, 1
Author/Editor: Michael Khodarkovsky
Black Earth, Red Star
Author/Editor: Nation, R. Craig
Black Lung
Author/Editor: Derickson, Alan
Black Lung, 1
Blackness Visible
Author/Editor: Mills, Charles W
Black Power at Work
Author/Editor: Goldberg, David; Griffey, Trevor
Black Subjects
Author/Editor: Keizer, Arlene
Black Vienna
Author/Editor: Wasserman, Janek
Black Yanks in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Green, Michael Cullen
Blood in the City
Author/Editor: Richard D. E. Burton
Blood on the Snow
Author/Editor: Bondeson, Jan
Blood Ties
Author/Editor: Yosmaoglu, Ipek K
Blue-Green Coalitions
Author/Editor: Mayer, Brian
Blue-Green Coalitions, 1
Author/Editor: Brian Mayer
Blue Helmets and Black Markets
Author/Editor: Andreas, Peter
Bodied Spaces: Phenomenology and Performance in Contemporary Drama
Author/Editor: Stanton B. Garner Jr.
The Bodily Nature of Consciousness
Author/Editor: Wider, Kathleen V
The Body Embarrassed
Author/Editor: Gail Kern Paster
Boethius's "De topicis differentiis"
Boethius's In Ciceronis Topica
Author/Editor: Boethius
Bolingbroke and His Circle
Bombing to Win
Author/Editor: Pape, Robert A
Bonds of Community
Author/Editor: Osterud, Nancy Grey
Bones around My Neck
Author/Editor: Loos, Tamara
The Book of the Honeycomb's Flow: Sepher Nopheth Suphim by Judah Messer Leon, Ed. a c
Author/Editor: Judah Messer Leon,Isaac Rabinowitz
Books As Weapons
Author/Editor: Hench, John B
Bootstrap Dreams
Author/Editor: Jurik, Nancy
Booty Capitalism: The Politics of Banking in the Philippines
Author/Editor: Paul D. Hutchcroft
Boranes in Organic Chemistry
Author/Editor: HERBERT C. BROWN
Border Capitalism, Disrupted
Author/Editor: Campbell, Stephen
Border Games
Author/Editor: Andreas, Peter
Borderline Citizens
Author/Editor: Robert C. McGreevey
Borders among Activists
Author/Editor: Stroup, Sarah S
Border Work
Author/Editor: Reeves, Madeleine
Author/Editor: Higonnet, Margaret R
Bought and Sold
Author/Editor: Patterson, Patrick Hyder
Boulainvilliers and the French Monarchy: Aristocratic Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century France
Author/Editor: HAROLD A. ELLIS
The Bounds of Race
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
Brabbling Women
Author/Editor: Snyder, Terri L
Bread and Circuses
Author/Editor: Patrick Brantlinger
Breaking the Ashes
Author/Editor: Gamburd, Michele Ruth
Breaking the Mold
Author/Editor: Bailyn, Lotte
Breaking the Silence: Redress and Japanese American Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Yasuko I. Takezawa
Breaking the Ties That Bound
Author/Editor: Engel, Barbara Alpern
Breaking the Ties That Bound, 1
Breaking the Watch
Author/Editor: Savishinsky, Joel S
The Breakup 2.0
Author/Editor: Gershon, Ilana
The Breakup 2.0, 1
Author/Editor: Ilana Gershon
Brethren by Nature
Author/Editor: Newell, Margaret Ellen
Bringing Outsiders In
Author/Editor: Hochschild, Jennifer L.; Mollenkopf, John H
Broadcasting Politics in Japan
Author/Editor: Krauss, Ellis S
Broad Is My Native Land
Author/Editor: Siegelbaum, Lewis H.; Moch, Leslie Page
Broken Harmony
Author/Editor: Ortiz, Joseph M
The Broken Village
Author/Editor: Reichman, Daniel R
The Broken Village, 1
Author/Editor: Daniel R. Reichman
Brokering Empire
Author/Editor: Rothman, E. Natalie
Brooklyn Before: Photographs, 1971–1983
Author/Editor: LARRY RACIOPPO,Tom Robbins,Julia Van Haaften
Brotherly Love
Author/Editor: Loiselle, Kenneth B
Brotherly Love, 1
Author/Editor: Kenneth Loiselle
Brothers in Arms
Author/Editor: Mertha, Andrew C
Brown in Baltimore
Author/Editor: Baum, Howell S
Browning's Later Poetry, 1871-1889
Author/Editor: Clyde de L. Ryals
The Brown Recluse Spider
Author/Editor: Vetter, Richard S
Brutality in an Age of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Drohan, Brian
Brutal Reasoning
Author/Editor: Fudge, Erica
Building a National Literature
Author/Editor: Peter Uwe Hohendahl,Renate Baron Franciscono
Building China
Author/Editor: Swider, Sarah
Building Democracy in Contemporary Russia
Author/Editor: Henderson, Sarah L
Building More Effective Unions
Author/Editor: Clark, Paul F
The Building of Cities
Author/Editor: Kaiser, Harvey H
Building Power from Below
Author/Editor: Carolina Bank Muñoz
Building the City of Spectacle
Author/Editor: Spirou, Costas; Judd, Dennis R
Buoyancy on the Bayou
Author/Editor: Harrison, Jill Ann
The Burdens of Perfection
Author/Editor: Miller, Andrew H
The Burdens of Perfection, 1
Author/Editor: ANDREW H. MILLER
Bureau of Missing Persons
Author/Editor: Porter, Roger J
Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Literary Style
Author/Editor: John Okell,U Saw Tun,Daw Khin Mya Swe
Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Book 1
Author/Editor: John Okell,Saw Tun,Daw Khin Mya Swe
Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Book 2
Author/Editor: John Okell,U Saw Tun,Daw Khin Mya Swe
Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Book 2
Author/Editor: John Okell,U Saw Tun,Daw Khin Mya Swe
The Burned-over District: The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York, 1800–1850
Author/Editor: WHITNEY R. CROSS
Burning Bodies
Author/Editor: Michael D. Barbezat
Bush Wives and Girl Soldiers
Author/Editor: Coulter, Chris
Bush Wives and Girl Soldiers, 1
Author/Editor: Chris Coulter
Business and the State in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Sylvia Maxfield,Ben Ross Schneider
The Business of Benevolence
Author/Editor: Tone, Andrea
The Business of Empire
Author/Editor: Colby, Jason M
Buttoned Up
Author/Editor: Casanova, Erynn Masi de
Buurri al Lamaab: A Suburban Village in the Sudan
Author/Editor: HAROLD B. BARCLAY
By Force and Fear
Author/Editor: Schutte, Anne Jacobson
By Force and Fear, 1
Author/Editor: Anne Jacobson Schutte
By Honor Bound
Author/Editor: Nancy Shields Kollmann
By Sword and Plow
Author/Editor: Sessions, Jennifer E
A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities
Author/Editor: Jan Bondeson
Callaloo or Tossed Salad?
Author/Editor: Viranjini Munasinghe
Cambodia Confounds the Peacemakers, 1979-1998
Author/Editor: MacAlister Brown,Joseph J. Zasloff
Cambodian Culture since 1975
Author/Editor: Ebihara, May Mayko; Mortland, Carol A.; Ledgerwood, Judy
Cambodian Literary Reader and Glossary
Author/Editor: Huffman, Franklin E.; Proum, Im
Cambodia's Second Kingdom
Author/Editor: Noren-Nilsson, Astrid
Campus Counterspaces: Black and Latinx Students' Search for Community at Historically White Universities
Author/Editor: Micere Keels
Cancer Crossings
Author/Editor: Wendel, Tim
Can Science and Technology Save China?
Author/Editor: Susan Greenhalgh,Li Zhang
Capital as Will and Imagination
Author/Editor: Metzler, Mark
Capital, Coercion, and Postcommunist States
Author/Editor: Easter, Gerald M
Capital Flows and Financial Crises
Author/Editor: Kahler, Miles
Capitalism without Democracy
Author/Editor: Tsai, Kellee S
Capitalism without Democracy, 1
Author/Editor: Kellee S. Tsai
Capitalist Diversity on Europe's Periphery
Author/Editor: Bohle, Dorothee; Greskovits, Béla
Capital Moves: RCA's Seventy-Year Quest for Cheap Labor
Author/Editor: Jefferson Cowie
The Captive and the Gift
Author/Editor: Grant, Bruce
The Captive and the Gift, 1
Author/Editor: Bruce Grant
Captive Victors: Shakespeare's Narrative Poems and Sonnets
The Caregiver
Author/Editor: AARON ALTERRA,Arthur Kleinman
The Care of the Dead in Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Rebillard, Éric
Caribbean Middlebrow
Author/Editor: Edmondson, Belinda
Caribbean Middlebrow, 1
Author/Editor: Belinda Edmondson
The Caring Self
Author/Editor: Stacey, Clare L
The Caring Self, 1
Author/Editor: Clare L. Stacey
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
Author/Editor: JOHN L. GITTLEMAN
Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
Author/Editor: John L. Gittleman
Cars for Comrades
Author/Editor: Siegelbaum, Lewis H
Cartesian Women
Author/Editor: Harth, Erica
The Case-Construction after the Comparative In Latin
Author/Editor: Nevill, K. P. R
A Case for Conservatism
Author/Editor: JOHN KEKES
The Case of Literature: Forensic Narratives from Goethe to Kafka
Author/Editor: Arne Höcker
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Cheng, Fuzhi
Casino Women
Author/Editor: Chandler, Susan; Jones, Jill B
Castorland Journal
Author/Editor: Gallucci, John A
Castorland Journal, 1
Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom
Author/Editor: Laura Engelstein
Casualties of History
Author/Editor: Pennington, Lee K
Catch the Fire: Soaking Prayer and Charismatic Renewal
Catholic Converts
Author/Editor: Allitt, Patrick
Catholics and Contraception
Author/Editor: Tentler, Leslie Woodcock
Catholics in the American Century
Author/Editor: Appleby, R. Scott; Cummings, Kathleen Sprows
Catholics in the American Century, 1
Author/Editor: R. Scott Appleby,Kathleen Sprows Cummings
Cauldron of Resistance
Author/Editor: Chapman, Jessica M
Causes of War
Author/Editor: Van Evera, Stephen
Central Banks and Gold
Author/Editor: Bytheway, Simon James; Metzler, Mark
Central Banks and Gold, 1
Author/Editor: Simon James Bytheway,Mark Metzler
A Centre of Wonders
Author/Editor: Lindman, Janet Moore; Tarter, Michele Lise
A Certain Idea of Europe
Author/Editor: Parsons, Craig
Certain Sainthood
Author/Editor: Prudlo, Donald S
Certain Sainthood, 1
Author/Editor: Donald S. Prudlo
The Chain of Things
Author/Editor: Downing, Eric
The Challenge of Bewilderment
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Paul B
The Challenge to Change
Author/Editor: Givan, Rebecca Kolins
Changing by Design
Author/Editor: Zell, Deone
The Changing Face of Medicine
Author/Editor: Boulis, Ann K.; Jacobs, Jerry A
Changing Politics in Japan
Author/Editor: Kabashima, Ikuo; Steel, Gill
Changing the Course of AIDS
Author/Editor: Dickinson, David
Changing the Course of AIDS, 1
Author/Editor: David Dickinson,Charles Deutsch
Channels of Power
Author/Editor: Thompson, Alexander
Channels of Power, 1
Author/Editor: Alexander Thompson
Chaos and Cosmos
Author/Editor: Lang, Karen
Chaos Bound
Author/Editor: Hayles, N. Katherine
Chapters of Erie
Author/Editor: Adams, Charles Francis; Adams, Henry
Chariots of Ladies
Author/Editor: Silleras-Fernández, Núria
Chariots of Ladies, 1
Author/Editor: Nuria Silleras-Fernandez
Charity and State in Late Renaissance Italy: The Monte di Pieta of Florence
Author/Editor: Carol Bresnahan Menning
Charles Austin Beard
Author/Editor: Richard Drake
Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change
Author/Editor: Joachim Frenk,Lena Steveker
Charles Evans Hughes
Author/Editor: Wesser, Robert F
Chasing the American Dream
Author/Editor: Rohe, William M.; Watson, Harry L
Chaste Passions
Author/Editor: Winstead, Karen A
Chaucer and the Poets
Author/Editor: Winthrop Wetherbee
The Chemical Weapons Taboo
Author/Editor: Richard M. Price
Chicago Labor and the Quest for a Democratic Diplomacy, 1914-1924
Author/Editor: Elizabeth McKillen
The Chicago Pragmatists and American Progressivism
Author/Editor: ANDREW FEFFER
The Chicken Trail
Author/Editor: Schwartzman, Kathleen C
The Child Before Birth
Children Bound to Labor
Author/Editor: Herndon, Ruth Wallis; Murray, John E
Children of Rus'
Author/Editor: Hillis, Faith
China 2020
Author/Editor: Santoro, Michael A
China's Ascent: Power, Security, and the Future of International Politics
Author/Editor: Robert S. Ross,Zhu Feng
China's Longest Campaign
Author/Editor: TYRENE WHITE
China's Motor
Author/Editor: HILL GATES
China's Quest for National Identity
Author/Editor: Dittmer, Lowell; Kim, Samuel S
China's Regulatory State
Author/Editor: Hsueh, Roselyn
China's Water Warriors
Author/Editor: Mertha, Andrew C
Chinatown No More
Author/Editor: Chen, Hsiang-Shui
China Transformed
Author/Editor: R. BIN WONG
Chinese Economic Statecraft
Author/Editor: Norris, William J
Chinese Economic Statecraft, 1
Author/Editor: William J. Norris
The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier
Author/Editor: Benno Weiner
Chinese Workers in Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Chan, Anita
Chinese Working-Class Lives
Author/Editor: Gates, Hill
Choose and Focus
Author/Editor: Schaede, Ulrike
Choosing Character
Christian Imperialism
Author/Editor: Conroy-Krutz, Emily
Christianizing Kinship
Author/Editor: Lynch, Joseph H
Christians and Their Many Identities in Late Antiquity, North Africa, 200-450 CE
Author/Editor: Rebillard, Éric
Christopher Marlowe
Author/Editor: Kuriyama, Constance Brown
Chronicles in Stone: Preservation, Patriotism, and Identity in Northwest Russia
The Cinema of Globalization
Author/Editor: Zaniello, Tom
Circles of Exclusion
Author/Editor: Filc, Dani
Cities, Classes, and the Social Order
Author/Editor: Leeds, Anthony; Sanjek, Roger
Cities, Classes, and the Social Order (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)
Author/Editor: Leeds, Anthony; Sanjek, Roger
Cities for Profit
Author/Editor: Shatkin, Gavin
Citizen Bachelors
Author/Editor: McCurdy, John Gilbert
Citizen Employers
Author/Editor: Haydu, Jeffrey
Citizen Indians
Author/Editor: Maddox, Lucy
Citizens and Soldiers: The Dilemmas of Military Service
Author/Editor: Eliot A. Cohen
Citizen Science
Author/Editor: Dickinson, Janis L.; Bonney, Richard E
Citizenship across Borders
Author/Editor: Smith, Michael Peter; Bakker, Matt
Citizens without Shelter
Author/Editor: Feldman, Leonard C
City Bound
Author/Editor: Frug, Gerald E.; Barron, David J
The City Is the Factory
Author/Editor: Greenberg, Miriam; Lewis, Penny
The City Lament
Author/Editor: Tamar M. Boyadjian
City of Big Shoulders: A History of Chicago, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Robert G. Spinney
City of Forests, City of Farms
Author/Editor: Lindsay K. Campbell
City of Green Benches
Author/Editor: Vesperi, Maria
City of Strangers
Author/Editor: Gardner, Andrew M
The City Planning Process: A Political Analysis
The Civility of Indifference: On Domesticating Ethnicity
Author/Editor: F. G. BAILEY
Civilization and Disease
Author/Editor: Sigerist, Henry E
Civilized Women
Author/Editor: Moran, Mary
Civil Vengeance
Author/Editor: King, Emily L
Civil Vengeance: Literature, Culture, and Early Modern Revenge
Author/Editor: Emily L. King
Claiming the Pen
Author/Editor: Kerrison, Catherine
Claiming the Pen, 1
Author/Editor: Catherine Kerrison
The Clamor of Lawyers
Author/Editor: Peter Charles Hoffer,Williamjames Hull Hoffer
Clandestine Crossings
Author/Editor: Spener, David
Clandestine Crossings, 1
Author/Editor: David Spener
Clara Schumann
Author/Editor: Reich, Nancy B
Clarissa's Ciphers
Author/Editor: Terry Castle
Class and Campus Life
Author/Editor: Lee, Elizabeth
Class Divide
Author/Editor: Gillette, Howard
Classical Bronzes: The Art and Craft of Greek and Roman Statuary
Author/Editor: Carol C. Mattusch
Class Lives
Author/Editor: Collins, Chuck; Ladd, Jennifer; Seider, Maynard
Cleaning Up
Author/Editor: Zuberi, Dan
Clearing the Air
Author/Editor: Wood, Gregory
Clearing the Air, 1
Author/Editor: Gregory Wood
Clinical Psychiatry in Imperial Germany
Author/Editor: Engstrom, Eric J
Clio the Romantic Muse
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Theodore
Club Red
Author/Editor: Koenker, Diane P
Cluny and the Muslims of La Garde-Freinet
Author/Editor: Bruce, Scott G
Coalitions across the Class Divide
Author/Editor: FRED ROSE
Code Green
Author/Editor: Weinberg, Dana Beth
Coleridge's Blessed Machine of Language
Author/Editor: Jerome Christensen
Coleridge's "Dejection": The Earliest Manuscripts and the Earliest Printings
Author/Editor: Stephen Maxfield Parrish
Coleridge's Meditative Art
Author/Editor: REEVE PARKER
Coleridge the Moralist
Author/Editor: Laurence S. Lockridge
Coleridge the Talker: A Series of Contemporary Descriptions and Comments
Collaborations with the Past
Author/Editor: Diana E. Henderson
Collaborative Caring
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne; Feldman, David; Leonard, Michael
Collaborative Caring, 1
Collaborative Governance for Urban Revitalization
Author/Editor: Rich, Michael J.; Stoker, Robert P
Collapse of an Industry: Nuclear Power and the Contradictions of U. S. Policy
Author/Editor: John L. Campbell
Collecting and Historical Consciousness in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany
Author/Editor: Susan A. Crane
Collective Action in East Asia
Author/Editor: Gregory W. Noble
A Colonial Affair
Author/Editor: Danna Agmon
Colonial Intimacies
Author/Editor: Ann Marie Plane
Colonial Odysseys
Author/Editor: Adams, David
The Colonial Unconscious
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Ezra
Color Monitors
Author/Editor: Kevorkian, Martin
Comic Transactions: Literature, Humor, and the Politics of Community in Twentieth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: JAMES F. ENGLISH
The Commander's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Amelia Hoover Green
A Common Stage
Author/Editor: Symes, Carol
A Common Stage: Theater and Public Life in Medieval Arras
Author/Editor: CAROL SYMES
Communicating Climate Change
Author/Editor: Anne K. Armstrong,Marianne E. Krasny,Jonathon P. Schuldt
The Communitarian Moment: The Radical Challenge of the Northampton Association
Communities of Memory
Author/Editor: James Booth
Communities of Saint Martin
Author/Editor: Farmer, Sharon
Communities of Saint Martin: Legend and Ritual in Medieval Tours
Author/Editor: Sharon Farmer
Communities of the Converted
Author/Editor: Wanner, Catherine
Communities of the Converted, 1
Community Architect
Author/Editor: Larsen, Kristin E
Community Architect, 1
Author/Editor: Kristin E. Larsen
A Community of Europeans?
