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Maternal Geographies: Mothering In and Out of Place
Author/Editor: Jennifer L. Johnson,Krista Johnston
Maternal Regret: Resistances, Renunciations, and Reflections
Author/Editor: Andrea O’Reilly
Maternal Theory: Essential Readings
Author/Editor: ANDREA O’REILLY
Maternal Theory: Essential Readings, The 2nd Edition
Author/Editor: Andrea O’Reilly
The Maternal Tug: Ambivalence, Identity, and Agency
Author/Editor: Sarah LaChance Adams,Tanya Cassidy,Susan Hogan
Matricentric Feminism: Theory, Activism, Practice
Author/Editor: ANDREA OʹREILLY,Petra Bueskens
Menstruation Now: What Does Blood Perform?
Author/Editor: Berkeley Kaite
Middle Grounds: Essays on Midlife Mothering
Author/Editor: Kathy Mantas,Lorinda Peterson
The Migrant Maternal: ‘Birthing’ New Lives Abroad
Author/Editor: Anna Kuroczycka Schultes,Helen Vallianatos
Milk Fever
Author/Editor: Lissa M. Cowan
Missing the Mark?: Women and the Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Oceania
Author/Editor: Naomi M. McPherson
Monstrous Mothers: Troubling Tropes
Author/Editor: Abigail L. Palko ,Andrea O’Reilly
The Mother-Blame Game
Author/Editor: Vanessa Reimer,Sarah Sahagian
Motherhood and Single-Lone Parenting: A Twenty-First Century Perspective
Author/Editor: Maki Motapanyane
Motherhood and Social Exclusion
Author/Editor: Christie Byvelds,Heather Jackson
Motherhood in Precarious Times
Author/Editor: Anita Dolman,Barbara Schwartz-Bechet,Dannielle Joy Davis
Motherhood Memoirs: Mothers Creating/Writing Lives
Mothering and Psychoanalysis: Clinical, Sociological and Feminist Perspectives
Author/Editor: Petra Bueskens
Mothering, Community, and Friendship
Author/Editor: Dannabang Kuwabong ,Dorsía Smith Silva ,Essah Diaz
Mothering in East Asian Communities: Politics and Practices
Author/Editor: Patti Duncan,Gina Wong
Mothering in Marginalized Contexts: Narratives of Women Who Mother in and through Domestic Violence
Author/Editor: Caroline McDonald-Harker
Mothering in the Age of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Melinda Vandenbeld Giles
Mothering Mennonite
Mother of Invention: How Our Mothers Influenced Us as Feminist Academics and Activists
Mothers, Addiction, and Recovery: Finding Meaning through the Journey
Author/Editor: Wendy E. Peterson,Laura Lynne Armstrong,Michelle Foulkes
Mothers and Daughters
Author/Editor: Dannabang Kuwabong,Janet MacLennan,Dorsía Smith Silva
Mothers and Food: Negotiating Foodways from Maternal Perspectives
Author/Editor: Florence Pasche Guignard,Tanya M. Cassidyy
Mothers and Sons: Centering Mother Knowledge
Author/Editor: Besi Brillian Muhonja,Wanda Thomas Bernard
Mothers in Public and Political Life
Author/Editor: Simone Bohn,Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız
Mothers, Military, and Society
Author/Editor: Sarah Cote Hampson,Udi Lebel,Nancy Taber
Mothers, Mothering, and COVID-19: Dispatches from the Pandemic
Author/Editor: Andrea O’Reilly ,Fiona Joy Green
Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences: A Reader
Author/Editor: Andrea O’Reilly
Mothers, Mothering and Sex Work
Mothers, Mothering, and Sport: Experiences, Representations, Resistances
Author/Editor: Judy Battaglia,Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich,Pamela Morgan Redela
Mothers of the Nations: Indigenous Mothering as Global Resistance, Reclaiming and Recovery
Author/Editor: D. Memee Lavell-Harvard,Kim Anderson
Mothers, Sex, And Sexuality
Author/Editor: Holly Zwalf,Michelle Walks,Joani Mortenson
Mothers Under Fire: Mothering in Conflict Areas
Author/Editor: Tatjana Takševa,Arlene Sgoutas
Mothers Who Kil
Author/Editor: Charlotte Beyer ,Josephine Savarese
Mothers Without Their Children
Author/Editor: Charlotte Beyer,Andrea Lea Robertson
Moving Meals and Migrating Mothers: Culinary cultures, diasporic dishes and familial foodways
Author/Editor: Tanya M. Cassidy ,Abdullahi Osman El-Tom
The Music of Leaving
Author/Editor: Tricia McCallum
Music of Motherhood: History, Healing, and Activism
Author/Editor: M. Joy Rose,Lynda Ross,Jennifer Hartmann
Musings on Perimenopause and Menopause: Identity, Experience, Transition
Author/Editor: Heather Dillaway ,Laura Wershler
Muslim Mothering: Global Histories, Theories, and Practices
Author/Editor: Margaret Aziza Pappano,Dana M. Olwan