Portico has passed an important milestone and now has more than 1,000 participating publishers who, along with more than 1,000 participating libraries, allow us to meet our mission of ensuring that scholarly content remains usable, authentic, discoverable, and accessible. Such broad community support and collaboration allows us to provide long-term digital preservation in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Portico is preserving an extensive set of content in its archive: more than 96 million journal articles, 1.6 million ebooks, and 8.2 million items from digital collections—totaling 560 TB. This includes scholarly content from 86 countries, ensuring that research from a broad range of cultures and perspectives will remain accessible to users for the long term. Over the last twelve months, Portico has welcomed more than 70 new publishers to its flagship ejournal preservation service, while also growing participation in its ebook and digital collections preservation services. Growth is particularly strong among Open Access publishers, with scholar-led journals representing a large segment of new participants.

Carol Ann Borchert, Associate Dean, Collections & Discovery at University of South Florida Libraries, shared her perspective on the value of Portico: “The University of South Florida Libraries participate in Portico both as library and publisher. We really appreciate all of the progress Portico has made in keeping both the content we create and the content we purchase safely preserved for the long haul. Portico is providing an invaluable service to the library and publishing communities.”

Over the last few years, the number of trigger events—in which Portico provides access to content that is no longer available from the publisher or a successor—has also grown dramatically. To date, we have provided access to 191 titles through triggers; 163 of these publications are Open Access titles, which remain freely available to all.

“BMJ is fairly new to Portico and we have already found it an extremely valuable service,” commented Dr. Allison Lang, Publishing Director, BMJ. “Our participation is important to our academic institution customers and aligns with our goal of supporting the scientific community. A recent trigger event was handled quickly and efficiently, allowing a sunset journal to become available on an Open Access basis to the community via the Portico archive.”