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Race against Empire
Author/Editor: Von Eschen, Penny M
Race for the Exits
Author/Editor: Schoppa, Leonard J
Race for the Exits, 1
Race, Money, and the American Welfare State
Author/Editor: MICHAEL K. BROWN
Race or Ethnicity?
Author/Editor: Gracia, Jorge J. E
Race, Racism, and Reparations
Author/Editor: Corlett, J. Angelo
Race, Rights, and Recognition
Author/Editor: Franco, Dean J
The Racial Contract
Author/Editor: Mills, Charles W
The Racial Politics of Division
Author/Editor: Gosin, Monika
The Racial Politics of Division: Interethnic Struggles for Legitimacy in Multicultural Miami
Author/Editor: Monika Gosin
Racism and Justice
Author/Editor: Ezorsky, Gertrude
Racism and Philosophy
Author/Editor: SUSAN E. BABBITT,SUE CAMPBELL,Susan E. Babbitt,Lawrence Blum,Sue Campbell,Marilyn Friedman,Lewis R. Gordon,David Haekwon Kim,Charles W. Mills,Nkiru Nzegwu,Lucius T. Outlaw Jr.,Elizabeth V. Spelman,Olufemi Taiwo,Laurence M. Thomas
Racism in Mind
Author/Editor: Levine, Michael P.; Pataki, Tamas
Radical Democracy
Author/Editor: C. Douglas Lummis
The Radical Republicans and Reform in New York during Reconstruction
Author/Editor: James C. Mohr
Radicals on the Road
Author/Editor: Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun
Radical Space
Author/Editor: Kohn, Margaret
Raised under Stalin
Author/Editor: Seth Bernstein
Raja Yudhisthira
Author/Editor: McGrath, Kevin
Rancor and Reconciliation in Medieval England
Author/Editor: PAUL R. HYAMS
Rape during Civil War
Author/Editor: Cohen, Dara Kay
Author/Editor: Bildstein, Keith L
Rare Earth Frontiers
Author/Editor: Klinger, Julie Michelle
The Rational Believer
Author/Editor: Bano, Masooda
Rationalism, Realism, and Relativism: Perspectives in Contemporary Moral Epistemology
Author/Editor: Robert L. Arrington
The Rationality of Belief and the Plurality of Faith
Author/Editor: Thomas D. Senor
Ravishing Tradition: Cultural Forces and Literary History
Author/Editor: Daniel Cottom
Raymond Roussel and the Republic of Dreams
Author/Editor: MARK FORD
Reading Appalachia from Left to Right
Author/Editor: Mason, Carol
Reading Appalachia from Left to Right, 1
Author/Editor: Carol Mason
Reading Auden: The Returns of Caliban
Author/Editor: JOHN R. BOLY
Reading Classes
Author/Editor: Jensen, Barbara
Reading Desire
Author/Editor: Moddelmog, Debra A
Reading Families
Author/Editor: Krug, Rebecca
Reading Faulknerian Tragedy
Reading Gertrude Stein
Author/Editor: Ruddick, Lisa
Reading Lacan
Author/Editor: Gallop, Jane
Reading Matters
Author/Editor: Tabbi, Joseph; Wutz, Michael
Reading Psychoanalysis
Author/Editor: Rudnytsky, Peter L
Reading Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Shiraishi, Takashi
Reading with Feeling
Author/Editor: Susan L. Feagin
Realism and Antirealism
Author/Editor: Alston, William P
Realism and Revolution
Author/Editor: SANDY PETREY
A Realist Conception of Truth
Author/Editor: William P. Alston
Real Knowing
Author/Editor: Linda Martín Alcoff
The Real Life of Mary Ann Evans
Author/Editor: Bodenheimer, Rosemarie
Realm between Empires
Author/Editor: Klooster, Wim; Oostindie, Gert
Realms of Ritual
Author/Editor: PETER ARNADE
The Real World of Employee Ownership
Author/Editor: John Logue,Jacquelyn Yates,WILLIAM GREIDER
Author/Editor: Peter Uwe Hohendahl
Reasonable Democracy
Author/Editor: Simone Chambers
Reason and the Heart
Author/Editor: Wainwright, William J
Reasoned Freedom
Author/Editor: Schouls, Peter A
Reason, Revelation, and the Civic Order: Political Philosophy and the Claims of Faith
