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Titles start with D (39) Information
Daisy Bates
Author/Editor: Stockley, Grif
Damaged: Musicality and Race in Early American Punk
Author/Editor: EVAN RAPPORT
Dancing on the Color Line
Author/Editor: Martin, Gretchen
Dangerous Curves
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Danny Boyle
Author/Editor: Dunham, Brent
A Daring Life
Author/Editor: Brown, Carolyn J
Dave Sim
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Eric; Grace, Dominick
David Cronenberg: Interviews
Author/Editor: DAVID CRONENBERG ,David Schwartz
David O. Russell: Interviews
Author/Editor: Holly Willis
Author/Editor: Temple, John
Death, Disability, and the Superhero
Author/Editor: Alaniz, José
Death in the Delta
Author/Editor: Walling, Molly
A Decade of Dark Humor
Author/Editor: Gournelos, Ted; Greene, Viveca
Decolonization in St. Lucia
Author/Editor: Joseph, Tennyson S. D
Delivered by Midwives
Author/Editor: Luke, Jenny M
Dennis Hopper
Author/Editor: Dawson, Nick
Desegregating Desire
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Tyler T
Desegregating Dixie
Author/Editor: Newman, Mark
Desi Divas
Author/Editor: Garlough, Christine L
Diagnosing Folklore
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J.; Kitta, Andrea
Dictionary of Louisiana French
Author/Editor: Valdman, Albert; Rottet, Kevin J
Dining with Madmen
Author/Editor: Fahy, Thomas
Dis-Orienting Planets
Author/Editor: Lavender, Isiah
Dorothy Arzner: Interviews
Author/Editor: Martin F. Norden
Doubled Plots
Author/Editor: Strehle, Susan; Carden, Mary Paniccia
Dougla in the Twenty-First Century: Adding to the Mix
Author/Editor: Sue Ann Barratt ,Aleah N. Ranjitsingh
Douglas Fairbanks and the American Century
Author/Editor: Tibbetts, John C.; Welsh, James M
Downhome Gospel
Author/Editor: McGregory, Jerrilyn
Down on the Batture
Author/Editor: Houck, Oliver A
Downtown Mardi Gras
Author/Editor: Wade, Leslie A.; Roberts, Robin; Caro, Frank de
Do You Remember?: Celebrating Fifty Years of Earth, Wind & Fire
Drawing France
Author/Editor: Vessels, Joel E
Drawing from Life
Author/Editor: Tolmie, Jane
Drawing the Past, Volume 1: Comics and the Historical Imagination in the United States
Author/Editor: Dorian L. Alexander ,Michael Goodrum ,Philip Smith
Drawing the Past, Volume 2: Comics and the Historical Imagination in the World
Author/Editor: Dorian L. Alexander ,Michael Goodrum ,Philip Smith
Drawn and Dangerous
Author/Editor: Castaldi, Simone
Dream and Legacy
Author/Editor: Clemons, Michael L.; Brown, Donathan L.; Dorsey, William H. L
The Drum Is a Wild Woman: Jazz and Gender in African Diaspora Literature
Author/Editor: Patricia G. Lespinasse
D. W. Griffith
Author/Editor: Slide, Anthony