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Pacific Railways and Nationalism in the Canadian-American Northwest, 1845-1873
Author/Editor: Irwin, Leonard Bertram
A Pagan Hero
Author/Editor: Champigny, Robert
Paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire
Author/Editor: Hyde, Walter Woodburn
Pakistan's Enduring Challenges
Author/Editor: Fair, C. Christine; Watson, Sarah J
Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel
Author/Editor: Haklai, Oded
Pan American Women
Author/Editor: Threlkeld, Megan
Papermaking in Pioneer America
Author/Editor: Hunter, Dard
Paper Monsters: Persona and Literary Culture in Elizabethan England
Author/Editor: Samuel Fallon
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Mary Maples Dunn,Richard S. Dunn,Richard A. Ryerson,Scott M. Wilds,Jean R. Soderlund
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Richard S. Dunn,Mary Maples Dunn,Scott M. Wilds,Richard A. Ryerson,Jean R. Soderlund,Ned C. Landsman
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Marianne S. Wokeck,Joy Wiltenburg,Alison Duncan Hirsch,Craig W. Horle,Richard S. Dunn,Mary Maples Dunn
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Craig W. Horle,Alison Duncan Hirsch,Marianne S. Wokeck,Joy Wiltenburg,Richard S. Dunn,Mary Maples Dunn
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Edwin B. Bronner,David Fraser
Paper Sovereigns
Author/Editor: Glover, Jeffrey
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Kevin
Parades and the Politics of the Street
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P
The Paradox of Relevance
Author/Editor: Greenhouse, Carol J
Parent and Child
Author/Editor: Bossard, James H. S
Parliament in India
Author/Editor: Morris-Jones, W. H
Parrots and Nightingales
Author/Editor: Kay, Sarah
Partners in the Research Enterprise
Author/Editor: Langfitt, Thomas W.; Hackney, Sheldon; Fishman, Alfred P
The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, Volume 1
Author/Editor: May, Arthur J
The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, Volume 2
Author/Editor: May, Arthur J
Passional Culture
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Timothy
Past Convictions
Author/Editor: Booker, Courtney M
The Past in Pieces
Author/Editor: Bryant, Rebecca
A Patient's Guide to Surgery
Author/Editor: Bradley III, Edward L.; Editors of Consumer Reports Books
The Patrons and Their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Debra Kaplan
Patterns in Criminal Homicide
Author/Editor: Wolfgang, Marvin E
Patterns of American Culture
Author/Editor: Rose, Dan
Patterns of Mobility, 1910-1950
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Sidney
Paying the Toll
Author/Editor: Dyble, Louise Nelson
P. C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Hans Ingvar Roth
Peace and Freedom
Author/Editor: Hall, Simon
Peasant Scenes and Landscapes
Author/Editor: Silver, Larry
Pedagogically Speaking
Author/Editor: Schelling, Felix E
Pelagius and the Fifth Crusade
Author/Editor: Donovan, Joseph P
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Galloway, Andrew
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Hanna, Ralph
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 5
Author/Editor: Barney, Stephen A
Pennsylvainia Songs and Legends
Author/Editor: Korson, George
Pennsylvania Cavalcade
The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776
Author/Editor: Selsam, J. Paul
Pennsylvania Dutch Stuff
Author/Editor: Earl F. Robacker
Pennsylvania German Literature
Author/Editor: Robacker, Earl F
The Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association
Author/Editor: Wike, J. Roffe
The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Churella, Albert J
Penobscot Man
Author/Editor: Speck, Frank G
Penology from Panama to Cape Horn
Author/Editor: Teeters, Negley K
Pens and Needles
Author/Editor: Frye, Susan
