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Baseball and Cultural Heritage
Author/Editor: Gregory Ramshaw ,Sean Gammon ,Paul A. Shackel
Bears: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Perspectives in Native Eastern North America
Author/Editor: Heather A. Lapham,Gregory A. Waselkov
Beating the Bounds: Excess and Restraint in Joyce’s Later Works
Author/Editor: ROY BENJAMIN
Becoming Virginia Woolf: Her Early Diaries and the Diaries She Read
Author/Editor: Barbara Lounsberry
Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art
Author/Editor: CÓILÍN OWENS,Sebastian D. G. Knowles
Behind the Masks of Modernism: Global and Transnational Perspectives
Author/Editor: Andrew Reynolds,Bonnie Roos
Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: A Modern-Day Race Woman and the Power of Black Leadership
Author/Editor: Sonya Y. Ramsey
Between Washington and Du Bois: The Racial Politics of James Edward Shepard
Author/Editor: Reginald K. Ellis
Beyond Forty Acres and a Mule: African American Landowning Families since Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Debra A. Reid,Evan P. Bennett,Loren Schweninger
Beyond the Nasca Lines: Ancient Life at La Tiza in the Peruvian Desert
Author/Editor: Christina A. Conlee
Beyond the Walls: New Perspectives on the Archaeology of Historical Households
Bioarchaeology and Behavior: The People of the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: MEGAN A. PERRY,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bioarchaeology and Identity Revisited
Author/Editor: Kelly J. Knudson,Christopher M. Stojanowski,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bioarchaeology of Care through Population-Level Analyses
Author/Editor: Alecia Schrenk ,Lori A. Tremblay
Bioarchaeology of East Asia: Movement, Contact, Health
Author/Editor: Kate Pechenkina,Marc Oxenham,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bioarchaeology of Frontiers and Borderlands
Author/Editor: Cristina I. Tica,Debra L. Martin,Clark Spencer Larsen
The Bioarchaeology of Individuals
Author/Editor: Ann L. W. Stodder,Ann M. Palkovich,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bioarchaeology of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Author/Editor: CATHY WILLERMET,ANDREA CUCINA,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bioarchaeology of the Florida Gulf Coast: Adaptation, Conflict, and Change
Author/Editor: Dale L. Hutchinson,Lynette Norr,Mark Teaford
The Bioarchaeology of Violence
Author/Editor: Debra L. Martin,Ryan P. Harrod,Ventura R. Pérez,Clark Spencer Larsen
Black Art in Brazil: Expressions of Identity
Black Legacies: Race and the European Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Lynn T. Ramey
Black Panther in Exile: The Pete O'Neal Story
Author/Editor: Paul J. Magnarella
Black Power in the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Kate Quinn
Black Well-Being: Health and Selfhood in Antebellum Black Literature
Author/Editor: ANDREA STONE
Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses
Author/Editor: Morris Beja,Anne Fogarty,Sebastian D. G. Knowles
Boccaccio's Fabliaux: Medieval Short Stories and the Function of Reversal
Author/Editor: Katherine A. Brown
Bones of Complexity: Bioarchaeological Case Studies of Social Organization and Skeletal Biology
Author/Editor: HAAGEN D. KLAUS,AMANDA R. HARVEY,MARK N. COHEN,Clark Spencer Larsen
Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science
Author/Editor: Gene Shinn
Borderland Narratives: Negotiation and Accommodation in North America’s Contested Spaces, 1500-1850
Author/Editor: Andrew K. Frank,A. Glenn Crothers
Brazilian Propaganda: Legitimizing an Authoritarian Regime
Author/Editor: Nina Schneider
British Forts and Their Communities: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives
Broken Chains and Subverted Plans: Ethnicity, Race, and Commodities
Building a Nation: Caribbean Federation in the Black Diaspora
Author/Editor: ERIC D. DUKE,Kevin A. Yelvington
Building the Past: Prehistoric Wooden Post Architecture in the Ohio Valley–Great Lakes
Author/Editor: Brian G. Redmond,Robert A. Genheimer
The Business Strategy of Booker T. Washington: Its Development and Implementation
Author/Editor: Michael B. Boston