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101 African Americans Who Shaped South Carolina
Author/Editor: Bernard E. Powers Jr.,Walter Edgar
101 Women Who Shaped South Carolina
Author/Editor: Valinda Littlefield,Walter Edgar
The African American Odyssey of John Kizell
Author/Editor: Lowther, Kevin G
The African American Odyssey of John Kizell: A South Carolina Slave Returns to Fight the Slave Trade in His African Homeland
Author/Editor: KEVIN G. LOWTHER
Against the Tide: One Woman's Political Struggle
Author/Editor: Harriet Keyserling,Richard W. Riley
Aliens in the Backyard
Author/Editor: Leland, John
Aliens in the Backyard: Plant and Animal Imports Into America
Author/Editor: John Leland
Altered Environments
Altered Environments: The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Pompe,Kathleen Pompe
The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown County, South Carolina, 1710-2010
Author/Editor: Talbert, Roy; Farish, Meggan A
Archaeology in South Carolina
Author/Editor: King, Adam
Archaeology in South Carolina: Exploring the Hidden Heritage of the Palmetto State
Author/Editor: Adam King
Art and Craft
Author/Editor: Thompson, Bill
Art and Craft: Thirty Years on the Literary Beat
Author/Editor: Bill Thompson
Assembling Arguments
Author/Editor: Buehl, Jonathan
Assembling Arguments: Multimodal Rhetoric and Scientific Discourse
Author/Editor: Jonathan Buehl
At Home in the Heart of the Horseshoe
Author/Editor: Moore-Pastides, Patricia
At Home in the Heart of the Horseshoe: Life in the University of South Carolina President's House
Author/Editor: Patricia Moore-Pastides,HARRIS PASTIDES
Baroness of Hobcaw
Author/Editor: Miller, Mary E
Baroness of Hobcaw: The Life of Belle W. Baruch
Author/Editor: Mary E. Miller
Bathsheba Survives
Author/Editor: Koenig, Sara M
The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser
Battle Exhortation
Author/Editor: Yellin, Keith
Battle Exhortation: The Rhetoric of Combat Leadership
Author/Editor: Keith Yellin
Becoming Southern Writers
Author/Editor: Burton, Orville Vernon; Prince, Eldred E
Becoming Southern Writers: Essays in Honor of Charles Joyner
Author/Editor: Orville Vernon Burton,Eldred E. Prince Jr.
Author/Editor: Fishburne, Anne Sinkler
Belvidere: A Plantation Memory
Author/Editor: Anne Sinkler Fishburne,Anne Sinkler Whaley LeClercq
Ben Robertson
Author/Editor: Peeler, Jodie
Ben Robertson: South Carolina Journalist and Author
Author/Editor: Jodie Peeler
The Best Gun in the World
Author/Editor: Seigler, Robert S
The Best Gun in the World: George Woodward Morse and the South Carolina State Military Works
Author/Editor: Robert S. Seigler
Beyond the Qurʾān
Author/Editor: Hollenberg, David
Beyond the Qurʾān
Author/Editor: Hollenberg, David
Beyond the Qurʾān: Early Ismāʿῑlῑ Taʾwῑl and the Secrets of the Prophets
Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways
Author/Editor: Casada, Jim
Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways: Archibald Rutledge's Tales of Upland Hunting
Author/Editor: Archibald Rutledge,JIM CASADA
Black Freedom in the Age of Slavery: Race, Status, and Identity in the Urban Americas
Blessed Experiences
Author/Editor: Clyburn, James E
Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black
Author/Editor: Genuinely Southern,Proudly Black,James E. Clyburn,Alfre Woodard
Blood and Bone
Author/Editor: Shuler, Jack
Blood and Bone: Truth and Reconciliation in a Southern Town
Author/Editor: JACK SHULER
Bodily Evidence: Racism, Slavery, and Maternal Power in the Novels of Toni Morrison
Author/Editor: Geneva Cobb Moore
Breast or Bottle?
Author/Editor: Koerber, Amy
Breast or Bottle?: Contemporary Controversies in Infant-Feeding Policy and Practice
Author/Editor: Amy Koerber,Thomas W. Benson
Burke in the Archives
Author/Editor: Anderson, Dana; Enoch, Jessica
Burke in the Archives: Using the Past to Transform the Future of Burkean Studies
Caissons Go Rolling Along
Author/Editor: Hagood, Johnson; Grant, Larry A
Caissons Go Rolling Along: A Memoir of America in Post-World War I Germany
Author/Editor: Johnson Hagood,Larry A. Grant
Captain James Carlin
Author/Editor: Carlin, Colin
Captain James Carlin: Anglo-American Blockade Runner
Author/Editor: Colin Carlin,William N. Still Jr.
The Carolina Backcountry Venture
Author/Editor: Lewis, Kenneth E
The Carolina Backcountry Venture: Tradition, Capital, and Circumstance in the Development of Camden and the Wateree Valley, 1740-1810
Author/Editor: Kenneth E. Lewis
Carolina Bays
Author/Editor: Clark, Robert C.; Poland, Tom
Carolina Bays: Wild, Mysterious, and Majestic Landforms
Author/Editor: Robert C. Clark,Tom Poland
Carolina Christmas
Author/Editor: Casada, Jim
Carolina Christmas: Archibald Rutledge's Enduring Holiday Stories
Author/Editor: Archibald Rutledge,Jim Casada
Central to Their Lives
Author/Editor: Blackman, Lynne
Central to Their Lives: Southern Women Artists in the Johnson Collection
Challengers to Duopoly
Author/Editor: Gillespie, J. David
Challengers to Duopoly: Why Third Parties Matter in American Two-Party Politics
Author/Editor: J. David Gillespie
Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina
Author/Editor: Lare, Marvin Ira
Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina: Volume 1: Dawn of the Movement Era, 1955-1967
Author/Editor: Marvin Ira Lare
Author/Editor: Cameron, Louisa Pringle
Charleston and the Great Depression
Author/Editor: Taylor, Kieran W
Charleston and the Great Depression: A Documentary History, 1929-1941
Author/Editor: Kieran W. Taylor
Charleston Belles Abroad
Author/Editor: Bailey, Candace
Charleston Belles Abroad: The Music Collections of Harriet Lowndes, Henrietta Aiken, and Louisa Rebecca McCord
Author/Editor: Candace Bailey
Charleston: City of Gardens
Author/Editor: Louisa Pringle Cameron,Joseph P. Riley Jr.
