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Olde Clerkis Speche
Author/Editor: WILLIAM A. QUINN
On Creation [Quaestiones Disputatae de Potentia Dei, Q. 3]
Author/Editor: Thomas Aquinas; Selner-Wright, S. C
On Difficulties in Sacred Scripture
Author/Editor: St. Maximos the Confessor
The One Christ
Author/Editor: Meconi, David Vincent
The One, the Many, and the Trinity
Author/Editor: Pugliese, Marc A
The One Thomas More
Author/Editor: Curtright, Travis
On Genesis
Author/Editor: Roland J. Teske
On Illustrious Men (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 100)
Author/Editor: Jerome, Saint
On Liturgical Asceticism
Author/Editor: Fagerberg, David W
On Love and Charity
Author/Editor: ST. THOMAS AQUINAS,Peter A. Kwasniewski,Thomas Bolin,Joseph Bolin,Peter A. Kwasniewski
On Repentance and Almsgiving (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 96)
Author/Editor: John Chrysostom, Saint
On the Body and Blood of the Lord; On the Truth of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist
Author/Editor: Lanfranc of Canterbury and Guitmund of Aversa; Vaillancourt, Mark G
On the Body of the Lord
On the Cessation of the Laws
Author/Editor: Grosseteste, Robert
On the Incomprehensible Nature of God (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 72)
Author/Editor: John Chrysostom, Saint
On the Road to Emmaus
Author/Editor: Olsen, Glenn W
On the Virtues
Author/Editor: Capreolus, Jean; Cessario, Romanus
The Orphans of Byzantium
Author/Editor: Miller, Timothy S
Ossa Latinitatis Sola Ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque
Author/Editor: Reginaldus Thomas Foster,Daniel Patricius McCarthy
Our Search with Socrates for Moral Truth
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Gary Michael
Out of due time
Author/Editor: Scotti, Paschal