Author/Editor: Risse, Thomas
Commuter Spouses
Author/Editor: Lindemann, Danielle
A Companion to Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations
Author/Editor: GARTH HALLETT
A Company of One
Author/Editor: Lane, Carrie M
A Company of One, 1
Author/Editor: Carrie M. Lane
The Comparative Perspective on Literature: Approaches to Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Clayton Koelb,Susan Noakes
Comparative Theory and Political Experience: Mario Einaudi and the Liberal Tradition
Compassionate Communalism
Author/Editor: Cammett, Melani
Competing Germanies
Author/Editor: Kelz, Robert
Competing Germanies: Nazi, Antifascist, and Jewish Theater in German Argentina, 1933–1965
Author/Editor: Robert Kelz
The Complexities of Care
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban; Gordon, Suzanne
A Compulsion for Antiquity
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Richard H
Compulsory Arbitration: The Grand Experiment in Employment
Author/Editor: Richard A. Bales
Comrades at Odds
Author/Editor: Andrew J. Rotter
The Comstocks of Cornell
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford; St. Clair, Karen Penders
The Comstocks of Cornell
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford
The Comstocks of Cornell: John Henry Comstock and Anna Botsford Comstock
The Comstocks of Cornell—The Definitive Autobiography
Author/Editor: Comstock, Anna Botsford; St. Clair, Karen Penders
Conceptions of State and Kingship in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Robert Heine-Geldern
The Concept of Modernism
Author/Editor: Eysteinsson, Astradur
The Concerned Women of Buduburam
Author/Editor: Holzer, Elizabeth
A Concordance to the Poems of Emily Dickinson
Author/Editor: S. P. ROSENBAUM
Condemned to Repeat?
Author/Editor: Terry, Fiona
Condensed Capitalism
Author/Editor: Sidorick, Daniel
Condensed Capitalism: Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Daniel Sidorick
Confessions of a Free Speech Lawyer: Charlottesville and the Politics of Hate
Author/Editor: Rodney A. Smolla
Configurations of Masculinity: A Feminist Perspective on Modern Political Theory
Author/Editor: Christine Di Stefano
Conflicting Commitments
Author/Editor: Gleeson, Shannon
Conflict of Interests
Author/Editor: Draper, Alan
Conflict, Violence, and Displacement in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Hedman, Eva-Lotta E
Confronting Dystopia
Author/Editor: Paus, Eva
Connecting the Drops
Author/Editor: Schneller-McDonald, Karen
Author/Editor: Haag, Pamela Susan
Consorting with Saints
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Megan
Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial
Author/Editor: Farrier, Jasmine
Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial: Congressional Lawsuits and the Separation of Powers
Author/Editor: Jasmine Farrier
Constitutional Originalism
Author/Editor: Bennett, Robert W.; Solum, Lawrence B
Constitutional Originalism, 1
Author/Editor: Robert W. Bennett,Lawrence B. Solum
The Constitution of Selves
Author/Editor: Marya Schechtman
Constructing Allied Cooperation
Author/Editor: Henke, Marina E
Constructing Grievance
Author/Editor: Giuliano, Elise
Constructing the International Economy
Author/Editor: Abdelal, Rawi; Blyth, Mark; Parsons, Craig
Constructive Feminism
Author/Editor: Spain, Daphne
Constructive Feminism, 1
Author/Editor: Daphne Spain
Constructive Illusions
Author/Editor: Grynaviski, Eric
Consumer Capitalism
Author/Editor: Trumbull, Gunnar
Consuming Desire: Sexual Science and the Emergence of a Culture of Abundance, 1871-1914
Author/Editor: Lawrence Birken
The Consuming Temple
Author/Editor: Lerner, Paul
Consuming Visions
Author/Editor: Suzanne K. Kaufman
The Consumption of Justice
Author/Editor: Smail, Daniel Lord
The Contagious City
Author/Editor: Finger, Simon
Contemporary Slavery
Author/Editor: Bunting, Annie; Quirk, Joel
Contending with Stalinism
Author/Editor: Viola, Lynne
Contested Ground
Author/Editor: Davis, John Emmius
The Contested Parterre
Author/Editor: Ravel, Jeffrey S
Contested Rituals
Author/Editor: Judd, Robin
Continent by Default
Author/Editor: Le Gloannec, Anne Marie
Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture
Author/Editor: Spencer W. McBride,Brent M. Rogers,Keith A. Erekson
Contingent Work
Author/Editor: Barker, Kathleen; Christensen, Kathleen
Contingent Work: American Employment Relations in Transition
Author/Editor: Kathleen Barker,Kathleen Christensen
The Continuity of Wittgenstein's Thought
Author/Editor: John Koethe
Contradiction in Motion
Author/Editor: Hahn, Songsuk Susan
Contradictory Subjects
Author/Editor: Mariscal, George
The Control Agenda
Author/Editor: Ambrose, Matthew J
Conventional Deterrence
Author/Editor: John J. Mearsheimer
Conventional Deterrence (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)
Author/Editor: Mearsheimer, John
Convents and Nuns in Eighteenth-Century French Politics and Culture
Author/Editor: Choudhury, Mita
Converging Divergences
Author/Editor: Katz, Harry C.; Darbishire, Owen
Conversing with Angels and Ancients
Author/Editor: Joseph Falaky Nagy
Cooperation among Nations
Author/Editor: Grieco, Joseph M
Cooperation under Fire
Author/Editor: Legro, Jeffrey W
The Co-operative Movement in Indonesia
Coping with Adversity
Author/Editor: Wolman, Harold; Wial, Howard; St. Clair, Travis
The Copywrights
Author/Editor: Saint-Amour, Paul K
The Copywrights, 1
Author/Editor: Paul K. Saint-Amour
The Corn Economy of Indonesia
Author/Editor: C. Peter Timmer
Author/Editor: Altschuler, Glenn C.; Kramnick, Isaac
Cornell, 1
Cornell '69
Author/Editor: Downs, Donald Alexander
Cornell '69, 1
Author/Editor: Donald Alexander Downs
Cornell '77
Author/Editor: Conners, Peter
Corporate Warriors
Author/Editor: Singer, P. W
Corporatism and the Rule of Law: A Study of the National Recovery Administration
Author/Editor: Donald R. Brand
Corruption and Market in Contemporary China
Author/Editor: Sun, Yan
Corruption as a Last Resort
Author/Editor: McMann, Kelly M
Corruption as a Last Resort, 1
Author/Editor: Kelly M. McMann
Corwin on the Constitution: On Liberty Against Government
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
Corwin on the Constitution: The Foundations of American Constitutional and Political Thought, the Powers of Congress, and the President's Power of Removal
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
Corwin on the Constitution: The Judiciary
Author/Editor: RICHARD LOSS
The Cosmic Web
Author/Editor: Hayles, N. Katherine
The Costs of Conversation
Author/Editor: Mastro, Oriana Skylar
The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime
Author/Editor: Oriana Skylar Mastro
Author/Editor: Sandler, Daniela
Counterpreservation, 1
Author/Editor: Daniela Sandler,Peter Uwe Hohendahl
The Countryside in the Age of the Modern State
Author/Editor: Stock, Catherine McNicol; Johnston, Robert D
Courting Sanctity
Author/Editor: Field, Sean L
Courting Sanctity: Holy Women and the Capetians
Author/Editor: Sean L. Field
Covert Regime Change
Author/Editor: Lindsey A. O’Rourke
The Covert Sphere
Author/Editor: Melley, Timothy
Crafting Democracy
Author/Editor: Petro, Nicolai
Creating a Chinese Harbin: Nationalism in an International City, 1916–1932
Author/Editor: JAMES H. CARTER
Creating Christian Granada
Author/Editor: Coleman, David
Creating Cistercian Nuns
Author/Editor: Lester, Anne E
Creating Cistercian Nuns, 1
Author/Editor: Anne E. Lester
Creating Cooperation
Author/Editor: Culpepper, Pepper D
Creating Kosovo
Author/Editor: Skendaj, Elton
Creating Regimes
Author/Editor: Young, Oran R
Creating the Health Care Team of the Future
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sioban; Tassone, Maria; Hodges, Brian D
Creating the Suburban School Advantage: Race, Localism, and Inequality in an American Metropolis
Author/Editor: John L. Rury
Creative Reconstructions
Author/Editor: Fioretos, Orfeo
Creative State
Author/Editor: Iskander, Natasha
Creative State, 1
Author/Editor: Natasha Iskander
Creative Union
Author/Editor: Tomoff, Kiril
Author/Editor: Rosaldo, Renato; Lavie, Smadar; Narayan, Kirin
The Credibility Challenge
Author/Editor: von Borzyskowski, Inken
The Credibility Challenge: How Democracy Aid Influences Election Violence
Author/Editor: Inken von Borzyskowski
Creole Crossings
Author/Editor: Berman, Carolyn Vellenga
Cricket Behavior and Neurobiology
The Criminalization of Abortion in the West
Author/Editor: Müller, Wolfgang P
The Criminalization of Abortion in the West, 1
Author/Editor: Wolfgang P. Müller
Crippling Leviathan: How Foreign Subversion Weakens the State
Author/Editor: Melissa M. Lee
The Crisis of French Symbolism
Critical Terrains
Author/Editor: Lowe, Lisa
Critical Theory and Poststructuralism: In Search of a Context
Author/Editor: Mark Poster
Criticism in Action: Enlightenment Experiments in Political Writing
Author/Editor: Dena Goodman
Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theories
Author/Editor: Bennett, Charles Edwin
The Cross and the Sickle
Crossing Broadway
Author/Editor: Snyder, Robert W
Crossing the 49th Parallel
Author/Editor: Bruno Ramirez,Yves Otis
Crossing the Great Divide
Author/Editor: Smith, Vicki
Crucible of Beliefs: Learning, Alliances, and World Wars
Author/Editor: Dan Reiter
Crude Awakenings
Author/Editor: Yetiv, Steve A
Crude Awakenings, 1
Author/Editor: STEVE A. YETIV
Cruising Modernism
Author/Editor: Trask, Michael
Cultivating a Landscape of Peace
Author/Editor: Matthew Dennis
Cultivating the Masses
Author/Editor: Hoffmann, David L
The Cult of Asklepios
Author/Editor: Walton, Alice
The Cultural Dynamics of Democratization in Spain
Author/Editor: McDonough, Peter; Barnes, Samuel H.; Lopez-Pina, Antonio
The Cultural Front
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Sheila
Cultural Norms and National Security
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J
Cultural Pluralism and Dilemmas of Justice
Author/Editor: Monique Deveaux
Cultural Politics in Greater Romania
Author/Editor: Livezeanu, Irina
Cultural Studies and Political Theory
Author/Editor: Paul Apostolidis,Lauren Berlant,William E. Connolly,Barbara Cruikshank,Jodi Dean,Thomas L. Dumm,Judith Grant,Aida A. Hozic,George Lipsitz,Paul A. Passavant,Mark Reinhardt,Michael J. Shapiro,George Shulman,Kathleen Stewart,Priscilla Wald,Linda Zerilli,Jodi
Cultural Transactions: Nature, Self, Society
Author/Editor: Paul Hernadi
Culture and Cognition
Author/Editor: Schleifer, Ronald; Davis, Robert Con; Mergler, Nancy
Culture and Cognition: The Boundaries of Literary and Scientific Inquiry
Author/Editor: Ronald Schleifer,Robert Con Davis,Nancy Mergler
Culture And National Identity In Republican Rome
Author/Editor: Gruen, Erich S
Culture and Politics in Indonesia
Author/Editor: CLAIRE HOLT,Benedict R. O’G. Anderson,James Siegel
Culture and Power in Traditional Siamese Government
Author/Editor: Englehart, Neil A
The Culture of Cleanliness in Renaissance Italy
Author/Editor: Biow, Douglas
Culture of Misfortune
Author/Editor: Clete Daniel
Cultures at War
Author/Editor: Day, Tony; Liem, Maya H. T
Cultures of Confinement
Author/Editor: Dikötter, Frank; Brown, Ian
Cultures of Piety
Author/Editor: Bartlett, Anne Clark; Bestul, Thomas H
The Cum-Constructions
Author/Editor: Hale, William Gardner
The Cum-Constructions
Author/Editor: Hale, William Gardner
Curing Medicare
Author/Editor: Lazris, Andy
Currencies of Imagination
Author/Editor: Small, Ivan V
Currency and Contest in East Asia
Author/Editor: Grimes, William W
The Currency of Confidence
Author/Editor: Nelson, Stephen C
The Currency of Confidence, 1
Author/Editor: Stephen C. Nelson
The Currency of Ideas: Monetary Politics in the European Union
Author/Editor: Kathleen R. McNamara
Curse on This Country
Author/Editor: Orbach, Danny
Curse on This Country, 1
Author/Editor: Danny Orbach
Cutting Across the Lands
Author/Editor: Ferretti, Eveline
Dagger John
Author/Editor: Loughery, John
Damned Women
Dams and Development
Author/Editor: Khagram, Sanjeev
Dandies and Desert Saints
Author/Editor: Adams, James Eli
Dangerous Commerce: Insurance and the Management of International Risk
Author/Editor: Virginia Haufler
Dangerous Familiars
Author/Editor: FRANCES E. DOLAN
Dangerous Guests
Author/Editor: Miller, Ken
Dangerous Sanctuaries
Author/Editor: Lischer, Sarah Kenyon
Dangerous Sanctuaries, 1
Author/Editor: Sarah Kanyon Lischer
Dante and Milton: The "Commedia" and "Paradise Lost"
Author/Editor: IRENE SAMUEL
Author/Editor: Prunier, Gérard
Darfur, 3
Dark Age Nunneries
Author/Editor: Vanderputten, Steven
Dark Pasts
Author/Editor: Dixon, Jennifer M
The Dark Side of Paradise
Author/Editor: Robinson, Geoffrey
The Dark Sides of Empathy
Author/Editor: Fritz Breithaupt,Andrew B. B. Hamilton
Dark Vanishings
Author/Editor: Brantlinger, Patrick
Dark Vanishings, 1
Author/Editor: Patrick Brantlinger
Daughters of the Shtetl: Life and Labor in the Immigrant Generation
Author/Editor: Susan A. Glenn
The Day After
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Brendan R
Deadly Medicine
Author/Editor: Mancall, Peter C
Deadly River
Author/Editor: Frerichs, Ralph R
Deaf in the USSR
Author/Editor: Claire L. Shaw
Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt
Author/Editor: Assmann, Jan
Death of a Notary
Author/Editor: Merwick, Donna
The Death of Tolstoy
Author/Editor: Nickell, William
Debating Rationality
Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Halpern,Robert N. Stern
Decadent Genealogies
Author/Editor: Spackman, Barbara
Deceit on the Road to War
Author/Editor: Schuessler, John M
The Deceivers
Author/Editor: Briefel, Aviva
The Decline of Authority: Public Economic Policy and Political Development in New York State, 1800-1860
Author/Editor: L. Ray Gunn
The Deed of Reading
Author/Editor: Stewart, Garrett
Defeat of Solidarity
Author/Editor: Ost, David
The Defeat of Solidarity
Author/Editor: Ost, David
Defending the Border
Author/Editor: Pelkmans, Mathijs
Defending the Border, 1
Author/Editor: Mathijs Pelkmans
Defiant Dads
Author/Editor: Crowley, Jocelyn Elise
Defiant Dads, 1
Author/Editor: Jocelyn Elise Crowley
Defiant Priests
Author/Editor: Armstrong-Partida, Michelle
Defiant Priests, 1
Author/Editor: Michelle Armstrong-Partida
Defining Boundaries in al-Andalus
Author/Editor: Safran, Janina M
Definitions of Art
Author/Editor: Davies, Stephen
A Delicate Relationship
Author/Editor: Clymer, Kenton
Delicate Subjects
Author/Editor: Ellison, Julie
Delivering the People's Message