The Chief Justiceship of Melville W. Fuller, 1888-1910
Author/Editor: Ely, James W
The Chief Justiceship of William Howard Taft, 1921-1930
Author/Editor: Lurie, Jonathan
Children's Biographies of African American Women
Author/Editor: VanderHaagen, Sara C
Children's Biographies of African American Women: Rhetoric, Public Memory, and Agency
Author/Editor: Sara C. VanderHaagen
Author/Editor: Brinkmeyer, Robert H
Citizen-Scholar: Essays in Honor of Walter Edgar
Author/Editor: Robert H. Brinkmeyer Jr.,Evan A. Kutzler
A City Laid Waste: The Capture, Sack, and Destruction of the City of Columbia
A City of Marble
Author/Editor: Lamp, Kathleen S
A City of Marble: The Rhetoric of Augustan Rome
Author/Editor: Kathleen S. Lamp,Thomas W. Benson
The Civil War as Global Conflict
Author/Editor: Gleeson, David T.; Lewis, Simon
The Civil War as Global Conflict: Transnational Meanings of the American Civil War
Author/Editor: David T. Gleeson,Simon Lewis
Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Claiming Freedom
Author/Editor: Bell, Karen Cook
Claiming Freedom: Race, Kinship, and Land in Nineteenth-Century Georgia
Author/Editor: Karen Cook Bell
Author/Editor: Rutledge, Archibald
The Coca-Cola Art of Jim Harrison
Author/Editor: Harrison, Jim
Colonel Henry Theodore Titus
Author/Editor: de la Cova, Antonio Rafael
Colonel Henry Theodore Titus: Antebellum Soldier of Fortune and Florida Pioneer
Author/Editor: Antonio Rafael de la Cova
A Colonial Plantation Cookbook: The Receipt Book of Harriott Pinckney Horry, 1770
Author/Editor: RICHARD J. HOOKER
Conversations with the Conroys
Author/Editor: Edgar, Walter
Conversations with the Conroys: Interviews with Pat Conroy and His Family
Author/Editor: Walter Edgar,Nikky Finney
Copts in Context
Author/Editor: van Doorn-Harder, Nelly
Copts in Context: Negotiating Identity, Tradition, and Modernity
Author/Editor: Nelly van Doorn–Harder
Correct Mispronunciations of South Carolina Names
Author/Editor: Claude Neuffer,Irene Neuffer
Country Women Cope with Hard Times
Author/Editor: Walker, Melissa
Country Women Cope with Hard Times: A Collection of Oral Histories
Author/Editor: Melissa Walker
The Cow-Hunter
Author/Editor: Hudson, Charles
The Cow-Hunter: A Novel
Author/Editor: Charles Hudson
Creating and Contesting Carolina
Author/Editor: LeMaster, Michelle; Wood, Bradford J
Creating and Contesting Carolina: Proprietary Era Histories
Author/Editor: Michelle LeMaster,Bradford J. Wood
Critical Approaches to Joseph Conrad
Author/Editor: Szczeszak-Brewer, Agata
The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China
Author/Editor: Xiao, Ming
The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China: A Rhetorical Perspective
Author/Editor: Xiao Ming
The Damned Don't Cry—They Just Disappear
Author/Editor: Greene, Harlan
The Damned Don't Cry—They Just Disappear: The Life and Works of Harry Hervey
Author/Editor: Harlan Greene
Dawn of Desegregation
Author/Editor: Gona, Ophelia De Laine
Dawn of Desegregation: J. A. De Laine and Briggs v. Elliott
Author/Editor: Ophelia De Laine Gona
Days of Destruction
Author/Editor: Emerson, W. Eric; Stokes, Karen
Days of Destruction: Augustine Thomas Smythe and the Civil War Siege of Charleston
Author/Editor: W. Eric Emerson,Karen Stokes
The Day the Johnboat Went up the Mountain
Author/Editor: Naylor, John
The Day the Johnboat Went up the Mountain: Stories from My Twenty Years in South Carolina Maritime Archaeology
Author/Editor: Carl Naylor
Deadly Censorship
Author/Editor: Underwood, James Lowell
Deadly Censorship: Murder, Honor, and Freedom of the Press
A Delicate Balance
Author/Editor: Halfacre, Angela C
A Delicate Balance: Constructing a Conservation Culture in the South Carolina Lowcountry
Author/Editor: Angela C. Halfacre,Cynthia Barnett
Democracy and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Crick, Nathan
Democracy and Rhetoric: John Dewey on the Arts of Becoming
Author/Editor: NATHAN CRICK,Thomas W. Benson
Denise Levertov in Company
Author/Editor: Hollenberg, Donna Krolik
Denise Levertov in Company: Essays by Her Students, Colleagues, and Fellow Writers
Author/Editor: Donna Krolik Hollenberg
Diagnosing Madness
Author/Editor: Hanganu-Bresch, Cristina; Berkenkotter, Carol
Discovering South Carolina's Rock Art
Author/Editor: Charles, Tommy
The Doom of Ravenswood
Author/Editor: Rutledge, Archibald
Double-Consciousness and the Rhetoric of Barack Obama
Author/Editor: Terrill, Robert E
Double-Consciousness and the Rhetoric of Barack Obama: The Price and Promise of Citizenship
Author/Editor: Robert E. Terrill
Down Bohicket Road
Down Bohicket Road: An Artist's Journey
Author/Editor: Mary Whyte,Angela Mack
A Dream and a Chisel
Author/Editor: Gregory, Angela; Penrose, Nancy L
A Dream and a Chisel: Louisiana Sculptor Angela Gregory in Paris, 1925-1928
Author/Editor: Pickering, Sam
Dreamtime: A Happy Book
Author/Editor: Sam Pickering
Driving through the Country before You Are Born
Author/Editor: McManus, Ray
Driving through the Country before You Are Born: Poems