Author/Editor: Paul R. DeHart,Carson Holloway
Reasons of State
Author/Editor: Ikenberry, G. John
Reassuring the Reluctant Warriors
Author/Editor: Recchia, Stefano
Rebel Politics
Author/Editor: Brenner, David
Rebel Politics: A Political Sociology of Armed Struggle in Myanmar's Borderlands
Author/Editor: David Brenner
Rebel Power
Author/Editor: Krause, Peter
Rebel Rulers
Author/Editor: Mampilly, Zachariah Cherian
Rebels and Mafiosi
Rebels without Borders
Author/Editor: Salehyan, Idean
Rebuilding Public Institutions Together
Author/Editor: Dzur, Albert W
Recapturing the Oval Office
Author/Editor: Balogh, Brian; Schulman, Bruce J
Reception Histories
Author/Editor: Mailloux, Steven
Reckoning with Homelessness
Author/Editor: Hopper, Kim
Reckoning with the Imagination
Author/Editor: Altieri, Charles
Reclaiming Capital
Author/Editor: Gunn, Christopher; Gunn, Hazel
Reconstructing the World
Author/Editor: Stecopoulos, Harilaos
Red Brethren
Author/Editor: Silverman, David J
Redemption and Revolution
Author/Editor: Sasaki, Motoe
Red to Green
Author/Editor: Henry, Laura A
Red to Green, 1
Author/Editor: Laura A. Henry
Red, White, and Blue Letter Days
Author/Editor: Dennis, Matthew
Reenchantment without Supernaturalism
Author/Editor: Griffin, David Ray
Reflections on Liszt
Author/Editor: Walker, Alan
Reflections on Liszt, 1
Author/Editor: Alan Walker
Reforming Asian Labor Systems
Author/Editor: Deyo, Frederic C
Reforming Asian Labor Systems, 1
Author/Editor: Frederic C. Deyo
Reforming New Orleans
Author/Editor: Burns, Peter F.; Thomas, Matthew O
Reforming the Moral Subject
Author/Editor: Matysik, Tracie
Reforming Urban Labor
Author/Editor: Polasky, Janet
Reforming Urban Labor, 1
Author/Editor: Janet L. Polasky
Reframing Decadence
Author/Editor: Jeffreys, Peter
The Refugee-Diplomat
Author/Editor: Pirillo, Diego
Regime Shift
Author/Editor: T. J. PEMPEL
Regulating Capital
Author/Editor: Singer, David Andrew
Regulating Privacy
Author/Editor: Bennett, Colin J
Reimagining Politics after the Terror
Author/Editor: Jainchill, Andrew
Reinventing Pragmatism
Author/Editor: Margolis, Joseph
Reinventing the World Bank
Author/Editor: Pincus, Jonathan R.; Winters, Jeffrey A
Rekindling the Movement
Author/Editor: Turner, Lowell; Katz, Harry C.; Hurd, Richard W
Related Lives
Author/Editor: Bilinkoff, Jodi
The Reliability of Sense Perception
Author/Editor: Alston, William P
Religion and Trade in New Netherland
Author/Editor: Procter-Smith, George L
Religion on the Battlefield
Author/Editor: Hassner, Ron E
Religious Rhetoric and American Politics
Author/Editor: Chapp, Christopher B
Religious Rhetoric and American Politics, 1
Author/Editor: Christopher B. Chapp
Religious Schools v. Children's Rights
Author/Editor: Dwyer, James G
Reluctant Revolutionaries
Author/Editor: Tiedemann, Joseph S
Remaking the Chinese Empire
Author/Editor: Wang, Yuanchong
Remaking the Chinese Empire: Manchu-Korean Relations, 1616–1911
Author/Editor: Yuanchong Wang
Remaking the Italian Economy
Author/Editor: Locke, Richard M
Remaking U.S. Trade Policy
Author/Editor: Chorev, Nitsan
Remaking U.S. Trade Policy, 1
Author/Editor: NITSAN CHOREV
Remapping East Asia
Author/Editor: Pempel, T. J
Remembering Stalin's Victims
Author/Editor: Smith, Kathleen E
Remembering the Present
Author/Editor: Cassaniti, J. L
The Remnants of War
Author/Editor: Mueller, John
Renaissance Debates on Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Rebhorn, Wayne A
Renaissance Feminism
Author/Editor: Jordan, Constance
A Renaissance Storybook
Author/Editor: Morris Bishop,Alison Mason Kingsbury