Author/Editor: Azari, Julia R
Demanding Devaluation
Author/Editor: Steinberg, David A
Democracy and Displacement in Colombia's Civil War
Author/Editor: Steele, Abbey
Democracy and Markets
Author/Editor: Freeman, John R
Democracy at Work: Changing World Markets and the Future of Labor Unions
Author/Editor: Lowell Turner
Democracy at Work in an Indian Industrial Cooperative
Author/Editor: Franke, Richard W.; Raghavan, Pyralal; Isaac, T. M. Thomas
Democracy for Sale
Author/Editor: Aspinall, Edward; Berenschot, Ward
Democracy for Sale: Elections, Clientelism, and the State in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Edward Aspinall,Ward Berenschot
Democracy in Exile
Author/Editor: Bessner, Daniel
Democracy in Translation
Author/Editor: Schaffer, Frederic C
Democracy, Revolution, and History
Author/Editor: Theda Skocpol,George Ross,Tony Smith,Judith Eisenberg Vichniac
Democracy's Children
Author/Editor: McGowan, John
Democracy's Place
Author/Editor: IAN SHAPIRO
Democracy's Voices
Author/Editor: Fishman, Robert M
Democratic Hope: Pragmatism and the Politics of Truth
Author/Editor: Robert B. Westbrook
Dependent Communities
Author/Editor: Hughes, Caroline
The Depths of Russia
Author/Editor: Rogers, Douglas
Descartes's Moral Theory
Author/Editor: John Marshall
The Deserts of Bohemia: Czech Fiction and Its Social Context
Author/Editor: Peter Steiner
Desperate Magic
Author/Editor: Kivelson, Valerie
Despotism on Demand: How Power Operates in the Flexible Workplace
Author/Editor: Alex J. Wood
The Despot's Guide to Wealth Management
Author/Editor: Sharman, J. C
The Despot's Guide to Wealth Management, 1
Author/Editor: J. C. Sharman
Detachment and the Writing of History
Author/Editor: Becker, Carl L.; Snyder, Phil L
Deterrence and Strategic Culture: Chinese-American Confrontations, 1949–1958
Author/Editor: Shu Guang Zhang
Developmental Mindset
Author/Editor: Thurbon, Elizabeth
Developmental Mindset, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Thurbon
The Developmental State
Author/Editor: Meredith Woo-Cumings
The Development Dance
Author/Editor: Swedlund, Haley J
The Development of the Athenian Constitution
Author/Editor: Botsford, George Willis
The Devil
Author/Editor: Almond, Philip C
The Devil's Chain
Author/Editor: Stauter-Halsted, Keely
Dewey on Democracy
Dewey's Ethical Thought
Author/Editor: Welchman, Jennifer
Diagnosis: Difference: The Moral Authority of Medicine
Author/Editor: Abby L. Wilkerson
Dialectic and Its Place in the Development of Medieval Logic
Author/Editor: Eleonore Stump
Dialogues between Faith and Reason
Author/Editor: Smith, John H
Dialogues between Faith and Reason, 1
Author/Editor: John H. Smith
Diamond Stories
Author/Editor: Shield, Renée Rose
The Dictator's Army
Author/Editor: Talmadge, Caitlin
Dictators at War and Peace
Author/Editor: Weeks, Jessica L. P
Difference and Orientation
Author/Editor: Kluge, Alexander; Langston, Richard
The Difference Satire Makes: Rhetoric and Reading from Jonson to Byron
Author/Editor: Fredric V. Bogel
Differences That Matter
Author/Editor: Zuberi, Dan
Differential Diagnoses
Author/Editor: Dutton, Paul V
Differential Diagnoses, 1
Author/Editor: Paul V. Dutton
Digital Dragon
Author/Editor: Segal, Adam
Dionysus Reborn: Play and the Aesthetic Dimension in Modern Philosophical and Scientific Discourse
Author/Editor: Mihai I. Spariosu
Dionysus Writes: The Invention of Theatre in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Jennifer Wise
The Diplomacy of Migration
Author/Editor: Oyen, Meredith
Diplomacy's Value
Author/Editor: Rathbun, Brian C
Diplomacy's Value, 1
Author/Editor: Brian C. Rathbun
Dirt for Art's Sake
Author/Editor: Ladenson, Elisabeth
Dirt for Art's Sake, 1
Disability and Employer Practices
Author/Editor: Bruyère, Susanne M
Disability and Employer Practices, 1
Author/Editor: Susanne M. Bruyère
A Disability of the Soul
Author/Editor: Nakamura, Karen
Disability Rights and the American Social Safety Net
Author/Editor: Erkulwater, Jennifer L
Discerning Spirits: Divine and Demonic Possession in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: NANCY CACIOLA
Author/Editor: Terdiman, Richard
The Discourse of Modernism
Author/Editor: Reiss, Timothy J
Discourses of Desire: Gender, Genre, and Epistolary Fictions
Author/Editor: Linda S. Kauffman
Discriminating Risk
Author/Editor: Stuart, Guy
Disease and Representation: Images of Illness from Madness to Aids
Author/Editor: SANDER L. GILMAN
Dishonest Dollars
Author/Editor: Terry L. Leap
Disintegrating Democracy at Work
Author/Editor: Doellgast, Virginia
Disintegrating Democracy at Work, 1
Author/Editor: Virginia Doellgast
The Disinterred Muse: Donne's Texts and Contexts
Author/Editor: DAVID NOVARR
Dismantling Apartheid
Author/Editor: Johnson, Walton
Dismantling Solidarity
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Michael A
Dismantling Solidarity, 1
Author/Editor: Michael A. McCarthy
Dismantlings: Words against Machines in the American Long Seventies
Author/Editor: Matt Tierney
Disorderly Women
Author/Editor: Juster, Susan
Disowning Slavery
Author/Editor: Melish, Joanne Pope
Disparaged Success
Author/Editor: Ikuo Kume
Dispersing the Ghetto
Author/Editor: Jack Glazier
Disrupting Deportability
Author/Editor: Vosko, Leah F
Disrupting Deportability: Transnational Workers Organize
Author/Editor: Leah F. Vosko
The Dissonance of Democracy
Distant Companions
Author/Editor: Hansen, Karen Tranberg
Distracted Subjects
Author/Editor: Neely, Carol Thomas
Édith Thomas
Author/Editor: Kaufmann, Dorothy
Divided Allies
Author/Editor: Robb, Thomas K.; Gill, David James
Divided Allies: Strategic Cooperation against the Communist Threat in the Asia-Pacific during the Early Cold War
Author/Editor: Thomas K. Robb,David James Gill
Divided Highways
Author/Editor: Lewis, Tom
Divided Union
Author/Editor: Silverstone, Scott A
Dividing Citizens
Author/Editor: Suzanne Mettler
Divine and Human Action: Essays in the Metaphysics of Theism
Author/Editor: Thomas V. Morris
Divine Nature and Human Language: Essays in Philosophical Theology
Author/Editor: William P. Alston
Divine Providence
Author/Editor: Thomas P. Flint
Divining without Seeds
Author/Editor: Okeke, Iruka N
Divining without Seeds, 1
Author/Editor: Iruka N. Okeke
Divorcing Traditions
Author/Editor: Lemons, Katherine
Divorcing Traditions: Islamic Marriage Law and the Making of Indian Secularism
Author/Editor: Katherine Lemons
The Dobama Movement in Burma (1930–1938)
Author/Editor: Yi, Khin
Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future
Author/Editor: Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Kuh, Charlotte V
Doctors at War
Author/Editor: de Rond, Mark
Doctors at War, 1
Author/Editor: Mark de Rond,Chris Hedges
Do Elephants Have Knees?
Author/Editor: Ault, Charles R
Do Elephants Have Knees?, 1
Author/Editor: Charles R. Ault Jr.
Do Elephants Have Knees? And Other Stories of Darwinian Origins
Author/Editor: Ault Jr., Charles R
The Domain of Images
Author/Editor: Elkins, James
Domestic and Divine
Author/Editor: Christine Kondoleon
Dominion and Civility
Author/Editor: Oberg, Michael Leroy
Dominion Undeserved
Author/Editor: Song, Eric B
The Domostroi
Author/Editor: Pouncy, Carolyn Johnston
The "Domostroi", 1
Author/Editor: Carolyn Johnston Pouncy
"Don Quixote" and the Poetics of the Novel
Author/Editor: Félix Martínez-Bonati,Dian Fox
Dostoevsky and Soviet Film: Visions of Demonic Realism
Author/Editor: N. M. Lary
Double Paradox
Author/Editor: Wedeman, Andrew
Double Reading: Postmodernism after Deconstruction
Author/Editor: JEFFREY T. NEALON
The Doubly Green Revolution: Food for All in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: GORDON CONWAY,Vernon Ruttan,Ismail Serageldin
DPs: Europe's Displaced Persons, 1945–51
Author/Editor: Mark Wyman
Drama of a Nation: Public Theater in Renaissance England and Spain
Author/Editor: WALTER COHEN
Dramas, Fields, and Metaphors
Author/Editor: VICTOR TURNER
Drawing Distinctions
Author/Editor: Maynard, Patrick
Drawing the Lines
Author/Editor: Seabrook, Nicholas R
Drawing the Lines, 1
Author/Editor: Nicholas R. Seabrook
Dreams of a More Perfect Union
Author/Editor: Kersh, Rogan
Dreams of the Burning Child
Author/Editor: Miller, David Lee
Dreams, Visions, and Spiritual Authority in Merovingian Gaul
Author/Editor: Isabel Moreira
Driving the State
Author/Editor: Byrnes, Dolores M
Driving toward Modernity
Author/Editor: Zhang, Jun
Drugs and the Limits of Liberalism
Author/Editor: Pablo De Greiff
Dust and Dignity
Author/Editor: Casanova, Erynn Masi de
Dust and Dignity: Domestic Employment in Contemporary Ecuador
Author/Editor: Erynn Masi de Casanova,MAXIMINA SALAZAR
Dutch American Voices: Letters from the United States, 1850–1930
Author/Editor: Herbert J. Brinks
The Dutch Moment
Author/Editor: Klooster, Wim
Dwelling in Possibility
Author/Editor: Yopie Prins,Maeera Shreiber,Shari Benstock,Celeste Schenck
Dying to Work
Author/Editor: Karmel, Jonathan D
The Eagle Watchers
Author/Editor: Tingay, Ruth E.; Katzner, Todd E
The Eagle Watchers, 1
Author/Editor: Ruth E. Tingay,Todd E. Katzner,Keith L. Bildstein,Jemima Parry-Jones
Early Greek Monody
Author/Editor: Kirkwood, G. M
The Early Rousseau
Author/Editor: Mario Einaudi
Early Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Wolters, O. W.; Reynolds, Craig J
The Earnest Men
Author/Editor: Bogue, Allan G
Author/Editor: Rhodes, Frank H. T
Earth, 1
Author/Editor: FRANK H. T. RHODES
Earth Emotions
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Glenn A
Earthly Goods
Author/Editor: Hampson, Fen Osler; Reppy, Judith
The East Country
Author/Editor: Pretty, Jules
Eastern Europe in Revolution
Author/Editor: IVO BANAC
Eating Beauty
Author/Editor: Astell, Ann W
Eating Beauty, 1
Author/Editor: ANN W. ASTELL
The Eccentric Realist
Author/Editor: Del Pero, Mario
Echoes of Desire
Author/Editor: Dubrow, Heather
The Economic Approach to Public Policy: Selected Readings
Economic Nationalism in a Globalizing World
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric; Pickel, Andreas
The Edge of Extinction
Author/Editor: Pretty, Jules
Edmund Burke in America
Author/Editor: Maciag, Drew
An Education in Politics
Author/Editor: Rhodes, Jesse H
An Education in Politics, 1
Author/Editor: Jesse H. Rhodes
The Education of Cyrus
Author/Editor: Xenophon; Ambler, Wayne
The Education of Cyrus, 1
Author/Editor: WAYNE AMBLER
Eisenhower and the Missile Gap
Author/Editor: Peter J. Roman
Eisenhower's Sputnik Moment
Author/Editor: Mieczkowski, Yanek
Electra after Freud
Author/Editor: Scott, Jill
The Electrification of Russia, 1880-1926
Author/Editor: Jonathan Coopersmith
The Elizabethan Theatre and "The Book of Sir Thomas More''
Author/Editor: Scott McMillin
Elizabeth Seton: American Saint
Author/Editor: American Saint
An Elusive Unity
Author/Editor: Connolly, James J
Embattled River
Author/Editor: Schuyler, David
The Embattled Self
Author/Editor: Smith, Leonard V
Embryo Politics
Author/Editor: Banchoff, Thomas
The Emergency of Being
Author/Editor: Polt, Richard
The Emergent Self
Author/Editor: Hasker, William
Emerson's Life in Science
Author/Editor: Walls, Laura Dassow
Emotional Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Hall, Todd H
Emotional Diplomacy, 1
Author/Editor: Todd H. Hall
Emperor of the World
Author/Editor: Latowsky, Anne A
Empire and Belonging in the Eurasian Borderlands
Author/Editor: Krista A. Goff,Lewis H. Siegelbaum
Empire of Conspiracy
Author/Editor: Timothy Melley
Empire of Dogs
Author/Editor: Skabelund, Aaron Herald
Empire of Friends
Author/Editor: Applebaum, Rachel
Empire of Hope
Author/Editor: Leheny, David
Empire of Humanity
Author/Editor: Barnett, Michael
Empire of Language
Author/Editor: Dubreuil, Laurent
Empire of Nations
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Francine
Empire of Nations, 1
Empire of Water
Author/Editor: Soll, David
Author/Editor: Michael W. Doyle
Empire's Mobius Strip
Author/Editor: Hom, Stephanie Malia
Empire's Mobius Strip: Historical Echoes in Italy's Crisis of Migration and Detention
Author/Editor: Stephanie Malia Hom
The Empire State Building
Author/Editor: Tauranac, John
Empire's Twin
Author/Editor: Tyrrell, Ian; Sexton, Jay
Employment with a Human Face
Author/Editor: Budd, John W
The Empty Seashell
Author/Editor: Bubandt, Nils
Enclosure Acts: Sexuality, Property, and Culture in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Richard Burt,John Michael Archer
Encountering Religion in the Workplace
Author/Editor: Gregory, Raymond F
Encountering Religion in the Workplace, 1
Author/Editor: Raymond F. Gregory
Ending Empire
Author/Editor: Spruyt, Hendrik
The End of Conduct: "Grobianus" and the Renaissance Text of the Subject
The End of Diversity?
Author/Editor: Yamamura, Kozo; Streeck, Wolfgang
The End of Grand Strategy
Author/Editor: Reich, Simon; Dombrowski, Peter
The End of Protest
Author/Editor: Roberts, Alasdair
The End of Satisfaction
Author/Editor: Hirschfeld, Heather
The End of the West?
Author/Editor: Anderson, Jeffrey J.; Ikenberry, G. John; Risse, Thomas
The Endtimes of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Hopgood, Stephen
Enduring Alliance
Author/Editor: Sayle, Timothy Andrews
Enemies and Familiars
Author/Editor: Blumenthal, Debra
Engaging Science
Author/Editor: Joseph Rouse
Engineering Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Vitiello, Domenic
The Engine of Visualization
Author/Editor: Maynard, Patrick
Author/Editor: Deutscher, Penelope; Oliver, Kelly
The Enlargement of Life
Author/Editor: Kekes, John
Enlightening the World
Author/Editor: Khan, Yasmin Sabina
Enlightening the World, 1
Author/Editor: Yasmin Sabina Khan
Enlightenment Aberrations
Author/Editor: DAVID W. BATES
Enlightenment and the Gasping City
Author/Editor: Abrahms-Kavunenko, Saskia
Enlightenment and the Gasping City: Mongolian Buddhism at a Time of Environmental Disarray
Author/Editor: Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko
The Enlightenment in Practice
Author/Editor: Caradonna, Jeremy L
The Enlightenment of Cadwallader Colden
Author/Editor: Dixon, John M
The Enlightenment of Cadwallader Colden, 1
Author/Editor: John M. Dixon
Enlightenment Phantasies
Author/Editor: Mah, Harold
Entrepreneurial States
Author/Editor: Tiberghien, Yves
Entrepreneurial States, 1
Author/Editor: Yves Tiberghien
Epic Singers and Oral Tradition
Author/Editor: Lord, Albert Bates
Epicurus' Ethical Theory
Author/Editor: Mitsis, Phillip
Epicurus' Scientific Method
Author/Editor: Asmis, Elizabeth. 