Author/Editor: Ray McManus,Kate Daniels
Duck and Cover
Author/Editor: Farnell, Kathie
Duck and Cover: A Nuclear Family
Early Southern Sports and Sportsmen, 1830-1910
Author/Editor: Rivers, Jacob F
Early Southern Sports and Sportsmen, 1830-1910: A Literary Anthology
Author/Editor: Jacob F. Rivers III
East Liberty
Author/Editor: Bathanti, Joseph
East Liberty: A Novel
Author/Editor: Joseph Bathanti,Fred Gardaphe
Edinburgh Days, or Doing What I Want to Do
Author/Editor: Pickering, Sam
Editorial Bodies
Author/Editor: Kennerly, Michele
Editorial Bodies: Perfection and Rejection in Ancient Rhetoric and Poetics
The Egret's Plumes
Author/Editor: Rutledge, Archibald
Elizabeth Sinkler Coxe's Tales from the Grand Tour, 1890-1910
Author/Editor: LeClercq, Anne Sinkler Whaley
An Encyclopedia of South Carolina Jazz and Blues Musicians
Author/Editor: Franklin, Benjamin
English Ethnicity and Culture in North America
Author/Editor: Gleeson, David T
Eutaw Springs
Author/Editor: Dunkerly, Robert M.; Boland, Irene B
Eutaw Springs: The Final Battle of the American Revolution's Southern Campaign
Exploring the Southern Appalachian Grassy Balds
Author/Editor: Duernberger, Amy
Exploring the Southern Appalachian Grassy Balds: A Hiking Guide
Author/Editor: Amy Duernberger
Extravagant Postcolonialism
Author/Editor: May, Brian T
Extravagant Postcolonialism: Modernism and Modernity in Anglophone Fiction, 1958-1988
Author/Editor: BRIAN MAY
Ezra and the Law in History and Tradition
Author/Editor: Fried, Lisbeth S
The Field of Honor
Author/Editor: Mayfield, John; Hagstette, Todd
The Field of Honor: Essays on Southern Character and American Identity
Author/Editor: John Mayfield,Todd Hagstette,Edward L. Ayers
The Final Days of Great American Shopping
Author/Editor: Allen, Gilbert
The Final Days of Great American Shopping: Stories Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: GILBERT ALLEN
First in the South
Author/Editor: Knotts, H. Gibbs; Ragusa, Jordan M
First in the South: Why South Carolina's Presidential Primary Matters
Author/Editor: H. Gibbs Knotts,Jordan M. Ragusa
Flannery O'Connor, Hermit Novelist
Author/Editor: Giannone, Richard
Flat Rock of the Old Time
Author/Editor: Cuthbert, Robert B
Flat Rock of the Old Time: Letters from the Mountains to the Lowcountry, 1837-1939
Author/Editor: Robert B. Cuthbert
Florida Founder William P. DuVal
Author/Editor: Denham, James M
Florida Founder William P. DuVal: Frontier Bon Vivant
Author/Editor: James M. Denham
Focus on Playwrights
Author/Editor: Johann, Susan
Focus on Playwrights: Portraits and Interviews
Author/Editor: SUSAN JOHANN
For Church and Confederacy
Author/Editor: Curran, Robert Emmett
For Church and Confederacy: The Lynches of South Carolina
Author/Editor: Robert Emmett Curran
Found Anew
Author/Editor: Jones, R. Mac; McManus, Ray
Found Anew: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the South Caroliniana Library Digital Collections
From China to Peru
Author/Editor: Fraser, Russell
From China to Peru: A Memoir of Travel
Author/Editor: Russell Fraser
From New York to Nebo
Author/Editor: Severens, Martha R
From New York to Nebo: The Artistic Journey of Eugene Thomason
From Revolution to Reunion
Author/Editor: Brannon, Rebecca
From Revolution to Reunion: The Reintegration of the South Carolina Loyalists
Author/Editor: Rebecca Brannon
From the Desk of the Dean
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Mary Anne; Say, Elizabeth A
From the Desk of the Dean: The History and Future of Arts and Sciences Education
Author/Editor: Mary Anne Fitzpatrick,Elizabeth A. Say,Sally Mason
F Troop and Other Citadel Stories
Author/Editor: Worley, Tom
Author/Editor: Wood, Simon A.; Watt, David Harrington
Fundamentalism: Perspectives on a Contested History
Author/Editor: Simon A. Wood,David Harrington Watt
A Gallant Defense
Author/Editor: Borick, Carl P
A Gallant Defense: The Siege of Charleston, 1780
Author/Editor: Carl P.Borick
Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850
Author/Editor: Slater, Sandra; Yarbrough, Fay A
A Gentleman in Charleston and the Manner of His Death
Author/Editor: Baldwin, William
A Gentleman in Charleston and the Manner of His Death: A Novel
The Genuine Teachers of This Art
Author/Editor: Walker, Jeffrey
The Genuine Teachers of This Art: Rhetorical Education in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Walker
Author/Editor: Poland, Tom
Georgialina: A Southland as We Knew It
Author/Editor: Tom Poland
Ghosts of the Carolinas
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Ghosts of the Carolinas
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Ghosts of the Wild West
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Ghosts of the Wild West: Enlarged Edition Including Five Never-Before-Published Stories, Ed. ENL - Enlarged
Author/Editor: NANCY ROBERTS,Bruce Roberts
Giving Voice to Traditional Songs
Author/Editor: Redpath, Jean; Brownrigg, Mark
Giving Voice to Traditional Songs: Jean Redpath's Autobiography, 1937-2014
