Portico welcomed six more publishers to the archive, ensuring that their content will be secure and available in the future:

  • Bullaki Ltd.: Bullaki publishes Scientific Video Protocols, an open access peer-reviewed video journal.
  • CSIRO Publishing: Australian publisher CSIRO has preserved journals with Portico since 2007 and is now adding over 500 e-books to the archive. 
  • European Alliance for Innovation: EAI’s journals report on the latest specialist topics at the emerging intersections of IT and other fields.
  • Granthaalayah Publications & Printers: Granthaalayah publishes journals in the fields of Engineering, Management, Sociology, Arts, Commerce, Technology, and Science.
  • Royal College of General Practitioners: RCGP, the professional membership body for General Practitioners in the UK, publishes medical journals.
  • VTeX: VTeX has committed Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications, a mathematics journal covering all areas of stochastics. It is copublished by Vilnius University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and VTeX.

You can explore a searchable list of all the publishers who participate in Portico and details about the content they’ve entrusted with us.

If there are other scholarly publishers, e-journals, or e-resources that your institution would like to see preserved in the Portico archive, please contact us with your recommendation. You may also request a holdings comparison.