Portico now hosts the content from two additional journals: Forum für osteuropäische Ideen -und Zeitgeschichte and Internationales Jahrbuch der Erwachsenenbildung, both formerly published by De Gruyter.

These titles are no longer available through their former publisher or a successor; therefore, they have “triggered” and are available to the community via the Portico archive. These titles were originally published as subscription journals, and trigger access will be available to Portico participants.

Key data for each journal

Title: Forum für osteuropäische Ideen -und Zeitgeschichte
Electronic ISSN: 2194-3672
Former Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date range: 2013
Portico stable URL: https://access.portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_14334887

Title: Internationales Jahrbuch der Erwachsenenbildung
Electronic ISSN: 2194-3699
Former Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date range: 1986, 2014-2017
Portico stable URL: https://access.portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_00749818

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