Author/Editor: JEAN REDPATH,Mark Brownrigg
Gleaning Ruth
Author/Editor: Koosed, Jennifer L
Gleaning Ruth: A Biblical Heroine and Her Afterlives
Author/Editor: Jennifer L. Koosed
The Gold Seekers
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
The Gold Seekers: Gold, Ghosts and Legends from Carolina to California
Author/Editor: Nancy Roberts
A Grand Tour of Gardens
Author/Editor: LeClercq, Anne Sinkler Whaley
A Grand Tour of Gardens: Traveling in Beauty through Western Europe and the United States
Author/Editor: Anne Sinkler Whaley LeClercq
Grave Landscapes
Author/Editor: Cothran, James R.; Danylchak, Erica
Grave Landscapes: The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetary Movement
Author/Editor: James R. Cothran,Erica Danylchak
The Great Cooper River Bridge
Author/Editor: Jason Annan,Pamela Gabriel
Greek Revival
Author/Editor: Moore-Pastides, Patricia
Greek Revival: Cooking for Life
Author/Editor: Patricia Moore-Pastides,Dimitrios Trichopoulos,Keith McGraw
Green Revolver
Author/Editor: Evans, Worthy
Green Revolver: Poems
Author/Editor: Worthy Evans,David Baker
Greenville: The History of the City and County in the South Carolina Piedmont
Author/Editor: Archie Vernon Huff Jr.
The Grim Years
Author/Editor: Navin, John J
The Grim Years: Settling South Carolina, 1670-1720
Author/Editor: John J. Navin
A Guidebook to South Carolina Historical Markers
Author/Editor: EDWIN BREEDEN
The Gulf of Mexico
Author/Editor: Sledge, John S
The Gulf of Mexico: A Maritime History
Author/Editor: John S. Sledge
The Guns of Meeting Street: A Southern Tragedy
Author/Editor: T. FELDER DORN
The Hard to Catch Mercy
Author/Editor: Baldwin, William
The Hard to Catch Mercy: A Novel
Author/Editor: William Baldwin
Harry Potter and Beyond: On J. K. Rowling's Fantasies and Other Fictions
Author/Editor: TISON PUGH
The Haunted South
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
The Haunted South
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam
Author/Editor: Nancy Roberts
The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam
Author/Editor: NANCY ROBERTS
Have You Considered My Servant Job?
Author/Editor: Balentine, Samuel E
Have You Considered My Servant Job?: Understanding the Biblical Archetype of Patience
Heaven Is a Beautiful Place
Author/Editor: Peterkin, Genevieve C
Heaven Is a Beautiful Place: A Memoir of the South Carolina Coast
Author/Editor: Genevieve C. Peterkin,William P. Baldwin,Lee G. Brockington,William P. Baldwin
Hemingway's Brain
Author/Editor: Farah, Andrew
Hindu Ritual at the Margins
Author/Editor: Penkower, Linda; Pintchman, Tracy
Hindu Ritual at the Margins: Innovations, Transformations, Reconsiderations
The History of Beaufort County, South Carolina: 1514-1861
Author/Editor: Lawrence S. Rowland,Alexander Moore,George C. Rogers Jr.
Hold Like Owls
Author/Editor: Koets, Julia
Howard Thurman
Author/Editor: Jensen, Kipton E
Howard Thurman: Philosophy, Civil Rights, and the Search for Common Ground
Author/Editor: Kipton E. Jensen
How God Ends Us
Author/Editor: Dameron, DéLana R. A
How God Ends Us: Poems
Author/Editor: DéLana R. A. Dameron,Elizabeth Alexander
Hunting and the Ivory Tower
Author/Editor: Higbee, Douglas; Bruzina, David
Hunting and the Ivory Tower: Essays by Scholars Who Hunt
Author/Editor: Douglas Higbee,David Bruzina,Robert DeMott
Hunting & Home in the Southern Heartland: The Best of Archibald Ruthledge
Author/Editor: Archibald Rutledge,Jim Casada
I Belong to South Carolina
Author/Editor: Ashton, Susanna
I Belong to South Carolina: South Carolina Slave Narratives
Author/Editor: Susanna Ashton,Robyn E. Adams,Maximilien Blanton,Laura V. Bridges,E. Langston Culler,Cooper Leigh Hill,Deanna L. Panetta,Kelly E. Riddle
I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Rice, John Andrew
The Ides of War
Author/Editor: Browne, Stephen Howard
The Ides of War: George Washington and the Newburgh Crisis
Author/Editor: Stephen Howard Browne
The Impact of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: David P. Geggus
In Dogs We Trust
Author/Editor: Rivers, Jacob F.; Makala, Jeffrey
In Dogs We Trust: An Anthology of American Dog Literature
Author/Editor: Jacob F. Rivers III,Jeffrey Makala
Inquiry, Logic, and International Politics
Author/Editor: Most, Benjamin A.; Starr, Harvey
Inquiry, Logic, and International Politics: With a New Preface by Harvey Starr
The Interruption That We Are
Author/Editor: Hyde, Michael J
The Interruption That We Are: The Health of the Lived Body, Narrative, and Public Moral Argument
Author/Editor: MICHAEL J. HYDE
Into the Flatland
Introducing Science through Images
Author/Editor: Gigante, Maria E
Introducing Science through Images: Cases of Visual Popularization
Author/Editor: Maria E. Gigante
The Irish in the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Gleeson, David T
Islamic Ethics of Life: Abortion, War, and Euthanasia
Author/Editor: JONATHAN E. BROCKOPP,Gene Outka
Jazz and Blues Musicians of South Carolina: Interviews with Jabbo, Dizzy, Drink, and Others
Author/Editor: Benjamin Franklin V
