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Democracy and Power
Author/Editor: Chomsky, Noam
Denis Diderot 'Rameau's Nephew' - 'Le Neveu de Rameau'
Author/Editor: Diderot, Denis; Hobson, Marian
Denis Diderot 'Rameau's Nephew' - 'Le Neveu de Rameau', 2
Author/Editor: Denis Diderot,Marian Hobson,Kate E. Tunstall,Caroline Warman,Pascal Duc
Denis Diderot's 'Rameau's Nephew'
Author/Editor: Diderot, Denis; Hobson, Marian
Dictionary of the British English Spelling System
Author/Editor: Brooks, Greg
Die Europaidee im Zeitalter der Aufklärung
Author/Editor: von Kulessa, Rotraud; Seth, Catriona
Digital Humanities Pedagogy
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Brett D
The Digital Public Domain
Author/Editor: Dulong de Rosnay, Melanie; De Martin, Juan Carlos
Digital Scholarly Editing
Author/Editor: Driscoll, Matthew James; Pierazzo, Elena
Digital Scholarly Editing, 1
Author/Editor: Matthew James Driscoll,Elena Pierazzo
Don Carlos Infante of Spain
Author/Editor: Schiller, Friedrich
Don Carlos Infante of Spain, 1
Author/Editor: Friedrich Schiller,Flora Kimmich,John Guthrie