Organized by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and supported by organizations around the world, World Digital Preservation Day celebrates the positive impact of digital preservation. Our colleagues at Portico and Ithaka S+R have contributed two blog posts on this year’s theme, “Digits: For Good.”

Stephanie Orphan, Director of Content Preservation at Portico, discusses our current work to ensure the preservation of and ongoing access to the growing body of independent Open Access journals. Learn more in “Portico: Evolving with the community to ensure access to scholarship for good.”

In “It Takes a Village: Documenting the Pandemic for Research, Policy, and Practice,” Oya Y. Rieger, Senior Strategist at Ithaka S+R, and Rebecca Springer, Analyst at Ithaka S+R, report that even as cultural heritage organizations undertake the important work of curating and archiving content related to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital preservation continues to be an expensive and complicated process. They now have a research study under way to examine the sustainability of digital preservation and curation systems, and provide an update on the Ithaka S+R blog today.

Visit the DPC website for additional news, events, and resources related to World Digital Preservation Day.