People Must Live by Work: Direct Job Creation in America, from FDR to Reagan
Author/Editor: Steven Attewell
The People of the Parish
Author/Editor: French, Katherine L
The People of This Generation
Author/Editor: Lyons, Paul
Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran
Author/Editor: de Schauensee, Maude
The People's Network
Author/Editor: MacDougall, Robert
Peoples of the River Valleys
Author/Editor: Schutt, Amy C
Perennial Decay
Author/Editor: Constable, Liz; Denisoff, Dennis; Potolsky, Matthew
The Performance of Self
Author/Editor: Crane, Susan
Performing Texts
Author/Editor: Issacharoff, Michael; Jones, Robin F
Periodization and Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Davis, Kathleen
Peripheral Desires
Author/Editor: Tobin, Robert Deam
Perplexed Prophets
Author/Editor: LeRoy, Gaylord C
The Persistence of Allegory
Author/Editor: Brown, Jane K
Perspectives on Fair Housing
Author/Editor: Vincent J. Reina,Wendell E. Pritchett,Susan M. Wachter,Marc Morial
Perspectives on the Past
Author/Editor: Clark, Geoffrey A
The Phenomenon of Torture
Author/Editor: Schulz, William F
The Philadelphia Art Alliance
Author/Editor: White, Theo B
Philadelphia Libraries
Author/Editor: Bibliographical Planning Committee
The Philadelphia Negro
Author/Editor: Du Bois, W. E. B
The Philadelphia Printing Industry
Author/Editor: Seybold, John W
The Philadelphia Theatre in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Pollock, Thomas Clark
Philadelphia Unitarianism, 1796-1861
Author/Editor: Geffen, Elizabeth May
The Philadelphia Upholstery Weaving Industry
Author/Editor: Balderston, C. Canby; Brecht, Robert P.; Hussey, Miriam
Philadelphia Workers in a Changing Economy
Author/Editor: Palmer, Gladys L
The Philanthropic Revolution
Author/Editor: Beer, Jeremy
Philosophical Essays
Author/Editor: Clarke, F. P.; Nahm, M. C
Philosophical Profiles
Philosophy of Existence
Author/Editor: Jaspers, Karl
The Philosophy of T. S. Eliot
Author/Editor: Skaff, William
Phineas Bond
Author/Editor: Neel, Joanne Loewe
Pictures of Health
Author/Editor: Golden, Janet; Rosenberg, Charles E
Pierre de Thomas
Author/Editor: Boehlke Jr., Frederick J
Piety and Public Funding
Author/Editor: Schäfer, Axel R
Pigeon Trouble
Author/Editor: Song, Hoon
The Pilgrim and the Bee
Author/Editor: Brown, Matthew P
A Pillared Hall from a Temple at Madura, India, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Author/Editor: Brown, W. Norman
The Pinochet Effect
Author/Editor: Roht-Arriaza, Naomi
Pioneering in Penology
Author/Editor: Wolfgang, Marvin E
Pious Irreverence
Author/Editor: Weiss, Dov
Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden
Author/Editor: Schwarcz, Vera
The Place of the Ideal Community in Urban Planning
Author/Editor: Reiner, Thomas A
Places of Silence, Journeys of Freedom
Author/Editor: DeLamotte, Eugenia C
Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period
Author/Editor: Mazzeo, Tilar J
The Planetary Garden and Other Writings
Author/Editor: Clément, Gilles
Planning for Human Systems
Author/Editor: Choukroun, Jean-Marc; Snow, Roberta M
Planning for Serfdom
Author/Editor: Malloy, Robin Paul
Planning Municipal Investment
Author/Editor: Brown Jr., William H.; Gilbert, C. E
The Plantation Machine
The Play of Paradox
Author/Editor: Crockett, Bryan
The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island
Author/Editor: Conlin, Jonathan
The Plight of the Bituminous Coal Miner
Author/Editor: Morris, Homer L
Poems of Ernest Dowson
Author/Editor: Longaker, Mark
Poems of the Elder Edda
The Poet and the Gilded Age
Author/Editor: Walker, Robert Harris
Poetical Dust
Author/Editor: Thomas A. Prendergast
The Poetics of Piracy
Author/Editor: Fuchs, Barbara
Poetics of the Incarnation
Author/Editor: Cervone, Cristina Maria
Poetic Will
Author/Editor: Willbern, David
Poetry Wars: Verse and Politics in the American Revolution and Early Republic
Author/Editor: Colin Wells