Jeremiah and God's Plans of Well-being
Author/Editor: Green, Barbara
Jesting in Earnest
Author/Editor: Maus, Derek C
Jesting in Earnest: Percival Everett and Menippean Satire
Author/Editor: Derek C. Maus
Jesus and the Politics of Roman Palestine
Author/Editor: Horsley, Richard A
Jesus in the Mist
Author/Editor: Ruffin, Paul
Jesus in the Mist: Stories
Author/Editor: Paul Ruffin
John Laurens and the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Massey, Gregory D
John the Baptist in History and Theology
Author/Editor: Marcus, Joel
Joseph Conrad and the Anxiety of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Freedman, William
Keep and Give Away
Author/Editor: Meyers, Susan
Keep and Give Away: Poems
Author/Editor: Susan Meyers,Terrance Hayes
Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change
Author/Editor: George, Ann
Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change: A Critical Companion
Author/Editor: Ann George
The Keys of Power
Author/Editor: Crick, Nathan
The Keys of Power: The Rhetoric and Politics of Transcendentalism
Author/Editor: Nathan Crick
Knowledge before Action
Author/Editor: Steinfels, Amina M
Knowledge before Action: Islamic Learning and Sufi Practice in the Life of Sayyid Jalal al-din Bukhari Makhdum-I Jahaniyan
Author/Editor: Amina M. Steinfels
Kurt Vonnegut's America
Author/Editor: Klinkowitz, Jerome
Learning the Valley
Author/Editor: Leland, John
Learning the Valley: Excursions into the Shenandoah Valley
Author/Editor: JOHN LELAND
A Life Afield
Author/Editor: Smith, A. Hunter
The Life of the World to Come
Author/Editor: Bathanti, Joseph
The Life of the World to Come: A Novel
Author/Editor: Joseph Bathanti
Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes
Author/Editor: Laurence, Patricia
Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes: Bloomsbury, Modernism, and China
Author/Editor: Patricia Laurence
Listening to the Logos
Author/Editor: Johnstone, Christopher Lyle
Listening to the Logos: Speech and the Coming of Wisdom in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: CHRISTOPHER LYLE JOHNSTONE,Thomas W. Benson
Little Anodynes
Author/Editor: Pineda, Jon
Little Anodynes: Poems
Author/Editor: Jon Pindeda,Oliver de la Paz
Live at Jackson Station: Music, Community, and Tragedy in a Southern Blues Bar
Living a Big War in a Small Place
Author/Editor: Racine, Philip N
Living a Big War in a Small Place: Spartanburg, South Carolina, during the Confederacy
Author/Editor: Philip N. Racine
Livio Orazio Valentini
Author/Editor: Alexander, Robert E.; Elliott, John A
Livio Orazio Valentini: An Artist's Spiritual Odyssey
Author/Editor: Robert E. Alexander,John A. Elliott,Erika Pauli Bizzarri
Logos without Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Reames, Robin
Logos without Rhetoric: The Arts of Language before Plato
Author/Editor: Robin Reames,Edward Schiappa
The Lost Woods
Author/Editor: Rice, H. William
The Lost Woods: Stories
Author/Editor: H. William Rice
Lowcountry at High Tide: A History of Flooding, Drainage, and Reclamation in Charleston, South Carolina
Lowcountry Time and Tide
Author/Editor: Tuten, James H
Lowcountry Time and Tide: The Fall of the South Carolina Rice Kingdom
Author/Editor: James H. Tuten
Madam Chief Justice
Author/Editor: Burke, W. Lewis; Assey, Joan P
Madam Chief Justice: Jean Hoefer Toal of South Carolina
Author/Editor: W. Lewis Burke Jr.,Joan P. Assey,Sandra Day O’Connor,Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Magnificent Mays
Author/Editor: Roper, John Herbert
The Magnificent Mays: A Biography of Benjamin Elijah Mays
Author/Editor: John Herbert Roper
Male Poets and the Agon of the Mother
Author/Editor: Saltmarsh, Hannah Baker
Male Poets and the Agon of the Mother: Contexts in Confessional and Postconfessional Poetry
Author/Editor: Hannah Baker Saltmarsh,Jo Gill
Managing Vulnerability
Author/Editor: Marback, Richard C
Managing Vulnerability: South Africa's Struggle for a Democratic Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Richard C. Marback,Thomas W. Benson
Market Affect and the Rhetoric of Political Economic Debates
Author/Editor: Chaput, Catherine
Maroon Communities in South Carolina: A Documentary Record
Martyr of the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Bragg, C. L
Martyr of the American Revolution: The Execution of Isaac Hayne, South Carolinian
Author/Editor: C. L. Bragg
Masters of Violence
Author/Editor: Stubbs, Tristan
Masters of Violence: The Plantation Overseers of Eighteenth-Century Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia
Author/Editor: Tristan Stubbs
Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women's Literature
Author/Editor: Moore, Geneva Cobb
Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women's Literature: From Phillis Wheatley to Toni Morrison
Author/Editor: Geneva Cobb Moore,Andrew Billingsley
Matthew J. Perry: The Man, His Times, and His Legacy
Author/Editor: W. Lewis Burke,Belinda F. Gergel,Randall L. Kennedy
Meet Me at the Rocket