The Epigraphical Evidence for the Reigns of Vespasian and Titus
Author/Editor: Newton, Homer Curtis
Equality under the Constitution
Author/Editor: Baer, Judith A
Erastus Corning
Author/Editor: Neu, Irene D
Erichthonius and the Three Daughters Of Cecrops
Author/Editor: Powell, Benjamin
Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours
Author/Editor: Cheyette, Fredric L
Eros, Imitation, and the Epic Tradition
Erotic Exchanges
Author/Editor: Kushner, Nina
An Essay on Divine Authority
Author/Editor: Murphy, Mark C
Essays into Vietnamese Pasts
Author/Editor: Taylor, K. W.; Whitmore, John K
Ethical Norms, Particular Cases
Author/Editor: Wallace, James D
Ethics along the Color Line
Author/Editor: Stubblefield, Anna
The Ethics of Criticism
Author/Editor: Siebers, Tobin
The Ethics of Destruction
Author/Editor: Thomas, Ward
The Ethics of Destruction, 1
Author/Editor: Ward Thomas
The Ethics of Transracial Adoption
Author/Editor: Hawley Fogg-Davis
Ethnic Bargaining
Author/Editor: Jenne, Erin K
Ethnic Conflict in the Western World
Author/Editor: MILTON J. ESMAN
Ethnic Politics
Author/Editor: MILTON J. ESMAN
Ethnic Politics after Communism
Author/Editor: Barany, Zoltan; Moser, Robert G
Eurasia's New Frontiers
Author/Editor: Simons, Thomas W. Jr
Euripides' Revolution under Cover
Author/Editor: Pucci, Pietro
Euripides’ Revolution under Cover, 1
Author/Editor: Pietro Pucci
European Unions
Author/Editor: Erne, Roland
European Unions, 1
Author/Editor: Roland Erne
A Europe Made of Money
Author/Editor: Mourlon-Druol, Emmanuel
Europe United
Author/Editor: Rosato, Sebastian
Everybody's Grandmother and Nobody's Fool
Author/Editor: Nasstrom, Kathryn L
Every Child a Lion: The Origins of Maternal and Infant Health Policy in the U.S. and France
Author/Editor: ALISA KLAUS
Everyday Law in Russia
Author/Editor: Hendley, Kathryn
Everyday Law in Russia, 1
Author/Editor: Kathryn Hendley
Everyday Life in the North Korean Revolution, 1945–1950
Author/Editor: Kim, Suzy
Everyday Piety
Author/Editor: Tobin, Sarah A
Everyday Transgressions
Author/Editor: Blackett, Adelle
Everyone Counts
Author/Editor: Lerner, Josh
Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
Author/Editor: Bouchard, Constance Brittain
Every Valley Shall Be Exalted, 1
Author/Editor: Constance Brittain Bouchard
The Evidence of Things Not Said
Author/Editor: Balfour, Lawrie
The Evils of Polygyny
Author/Editor: McDermott, Rose; Monroe, Kristen Renwick
Evolving Nationalism
Author/Editor: NADAV G. SHELEF
Excavating Modernity
Author/Editor: Arthurs, Joshua
Author/Editor: Fette, Julie
Exclusions, 1
Author/Editor: Julie Fette
Exotic Nations
Author/Editor: Wasserman, Renata
The Expense of Spirit
Author/Editor: Rose, Mary Beth
The Experience of Retirement
Author/Editor: Weiss, Robert S
The Experts' War on Poverty
Author/Editor: Romain D. Huret,John Angell
Exporting the Bomb
Author/Editor: Kroenig, Matthew
The Eye of the Sandpiper
Author/Editor: Keim, Brandon
The Eye's Mind
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Karen
Eyewitness to a Genocide
Author/Editor: Barnett, Michael
Fables of Modernity
Author/Editor: Brown, Laura
The Face of Decline
Author/Editor: Dublin, Thomas; Licht, Walter
A Factious People
Author/Editor: Bonomi, Patricia U
A Factious People, 1
Author/Editor: Patricia U. Bonomi
Fading Corporatism
Author/Editor: Mundlak, Guy
Failure by Design
Author/Editor: Bivens, Josh
Failure by Design, 1
Author/Editor: Josh Bivens,Lawrence Mishel
Failure to Protect
Author/Editor: Janus, Eric S
Fair Land Sarawak
Author/Editor: Morrison, Alastair
Fair Shares
Author/Editor: Swenson, Peter
Faithful Narratives
Author/Editor: Sterk, Andrea; Caputo, Nina
Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660–1740
The Fall of the Athenian Empire
Author/Editor: Kagan, Donald
Author/Editor: Fenster, Thelma; Smail, Daniel Lord
The Familiar Made Strange
Author/Editor: Blower, Brooke L.; Bradley, Mark Philip
The Family and the Nation
Author/Editor: Heuer, Jennifer Ngaire
Family Likeness
Author/Editor: Corbett, Mary Jean
Fantasies of Witnessing
Author/Editor: Weissman, Gary
Farewell, Revolution
Author/Editor: Steven Laurence Kaplan
Farewell, Revolution
Author/Editor: Steven Laurence Kaplan
Far from the Caliph's Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian
Author/Editor: Nicholas H. A. Evans
Farmers on Welfare
Author/Editor: Knudsen, Ann-Christina L
Farming the Home Place: A Japanese Community in California, 1919–1982
Author/Editor: Valerie J. Matsumoto
The Fascist Effect
Author/Editor: Hofmann, Reto
Fast Tanks and Heavy Bombers
Author/Editor: Johnson, David E
Fatal Autonomy: Romantic Drama and the Rhetoric of Agency
Author/Editor: William Jewett
Fatal Desire
Author/Editor: Marsden, Jean I
The Fate of Eloquence in the Age of Hume
Author/Editor: ADAM POTKAY
The Fate of Freedom Elsewhere
Author/Editor: Schmidli, William Michael
Fathers, Families, and the State in France, 1914–1945
Author/Editor: Childers, Kristen Stromberg
Fat King, Lean Beggar
Fat-Talk Nation
Author/Editor: Greenhalgh, Susan
Fault Lines
Author/Editor: Bell, Beverly
Fear and Fortune
Author/Editor: High, Mette M
Fear and Sanctuary
Author/Editor: Lang, Hazel J
Fearful Spirits, Reasoned Follies
Author/Editor: Bailey, Michael D
Feasting and Social Oscillation
Author/Editor: Kirsch, A. Thomas
Federalists in Dissent
Author/Editor: Kerber, Linda K
Author/Editor: Rector, Chad
Federations, 1
Author/Editor: CHAD RECTOR
The Feejee Mermaid and Other Essays in Natural and Unnatural History
Author/Editor: Bondeson, Jan
Feeling Like Saints
Author/Editor: Somerset, Fiona
Female Choices
Author/Editor: Small, Meredith F
Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America, 1848–1869
Author/Editor: Ellen Carol DuBois
Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus
Author/Editor: Fineman, Martha; Dougherty, Terence
Feminist Conversations
Author/Editor: Zwarg, Christina
Feminist Milton
Author/Editor: Joseph Wittreich
Feminist Theory, Women's Writing
Author/Editor: Finke, Laurie A
Feminizing the Fetish
Author/Editor: Apter, Emily
Author/Editor: Krips, Henry
Author/Editor: Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
The Fiction of Truth: Structures of Meaning in Narrative and Dramatic Allegory
Fictions of Authority
Author/Editor: Lanser, Susan Sniader
Fictions of Dignity
Author/Editor: Anker, Elizabeth S
Fictions of Dignity, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth S. Anker
Fictions of Embassy
Author/Editor: Hampton, Timothy
Fictions of Embassy, 1
Author/Editor: Timothy Hampton
Fictions of State
Author/Editor: Brantlinger, Patrick
Fictions of State: Culture and Credit in Britain, 1694–1994
Author/Editor: Patrick Brantlinger
Fiction's Overcoat
Author/Editor: Clowes, Edith W
Fictions, Philosophies, and the Problems of Poetics
Author/Editor: Peter J. McCormick
Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama
Author/Editor: Robert L. Dressler
Fieldnotes: The Makings of Anthropology
Author/Editor: ROGER SANJEK
Fields from the Sea
Author/Editor: Cushman, Jennifer
Fields of Combat
Author/Editor: Finley, Erin P
Fieldwork Is Not What It Used to Be
Author/Editor: Faubion, James D.; Marcus, George E
A Fiery Gospel
Author/Editor: Gamble, Richard M
A Fiery Gospel: The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War
Author/Editor: Richard M. Gamble
Fifty Early Medieval Things
Author/Editor: Deliyannis, Deborah; Dey, Hendrik; Squatriti, Paolo
Fifty Early Medieval Things: Materials of Culture in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Deborah Deliyannis,Hendrik Dey,Paolo Squatriti
Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma: The Soldier and the Teacher
Author/Editor: Saw Ralph,Naw Sheera,Stephanie Olinga-Shannon,Martin Smith
The Fight for Local Control
Author/Editor: Scribner, Campbell F
A Fight for the Soul of Public Education
Author/Editor: Ashby, Steven; Bruno, Robert
Fighting for a Living Wage
Author/Editor: Luce, Stephanie
Fighting for Foreigners
Author/Editor: Shipper, Apichai W
Fighting for Life
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J
Fighting for Partnership
Author/Editor: Turner, Lowell
Fighting for Rights
Author/Editor: Krebs, Ronald R
Fighting for Virtue: Justice and Politics in Thailand
Author/Editor: Duncan McCargo
Fighting Westway
Author/Editor: Buzbee, William W
Fighting Words
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Marc W
Figures of Criminality in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Colonial Vietnam
Author/Editor: Rafael, Vicente L
Final Solutions
Author/Editor: Valentino, Benjamin A
Financial Citizenship
Author/Editor: Riles, Annelise
Financial Stabilization in Meiji Japan: The Impact of the Matsukata Reform
Author/Editor: Steven J. Ericson
Firm Interests
Author/Editor: Woll, Cornelia
First, Do Less Harm
Author/Editor: Koppel, Ross; Gordon, Suzanne
Fish Behavior in the Aquarium and in the Wild
Author/Editor: Reebs, Stephan
Fish Viruses and Fish Viral Diseases
Author/Editor: KEN WOLF
A Fistful of Rubles
The Five
Author/Editor: Jabotinsky, Vladimir
The Five Post-Kleisthenean Tribes
Author/Editor: Bates, Fred Orlando
Fixing the Facts
Author/Editor: Rovner, Joshua
Fleas, Flies, and Friars
Author/Editor: Orme, Nicholas
The Fleeting Promise of Art
Author/Editor: Hohendahl, Peter Uwe
Flesh to Metal
Author/Editor: Hellebust, Rolf
Flowering Plants of the Galápagos
Author/Editor: Conley K. McMullen,Ghillean Prance
The Flower of Friendship
Author/Editor: Tilney, Edmund; Wayne, Valerie
Flying Blind: The Politics of the U.S. Strategic Bomber Program
Author/Editor: Michael E. Brown
The Foe Within
Author/Editor: Fuller, William C
"Follow the Flag": A History of the Wabash Railroad Company
Author/Editor: H. Roger Grant
Food Co-ops in America
Author/Editor: Knupfer, Anne Meis
Food for All in Africa
Author/Editor: Conway, Gordon; Badiane, Ousmane; Glatzel, Katrin
Food for All in Africa: Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers
Author/Editor: Gordon Conway,Ousmane Badiane,Katrin Glatzel
Food Policy for Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Watson, Derrill D. III
Food Policy for Developing Countries, 1
Author/Editor: Per Pinstrup-Andersen,Derrill D. Watson II,Søren E. Frandsen,Arie Kuyvenhoven,Joachim von Braun
Food Price Policy in Asia: A Comparative Study
Author/Editor: Terry Sicular
Food Trade and Foreign Policy: India, the Soviet Union, and the United States
Author/Editor: Robert L. Paarlberg
Forced to Be Good
Author/Editor: Hafner-Burton, Emilie M
Author/Editor: Immergluck, Daniel
Foreclosed, 1
Author/Editor: Dan Immergluck
Forever Faithful
Author/Editor: Roberts, Jim
For Fear of an Elective King
Author/Editor: Bartoloni-Tuazon, Kathleen
Forging America
Author/Editor: Bezis-Selfa, John
Forging a Union of Steel
Author/Editor: Clark, Paul F.; Gottlieb, Peter; Kennedy, Donald
For God and Globe
Author/Editor: Thompson, Michael G
Forgotten Firebrand
Author/Editor: McKivigan, John R
Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric
Forgotten Men and Fallen Women
Author/Editor: Allen, Holly
Forgotten Men and Fallen Women, 1
Author/Editor: Holly Allen
Formal Indonesian
Author/Editor: Wolff, John U
Formal Indonesian, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: John U. Wolff
Form as Revolt
Author/Editor: Zeidler, Sebastian
Form as Revolt, 1
Author/Editor: Sebastian Zeidler
The Formation of a Medieval Church
Author/Editor: MAUREEN C. MILLER
The Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
Author/Editor: ALAN E. BERNSTEIN
Formative Fictions
Author/Editor: Boes, Tobias
The Forms of Historical Fiction
Author/Editor: Shaw, Harry E
For the Common Good
Author/Editor: Luis R. Corteguera
For the Common Good
Author/Editor: Dorn, Charles
Fortifying China
Author/Editor: Cheung, Tai Ming
The Foundation of Rome
Author/Editor: Grandazzi, Alexandre
Four Generations
Author/Editor: Greven, Philip
Fragile Conviction
Author/Editor: Pelkmans, Mathijs
Fragile Conviction, 1
Author/Editor: Mathijs Pelkmans
The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Dean, Carolyn J
Author/Editor: Martin, Christopher R
Frame, Glass, Verse
Author/Editor: Kalas, Rayna
Francis of Assisi
Author/Editor: Thompson, Augustine
Francis of Assisi: The Life
Author/Editor: Augustine Thompson
Franz Kafka
Author/Editor: Corngold, Stanley
Freedom Burning
Author/Editor: Huzzey, Richard
Freedom Burning, 1
Freedom Incorporated: Anticommunism and Philippine Independence in the Age of Decolonization
Author/Editor: Colleen Woods
Freedom in the Workplace?