Renaissance Utopias and the Problem of History
Author/Editor: Marina Leslie
Renovating Russia
Author/Editor: Beer, Daniel
Repentance for the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Chung, C. K. Martin
Report to JFK
Author/Editor: Richard E. Neustadt
Repowering Cities
Author/Editor: Hughes, Sara
Repowering Cities: Governing Climate Change Mitigation in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto
Author/Editor: Sara Hughes
Representing the Holocaust: History, Theory, Trauma
Author/Editor: Dominick LaCapra
Reproducing Persons
Author/Editor: Purdy, Laura M
Reprogramming Japan
Author/Editor: Anchordoguy, Marie
Reprogramming Japan, 1
Author/Editor: Marie Anchordoguy
Reptiles of Costa Rica: A Field Guide
Author/Editor: TWAN LEENDERS
Republicanism and Bourgeois Radicalism: Political Ideology in Late Eighteenth-Century England and America
Author/Editor: Isaac Kramnick
Republic of Labor
Author/Editor: Koenker, Diane P
The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975: Vietnamese Perspectives on Nation Building
Author/Editor: Tuong Vu,Sean Fear
Reputation And International Politics
Author/Editor: Jonathan Mercer
Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics
Author/Editor: Danielle L. Lupton
Research as Development
Author/Editor: Sariola, Salla; Simpson, Bob
Research as Development: Biomedical Research, Ethics, and Collaboration in Sri Lanka
Author/Editor: Salla Sariola,Bob Simpson
Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Censuses
Author/Editor: RALPH S. CLEM
Researching the World of Work
Author/Editor: Strauss, George; Whitfield, Keith
Author/Editor: Dancis, Bruce
Restoring the Promise of American Labor Law
Author/Editor: Friedman, Sheldon; Hurd, Richard W.; Oswald, Rudolph A
Restrained Trade
Author/Editor: Tilton, Mark
Author/Editor: Posen, Barry R
Resurrecting Nagasaki
Author/Editor: Diehl, Chad R
Rethinking Diabetes
Author/Editor: Mendenhall, Emily
Rethinking Diabetes: Entanglements with Trauma, Poverty, and HIV
Author/Editor: Emily Mendenhall,Mark Nichter
Rethinking Home Economics
Author/Editor: Stage, Sarah; Vincenti, Virginia B
Rethinking Obligation
Author/Editor: Hirschmann, Nancy J
Rethinking the World: Great Power Strategies and International Order
Author/Editor: Jeffrey W. Legro
Retirement on the Line
Author/Editor: Lynch, Caitrin
Retracing a Winter's Journey
Author/Editor: Youens, Susan
Retrieving Experience
Author/Editor: Sonia Kruks
Revelation and Divination in Ndembu Ritual
Author/Editor: Turner, Victor
Revolution and Culture
Author/Editor: Sochor, Zenovia A
Revolution and Culture: The Bogdanov-Lenin Controversy
Author/Editor: ZENOVIA A. SOCHOR
Revolution and War
Author/Editor: Walt, Stephen M
Revolutionary Acts
Author/Editor: LYNN MALLY
The Revolution Falters
Author/Editor: Abinales, Patricio
The Revolution Falters, 1
Author/Editor: Patricio N. Abinales
The Revolution of ’28
Author/Editor: Chiles, Robert
The Revolution of ’28
Author/Editor: Chiles, Robert
Revolution of the Mind
Revolution with a Human Face
Author/Editor: Krapfl, James
Author/Editor: Robert E. Blobaum
Reworking Class
Author/Editor: John R. Hall
Rhetorical Power
Author/Editor: Mailloux, Steven
The Rhetoric of Dreams
Author/Editor: Bert O. States
The Rhetoric of Imitation
Author/Editor: Conte, Gian Biagio
Rhetoric, Romance, and Technology
Author/Editor: Ong, Walter J
Rhetoric, Romance, and Technology, 1
Author/Editor: Walter J. Ong
Rhetorics of Reason and Desire: Vergil, Augustine, and the Troubadours
Author/Editor: Sarah Spence
Rhodesia: Racial Conflict or Coexistence?
Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age
Author/Editor: Richard M. Berthold
Rich Nation, Strong Army
Author/Editor: Samuels, Richard J
The Right Kind of Revolution
Author/Editor: Latham, Michael E
The Right Kind of Revolution, 1
Author/Editor: Michael E. Latham
Rightness and Reasons: Interpretation in Cultural Practices
Author/Editor: Michael Krausz
Rights, Not Interests
Author/Editor: Gross, James A
Rigorism of Truth
Author/Editor: Blumenberg, Hans; Meyer, Ahlrich
Riots, Pogroms, Jihad
Author/Editor: Sidel, John T
The Rise and Decline of the American Century
Author/Editor: William O. Walker III
The Rise and Fall of Japan's LDP
Author/Editor: Krauss, Ellis S.; Pekkanen, Robert J
The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB)
Author/Editor: Lintner, Bertil
The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Welfare Machine
Author/Editor: Schall, Carly Elizabeth
The Rise of Christian Democracy in Europe
Author/Editor: Kalyvas, Stathis N
The Rise of Indonesian Communism
Author/Editor: Ruth T. McVey
The Rise of Universities
Author/Editor: Haskins, Charles Homer
Rising Titans, Falling Giants
Author/Editor: Shifrinson, Joshua R. Itzkowitz
Ritual Imports
Author/Editor: Sponsler, Claire
Ritual Irony
Author/Editor: Foley, Helene P
Ritual Irony: Poetry and Sacrifice in Euripides
Author/Editor: Helene P. Foley
Rituals of Care
Author/Editor: Aulino, Felicity
Rival Capitalists
Author/Editor: Hart, Jeffrey
Rivals beyond Trade
Author/Editor: Encarnation, Dennis J
The River Runs Black
Author/Editor: Economy, Elizabeth C
The River Runs Black, 2
Author/Editor: Elizabeth C. Economy
Author/Editor: Harvey, Penny; Knox, Hannah
Roads and Rivals: The Political Uses of Access in the Borderlands of Asia
Author/Editor: Mahnaz Z. Ispahani
Robber Barons and Wretched Refuse: Ethnic and Class Dynamics during the Era of American Industrialization
Author/Editor: Robert F. Zeidel
Robust Unionism: Innovations in the Labor Movement
Author/Editor: ARTHUR B. SHOSTAK
Rochdale Village
Author/Editor: Eisenstadt, Peter
Rochdale Village, 1
Author/Editor: Peter Eisenstadt
Rockefeller of New York: Executive Power in the Statehouse
Roger Martin Du Gard: The Novelist and History
Roman Comedy
Author/Editor: Konstan, David
The Roman Imperial Navy
Author/Editor: Starr, Chester G
Romantic Catholics
Author/Editor: Harrison, Carol E
The Romantic Foundations of the American Renaissance
Author/Editor: LEON CHAI
Romanticism and Contemporary Criticism
Author/Editor: Morris Eaves,Michael Fischer
Romantic Rocks, Aesthetic Geology
Author/Editor: Heringman, Noah
The Roots of Evil
Author/Editor: Kekes, John
The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Solahudin
The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia: From Darul Islam to Jem'ah Islamiyah
Author/Editor: Solahudin,Dave McRae,Greg Fealy
Rough Draft
Author/Editor: Rutenberg, Amy J
Rough Draft: Cold War Military Manpower Policy and the Origins of Vietnam-Era Draft Resistance
Author/Editor: Amy J. Rutenberg
Round-Trip to America
Author/Editor: Wyman, Mark
Rousseau's Exemplary Life: The Confessions as Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Christopher Kelly
Royal Poetrie
Author/Editor: Herman, Peter C
Royal Poetrie, 1
Author/Editor: Peter C. Herman
Ruffians, Yakuza, Nationalists
Author/Editor: Siniawer, Eiko Maruko
Ruffians, Yakuza, Nationalists, 1
Author/Editor: Eiko Maruko Siniawer
Rule Britannia
Author/Editor: Deirdre David
Rule of Darkness
Author/Editor: Brantlinger, Patrick
Rules for the World
Author/Editor: Barnett, Michael; Finnemore, Martha
The Rules of Play
Author/Editor: Leheny, David
Ruling Capital
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Kevin P
Ruling Capital, 1
Author/Editor: Kevin P. Gallagher
Rum and Axes
Author/Editor: Siskind, Janet
The Running Boy and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Megumu Sagisawa,Tyran Grillo
Running the Rails
Author/Editor: Wolfinger, James
Running the Rails, 1
Author/Editor: James Wolfinger
Rural Democracy: Family Farmers and Politics in Western Washington, 1890-1925
Author/Editor: Marilyn P. Watkins
The Rural Midwest Since World War II
Author/Editor: J. L. Anderson,R. DOUGLAS HURT
Rural Radicals
Author/Editor: Stock, Catherine McNicol
Rural Radicals, 2
Author/Editor: Catherine McNicol Stock
Russia and Soul
Author/Editor: Pesmen, Dale
Russia at Play
Author/Editor: McReynolds, Louise
Russia Gets the Blues
Author/Editor: Urban, Michael
Russian Conservatism
Author/Editor: PAUL ROBINSON
Russian Formalism
Author/Editor: PETER STEINER
Russian Hajj
Author/Editor: Kane, Eileen
Russian Literary Politics and the Pushkin Celebration of 1880
Author/Editor: MARCUS C. LEVITT
Russia on the Edge
Author/Editor: Clowes, Edith W
Russia’s Uncommon Prophet: Father Aleksandr Men and His Times
Author/Editor: Wallace L. Daniel
Russia's Unfinished Revolution: Political Change from Gorbachev to Putin
Author/Editor: Michael McFaul