Author/Editor: Stroup, Rodger E.;
The Mobile River
Author/Editor: Sledge, John S
Money, Trade, and Power: The Evolution of Colonial South Carolina's Plantation Society
Author/Editor: Jack P. Greene,Rosemary Brana-Shute,Randy J. Sparks
Monumental Harm: Reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate Monuments
Author/Editor: Roger C. Hartley
Mosaic of Fire
Author/Editor: Maun, Caroline
Mosaic of Fire: The Work of Lola Ridge, Evelyn Scott, Charlotte Wilder, and Kay Boyle
Author/Editor: Caroline Maun
Mount Fuji
Author/Editor: Earhart, H. Byron
Mount Fuji: Icon of Japan
Author/Editor: H. BYRON EARHART
Muslim Medical Ethics: From Theory to Practice
My Exaggerated Life
Author/Editor: Clark, Katherine
My Exaggerated Life: Pat Conroy
Author/Editor: Katherine Clark
My Ghost Has a Name
Author/Editor: Rossignol, Rosalyn
My Ghost Has a Name: Memoir of a Murder
Author/Editor: Rosalyn Rossignol
My Health Is Better in November: Thirty-five Stories of Hunting and Fishing in the South
Author/Editor: Havilah Babcock,Augusta Rembert Wittkowsky,IRENE LABORDE NEUFFER,CLAUDE HENRY NEUFFER
Mysticism in Iran
Author/Editor: Anzali, Ata
"Mysticism" in Iran: The Safavid Roots of a Modern Concept
Author/Editor: ATA ANZALI
My Tour through the Asylum
Author/Editor: Dufford, William E
My Tour through the Asylum: A Southern Integrationist's Memoir
Author/Editor: William E. Dufford,Aïda Rogers,Salley McInerney,Pat Conroy
Nature's Return
Author/Editor: Kinzer, Mark
Nature's Return: An Environmental History of Congaree National Park
Author/Editor: Mark Kinzer
Never in a Hurry: Essays on People and Places
New and Selected Poems
Author/Editor: Wentworth, Marjory
New Deal, New Landscape
Author/Editor: Mielnik, Tara Mitchell
New Deal, New Landscape: The Civilian Conservation Corps and South Carolina's State Parks
Author/Editor: Tara Mitchell Mielnik
New Politics in the Old South
Author/Editor: Ballantyne, David T
New Politics in the Old South: Ernest F. Hollings in the Civil Rights Era
Author/Editor: David T. Ballantyne
North Carolina Ghosts and Legends
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
North Carolina Ghosts & Legends
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Northern Money, Southern Land: The Lowcountry Plantation Sketches of Chlotilde R. Martin
Author/Editor: Robert B. Cuthbert,Stephen G. Hoffius
Notes from a Colored Girl
Author/Editor: Whitehead, Karsonya Wise
Notes from a Colored Girl: The Civil War Pocket Diaries of Emilie Frances Davis
Author/Editor: Karsonya Wise Whitehead
The Ocean's Menace
Author/Editor: Rutledge, Archibald
Off the Books
Author/Editor: Zane, J. Peder
Off the Books: On Literature and Culture
Author/Editor: J. Peder Zane
On the Horseshoe
Author/Editor: West, Elizabeth Cassidy; Allen, Katharine Thompson
On the Horseshoe: A Guide to the Historic Campus of the University of South Carolina
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Cassidy West,Katharine Thompson Allen,Walter Edgar
On the Waters of the Wissahickon
Author/Editor: Plaag, Eric
On the Waters of the Wissahickon: A History of Erdenheim Farm
Author/Editor: Eric Plaag
Order and Ardor
Author/Editor: Smith, Eric C
Order and Ardor: The Revival Spirituality of Oliver Hart and the Regular Baptists in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina
Author/Editor: Eric C. Smith,Thomas S. Kidd
The Origins of Southern Evangelicalism
Author/Editor: Little, Thomas
The Origins of Southern Evangelicalism: Religious Revivalism in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1670-1760
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Little
Ota Benga under My Mother's Roof
Author/Editor: McCray, Carrie Allen
Painting the Landscape with Fire
Author/Editor: Latham, Den
Painting the Landscape with Fire: Longleaf Pines and Fire Ecology
Author/Editor: Den Latham,SHIBU JOSE
Painting the Southern Coast
Painting the Southern Coast: The Art of West Fraser
Author/Editor: Jean Stern,Martha R. Severens
The Palmetto and Its South Carolina Home
Author/Editor: Harrison, Jim
A Palmetto Boy
Author/Editor: Smith, Bobbie Swearingen
A Palmetto Boy: Civil War-Era Diaries and Letters of James Adams Tillman
Author/Editor: Bobbie Swearingen Smith
Palmetto Profiles
Author/Editor: Emerson, W. Eric
Palmetto Profiles: The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the South Carolina Hall of Fame
Author/Editor: W. Eric Emerson,Walter Edgar
The Palmetto State
Author/Editor: Bass, Jack; Poole, W. Scott
The Palmetto State: The Making of South Carolina
Partners of Zaynab
Author/Editor: D'Souza, Diane
Partners of Zaynab: A Gendered Perspective of Shia Muslim Faith
Author/Editor: Diane D’Souza
Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Rosemary Brana-Shute ,Randy J. Sparks
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817-1882
Author/Editor: Heisser, David C. R.; White, Stephen J
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817-1882: Third Catholic Bishop of Charleston
Author/Editor: David C. R. Heisser,Stephen J. White Sr.