Author/Editor: Ezorsky, Gertrude
Freelancing Expertise
Author/Editor: Osnowitz, Debra
Freer Markets, More Rules
Author/Editor: Vogel, Steven K
Frege in Perspective
Author/Editor: Weiner, Joan
French Historical Method: The Annales Paradigm
Author/Editor: Traian Stoianovich,Fernand Braudel
The French Idea of History
Author/Editor: Armenteros, Carolina
The French Republic
Author/Editor: Berenson, Edward; Duclert, Vincent; Prochasson, Christophe
The French Republic, 1
Author/Editor: Edward Berenson,Vincent Duclert,Christophe Prochasson
The French Revolution in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Desan, Suzanne; Hunt, Lynn; Nelson, William Max
French Sociology
Author/Editor: Heilbron, Johan
Freshwater Dinoflagellates of North America
Author/Editor: Carty, Susan
Friends and Exiles
Author/Editor: Alwi, Des; Harvey, Barbara S
Friendship: A Philosophical Reader
Author/Editor: Neera Kapur Badhwar
From Company Doctors to Managed Care
Author/Editor: Krajcinovic, Ivana
From Convergence to Crisis
Author/Editor: Johnston, Alison
From Dependency to Independence
Author/Editor: Newell, Margaret Ellen
From Dependency to Independence, 1
From Development to Dictatorship
Author/Editor: Field, Thomas C
From Farm to Canal Street
Author/Editor: Imbruce, Valerie
From Hire to Liar
Author/Editor: Shulman, David
From Iron Rice Bowl to Informalization
Author/Editor: Kuruvilla, Sarosh; Lee, Ching Kwan
From Migrant to Worker
Author/Editor: Ford, Michele
From Migrant to Worker: Global Unions and Temporary Labor Migration in Asia
Author/Editor: Michele Ford
From Miracle to Mirage
Author/Editor: Yang, Myungji
From Mobility to Accessibility
Author/Editor: Levine, Jonathan; Grengs, Joe; Merlin, Louis A
From Mobility to Accessibility: Transforming Urban Transportation and Land-Use Planning
Author/Editor: Jonathan Levine,Joe Grengs,Louis A. Merlin
From Myth to Icon
Author/Editor: North, Helen F
From Newgate to Dannemora
Author/Editor: Lewis, W. David
From PKI to the Comintern, 1924–1941
Author/Editor: Kheng, Cheah Boon
From Plato to Platonism
Author/Editor: Gerson, Lloyd P
From Ruins to Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Qualls, Karl D
From Servants to Workers
Author/Editor: Ally, Shireen
From She-Wolf to Martyr
Author/Editor: Casteen, Elizabeth
From She-Wolf to Martyr, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Casteen
From Silence to Voice
Author/Editor: Buresh, Bernice; Gordon, Suzanne
From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Bernice Buresh,Suzanne Gordon
From Sin to Insanity
Author/Editor: Watt, Jeffrey
From Song to Book
Author/Editor: Huot, Sylvia
From Song to Book: The Poetics of Writing in Old French Lyric and Lyrical Narrative Poetry
Author/Editor: SYLVIA HUOT
From Stalin to Mao
Author/Editor: Mëhilli, Elidor
From the Margins of Empire
Author/Editor: Yelin, Louise
From the Outside In
Author/Editor: Adams, Carolyn T
From the Outside In, 1
Author/Editor: Carolyn T. Adams
From Where I Sit
Author/Editor: Winston, Mark L
From Willard Straight to Wall Street
Author/Editor: Jones, Thomas W
From Willard Straight to Wall Street: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Thomas W. Jones
The Frontier Effect: State Formation and Violence in Colombia
Author/Editor: Teo Ballvé
Frontiers of Fear
Author/Editor: Chebel D'Appollonia, Ariane
Front-Page Girls
Author/Editor: Lutes, Jean Marie
The Fruits of Fascism
Author/Editor: Reich, Simon
The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Future of Renewable Energy
Author/Editor: Kan, Naoto
The Future of Change: How Technology Shapes Social Revolutions
Author/Editor: Ray Brescia
The Future of the Dollar
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric; Kirshner, Jonathan
The Future of the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Lang, Berel
Future Tense
Author/Editor: Panchasi, Roxanne
Future Tense, 1
Author/Editor: Roxanne Panchasi
Gainsharing and Power
Author/Editor: Denis Collins
Gaius Verres
Author/Editor: Cowles, Frank Hewitt
Gangs of Russia
Author/Editor: Stephenson, Svetlana
Gangsters, Democracy, and the State in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Trocki, Carl A
Gassendi's Ethics
Author/Editor: Lisa T. Sarasohn
The Gathering Storm
Author/Editor: Hurtado-Torres, Sebastián
The Gathering Storm: Eduardo Frei's Revolution in Liberty and Chile's Cold War
Author/Editor: Sebastián Hurtado-Torres
Gender and Class in Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Frader, Laura L.; Rose, Sonya O
Gender and Genre in the Folklore of Middle India
Author/Editor: Flueckiger, Joyce Burkhalter
Gender and Racial Inequality at Work
Author/Editor: Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald
Gendered Domains
Author/Editor: Helly, Dorothy O.; Reverby, Susan M
Gender, Household, State
Author/Editor: Werner, Jayne; Bélanger, Danièle
The Gendering of Melancholia
Author/Editor: Schiesari, Juliana
Gendering the Master Narrative
Author/Editor: Erler, Mary C.; Kowaleski, Maryanne
Gender, War, and World Order
Author/Editor: Eichenberg, Richard C
Gender, War, and World Order: A Study of Public Opinion
Author/Editor: Richard C. Eichenberg
A Genealogy of Literary Multiculturalism
Author/Editor: Douglas, Christopher
Generation Existential
Author/Editor: Kleinberg, Ethan
Generations in Touch
Author/Editor: Thang, Leng Leng
Generosity and the Limits of Authority
Author/Editor: William Flesch
The Geography of Money
Author/Editor: BENJAMIN J. COHEN
Geology in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: MOTT T. GREENE
The Geopolitics of Spectacle
Author/Editor: Koch, Natalie
German Home Towns
Author/Editor: Walker, Mack
German Home Towns, 1
Author/Editor: MACK WALKER,James J. Sheehan
The German Predicament
Germany's War and the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Bartov, Omer
Getting By
Author/Editor: Nonini, Donald M
Getting Paid
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Mercer L
Getting the Goods
Author/Editor: Bonacich, Edna; Wilson, Jake B
Getting the Goods, 1
Author/Editor: Edna Bonacich,Jake B. Wilson
Ghostworkers and Greens
Author/Editor: Tompkins, Adam
Ghostworkers and Greens, 1
Author/Editor: Adam Tompkins
Ghostwriting Modernism
Author/Editor: Sword, Helen
Giambattista Vico
Author/Editor: Bayer, Thora Ilin; Verene, Donald Phillip
A Gift of the Spirit: Reading "The Souls of Black Folk"
Author/Editor: Eugene Victor Wolfenstein
Gifts, Favors, and Banquets
Author/Editor: Mayfair Mei-hui Yang
Gilgamesh among Us
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Theodore
Gilgamesh among Us, 1
Author/Editor: Theodore Ziolkowski
Ginseng and Aspirin
Author/Editor: Guo, Zibin
Glamour in Six Dimensions: Modernism and the Radiance of Form
Author/Editor: JUDITH BROWN
The Globalizers
Author/Editor: Woods, Ngaire
The Globalizers: The IMF, the World Bank, and Their Borrowers (Cornell Studies in Money)
Author/Editor: Woods, Ngaire
Globalizing in Hard Times
Author/Editor: Martinez-Diaz, Leonardo
Globalizing in Hard Times, 1
Author/Editor: Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
Global Matters
Author/Editor: Jay, Paul
The Global Restructuring of Agro-Food Systems
Author/Editor: Philip McMichael
Global Unions
Author/Editor: Bronfenbrenner, Kate
Global Unions, Local Power
Author/Editor: McCallum, Jamie K
God, Knowledge, and Mystery: Essays in Philosophical Theology
Author/Editor: Peter van Inwagen
God, Time, and Knowledge
Author/Editor: William Hasker
Going Native: Indians in the American Cultural Imagination
Author/Editor: SHARI M. HUHNDORF
Golddiggers, Farmers, and Traders in the Chinese Districts of West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Author/Editor: Heidhues, Mary Somers
The Golden Age of Homespun
Author/Editor: van Van Wagenen, Jared
The Golden Triangle
Author/Editor: Chin, Ko-lin
The Golden Triangle, 1
Author/Editor: KO-LIN CHIN
The Golden Yoke: the Legal Cosmology of Buddhist Tibet
Author/Editor: Rebecca Redwood French
Good Governance Gone Bad
Author/Editor: Darius Ornston
The Good Temp
Author/Editor: Smith, Vicki; Neuwirth, Esther B
The Good Wife's Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris)
The Good Wife's Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris), 1
Gorgias and Phaedrus
Author/Editor: Plato
"Gorgias" and "Phaedrus", 1
Author/Editor: James H. Nichols Jr.
Gothic Reflections
Author/Editor: Garrett, Peter
Governance in World Affairs
Author/Editor: Young, Oran R
Governing Academia
Author/Editor: Ehrenberg, Ronald G
Governing Capital: International Finance and Mexican Politics
Governing Finance
Author/Editor: Walter, Andrew
Governing Habits
Author/Editor: Raikhel, Eugene
Governing Ideas: Strategies for Innovation in France and Germany
Author/Editor: J. Nicholas Ziegler
Governing NOW
Author/Editor: Barakso, Maryann
Governing the World's Money
Government and Society in Malaysia
Author/Editor: Harold Crouch
The Government Next Door
Author/Editor: Tomba, Luigi
The Government of Money: Monetarism in Germany and the United States
Author/Editor: Peter A. Johnson
Governments, Markets, and Growth
Author/Editor: Zysman, John
Government Works
Author/Editor: Milton J. Esman
The Grammar of Good Intentions
Author/Editor: Ryan, Susan M
The Grammar of Politics
Author/Editor: Heyes, Cressida
Grand Designs: The Impact of Corporate Strategies on Workers, Unions, and Communities
Author/Editor: Charles Craypo,Bruce Nissen
A Grand Strategy for America
Author/Editor: Art, Robert J
Grassroots to Global
Author/Editor: Krasny, Marianne E
The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Author/Editor: Yellen, Jeremy A
Greatness Engendered
Author/Editor: Booth, Alison
Great Power Politics and the Struggle over Austria, 1945–1955
Author/Editor: Audrey Kurth Cronin
The Great Urals
Author/Editor: James R. Harris
The Great Wall of Money
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric; Kirshner, Jonathan
The Greek Anthology in France and in the Latin Writers of the Netherlands to the year 1800
Author/Editor: Hutton, James
Greek Bronze Statuary: From the Beginnings Through the Fifth Century B.C.
Author/Editor: Carol C. Mattusch
Greek Mythology and Poetics
Author/Editor: Gregory Nagy,GREGORY NAGY
The Greek Orthodox Church in America: A Modern History
Author/Editor: Alexander Kitroeff
Greek Warfare beyond the Polis: Defense, Strategy, and the Making of Ancient Federal States
Author/Editor: David A. Blome
Green Desire
Author/Editor: Bushnell, Rebecca Weld
The Greengrocer and his TV
Author/Editor: Bren, Paulina
The Greengrocer and his TV, 1
Author/Editor: Paulina Bren
Growing Up Muslim
Author/Editor: Garrod, Andrew; Kilkenny, Robert
The Growth of the Medieval Icelandic Sagas (1180–1280)
Author/Editor: Andersson, Theodore M
Guerrilla Diplomacy: The NLF's Foreign Relations and the Viet Nam War
Author/Editor: Robert K. Brigham
Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science
Author/Editor: Stephen Van Evera
Guillaume de Machaut
Author/Editor: Leach, Elizabeth Eva
The Gulag after Stalin
Author/Editor: Hardy, Jeffrey S
The Gumilev Mystique
Author/Editor: Bassin, Mark
The Gumilev Mystique, 1
Author/Editor: Mark Bassin
Author/Editor: Ingram, David
Habits of Devotion
Author/Editor: O'Toole, James M
Habits of the Heartland
Author/Editor: Macgregor, Lyn C
The Hadrami Awakening
Author/Editor: Mobini-Kesheh, Natalie
Hamka and Islam
Author/Editor: Aljunied, Khairudin
Handbook of Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada, Ed. 3
Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the United States and Canada, 1
Author/Editor: Ronald Altig,Roy W. McDiarmid,Aaron M. Bauer
Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the United States and Canada
Author/Editor: Altig, Ronald; McDiarmid, Roy W
Handbook of Lizards
Author/Editor: Smith, Hobart
Handbook of Salamanders
Author/Editor: Bishop, Sherman C
Handbook of Turtles
Author/Editor: Archie Carr,J. WHITFIELD GIBBONS
Hanging by a Thread: Social Change in Southern Textiles
Hardhats, Hippies, and Hawks
Author/Editor: Lewis, Penny W
Hard Interests, Soft Illusions
Author/Editor: Hamilton-Hart, Natasha
Hard Interests, Soft Illusions, 1
Author/Editor: Natasha Hamilton-Hart
Hard Sell
Author/Editor: Ikeler, Peter
Hard Times in the Lands of Plenty
Author/Editor: Smith, Benjamin
Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology
Author/Editor: Smith, Merritt Roe
Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology, 1
Harvests, Feasts, and Graves
Author/Editor: Schram, Ryan
Haunting Encounters
Author/Editor: Freed, Joanne Lipson
Hausaland Divided
Author/Editor: Miles, William F. S
Hausaland Divided, 1
Author/Editor: William F. S. Miles
Havens in a Storm
Author/Editor: Sharman, J. C
Havens in a Storm, 1
Author/Editor: J.C. SHARMAN
Hazard or Hardship
Author/Editor: Hilgert, Jeffrey
Author/Editor: Finlay, William; Coverdill, James E
Headhunters, wit
Author/Editor: William Finlay,James E. Coverdill
Heading Out
Author/Editor: Young, Terence
The Healer's Calling: Women and Medicine in Early New England
Author/Editor: Rebecca J. Tannenbaum
Healing Identities
Author/Editor: Burack, Cynthia
Healing Together
Author/Editor: Kochan, Thomas A.; Eaton, Adrienne E.; McKersie, Robert B
Health and the Developing World
Author/Editor: JOHN BRYANT
Healthy Democracies
Author/Editor: Wong, Joseph
Hearing Allah’s Call
Author/Editor: Julian Millie
Hearing Allah’s Call
Author/Editor: Millie, Julian
Hear My Sad Story
Author/Editor: Polenberg, Richard
Hear My Sad Story, 1
Author/Editor: Richard Polenberg
Heaven’s Wrath
Author/Editor: Noorlander, D. L
Heaven’s Wrath
Author/Editor: Noorlander, D. L
Heaven’s Wrath: The Protestant Reformation and the Dutch West India Company in the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: D. L. Noorlander
Heidegger, Dilthey, and the Crisis of Historicism
Author/Editor: Charles R. Bambach
Heidegger's Pragmatism: Understanding, Being, and the Critique of Metaphysics
Author/Editor: MARK OKRENT
Heidegger's Silence
Author/Editor: Lang, Berel
Heinrich Kaan's Psychopathia Sexualis (1844)
Author/Editor: Kaan, Heinrich; Kahan, Benjamin
Heinrich Kaan’s “Psychopathia Sexualis" (1844), 1
Author/Editor: Heinrich Kaan,Benjamin Kahan,Melissa Haynes
Helen of Troy and Her Shameless Phantom
Author/Editor: Austin, Norman
Hell and Its Rivals
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Alan E
Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford
Author/Editor: Dowling, Linda
Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford, 1
Author/Editor: LINDA DOWLING
Author/Editor: Copeman, Jacob; Banerjee, Dwaipayan
Hematologies: The Political Life of Blood in India
Author/Editor: Jacob Copeman,Dwaipayan Banerjee
Heresy and the Politics of Community
Author/Editor: Rustow, Marina
Heresy and the Politics of Community, 1
Author/Editor: MARINA RUSTOW
Heretics and Colonizers
Author/Editor: Breyfogle, Nicholas B
Heretics and Colonizers, 1
Her Father’s Daughter
Author/Editor: Pick, Lucy K
Her Father’s Daughter
Author/Editor: Pick, Lucy K
Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Dwight F
Heroic Sagas and Ballads
Author/Editor: Stephen A. Mitchell
Hesiod and Aeschylus
Author/Editor: Solmsen, Friedrich
Hesitant Heroes
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Theodore
Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water: Noncitizen Arabs in the Israeli Labor Market
The Hidden Costs of Clean Election Reform
Author/Editor: Schaffer, Frederic Charles
The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony: Petrodollar Recycling and International Markets
Author/Editor: David E. Spiro
Hidden Hunger
Author/Editor: Kimura, Aya Hirata
Hidden Kingdom
Author/Editor: Naskrecki, Piotr
Hiding from History
Author/Editor: Steele, Meili
Hierarchy in International Relations
Author/Editor: Lake, David A
High Romantic Argument
Author/Editor: Lipking, Lawrence
High Tech and High Touch
Author/Editor: Coverdill, James E.; Finlay, William
Hijacked Justice
Author/Editor: Subotić, Jelena
Hijacked Justice
Author/Editor: Subotić, Jelena
Hired Hands or Human Resources?
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Bruce E
Hired Hands or Human Resources?, 1
Author/Editor: Bruce E. Kaufman
Author/Editor: Dorsey, Jennifer Hull
Hirelings, 1
Author/Editor: Jennifer Hull Dorsey
Hispanas de Queens
Author/Editor: Ricourt, Milagros; Danta, Ruby
History and Criticism
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
History and Its Limits
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
History and Its Objects
Author/Editor: Miller, Peter N
History and Its Objects, 1
Author/Editor: Peter N. Miller
History and Memory after Auschwitz
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
History and Modernity in the Thought of Thomas Hobbes
Author/Editor: Robert P. Kraynak
History and Power in the Study of Law
Author/Editor: Starr, June; Collier, Jane F
History and the Idea of Progress
Author/Editor: Arthur M. Melzer,Jerry Weinberger,M. Richard Zinman
History, Culture, and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives, REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: O. W. Wolters
History, Culture, and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives
Author/Editor: Wolters, O. W
History in Transit
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
History Is a Contemporary Literature
Author/Editor: Jablonka, Ivan
History, Literature, Critical Theory
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
History, Metaphors, Fables
Author/Editor: Blumenberg, Hans
A History of Cornell
Author/Editor: Bishop, Morris
A History of Cornell, 1
Author/Editor: Morris Bishop,Alison Mason Kingsbury
A History of Medieval Spain
Author/Editor: O'Callaghan, Joseph F
History of My Own Times
Author/Editor: Otter, William; Stott, Richard B
History of My Own Times; or, the Life and Adventures of William Otter, Sen., Comprising a Series of Events, and Musical Incidents Altogether Original
Author/Editor: WILLIAM OTTER,Richard B. Stott
The History of Starved Rock
Author/Editor: Walczynski, Mark
The History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Province of New-York in America
Author/Editor: Colden, Cadwallader
The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh
Author/Editor: Francis Bacon,Jerry Weinberger
History, Politics, and the Novel
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
Holding the Line
Author/Editor: Kingsolver, Barbara
Holding the Shop Together
Author/Editor: Silvia, Stephen J
Hollywood's Last Golden Age
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Jonathan
Author/Editor: Aida A. Hozic
The Holy Bureaucrat
Author/Editor: Davis, Adam J
Holy Day, Holiday
Author/Editor: McCrossen, Alexis
Holy Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Constance Brittain Bouchard
Holy Legionary Youth
Author/Editor: Clark, Roland
Holy Matter
Author/Editor: Ritchey, Sara
Homeland Calling
Author/Editor: Hockenos, Paul
Homeless Dogs and Melancholy Apes
Author/Editor: Brown, Laura
Homeless Dogs and Melancholy Apes, 1
Author/Editor: Laura Brown
Author/Editor: Ford, Andrew
Homer: The Poetry of the Past
Author/Editor: ANDREW FORD
Homicide in American Fiction, 1798–1860
Author/Editor: Davis, David Brion
Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble
Author/Editor: Arnade, Peter; Prevenier, Walter
Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble, 1
Author/Editor: Peter Arnade,Walter Prevenier
Hope and History
Author/Editor: vanden Heuvel, William J
Hope and History: A Memoir of Tumultuous Times
Author/Editor: William J. vanden Heuvel,Douglas Brinkley
Hoping to Help
Author/Editor: Lasker, Judith N
Horace and the Dialectic of Freedom
Author/Editor: Johnson, W. R
Horace Greeley's New York Tribune
Author/Editor: Tuchinsky, Adam
Horizons of the Sacred
Author/Editor: Matovina, Timothy; Riebe-Estrella, Gary
Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God
Author/Editor: Marilyn McCord Adams,WILLIAM P. ALSTON
Hospitality Branding
Author/Editor: Dev, Chekitan S
Hospital with a Heart: Women Doctors and the Paradox of Separatism at the New England Hospital, 1862-1969
Author/Editor: Virginia G. Drachman
Hostile Environment
Author/Editor: Mink, Gwendolyn
The Hour of Eugenics
Author/Editor: Stepan, Nancy Leys
Household Accounts
Author/Editor: Benson, Susan Porter
The House in the Garden
Author/Editor: Randolph, John
The House of Hemp and Butter: A History of Old Riga
Author/Editor: Kevin C. O’Connor
Housing the New Russia
Author/Editor: Zavisca, Jane R
How China Escaped the Poverty Trap
Author/Editor: Ang, Yuen Yuen
How Life Writes the Book: Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia
Author/Editor: Thomas Lahusen
How Our Lives Become Stories: Making Selves
Author/Editor: Paul John Eakin
How Russia Really Works
Author/Editor: Ledeneva, Alena V
How Russia Really Works, 1
Author/Editor: Alena V. Ledeneva
How States Pay for Wars
Author/Editor: Cappella Zielinski, Rosella
How States Pay for Wars, 1
Author/Editor: Rosella Cappella Zielinski
Humanism and History: Origins of Modern English Historiography
Author/Editor: JOSEPH M. LEVINE
Humanitarian Hypocrisy
Author/Editor: Everett, Andrea L
Humanitarianism in Question
Author/Editor: Barnett, Michael; Weiss, Thomas G
Humbuggery and Manipulation: The Art of Leadership
Author/Editor: F. G. BAILEY
Hume, Holism, and Miracles
Author/Editor: Johnson, David
The Humiliation of Sinners
Author/Editor: Mansfield, Mary
Hunger in the Balance
Author/Editor: Clapp, Jennifer
The Hungry Steppe
Author/Editor: Cameron, Sarah
The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Violence, and the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan
Author/Editor: Sarah Cameron
The Hypocritical Hegemon: How the United States Shapes Global Rules against Tax Evasion and Avoidance
Author/Editor: Lukas Hakelberg
I Am Not a Tractor!