Polarized Families, Polarized Parties: Contesting Values and Economics in American Politics
Author/Editor: Gwendoline M. Alphonso
Police Power and Race Riots
Author/Editor: Schneider, Cathy Lisa
Policy, Planning, and People
Author/Editor: Carmon, Naomi; Fainstein, Susan S
Political Advocacy and Its Interested Citizens: Neoliberalism, Postpluralism, and LGBT Organizations
Author/Editor: Matthew Dean Hindman
Political Blackness in Multiracial Britain
Author/Editor: Mohan Ambikaipaker
Political Creativity
Author/Editor: Berk, Gerald; Galvan, Dennis C.; Hattam, Victoria
The Political Economy of Tanzania
Author/Editor: Lofchie, Michael F
Political Gastronomy
Author/Editor: LaCombe, Michael A
Political Repression
Author/Editor: Keith, Linda Camp
The Political Thought of Sir Henry Vane, the Younger
Author/Editor: Judson, Margaret A
Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina
Author/Editor: Robben, Antonius C. G. M
The Politics of Environmental Control in Northeastern Tanzania, 1840-1940
Author/Editor: Giblin, James L
The Politics of Roman Memory: From the Fall of the Western Empire to the Age of Justinian
Author/Editor: Marion Kruse
The Poor Indians
Author/Editor: Stevens, Laura M
Pope and Bishops
Author/Editor: Pennington, Kenneth
Popes, Lawyers, and Infidels
Author/Editor: JAMES MULDOON
Pornographic Archaeology
Author/Editor: Stahuljak, Zrinka
Porta Palazzo
Author/Editor: Black, Rachel E
The Port Huron Statement
Author/Editor: Flacks, Richard; Lichtenstein, Nelson
Portrait of an Early American Family
Author/Editor: Klein, Randolph Shipley
Post-Industrial Philadelphia
Author/Editor: Stull, William J.; Madden, Janice Fanning
Postmodern Fairy Tales
Author/Editor: Bacchilega, Cristina
Postmodern Proust
Author/Editor: Gray, Margaret E
Postpartum Psychiatric Illness
Author/Editor: Hamilton, James Alexander; Harberger, Patricia Neel
Postwar Population Transfers in Europe, 1945-1955
Author/Editor: Schechtman, Joseph B
Postwar: Waging Peace in Chicago
Author/Editor: Laura McEnaney
Power and Persuasion
Author/Editor: Brandes, Stanley
Power in Performance
Author/Editor: Kuipers, Joel C
The Power of Money
Author/Editor: Figueira, Thomas
The Power of Women
Author/Editor: Smith, Susan L
Power, Participation, and Private Regulatory Initiatives: Human Rights Under Supply Chain Capitalism
Author/Editor: Daniel Brinks ,Julia Dehm ,Karen Engle ,Kate Taylor
Power Play
Author/Editor: Adams, Jenny
Power-Sharing Executives
Author/Editor: McEvoy, Joanne
Power Sharing in Deeply Divided Places
Author/Editor: McEvoy, Joanne; O'Leary, Brendan
The Powers of Presence
Author/Editor: Armstrong, Robert Plant
Power, Suffering, and the Struggle for Dignity
Author/Editor: Alicia Ely Yamin,Paul Farmer,Bert B. Lockwood Jr.
Practicing Piety in Medieval Ashkenaz
Author/Editor: Baumgarten, Elisheva
The Pragmatic Imagination
Author/Editor: Sass, Steven A
Prague and Beyond: Jews in the Bohemian Lands
Author/Editor: Kateřina Čapková ,Hillel J. Kieval
Praxis and Action
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Richard J
Preachers, Partisans, and Rebellious Religion: Vernacular Writing and the Hussite Movement
Author/Editor: Marcela K. Perett
Precarious Lives
Author/Editor: Khosravi, Shahram
A Predictable Tragedy
Author/Editor: Compagnon, Daniel
Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the Baikal Region, Siberia
Author/Editor: Weber, Andrzej W.; Katzenberg, M. Anne; Schurr, Theodore G
The Prehistory of the Silk Road
Author/Editor: Kuzmina, E. E.; Mair, Victor H
Prelude to the Monsoon
Author/Editor: Jacobs, G. F
Prelude to Tragedy
Author/Editor: Bock, Carl H
Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Jobs in Metropolitan America
Author/Editor: Perna, Laura W
Presbyterians in Colonial Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Klett, Guy Soulliard
Prescription Drug Pricing in Independent and Chain Drugstores
