In 2017, we continued to make strides in expanding the Portico archive, while also growing our library participation and engaging with the community on critical issues in preservation. Here are just a few highlights from the year:


Portico welcomes 1,000th library
In May, we finalized the agreement with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DfG) and welcomed 55 German institutions to Portico. This followed an extensive evaluation by the DfG that resulted in their recommendation of Portico as part of a national preservation strategy. A serendipitous outcome of this agreement was the welcoming of Portico’s 1,000th participating institution, the University Library of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Expanding publisher participation
In October, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) entered into an agreement with Portico to preserve seven e-journals, including their flagship Science. Portico welcomed several new publisher participants last year including OAPEN, the open access e-book aggregation, and Mark Allen Group, as well as many smaller open access publishers. All told, Portico now works with nearly 500 publishers who have committed over 27,800 e-journals and 817,000 e-books for preservation.

Our work with national libraries
Since 2013, Portico has worked with the British Library (BL) to deliver e-journal content to them as part of the deposit program required under UK law. In 2017, we extended our agreement for an additional three years. Since the start of this engagement, Portico has delivered more than 3.5 million articles to the BL.

Introducing our new website
Portico recently unveiled a new website that reflects our updated logo and makes it easier to find information on participating publishers and libraries, as well as download e-journal and e-book holdings files. You’ll also find our latest presentations and publications, including our 2017 webinar on e-book preservation hosted by the Center for Research Libraries. For those of you who use the Portico audit site, your access remains unchanged.