Exeley Inc. is preserving Open Access e-journals with Portico, ensuring that their content will be secure and available into the future.

Exeley Inc. is a New York-based company that focuses on offering innovative publishing services to academic publications worldwide. Exeley Inc. offers journal owners a well-designed and technologically advanced publishing platform that integrates online content with social media, databases, and libraries. Users benefit from such solutions as: allocation of DOI numbers and live reference links; articles enhanced by graphical abstracts and extra supplementary files (including videos, sound files and Powerpoint presentations); advanced article metrics, and responsive web design.

“We are delighted to be a partner with the Portico,” said Dawid Cecuła, CEO of Exeley. “We believe that a professional publishing company which places value on digital resources in general needs to ensure the long-term preservation of digital materials. Portico’s infrastructure confidently delivers reliable access of the Exeley content for future generations of researchers.”

For more information, please visit the publisher’s page on the Portico website.