Author/Editor: Northrup, Herbert R
The Presence of Ford Madox Ford
Author/Editor: Stang, Sondra J
The Present and Future of the Telescope of Moderate Size
Author/Editor: Wood, Frank Bradshaw
The Present Railroad Crisis
Author/Editor: Cunningham, William James
The Presidency of John Adams
Author/Editor: Kurtz, Stephen G
Author/Editor: Phillips, Almarin; Williamson, Oliver E
Prices and Inflation During the American Revolution, Pennsylvania, 1770-1790
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne
Prices in Colonial Pennsylvania
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Anne; Gray, Robert; Miriam, Hussey
Prince, People, and Confession
Author/Editor: Nischan, Bodo
Principles of Housing Finance Reform
Author/Editor: Wachter, Susan M.; Tracy, Joseph
Printing in the Fifteenth Century
Author/Editor: Winship, George Parker
Printing the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Echard, Siân
Private Acts in Public Places
Author/Editor: Chused, Richard H
Privilege and Profit
Author/Editor: Bamford, P. W
The Problem of Weak Railroads
Author/Editor: Herring, James M
Proceedings of the Bockus International Society of Gastroenterology
Author/Editor: Ammann, Rudolf W
Proceedings of the Conference on Consumption and Saving, Volumes 1 and 2
Author/Editor: Irwin Friend,Robert Jones
Proceedings of the Conference on Industry-Wide Collective Bargaining
Author/Editor: Taylor, George W
Procopius of Caesarea
Author/Editor: Kaldellis, Anthony
Producing Fashion
Author/Editor: Blaszczyk, Regina Lee
Productivity Accounting
Author/Editor: Davis, Hiram Simmons
Professional Indian
Author/Editor: Oberg, Michael Leroy
Professions and the French State, 1700-1900
Author/Editor: Geison, Gerald L
Profit Theory and Capitalism
Author/Editor: Obrinsky, Mark
Profound Science and Elegant Literature
Author/Editor: Browner, Stephanie P
Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats's Plays
Author/Editor: Saul, George Brandon
The Promised Lands
Author/Editor: Blockmans, Wim; Prevenier, Walter; Peters, Edward
The Promise of Human Rights
Author/Editor: Jamie Mayerfeld
Propalladia and Other Works of Bartolome de Torres Naharro, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Gillet, Joseph E
Properties of Double Stars
Author/Editor: Binnendijk, Leendert
Prophetic Song
Author/Editor: Kuczynski, Michael P
Prose in the Age of Poets
Author/Editor: Cafarelli, Annette Wheeler
The Prosthetic Tongue: Printing Technology and the Rise of the French Language
Author/Editor: Katie Chenoweth
Protestant Empire
Author/Editor: Pestana, Carla Gardina
Protest of the Cour Des Aides of Paris--April 10, 1775
Author/Editor: Robinson, James Harvey
The Provisional Appointment in City Civil Service Systems
Author/Editor: Reinhold, Frances L
Pseira III
Author/Editor: Floyd, Cheryl R.; Betancourt, Philip P.; Davaras, Costis
Psychiatric Aftercare
Author/Editor: Silverstein, Max
The Psychology of Inequality: Rousseau's "Amour-Propre"
Author/Editor: Michael Locke McLendon
Public Capitalism
Author/Editor: McMahon, Christopher
Public Culture
Author/Editor: Shaffer, Marguerite S
Public Education Under Siege
Author/Editor: Katz, Michael B.; Rose, Mike
Public Housing That Worked
Author/Editor: Bloom, Nicholas Dagen
Public School Debt Administration
Author/Editor: Castetter, William B
The Publishing Experience
Author/Editor: Canfield, Cass
The Puerto Rican Businessman
Author/Editor: Cochran, Thomas C
The Pulmonary Circulation, Normal and Abnormal
Author/Editor: Fishman M.D., Alfred P
Pulse of the People
Author/Editor: Bonnette, Lakeyta M
Purchasing Behavior and Personal Attributes
Author/Editor: Massy, William F.; Frank, Ronald E.; Lodahl, Thomas
Purchasing Power
Author/Editor: Kobrin, Rebecca; Teller, Adam
Pure Filth: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Early French Farce
Author/Editor: Noah D. Guynn
The Purposes of Paradise
Author/Editor: Skwiot, Christine