Author/Editor: Marquis, Susan L
I Am Where I Come From
Author/Editor: Garrod, Andrew; Kilkenny, Robert; Taylor, Melanie Benson
The Idea of an Ethical Community
Author/Editor: JOHN CHARVET
The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Gellrich, Jesse
The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages: Language Theory, Mythology, and Fiction
Author/Editor: Jesse M. Gellrich
The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Doob, Penelope Reed
Ideas and Foreign Policy: Beliefs, Institutions, and Political Change
Author/Editor: Judith Goldstein,Robert O. Keohane
Ideas, Interests, and American Trade Policy
Author/Editor: Judith Goldstein
The Ideological Origins of Great Power Politics, 1789–1989
Author/Editor: Haas, Mark L
The Ideology of the Offensive
Author/Editor: Snyder, Jack
Idols in the East
Author/Editor: Akbari, Suzanne Conklin
If Each Comes Halfway
Author/Editor: March, Kathryn S
If God Meant to Interfere
Author/Editor: Douglas, Christopher
If God Meant to Interfere, 1
Author/Editor: Christopher Douglas
If the Workers Took a Notion
Author/Editor: Lambert, Josiah Bartlett
If We Can Win Here
Author/Editor: Quigley, Fran
Author/Editor: White, James W
Ikki, 1
Author/Editor: James W. White
Illegible: A Novel
Author/Editor: Sergey Gandlevsky,Susanne Fusso
Illocutionary Acts and Sentence Meaning
Author/Editor: Alston, William P
I Love Learning; I Hate School
Author/Editor: Blum, Susan D
The Image before the Weapon
Author/Editor: Kinsella, Helen M
Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America
Images of Sainthood in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski,Timea Szell
Imaginary Cartographies
Author/Editor: Daniel Lord Smail
Imagining a Greater Germany
Author/Editor: Hochman, Erin R
Imagining a Greater Germany, 1
Author/Editor: Erin R. Hochman
Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Vanderputten, Steven
Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages, 1
Author/Editor: Steven Vanderputten
Imagining World Order
Author/Editor: Chenxi Tang
Immigrant Girl, Radical Woman
Immigrant Japan: Mobility and Belonging in an Ethno-nationalist Society
Author/Editor: Gracia Liu-Farrer
Immigrants and Electoral Politics
Author/Editor: Brown, Heath
Immigrants and Electoral Politics, 1
Author/Editor: Heath Brown
Immigrants in the Lands of Promise
Author/Editor: Chan, Martha A
Immigration and American Unionism
Author/Editor: Briggs, Vernon M
Immigration Policy and the Challenge of Globalization
Author/Editor: Watts, Julie R
I'm Not a Racist, But...
Author/Editor: Blum, Lawrence
"I'm Not a Racist, But...": The Moral Quandary of Race
Author/Editor: Lawrence Blum
Imperfect Histories
Author/Editor: Ann Rigney
Imperfect Strangers
Author/Editor: Yaqub, Salim
The Imperial Church: Catholic Founding Fathers and United States Empire
Author/Editor: Katherine D. Moran
Imperial Eclipse
Author/Editor: Koshiro, Yukiko
Imperial Japan at Its Zenith
Author/Editor: Ruoff, Kenneth J
Impious Fidelity
Author/Editor: Stewart-Steinberg, Suzanne
Impious Fidelity, 1
Author/Editor: Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
The Importance of Language, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Max Black
The Impossible Border
Author/Editor: Sammartino, Annemarie H
Impossible Women
Author/Editor: VALERIE ROHY
Improvisational Islam
Author/Editor: Nur Amali Ibrahim
Inadvertent Escalation
Author/Editor: Posen, Barry R
The Inauguration of Elizabeth Garrett
Author/Editor: Garrett, Elizabeth
The Inauguration of Elizabeth Garrett: Cornell's Thirteenth President
Incidental Archaeologists
Author/Editor: Effros, Bonnie
Inconceivable Effects
Author/Editor: Blumenthal-Barby, Martin
Author/Editor: Jagose, Annamarie
The Incredulous Reader: Literature and the Function of Disbelief
Author/Editor: CLAYTON KOELB
In Defense of Christian Hungary
Author/Editor: Hanebrink, Paul
Independent Diplomat
Author/Editor: Ross, Carne
Independent Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite Diplomat
Author/Editor: Ross, Carne
Index Antiphonteus
Index in Xenophontis Memorabilia
Index Rerum et Nominum in Scholiis Servii et Aelii Donati Tractatorum
Index to the Fragments of the Greek Elegiac and Iambic Poets as Contained in the Hiller-Crusius Edition of Bergk's Anthologia Lyrica
Author/Editor: Lane, Mary Corwin
India and the Patent Wars
Author/Editor: Halliburton, Murphy
Indochina in the 1940s and 1950s
Author/Editor: Furuta, Motoo; Shiraishi, Takashi
Indonesian Conversations
Author/Editor: John U. Wolff
Indonesian Readings
Author/Editor: Wolff, John U
The Indonesian Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Pompe, Sebastiaan
Industrial and Labor Relations Terms
Author/Editor: Doherty, Robert W
Industrial and Labor Relations Terms, 5
Author/Editor: Robert E. Doherty
Industrial Valley
Author/Editor: McKenney, Ruth
Industry and Politics in West Germany
Author/Editor: Katzenstein, Peter J
The Industry of Marrying Europeans
Author/Editor: Phung, Vu Trong
Industry, State, and Society in Stalin's Russia, 1926–1934
Author/Editor: DAVID R. SHEARER
Inequality and Prosperity
Author/Editor: Jonas Pontusson
Inequality in the Workplace
Author/Editor: Song, Jiyeoun
Infamous Commerce
Author/Editor: Rosenthal, Laura J
Informal Governance in the European Union
Author/Editor: Kleine, Mareike
Informal Workers and Collective Action
Author/Editor: Eaton, Adrienne E.; Schurman, Susan J.; Chen, Martha A
The Informed Patient
Author/Editor: Friedman, Karen A.; Merwin, Sara L
Ingmar Bergman and the Rituals of Art
"In His Image and Likeness": Political Iconography and Religious Change in Regensburg, 1500–1600
Author/Editor: Kristin Eldyss Sorensen Zapalac
Ink, Stink Bait, Revenge, and Queen Elizabeth
Author/Editor: May, Steven W.; Marotti, Arthur F
In Pursuit of Privacy
Author/Editor: Judith Wagner DeCew
Inquisition and Medieval Society
Author/Editor: Given, James B
In Search of Paradise
Author/Editor: Zhang, Li
In Search of Paradise, 1
Author/Editor: Li Zhang
Insect Development and Evolution
Author/Editor: Bruce S. Heming
Insects and Other Arthropods of Tropical America
Author/Editor: Paul E. Hanson,Kenji Nishida
Inside an Emotional Health Program: A Field Study of Workplace Assistance for Troubled Employees
Author/Editor: William J. Sonnenstuhl
Inside Chronic Pain
Author/Editor: Heshusius, Lous
Inside/Outside Nietzsche
Author/Editor: Eugene Victor Wolfenstein
Insider Threats
Author/Editor: Bunn, Matthew; Sagan, Scott D
Inside the Great House
Author/Editor: Smith, Daniel Blake
Institutional Designs for a Complex World: Bargaining, Linkages, and Nesting
Author/Editor: Vinod K. Aggarwal
The Institution of Criticism
Author/Editor: Peter Uwe Hohendahl
The Instrumental University
Author/Editor: Schrum, Ethan
The Instrumental University: Education in Service of the National Agenda after World War II
Author/Editor: Ethan Schrum
Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Iraq
Author/Editor: AHMED S. HASHIM
Insurgency Trap
Author/Editor: Friedman, Eli
Intellectual Property and US Relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
Author/Editor: Uphoff, Elisabeth
Interfaces of the Word
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J
Intermediate Spoken Vietnamese
Author/Editor: Hai, Tran Trong; Huffman, Franklin E
Internal Affairs
Author/Editor: Wong, Wendy H
International Governance
Author/Editor: Young, Oran R
Internationalizing China
Author/Editor: Zweig, David
International Law and Ethnic Conflict
Author/Editor: Wippman, David
International Monetary Power
Author/Editor: Andrews, David M
International Organizations and Ethnic Conflict
Author/Editor: Milton J. Esman,Shibley Telhami
The International Origins of the Federal Reserve System
Author/Editor: J. Lawrence Broz
The International Politics of Natural Resources
Interpreting Development
Author/Editor: Girling, John L. S
Interpreting Greek Tragedy
Author/Editor: Segal, Charles
Interpreting Greek Tragedy: Myth, Poetry, Text
Author/Editor: Charles Segal
Interpretive Conventions
Author/Editor: Mailloux, Steven
Interpretive Reasoning
Author/Editor: Stern, Laurent
Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Gaynor, Jennifer L
Interview Research in Political Science
Author/Editor: Mosley, Layna
In the Circle of the Dance
Author/Editor: Guneratne, Katharine Bjork
In the Court of the Pear King
Author/Editor: Petrey, Sandy
In the Hegemon's Shadow
Author/Editor: Montgomery, Evan Braden
In the Land of Lady White Blood
Author/Editor: Gesick, Lorraine
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Author/Editor: Polenberg, Richard
In the Mirror of the Third World
Author/Editor: Halperin, Sandra
In the Museum of Man
Author/Editor: Conklin, Alice L
In the New England Fashion
Author/Editor: Kelly, Catherine E
In the Shadow of FDR
Author/Editor: Leuchtenburg, William E
In the Shadow of FDR, 4
Author/Editor: William E. Leuchtenburg
In the Way of Women
Author/Editor: Cockburn, Cynthia
In the Words of E. B. White
Author/Editor: White, E. B.; White, Martha
In the Words of E. B. White, 1
Author/Editor: MARTHA WHITE
In the Words of Frederick Douglass
Author/Editor: Douglass, Frederick; McKivigan, John R.; Kaufman, Heather L
In the Words of Frederick Douglass, 1
In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Roosevelt, Theodore; O'Toole, Patricia
Intimate Violence
Author/Editor: Kopstein, Jeffrey S.; Wittenberg, Jason
An Introduction to Labor Law
Author/Editor: Gold, Michael Evan
Introduction to the Law of Employment Discrimination
Author/Editor: Gold, Michael Evan
Introduction to the Law of Employment Discrimination, 2
Author/Editor: Michael Evan Gold
An Introduction to U.S. Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations, 5
Author/Editor: Harry C. Katz,Thomas A. Kochan,Alexander J. S. Colvin
An Introduction to U.S. Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
Author/Editor: Katz, Harry C.; Kochan, Thomas A.; Colvin, Alexander J. S
In Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Leffler, Melvyn P.; Legro, Jeffrey W
In Uncertain Times, 1
Author/Editor: Melvyn P. Leffler,Jeffrey W. Legro
In Uncle Sam's Service: Women Workers with the American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919
Author/Editor: Susan Zeiger
The Invention of Native American Literature
Author/Editor: Parker, Robert Dale
Inventions of Reading: Rhetoric and the Literary Imagination
Author/Editor: CLAYTON KOELB
Investing in Financial Research
Author/Editor: Einhorn, Cheryl Strauss
Investing in Financial Research: A Decision-Making System for Better Results
Author/Editor: CHERYL STRAUSS EINHORN,Tony Blair
The Invisible Camorra
Author/Editor: Allum, Felia
The Invisible Camorra, 1
Author/Editor: Felia Allum
Invisible Natives
Author/Editor: Prats, Armando José
Invisible Weapons
Author/Editor: Gaposchkin, M. Cecilia
Invisible Weapons, 1
Author/Editor: M. Cecilia Gaposchkin
Iphigenias at Aulis
Author/Editor: Gurd, Sean Alexander
Irigaray and Deleuze
Author/Editor: Lorraine, Tamsin
The Irish Art of Controversy
Author/Editor: McDiarmid, Lucy
Irony and Drama: A Poetics
Author/Editor: BERT O. STATES
Islam in the World Today
Author/Editor: Ende, Werner; Steinbach, Udo
Islam in the World Today, 1
Author/Editor: Werner Ende,Udo Steinbach
Isle of the Saints: Monastic Settlement and Christian Community in Early Ireland
Author/Editor: LISA M. BITEL
Author/Editor: Isocrates; Laistner, M. L. W
Isolated Cases
Author/Editor: Yousef, Nancy
Is There Truth in Art?
Author/Editor: Rapaport, Herman
Is Time out of Joint?: On the Rise and Fall of the Modern Time Regime
Author/Editor: Aleida Assmann,Sarah Clift
I, the Citizen
Author/Editor: R BALASUBRAMANIAM,Justice M N Venkatachaliah
I, the Poet
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Kathleen
It's about Time
Author/Editor: Moen, Phyllis
Jacob's Shipwreck
Author/Editor: Nisse, Ruth
Jacob's Shipwreck, 1
Author/Editor: Ruth Nisse
James Hutton and the History of Geology
Author/Editor: DENNIS R. DEAN
James Thomson (B.V.): A Critical Study
Author/Editor: Imogene B. Walker
The Japanese in Colonial Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Shiraishi, Takashi; Shiraishi, Saya S
Japanese Relations with Vietnam, 1951–1987
Author/Editor: Shiraishi, Masaya
Japan Prepares for Total War
Author/Editor: Barnhart, Michael A
Japan Works
Author/Editor: Price, John
Javanese Literature in Surakarta Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Florida, Nancy K
Javanese Literature in Surakarta Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Florida, Nancy K
Javanese Literature in Surakarta Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Florida, Nancy K
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Author/Editor: Reisert, Joseph
J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies
Author/Editor: Sbardellati, John
The Jesuit Mind: The Mentality of an Elite in Early Modern France
Author/Editor: A. LYNN MARTIN
Jew Boy
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Alan
The Jeweled Style
Author/Editor: Roberts, Michael
Jews and the Imperial State
Author/Editor: Avrutin, Eugene M
Job, Boethius, and Epic Truth
Author/Editor: ANN W. ASTELL
John Dewey and American Democracy
Author/Editor: Westbrook, Robert B
Author/Editor: Friedman, Susan Stanford
Judging Rights
Author/Editor: Kirstie M. McClure
Juki Girls, Good Girls: Gender and Cultural Politics in Sri Lanka's Global Garment Industry
Author/Editor: Caitrin Lynch
Just Another Car Factory?
