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La Confédération, 1864-1999: nouvelles perspectives
L'Alberta Autophage: Identités, mythes et discours du pétrole dans l'Ouest canadien
Author/Editor: Dominique Perron
The Land Has Changed: History, Society, and Gender in Colonial Nigeria
Author/Editor: CHIMA J. KORIEH
Landscapes of Encounter: The Portrayal of Catholicism in the Novels of Brian Moore
Author/Editor: Liam Gearon
Lands that Hold One Spellbound: A Story of East Greenland
Author/Editor: Spencer Apollonio
The Last Illusion: Letters from Dutch Immigrants in the "Land of Opportunity" 1924-1930
Author/Editor: Herman Ganzevoort
Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process in Canada, 4th Edition, Ed. 4
Author/Editor: F. L. MORTON,DAVE SNOW
Law, Politics and the Judicial Process in Canada, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: F. L. MORTON
Learning Japanese in the Network Society
Author/Editor: Kazuko Nakajima
Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story
Author/Editor: Natalie Meisner,Jason Mehmel,Kevin Allen,Tereasa Maillie
Le Nouveau roman de l'énergie nationale: Analyse des discours promotionnels d'Hydro-Québec de 1964 à 1997
Author/Editor: Dominique Perron
The Letters of Margaret Butcher: Missionary-Imperialism on the North Pacific Coast
Author/Editor: Mary-Ellen Kelm,Janice Dickin
Lily Lewis: Sketches of a Canadian Journalist: A Biocritical Study
Author/Editor: Peggy Martin,Lily Lewis Rood,Peggy Martin
The Limits of Participation: Members and Leaders in Canada's Reform Party
Author/Editor: Faron Ellis
Linked Histories: Postcolonial Studies in a Globalized World
Author/Editor: Pamela McCallum,Wendy Faith
Lobsticks and Stone Cairns: Human Landmarks in the Arctic
Author/Editor: Richard C. Davis
Long Division
Author/Editor: Gil McElroy
Long Night of the Tankers: Hitler's War Against Caribbean Oil
Looking Back: Canadian Women's Prairie Memoirs and Intersections of Culture, History, and Identity
Author/Editor: S. Leigh Matthews
Looking for Country: A Norwegian Immigrant's Alberta Memoir
Author/Editor: Ellenor Rangnild Merriken,Janice Dickin
Looking Reality in the Eye: Museums and Social Responsibility
Author/Editor: Robert R. Janes,Gerald T. Conaty
Luther H. Holton: A Founding Canadian Entrepreneur
Author/Editor: HENRY C. KLASSEN