Patriots and Indians
Author/Editor: Dennis, Jeff W
Patriots and Indians: Shaping Identity in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina
Author/Editor: Jeff W. Dennis
Patriots in Exile: Charleston Rebels in St. Augustine during the American Revolution
Author/Editor: James Waring McCrady,C. L. Bragg
Patroons and Periaguas
Author/Editor: Harris, Lynne B
Patroons and Periaguas: Enslaved Watermen and Watercraft of the Lowcountry
Author/Editor: Lynn B. Harris
Phoning Home
Author/Editor: Appel, Jacob M
Phoning Home: Essays
Author/Editor: Jacob M. Appel
Author/Editor: Maris, Ronald William
Pillaged: Psychiatric Medications and Suicide Risk
Author/Editor: Ronald William Maris,David Healy
Pirates and Devils
Author/Editor: Meriwether, Nicholas G.; Newton, David W
Pirates and Devils: William Gilmore Simms's Unfinished Postbellum Novels
Author/Editor: Nicholas G. Meriwether,David W. Newton
A Place to Worship
Author/Editor: Floyd, Minuette
A Place to Worship: African American Camp Meetings in the Carolinas
Author/Editor: Minuette Floyd
The Plantation
Author/Editor: Thompson, Edgar Tristram; Mintz, Sidney W
The Poet's Holy Craft
Author/Editor: Brennan, Matthew C
The Poet's Holy Craft: William Gilmore Simms and Romantic Verse Tradition
Author/Editor: MATTHEW C. BRENNAN,John Caldwell Guilds
Popular Memories
Author/Editor: Haskins, Ekaterina V
Popular Memories: Commemoration, Participatory Culture, and Democratic Citizenship
Author/Editor: Ekaterina V. Haskins
Porcher's Creek: Lives between the Tides
Author/Editor: John Leland
The Power of the Plan
Author/Editor: Galehouse, Richard F
The Power of the Plan: Building a University in Historic Columbia, South Carolina
Author/Editor: RICHARD F. GALEHOUSE,Patrick L. Phillips
The Press and Slavery in America, 1791-1859
Author/Editor: Gabrial, Brian
The Press and Slavery in America, 1791-1859: The Melancholy Effect of Popular Excitement
Author/Editor: Brian Gabrial
Principle and Propensity
Author/Editor: Bennett, Kelsey L
Principle and Propensity: Experience and Religion in the Nineteenth-Century British and American Bildungsroman
Author/Editor: Kelsey L. Bennett
Prisoners of Conscience
Author/Editor: Hauser, Gerard A
Prisoners of Conscience: Moral Vernaculars of Political Agency
Author/Editor: Gerard A. Hauser,Thomas W. Benson
Protagoras and Logos
Author/Editor: Schiappa, Edward
Protagoras and Logos: A Study in Greek Philosophy and Rhetoric, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: Edward Schiappa
Proust and His Banker
Author/Editor: Balsamo, Gian
Proust and His Banker: In Search of Time Squandered
Author/Editor: Gian BALSAMO
The Public Work of Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Ackerman, John M.; Coogan, David J
The Public Work of Rhetoric: Citizen-Scholars and Civic Engagement
Author/Editor: John M. Ackerman,David J. Coogan,Gerard A. Hauser
Author/Editor: Crenshaw, James L
Qoheleth: The Ironic Wink
Author/Editor: James L. Crenshaw
Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age
Author/Editor: VanHaitsma, Pamela
Queerly Remembered
Author/Editor: Dunn, Thomas R
Queerly Remembered: Rhetorics for Representing the GLBTQ Past
Author/Editor: Thomas R. Dunn
Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden
Author/Editor: Moïse, Ben McC
Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Ben McC. Moïse
Readings in Wood
Author/Editor: Leland, John
Readings in Wood: What the Forest Taught Me
Author/Editor: John Leland
Reading William Gilmore Simms
Author/Editor: Hagstette, Todd
Reading William Gilmore Simms: Essays of Introduction to the Author's Canon
Author/Editor: Todd Hagstette
Reason's Dark Champions
Author/Editor: Tindale, Christopher W
Reason's Dark Champions: Constructive Strategies of Sophistical Argument
Recovering the Piedmont Past
Author/Editor: Grady, Timothy P.; Walker, Melissa
Recovering the Piedmont Past: Unexplored Moments in Nineteenth-century Upcountry South Carolina History
Author/Editor: Timothy P. Grady,Melissa Walker,Orville Vernon Burton
Recovering the Piedmont Past, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Grady, Timothy P.; Myers, Andrew H
Recovering the Piedmont Past, Volume 2: Bridging the Centuries in the South Carolina Upcountry, 1877-1941
Author/Editor: Timothy P. Grady,Andrew H. Myers,Melissa Walker
Red Hills and Cotton: An Upcountry Memory
Author/Editor: Ben Robertson ,Lacy K. Ford Jr.