Author/Editor: James Rinehart,Christopher Huxley,David Robertson
The Just City
Author/Editor: Fainstein, Susan S
Justice and Equality Here and Now
Author/Editor: Frank S. Lucash,Judith N. Shklar,Charles Taylor,Allan Bloom,William Galston,G. A. Cohen,Michael Walzer,Walter Berns
Justice Contained
Author/Editor: Lisa Conant
Justifying International Acts
Author/Editor: LEA BRILMAYER
Just Politics
Author/Editor: Walldorf, C. William Jr
Kafka's Rhetoric: The Passion of Reading
Author/Editor: CLAYTON KOELB
Kantian Ethics Almost without Apology
Author/Editor: Marcia W. Baron
Kant's Theory of Justice
Author/Editor: Rosen, Allen
Kassandra and the Censors
Author/Editor: van Van Dyck, Karen
Keepers of the Flame
Author/Editor: Hopgood, Stephen
Keepers of the Flame, 1
Author/Editor: Stephen hopgood
Keepers of the Revolution
Author/Editor: Gilje, Paul; Rock, Howard B
Keeping America Sane
Author/Editor: Ian Robert Dowbiggin
The Keys to Happiness
Author/Editor: Engelstein, Laura
Khrushchev's Cold Summer
Author/Editor: Dobson, Miriam
Kidnapped Souls
Author/Editor: Zahra, Tara
Killed Strangely
Author/Editor: Crane, Elaine Forman
Killing for Life
Author/Editor: Mason, Carol
Killing Neighbors
Author/Editor: Fujii, Lee Ann
Killing Neighbors, 1
Author/Editor: Lee Ann Fujii
Killing Others
Author/Editor: Lange, Matthew
Killing Others, 1
Author/Editor: Matthew Lange
A Kingdom of Stargazers
Author/Editor: Ryan, Michael A
A Kingdom of Stargazers, 1
Author/Editor: Michael A. Ryan
Kinship and Conquest
Author/Editor: Joanna H. Drell
Kissinger and Latin America: Intervention, Human Rights, and Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Stephen G. Rabe
Kith, Kin, and Neighbors
Author/Editor: Frick, David
Knowing and History: Appropriations of Hegel in Twentieth-Century France
Author/Editor: Michael S. Roth
Knowing Dickens
Author/Editor: Bodenheimer, Rosemarie
Knowing Poetry
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Adrian; Kay, Sarah
Knowing the Past
Author/Editor: Anger, Suzy
Knowing Words
Author/Editor: Raphals, Lisa
Knowledge and the Ends of Empire
Author/Editor: Campbell, Ian W
Kodiak Kreol
Author/Editor: Miller, Gwenn A
Kodiak Kreol, 1
Author/Editor: Gwenn A. Miller
The Korean American Dream
Author/Editor: Park, Kyeyoung
Korean Politics
Author/Editor: John Kie-chiang Oh
Korean Workers
Author/Editor: Koo, Hagen
The Kosher Capones: A History of Chicago's Jewish Gangsters
Author/Editor: JOE KRAUS
Kremlin Capitalism
Author/Editor: Joseph K. Blasi,Maya Kroumova,Douglas Kruse,Andrei Shleifer,Daria Panina,Ekaterina Grachova,Elena Zakrevskaya,Tatyana Voronina,Aleksei Krivolapov,Joanne Mangels,Iuliia Cole,Ekaterina Dementieva
Laboratories of Faith
Author/Editor: Monroe, John Warne
Laboratories of Faith, 1
Laboratory of Socialist Development
Author/Editor: Kalinovsky, Artemy M
Labor Guide to Labor Law
Author/Editor: Feldacker, Bruce S.; Hayes, Michael J
Labor Guide to Labor Law, 5
Author/Editor: Bruce S. Feldacker,Michael J. Hayes
Labor in Israel
Author/Editor: Preminger, Jonathan
Labor in the New Urban Battlegrounds
Author/Editor: Turner, Lowell; Cornfield, Daniel B
Labor in the Time of Trump
Author/Editor: Jasmine Kerrissey,Eve Weinbaum,Clare Hammonds,Tom Juravich,Dan Clawson
The Labor of Development
Labor Relations in a Globalizing World
Author/Editor: Katz, Harry C.; Kochan, Thomas A.; Colvin, Alexander J. S
Lacan, Discourse, and Social Change
Author/Editor: Mark Bracher
Lady Friends
Author/Editor: Ito, Karen L
Lafayette in the Age of the American Revolution—Selected Letters and Papers, 1776–1790
Lafayette in the Age of the American Revolution—Selected Letters and Papers, 1776–1790
LaGuardia in Congress
Author/Editor: Zinn, Howard
Land and Loyalty
Author/Editor: Larsson, Tomas
Land and Loyalty, 1
Author/Editor: Tomas Larsson
Land-Grant Colleges and Popular Revolt
Author/Editor: Nathan M. Sorber
Landlords and Farmers in the Hudson-Mohawk Region, 1790–1850
The Land of Gold
Author/Editor: Bovensiepen, Judith M
Landscapes of the Jihad
Author/Editor: Devji, Faisal
Landscapes of the Jihad, 1
Author/Editor: FAISAL DEVJI
Language and Power
Author/Editor: Anderson, Benedict R. O'G
Language as Hermeneutic
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J.; Zlatic, Thomas D.; van den Berg, Sara
The Language of Allegory
Author/Editor: Maureen Quilligan
Laskar Jihad
Author/Editor: Hasan, Noorhaidi
The Last Card
Author/Editor: Sayle, Timothy Andrews; Engel, Jeffrey A.; Brands, Hal
The Last Frontier: Imagining Other Worlds from the Copernican Revolution to Modern Science Fiction
Last Subway: The Long Wait for the Next Train in New York City
Author/Editor: Philip Mark Plotch
Latinos in American Society
Author/Editor: Zambrana, Ruth Enid
Laughing Matters
Author/Editor: Beam, Sara
Lavoisier—the Crucial Year
Author/Editor: Guerlac, Henry
Lavoisier—the Crucial Year: The Background and Origin of His First Experiments on Combustion in 1772
Author/Editor: Henry Guerlac
Law and Community in Three American Towns
Author/Editor: Greenhouse, Carol J.; Yngvesson, Barbara; Engel, David M
Law and Social Order in the United States
Law in the Liberal Arts
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin
The Law of Kinship
Author/Editor: Robcis, Camille
Law's Interior
Author/Editor: KEVIN M. CROTTY
The Lay Saint
Author/Editor: Doyno, Mary Harvey
Lazy, Improvident People
Author/Editor: MacKay, Ruth
Leaders at War
Author/Editor: Saunders, Elizabeth N
Leaders at War, 1
Author/Editor: Elizabeth N. Saunders
Learning From Saturn
Learning to Speak, Learning to Listen
Author/Editor: Chase, Susan E
Learning to Speak, Learning to Listen, 1
Author/Editor: Susan E. Chase
Leaving England: Essays on British Emigration in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Charlotte Erickson
Legally Wed
Author/Editor: Strasser, Mark
Legal Naturalism
Author/Editor: Taiwo, Olufemi
Legal Naturalism, 1
Author/Editor: Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò
Legal Tender
Author/Editor: Urang, John Griffith
Lesbian Mothers
Author/Editor: Lewin, Ellen
Lethal Provocation
Author/Editor: Cole, Joshua
Lethal Provocation: The Constantine Murders and the Politics of French Algeria
Author/Editor: Joshua Cole
Letters of a Ticonderoga Farmer
Author/Editor: Frederick G. Bascom
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb
Author/Editor: Lamb, Charles; Lamb, Mary Anne; Marrs, Edwin W
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb
Author/Editor: Lamb, Charles; Lamb, Mary Anne; Marrs, Edwin W
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb: 1801–1809
Author/Editor: EDWIN W. MARRS Jr.
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb: 1809–1817
Author/Editor: Charles,Mary Anne Lamb,EDWIN W. MARRS Jr.
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb: Volume I: 1796–1801
Author/Editor: EDWIN W. MARRS Jr.
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
Author/Editor: Margaret Fuller,ROBERT N. HUDSPETH
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
Author/Editor: Margaret Fuller,ROBERT N. HUDSPETH
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
Author/Editor: Margaret Fuller,ROBERT N. HUDSPETH
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
The Letters of Margaret Fuller
Letters to the Future: An Approach to Sinyavsky-Tertz
Libanius the Sophist
Author/Editor: Cribiore, Raffaella
Liberalism and Community
Author/Editor: Kautz, Steven
Liberalism Disavowed
Author/Editor: Chua, Beng Huat
The Liberal Self
Author/Editor: Donner, Wendy
A Liberal World Order in Crisis
Author/Editor: Sorensen, Georg
Liberty Hyde Bailey
Author/Editor: Bailey, Liberty Hyde; Jack, Zachary Michael
Liberty Hyde Bailey, 1
Author/Editor: Zachary Michael Jack
The Liberty Hyde Bailey Gardener's Companion: Essential Writings
Author/Editor: John A. Stempien,John Linstrom
Libya since Independence
Author/Editor: Vandewalle, Dirk
Licensed by Authority
Author/Editor: Richard Burt
Life and Death in Captivity
Author/Editor: Wallace, Geoffrey P. R
The Life Informatic
Author/Editor: Boyer, Dominic
Life Is Elsewhere: Symbolic Geography in the Russian Provinces, 1800–1917
Author/Editor: Anne Lounsbery
Life/Lines: Theorizing Women's Autobiography
The Life of Alcibiades
Author/Editor: Romilly, Jacqueline de
Life of Inland Waters
Author/Editor: Needham, James G
Life of Inland Waters: An Elementary Text Book of Fresh-Water Biology For Students, Ed. 3
Life Support
Author/Editor: Gordon, Suzanne
Life Support, 1
Author/Editor: Claire M. Fagin
The Light of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Cody, Francis
Light without Heat
Author/Editor: Simon, David Carroll
The Limits of Autobiography
Author/Editor: Gilmore, Leigh
The Limits of Imagination: Wordsworth, Yeats, and Stevens
Limits of the Novel: Evolutions of a Form from Chaucer to Robbe-Grillet
The Limits of Transparency
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Best
Limits to Decolonization
Author/Editor: Anthias, Penelope
Limits to Liberalization
Author/Editor: Goff, Patricia M
Limits to Liberalization, 1
Author/Editor: Patricia M. Goff
Line Drawings
Author/Editor: Heyes, Cressida
Lines of Authority
Author/Editor: Zwicker, Steven N
Lines of Equity
Author/Editor: Visconsi, Elliott
Lines of Equity, 1
Author/Editor: Elliott Visconsi
Linguistics in Philosophy
Author/Editor: Zeno Vendler
Literary Character
Author/Editor: Fowler, Elizabeth
Literary Culture in a World Transformed
Author/Editor: Paulson, William
Literary Knowledge: Humanistic Inquiry and the Philosophy of Science
Author/Editor: Paisley Livingston
Literary Loneliness in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England
Author/Editor: JOHN SITTER
Literary Theory and the Claims of History
Author/Editor: Mohanty, Satya P
Literary Transcendentalism
Literature and Nation in the Sixteenth Century
Literature as Recreation in the Later Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Olson, Glending
Living Autobiographically
Author/Editor: Eakin, Paul John
Living Autobiographically, 1
Author/Editor: PAUL JOHN EAKIN
Living Buddhism
Author/Editor: Cassaniti, Julia L
Living Ethically, Acting Politically
Author/Editor: Melissa A. Orlie
Living Inside Our Hope: A Steadfast Radical's Thoughts on Rebuilding the Movement
Author/Editor: Staughton Lynd
A Living Wage: American Workers and the Making of Consumer Society
Author/Editor: Lawrence B. Glickman
Living Weapons
Author/Editor: Koblentz, Gregory D
Living with Animals
Author/Editor: Porter, Natalie; Gershon, Ilana
Living with the Adirondack Forest
Author/Editor: Catherine Henshaw Knott
Living with the Dead in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Geary, Patrick J
Author/Editor: Miles, Gary B
Locating Migration
Author/Editor: Glick Schiller, Nina; Caglar, Ayse
Locating Migration, 1
Author/Editor: Nina Glick Schiller,Ayşe Çağlar
The Logic of Affect
Author/Editor: Paul Redding
The Logic of Positive Engagement
Author/Editor: Nincic, Miroslav
Logics of Hierarchy
Author/Editor: Cooley, Alexander
Logics of Hierarchy, 1
Author/Editor: Alexander Cooley
Logics of War
Author/Editor: Weisiger, Alex
Looking Back at Law's Century
Author/Editor: Austin Sarat,Bryant Garth,Robert A. Kagan
Looking for Chengdu
Author/Editor: HILL GATES
Lord I'm Coming Home
Author/Editor: Forrest, John
Lore of an Adirondack County
Author/Editor: EDITH E. CUTTING
Losing Hearts and Minds
Author/Editor: Shannon, Matthew K
Lost Bodies
Author/Editor: Tanner, Laura E
Lost Causes
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Charli
Lost to the Collective
Author/Editor: Pinnow, Kenneth M
Lost to the Collective, 1
Author/Editor: Kenneth M. Pinnow
The Lotus and the Lion
Author/Editor: Franklin, J. Jeffrey
The Lotus and the Lion, 1
Author/Editor: J. Jeffrey Franklin
Louis Agassiz as a Teacher
Author/Editor: Cooper, Lane
Louis Agassiz as a Teacher: Illustrative Extracts on His Method of Instruction, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: LANE COOPER
Lovesick Japan
Author/Editor: West, Mark D
Lovesick Japan, 1
Author/Editor: Mark D. West
Love's Wounds
Author/Editor: Nazarian, Cynthia N
Love's Wounds, 1
Author/Editor: Cynthia N. Nazarian
Lubavitchers as Citizens
Author/Editor: Feldman, Jan
Author/Editor: Ahl, Frederick
The Lutheran Church and the East German State: Political Conflict and Change under Ulbricht and Honecker
Author/Editor: Robert F. Goeckel
Luther on Conversion: The Early Years
Author/Editor: Marilyn J. Harran
Lyric Orientations
Author/Editor: Eldridge, Hannah Vandegrift
Lyric Wonder: Rhetoric and Wit in Renaissance English Poetry
Author/Editor: JAMES BIESTER
MacArthur in Asia
Author/Editor: Masuda, Hiroshi
MacArthur in Asia, 1
Author/Editor: Hiroshi Masuda,Reiko Yamamoto
Machiavelli's Children: Leaders and Their Legacies in Italy and Japan
Author/Editor: Richard J. Samuels
Machiavelli's Three Romes: Religion, Human Liberty, and Politics Reformed
Machines as the Measure of Men
Author/Editor: Adas, Michael
Machines as the Measure of Men, 1
Author/Editor: MICHAEL ADAS
Madame Bovary on Trial
Author/Editor: LaCapra, Dominick
The Magic City
Author/Editor: Pappas, Gregory
Magic Lantern Empire
Author/Editor: Short, John Phillip
Magnetic Appeal
Author/Editor: Joyce, Kelly
Maid to Order in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Constable, Nicole
Making All the Difference
Author/Editor: Minow, Martha
Making and Faking Kinship
Author/Editor: Freeman, Caren
Making and Unmaking Nations
Author/Editor: Straus, Scott
Making Good Neighbors
Author/Editor: Perkiss, Abigail
Making Immigrant Rights Real
Author/Editor: de Graauw, Els
Making Immigrant Rights Real, 1
Author/Editor: Els de Graauw
Making Indonesia
Author/Editor: Lev, Daniel S.; McVey, Ruth T
Making Mondragón
Author/Editor: Whyte, William Foote; Whyte, Kathleen King
Making Mondragón, 2
Author/Editor: William Foote Whyte,Kathleen King Whyte
Making Money in Sixteenth-Century France
Author/Editor: Parsons, Jotham
Making Morocco
Author/Editor: Wyrtzen, Jonathan
Making Morocco, 1
Author/Editor: Jonathan Wyrtzen
The Making of Minjung
Author/Editor: Lee, Namhee
The Making of Minjung, 1
Author/Editor: NAMHEE LEE
The Making of National Money
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric
The Making of Saint Louis
Author/Editor: Gaposchkin, M. Cecilia
The Making of Saint Louis, 1
Author/Editor: M. Cecilia Gaposchkin
The Making of Southeast Asia: international relations of a region
Author/Editor: Amitav Acharya
Making Sense of Taste
Author/Editor: Korsmeyer, Carolyn
Making Space for the Dead
Author/Editor: Legacey, Erin-Marie
Making Space for the Dead: Catacombs, Cemeteries, and the Reimagining of Paris, 1780–1830
Author/Editor: Erin-Marie Legacey
Making the Bible Modern
Author/Editor: Penny Schine Gold
Making the Fascist Self
Author/Editor: Mabel Berezin
Making the Unipolar Moment
Author/Editor: Brands, Hal
Making Uzbekistan
Author/Editor: Khalid, Adeeb
Making Virtual Worlds
Author/Editor: Malaby, Thomas M
Making Women Pay
Author/Editor: Roth, Rachel
Making Workers Soviet
Author/Editor: Siegelbaum, Lewis H.; Suny, Ronald Grigor
A Malay Frontier
Author/Editor: Drakard, Jane
Male Authors, Female Readers
Malevolent Nurture
Author/Editor: Willis, Deborah
Author/Editor: Lloyd, Rosemary
Managing Risk in High-Stakes Faculty Employment Decisions
Author/Editor: Julee T. Flood,Terry L. Leap
Managing the Human Factor
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Bruce E
Managing the Human Factor, 1
Author/Editor: Bruce E. Kaufman
Author/Editor: Janet Lyon
The Man in the Dog Park: Coming Up Close to Homelessness
Author/Editor: Cathy A. Small,Jason Kordosky,Ross Moore
A Man Like Him
Author/Editor: Kyaw Ma Ma Lay, Journal
The Manly Art
Author/Editor: Gorn, Elliott J
Manmade Breast Cancers
Author/Editor: Eisenstein, Zillah
Manuscript, Print, and the English Renaissance Lyric
Author/Editor: Arthur F. Marotti
The Many Lives of Khrushchev's Thaw
Author/Editor: Bittner, Stephen V
Many Tongues, One People
Author/Editor: Guneratne, Arjun
Mao's New World
Author/Editor: Hung, Chang-tai
Mapping the Americas
Author/Editor: Huhndorf, Shari M
Mapping the Americas, 1
Author/Editor: Shari M. Huhndorf
Marcos Against the Church: Economic Development and Political Repression in the Philippines
Margery Kempe and the Lonely Reader
Author/Editor: Krug, Rebecca
Margery Kempe and the Lonely Reader, 1
Author/Editor: Rebecca Krug
Marxian Socialism in the United States
Author/Editor: Daniel Bell,Michael Kazin
Masculinity and Morality
Author/Editor: LARRY MAY
The Mask of Comedy
Author/Editor: Hubbard, Thomas K. 
