Open Academia is preserving e-journals with Portico, ensuring that their content will be secure and available into the future.

Open Academia helps academic societies and journals self-publish and puts their efforts in the hands of university presses, libraries, and other academic units that may wish to publish OA journals. Open Academia wants to lower the barriers of publishing for society presses by providing an affordable back office with the highest professional standards, ensuring a wide dissemination through modern digital channels. Some of the more popular titles from Open Academia are Food & Nutrition Research and Research in Learning Technology.

“Open Academia is proud to participate in Portico to ensure the long-term preservation of the journals we help publish,” said Emma Csemiczky, co-founder of Open Academia. “It is a service completely in line with our core values of open and wide access to scholarly research.”

For more information, please visit the publisher’s page on the Portico website.