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Painting the Landscape with Fire
Author/Editor: Latham, Den
Painting the Southern Coast
Author/Editor: Jean Stern,Martha R. Severens
The Palmetto and Its South Carolina Home
Author/Editor: Harrison, Jim
A Palmetto Boy
Author/Editor: Smith, Bobbie Swearingen
Palmetto Profiles
Author/Editor: Emerson, W. Eric
The Palmetto State
Author/Editor: Bass, Jack; Poole, W. Scott
Partners of Zaynab
Author/Editor: D'Souza, Diane
Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Rosemary Brana-Shute ,Randy J. Sparks
Patient Tales: Case Histories and the Uses of Narrative in Psychiarty
Author/Editor: Carol Berkenkotter
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817-1882
Author/Editor: Heisser, David C. R.; White, Stephen J
Patriots and Indians
Author/Editor: Dennis, Jeff W
Patriots in Exile: Charleston Rebels in St. Augustine during the American Revolution
Author/Editor: James Waring McCrady,C. L. Bragg
Patriots, Pistols, and Petticoats: "Poor Sinful Charles Town" during the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Walter J. Fraser Jr.
Patroons and Periaguas
Author/Editor: Harris, Lynne B
Peddlers, Merchants, and Manufacturers: How Jewish Entrepreneurs Built Economy and Community in Upcountry South Carolina
Phoning Home
Author/Editor: Appel, Jacob M
Author/Editor: Maris, Ronald William
Pirates and Devils
Author/Editor: Meriwether, Nicholas G.; Newton, David W
A Place to Worship
Author/Editor: Floyd, Minuette
The Plantation
Author/Editor: Thompson, Edgar Tristram; Mintz, Sidney W
The Poet's Holy Craft
Author/Editor: Brennan, Matthew C
Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America
Author/Editor: Andrew F. Smith
Popular Memories
Author/Editor: Haskins, Ekaterina V
Porcher's Creek: Lives between the Tides
Author/Editor: John Leland
Port Cities of the Atlantic World: Sea-Facing Histories of the US South
Author/Editor: Jacob Steere-Williams ,Blake C. Scott
The Power of the Plan
Author/Editor: Galehouse, Richard F
The Press and Slavery in America, 1791-1859
Author/Editor: Gabrial, Brian
Principle and Propensity
Author/Editor: Bennett, Kelsey L
Prisoners of Conscience
Author/Editor: Hauser, Gerard A
Prisons: Book I of The Beulah Quintet
Author/Editor: Mary Lee Settle
Protagoras and Logos
Author/Editor: Schiappa, Edward
Proust and His Banker
Author/Editor: Balsamo, Gian
The Public Work of Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Ackerman, John M.; Coogan, David J