The Massacres at Mt. Halla
Author/Editor: Kim, Hun Joon
Mass Vaccination
Author/Editor: Brazelton, Mary Augusta
Mass Violence and the Self
Author/Editor: Howard G. Brown
The Mastery of Submission
Author/Editor: Noyes, John K
Material Beings
Author/Editor: van Inwagen, Peter
A Materialist Metaphysics of the Human Person
Author/Editor: HUD HUDSON
Mathematics in Philosophy
Author/Editor: Parsons, Charles D
The Matter of Revolution
Author/Editor: Rogers, John
The Maxwellians
Author/Editor: Bruce J. Hunt,Bruce J. Hunt
Mazes of the Serpent
Author/Editor: Salomon, Roger B
Meaning and Interpretation
Author/Editor: Hagberg, Garry L
Meaning and Method in the Social Sciences: A Case for Methodological Pluralism
Author/Editor: PAUL A. ROTH
The Meaning of Literature
Author/Editor: Reiss, Timothy J
Meaning, Truth, and Reference in Historical Representation
Author/Editor: Ankersmit, Frank
A Measure of Fairness
Author/Editor: Pollin, Robert; Brenner, Mark; Luce, Stephanie
The Measure of Life
Author/Editor: Marder, Herbert
Measuring Heaven
Mediaeval Artes Praedicandi
Author/Editor: Caplan, Harry
Mediaeval Artes Praedicandi
Author/Editor: Caplan, Harry
The Mediaeval Church
The Mediation Dilemma
Author/Editor: Beardsley, Kyle
Medicalizing Ethnicity
Author/Editor: Santiago-Irizarry, Vilma
Medieval Cruelty
Author/Editor: Baraz, Daniel
Medieval Cruelty: Changing Perceptions, Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Author/Editor: DANIEL BARAZ
The Medieval Economy of Salvation
Author/Editor: Davis, Adam J
The Medieval Economy of Salvation: Charity, Commerce, and the Rise of the Hospital
Author/Editor: Adam J. Davis
The Medieval Saga
Author/Editor: Carol J. Clover
A Medieval Storybook
Author/Editor: Bishop, Morris
The Medieval Theater of Cruelty
Author/Editor: Enders, Jody
Meeting the Demands of Reason
Author/Editor: Bergman, Jay
Melting-Pot Modernism
Author/Editor: Wilson, Sarah
Memoirs of the Four-Foot Colonel
Author/Editor: Dun, Smith
Author/Editor: Xenophon; Bonnette, Amy L
Memorabilia, 1
Author/Editor: AMY L. BONNETTE,Christopher Bruell
Memories of War
Author/Editor: Chambers, Thomas A
Memory, Metaphor, and Aby Warburg's Atlas of Images
Author/Editor: Johnson, Christopher D
The Memory of All Ancient Customs
Author/Editor: Midtrød, Tom Arne
The Memory of All Ancient Customs, 1
Author/Editor: Tom Arne Midtrød
Memory's Daughters
Author/Editor: Stabile, Susan
The Mensheviks after October
Author/Editor: Brovkin, Vladimir
Mental Territories
Author/Editor: Morrissey, Katherine G
Mercenaries and Missionaries
Author/Editor: Vaidyanathan, Brandon
Mercenaries and Missionaries: Capitalism and Catholicism in the Global South
Author/Editor: Brandon Vaidyanathan
The Merchants of Siberia
Author/Editor: Monahan, Erika
The Merchants of Siberia, 1
Author/Editor: Erika Monahan
Mere Equals
Author/Editor: McMahon, Lucia
Author/Editor: Kett, Joseph F
Metamorphoses of Helen
Author/Editor: Suzuki, Mihoko
The Metaphysics of Beauty
Author/Editor: Zangwill, Nick
Metropolis on the Styx
Author/Editor: Pike, David L
Metropolitan Fetish: African Sculpture and the Imperial French Invention of Primitive Art
Author/Editor: Toth, Stephen A
Mien Relations
Author/Editor: Jonsson, Hjorleifur
A Mighty Empire
Author/Editor: MARC EGNAL
The Migrant Passage
Author/Editor: Noelle Kateri Brigden
Migrants and Citizens
Author/Editor: Rey Koslowski
Migration in the Time of Revolution
Author/Editor: Zhou, Taomo
Militarism in a Global Age
Author/Editor: Bönker, Dirk
Militarism in a Global Age, 1
Author/Editor: Dirk Bönker
The Military Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Pichichero, Christy L
The Military Lens
Author/Editor: Twomey, Christopher P
The Military Lens, 1
Military Organizations, Complex Machines
Author/Editor: Chris C. Demchak
Millennial Seduction
Author/Editor: Quinby, Lee
Milton among the Philosophers
Author/Editor: Stephen M. Fallon
Milton and the Victorians
Author/Editor: Gray, Erik
Milton's Imperial Epic
Author/Editor: J. Martin Evans
Milton's Peculiar Grace
Author/Editor: Fallon, Stephen M
The Mind of Thucydides
Author/Editor: Romilly, Jacqueline de
Mind Regained
Author/Editor: EDWARD POLS
A Minor Apocalypse
Author/Editor: Blobaum, Robert E
A Minor Apocalypse, 1
Author/Editor: Robert Blobaum
The Mirror of Antiquity
Author/Editor: Winterer, Caroline
Mirrors of the Economy
Author/Editor: Herrera, Yoshiko M
Mirrors of the Economy, 1
Author/Editor: Yoshiko M. Herrera
Author/Editor: Bradshaw, Graham
Author/Editor: Edkins, Jenny
Missing, 1
Author/Editor: Jenny Edkins
Missing Class
Author/Editor: Leondar-Wright, Betsy
Mi Voz, Mi Vida
Author/Editor: Garrod, Andrew; Kilkenny, Robert; Gómez, Christina
Author/Editor: Garrod, Andrew; Gómez, Christina; Kilkenny, Robert
Mixed Feelings
Author/Editor: Garloff, Katja
Mixed Feelings, 1
Author/Editor: Katja Garloff
Mixed Signals
Author/Editor: Kathryn Sikkink
Mobilizing against Inequality
Author/Editor: Adler, Lee H.; Tapia, Maite; Turner, Lowell
Mobilizing America
Author/Editor: KEITH E. EILER
Mobilizing for Development: The Modernization of Rural East Asia
Author/Editor: Kristen E. Looney
Mobilizing Restraint
Author/Editor: Teitelbaum, Emmanuel
Mobilizing Restraint, 1
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Teitelbaum
Models and Metaphors: Studies in Language and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Max Black
Modern Dreams
Author/Editor: Goh, Beng-Lan
Modern Hatreds
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Stuart J
Modernism à la Mode
Modernism à la Mode
Author/Editor: Sheehan, Elizabeth M
Modernist Alchemy
Author/Editor: Timothy Materer
Modernity, Aesthetics, and the Bounds of Art
Author/Editor: Peter J. McCormick
Modern Spoken Cambodian
Author/Editor: Huffman, Franklin E.; Promchan, Charan; Lambert, Chhom-Rak Thong
Modern Winemaking
Momentary Monsters
Author/Editor: Johnson, W. R
A Moment's Notice
Author/Editor: Greenhouse, Carol J
Monarchs in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Oberhauser, Karen S.; Nail, Kelly R.; Altizer, Sonia
Monastic Reform as Process
Author/Editor: Vanderputten, Steven
Monetary Orders
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Jonathan
The Money Laundry
Author/Editor: Sharman, J. C
The Money Laundry, 1
Author/Editor: J. C. Sharman
Money, Markets, and Trade in Early Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Wicks, Robert S
Money Unmade
Author/Editor: Woodruff, David
Mongkut, the King of Siam
Monks and Nuns, Saints and Outcasts
Author/Editor: Farmer, Sharon; Rosenwein, Barbara H
Author/Editor: van Van Zuylen, Marina
A Moral Art: Grammar, Society, and Culture in Trecento Florence
Author/Editor: PAUL F. GEHL
Moral Aspects of Economic Growth, and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Moore, Jr. Barrington
Moral Commerce
Author/Editor: Holcomb, Julie L
Moral Dealing: Contract, Ethics, and Reason
Moral Problems in American Life
Author/Editor: Karen Halttunen,Lewis Perry
Moral Relevance and Moral Conflict
Author/Editor: James D. Wallace
A Moral Technology
Author/Editor: Coleman, Leo
Moral Victories
Author/Editor: Susan Burgerman
Moral Wisdom and Good Lives
Author/Editor: JOHN KEKES
The Moral Witness
Author/Editor: Dean, Carolyn J
The Moral Witness: Trials and Testimony after Genocide
Author/Editor: Carolyn J. Dean
More Than Medicine: Nurse Practitioners and the Problems They Solve for Patients, Health Care Organizations, and the State
Author/Editor: LaTonya J. Trotter
More Than Words
Author/Editor: Fox, Richard
The Morning Breaks
Author/Editor: Aptheker, Bettina
Mortal Friends, Best Enemies
Author/Editor: Wallander, Celeste A
Moscow and Greek Communism, 1944–1949
The Most Difficult Revolution: Women and Trade Unions
Author/Editor: ALICE H. COOK,Val R. Lorwin,Arlene Kaplan Daniels
A Most Enterprising Country
Author/Editor: Hastings, Justin V
A Most Uncertain Crusade: The United States, the United Nations, and Human Rights, 1941–1953
Motherhood in Black and White
Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory
Author/Editor: Monosson, Emily
Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory, 1
Author/Editor: Emily Monosson
Mothers Unite!
Author/Editor: Crowley, Jocelyn Elise
The (M)other Tongue: Essays in Feminist Psychoanalytic Interpretation
Author/Editor: Shirley Nelson Garner,Claire Kahane,Madelon Sprengnether
Mourning Happiness
Author/Editor: Soni, Vivasvan
Mourning Happiness, 1
Author/Editor: Vivasvan Soni
Mourning in America
Author/Editor: McIvor, David W
Mourning in America, 1
Author/Editor: David W. McIvor
The Mourning Voice
Author/Editor: Loraux, Nicole
Moving Up in the New Economy
Author/Editor: Fitzgerald, Joan
Mrs. Stanton's Bible
Author/Editor: Kern, Kathi
Mr. X and the Pacific
Author/Editor: Heer, Paul J
Murder after Death
Author/Editor: Sugg, Richard
Murder Most Russian
Author/Editor: McReynolds, Louise
Music and Meaning
Author/Editor: Robinson, Jenefer
Music in the Moment
Author/Editor: Levinson, Jerrold
The Music of Elliott Carter
Author/Editor: Schiff, David
The Music of Elliott Carter, 2
Author/Editor: David Schiff
Music, Value and the Passions
Author/Editor: AARON RIDLEY
Muslims and Matriarchs
Author/Editor: Hadler, Jeffrey
The Mute Immortals Speak: Pre-Islamic Poetry and the Poetics of Ritual
Author/Editor: Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych
Mutual Aid and Union Renewal
Author/Editor: Bacharach, Samuel B.; Bamberger, Peter A.; Sonnenstuhl, William J
My Baby's Father
Author/Editor: Waller, Maureen R
My Father and I
Author/Editor: Caron, David
My Father and I, 1
Author/Editor: David Caron
My Heart Is a Large Kingdom
Author/Editor: Margaret Fuller,Robert N. Hudspeth
My Imaginary Illness
Author/Editor: Atkins, Chloë G. K
My Nuclear Nightmare
Author/Editor: Kan, Naoto
My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir
Mythmaking in the New Russia
Author/Editor: Smith, Kathleen E
The Myth of Ethnic War
Author/Editor: Gagnon, V. P
The Myth of Ethnic War, 1
Author/Editor: V. P. GAGNON JR.
The Myth of the Nuclear Revolution: Power Politics in the Atomic Age
Author/Editor: Keir A. Lieber,Daryl G. Press
The Myth of the Powerless State
Author/Editor: Weiss, Linda
The Myth of Voter Fraud
Author/Editor: Minnite, Lorraine C
Myths of Empire
Author/Editor: Snyder, Jack
My Word!
Author/Editor: Blum, Susan D
My Word!, 1
Author/Editor: Susan D. Blum
Author/Editor: LEONA TOKER
Nabokov, Perversely
Author/Editor: Naiman, Eric
The Nan Chronicle
Author/Editor: Wyatt, David K
Author/Editor: Carroll, Jennifer J
Narkomania: Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine
Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Carroll
Narrating Reality
Author/Editor: Shaw, Harry E
Narrative Irony in the Contemporary Spanish-American Novel
Author/Editor: Jonathan Tittler
Narrative Transvestism
Author/Editor: Kahn, Madeleine
National Diversity and Global Capitalism
Author/Editor: Suzanne Berger,Ronald Dore
National Interests in International Society
Author/Editor: Martha Finnemore
Nationalism and Historical Loss in Renaissance England
Author/Editor: Escobedo, Andrew
Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Kahin, George McT
Nationalism, Liberalism, and Progress
Author/Editor: Ernst B. Haas
Nationalism, Liberalism, and Progress
Author/Editor: Ernst B. Haas
Nationalist Passions
Author/Editor: Kaufman, Stuart J
National Purpose in the World Economy
Author/Editor: Abdelal, Rawi
The National Question in Yugoslavia: Origins, History, Politics
Author/Editor: IVO BANAC
National Reckonings
Author/Editor: Hackenbracht, Ryan
National Secession
Author/Editor: Philip G. Roeder
A Nation Divided
Author/Editor: Moen, Phyllis; Dempster-McClain, Donna; Walker, Henry A
Author/Editor: Sayaka Chatani
The Nation in the Village: The Genesis of Peasant National Identity in Austrian Poland, 1848–1914
Nations of Emigrants
Author/Editor: Coutin, Susan Bibler
Nations of Emigrants, 1
Author/Editor: Susan Bibler Coutin
Native to the Republic
Author/Editor: Minayo Nasiali
The Natural History and Behavior of North American Beewolves
Author/Editor: Howard E. Evans,Kevin M. O’Neill
A Natural History of Revolution
Author/Editor: Miller, Mary Ashburn
A Natural History of Revolution, 1
Author/Editor: Mary Ashburn Miller
Natural History of the Farm
Author/Editor: Needham, James G
Natural History of the Farm: A Guide to the Practical Study of the Sources of Our Living in Wild Nature, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: JAMES G. NEEDHAM
Nature and Politics: Liberalism in the Philosophies of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau
Author/Editor: Andrzej Rapaczynski
Nature beyond Solitude: Notes from the Field
Author/Editor: John Seibert Farnsworth,Thomas Lowe Fleischner
Nature Guiding
The Nature of God
Author/Editor: Wierenga, Edward R
Nature Rx
Author/Editor: Rakow, Donald A.; Eells, Gregory T
Nature Rx: Improving College-Student Mental Health
Author/Editor: Donald A. Rakow,Gregory T. Eells
The Nazi Movement in the United States, 1924–1941
Author/Editor: SANDER A. DIAMOND
Necessary Luxuries
Author/Editor: Erlin, Matt
Needed by Nobody
Author/Editor: Hojdestrand, Tova
The Need for Enemies: A Bestiary of Political Forms
Author/Editor: F. G. BAILEY
Negotiating Space
Negotiating the Constitution
Author/Editor: Lynch, Joseph M
Negotiating the New Germany: Can Social Partnership Survive?
Author/Editor: Lowell Turner
Negotiating the World Economy
Author/Editor: John S. Odell
Negotiations and Change
Author/Editor: Kochan, Thomas A.; Lipsky, David B
A Neighborhood Divided
Author/Editor: Jane Balin
The Neoliberal City
Author/Editor: Hackworth, Jason
The Neoliberal City, 1
Neotropical Birds of Prey
Author/Editor: Whitacre, David F
Neotropical Migratory Birds: Natural History, Distribution, and Population Change
Author/Editor: Richard M. DeGraaf,John H. Rappole
Nested Security
Author/Editor: Jenne, Erin K
Networked Politics
Author/Editor: Kahler, Miles
Network Power
Author/Editor: Peter J. Katzenstein,Takashi Shiraishi
Networks of Rebellion
Author/Editor: Staniland, Paul
Never Good Enough
Author/Editor: Ducey, Ariel
The New American Workplace
Author/Editor: Appelbaum, Eileen; Batt, Rosemary
New Deal Ruins
Author/Editor: Goetz, Edward G
New Directions in Cypriot Archaeology
Author/Editor: Kearns, Catherine; Manning, Sturt W
A New History of the Peloponnesian War
Author/Editor: Kagan, Donald
A New History of the Peloponnesian War, CMB - Combined volume
Author/Editor: DONALD KAGAN
New Labor in New York
Author/Editor: Milkman, Ruth; Ott, Edward
New Light on the Earliest Gospel: Seven Markan Studies
Author/Editor: T. A. Burkill
The New Masters of Capital
Author/Editor: Sinclair, Timothy J
A New Moral Vision
Author/Editor: Turpin, Andrea L
A New New Deal
Author/Editor: Dean, Amy B.; Reynolds, David B
New Policies for New Residents
Author/Editor: Milly, Deborah J
The New Politics of Transnational Labor
Author/Editor: Brookes, Marissa
The New Politics of Transnational Labor: Why Some Alliances Succeed
Author/Editor: Marissa Brookes
The New Rank and File
Author/Editor: Lynd, Staughton; Lynd, Alice
New Rules for a New Economy
Author/Editor: Herzenberg, Stephen A.; Alic, John A.; Wial, Howard
News and Politics in the Age of Revolution
Author/Editor: Popkin, Jeremy D
The New Science of Giambattista Vico
Author/Editor: Vico, Giambattista
The New Structure of Labor Relations
Author/Editor: Katz, Harry C.; Lee, Wonduck; Lee, Joohee
The Newtonians and the English Revolution, 1689-1720
Author/Editor: MARGARET C. JACOB
The New Unionism
Author/Editor: Heckscher, Charles C
New Voices in the Nation
Author/Editor: Hart, Janet
New Working-Class Studies
Author/Editor: Russo, John; Linkon, Sherry Lee
New York
Author/Editor: Ellis, David Maldwyn
New York Amish
Author/Editor: Johnson-Weiner, Karen M
New York Amish
Author/Editor: Johnson-Weiner, Karen M
New York City, 1664-1710
Author/Editor: Archdeacon, Thomas J
The Next Crash
Author/Editor: Fraher, Amy L
The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management
Author/Editor: Susskind, Alex M.; Maynard, Mark
The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management: Harnessing Data to Improve Guest Service and Enhance the Employee Experience
Author/Editor: Alex M. Susskind,Mark Maynard
Next Line, Please
Author/Editor: Lehman, David
The Next Upsurge
Author/Editor: Clawson, Dan
The NGO Game
Author/Editor: McMahon, Patrice C