Reflections of South Carolina
Reflections of South Carolina, Volume 2
Religion, Space, and the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Corrigan, John
Remembering Women Differently
Author/Editor: Gaillet, Lynée Lewis; Bailey, Helen Gaillet
Remembering Women Differently: Refiguring Rhetorical Work
Author/Editor: Lynée Lewis Gaillet,Helen Gaillet Bailey
The Reptiles of South Carolina
Author/Editor: Camper, Jeffrey D
Resolute Rebel
Author/Editor: Bennett, Chet
Resolute Rebel: General Roswell S. Ripley, Charleston's Gallant Defender
Author/Editor: CHET BENNETT
Resurrecting Leather-Stocking
Author/Editor: Christophersen, Bill
Resurrecting Leather-Stocking: Pathfinding in Jacksonian America
Author/Editor: Bill Christophersen
Rethinking Islamic Studies
Author/Editor: Ernst, Carl W.; Martin, Richard C
Rethinking Islamic Studies: From Orientalism to Cosmopolitanism
Author/Editor: Carl W. Ernst,Richard C. Martin
Rhetorical Touch
Author/Editor: Walters, Shannon
Rhetorical Touch: Disability, Identification, Haptics
Author/Editor: Shannon Walters
Rhetorical Unconsciousness and Political Psychoanalysis
Author/Editor: Bruner, M. Lane
Rhetoric and Power
Author/Editor: Crick, Nathan
Rhetoric and Power: The Drama of Classical Greece
Author/Editor: NATHAN CRICK
The Rhetoric of Mao Zedong
Author/Editor: Lu, Xing
The Rhetoric of Mao Zedong: Transforming China and Its People
Author/Editor: Xing Lu,Thomas W. Benson
Rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Impact on Chinese Thought, Culture, and Communication
Author/Editor: Xing Lu
Rhetorics and Technologies
Author/Editor: Selber, Stuart A
Rhetorics and Technologies: New Directions in Writing and Communication
Author/Editor: Stuart A. Selber
Rice to Ruin
Author/Editor: Williams, Roy; Lofton, Alexander Lucas
Rice to Ruin: The Jonathan Lucas Family in South Carolina, 1783-1929
Author/Editor: Roy Williams III,Alexander Lucas Lofton
Richardson-Sinkler Connections
Author/Editor: Little, Harriett Clare Sinkler
Richardson-Sinkler Connections: Planting, Politics, Horses, and Family Life, 1769-1853
Author/Editor: Harriet Clare Sinkler Little
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Author/Editor: Krantz, Palmer Satch; Jacobs, Monique Blanchette
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden: Forty Wild Years
Author/Editor: Palmer “Satch” Krantz,Monique Blanchexe Jacobs,Jim Maddy
Samuel and His God
Author/Editor: Steussy, Marti J
Sanctifying Slavery and Politics in South Carolina
Author/Editor: Witzig, Fred E
Sanctifying Slavery and Politics in South Carolina: The Life of the Reverend Alexander Garden, 1685-1756
Author/Editor: FRED E. WITZIG
Savannah in the New South
Author/Editor: Fraser, Walter J
Savannah in the New South: From the Civil War to the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Walter J. Fraser Jr.
Scenic Impressions
Author/Editor: Pennington, Estill Curtis; Severens, Martha R
Scenic Impressions: Southern Interpretations from The Johnson Collection
A Sea of Misadventures
Author/Editor: Mitchell-Cook, Amy
A Sea of Misadventures: Shipwreck and Survival in Early America
Author/Editor: Amy Mitchell-Cook
Author/Editor: Dawes, Kwame; Wentworth, Marjory
Seeking: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the Art of Jonathan Green
Author/Editor: Kwame Dawes,Marjory Wentworth
Seeking the Historical Cook: Exploring Eighteenth-Century Southern Foodways
Author/Editor: Kay K. Moss
Selling Andrew Jackson
Author/Editor: Stephens, Rachel
Selling Andrew Jackson: Ralph E. W. Earl and the Politics of Portraiture
Sherman and the Burning of Columbia
Author/Editor: Lucas, Marion B
Shrill Hurrahs
Author/Editor: Gillin, Kate Côté
Shrill Hurrahs: Women, Gender, and Racial Violence in South Carolina, 1865-1900
Author/Editor: Kate Côté Gillin
Shurāt Legends, Ibāḍī Identities
Author/Editor: Gaiser, Adam R
Shurāt Legends, Ibāḍī Identities
Author/Editor: Gaiser, Adam R
Shurāt Legends, Ibāḍī Identities: Martydom, Asceticism, and the Making of an Early Islamic Community
Author/Editor: Adam R. Gaiser
Author/Editor: Madden, Ed
Signals: Poems
Author/Editor: Ed Madden,Afaa Weaver
Single, White, Slaveholding Women in the Nineteenth-Century American South
Author/Editor: Molloy, Marie S
Sissieretta Jones
Author/Editor: Lee, Maureen D
Sissieretta Jones: "The Greatest Singer of Her Race," 1868-1933
Author/Editor: Maureen D. Lee
Smoke Signals from Samarcand
Author/Editor: Bennett, Barbara
Smoke Signals from Samarcand: The 1931 Reform School Fire and Its Aftermath
Sojourner in Islamic Lands
Author/Editor: Fraser, Russell
Sojourns in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865-1947
Author/Editor: Fant, Jennie Holton
Sojourns in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865-1947: From the Ruins of War to the Rise of Tourism
Author/Editor: Jennie Holton Fant
Solitary Pagans
Author/Editor: Berger, Helen A
Solitary Pagans: Contemporary Witches, Wiccans, and Others Who Practice Alone
Author/Editor: HELEN A. BERGER
Song of My Life
Author/Editor: Petrakis, Harry Mark
Song of My Life: A Memoir
Sonic Liturgy
Author/Editor: Beck, Guy L
Sonic Liturgy: Ritual and Music in Hindu Tradition
Author/Editor: GUY L. BECK
Sophistical Rhetoric in Classical Greece
Author/Editor: Poulakos, John
The South at Work
Author/Editor: Brown, William Garrott
The South at Work: Observations from 1904
Author/Editor: William Garrott Brown,Bruce E. Baker,Mark M. Smith,Peggy G. Hargis
South Carolina and the American Revolution: A Battlefield History
Author/Editor: JOHN W. GORDON,John Keegan
South Carolina at the Brink: Robert McNair and the Politics of Civil Rights
Author/Editor: Philip G. Grose
A South Carolina Chronology, Ed. NED - New edition, 3
Author/Editor: Walter Edgar,J. Brent Morris,C. James Taylor
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to South Carolina Writers
Author/Editor: Mack, Tom
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the American Revolution in South Carolina
Author/Editor: Edgar, Walter
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the Counties of South Carolina
Author/Editor: Edgar, Walter
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the Governors of South Carolina
Author/Editor: Edgar, Walter
South Carolina Fire-Eater
Author/Editor: Merchant, Holt
South Carolina Fire-Eater: The Life of Laurence Massillion Keitt, 1824-1864
Author/Editor: Holt Merchant