Portico now hosts the content from 13 ebook series in the Colloquium Digital Library of the Life Sciences, published by Morgan & Claypool. These titles presented introductory overviews of important research areas in the biomedical and life sciences, authored by leading experts in each field.

These titles are no longer available through the original publisher or a successor; therefore, they have “triggered” and are available to the community via the Portico archive. While these titles were not originally published Open Access, Morgan & Claypool has authorized Portico to make them openly available to everyone. 

While these titles were originally published as ebook series, they are preserved in Portico as journals. Information about the titles can be found on the Triggered E-Journal Content KBART List.  

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Portico ensures ongoing access to content that is no longer available through its original publisher or a successor. To date, we have triggered 204 items, 176 of them Open Access. View or download a full list of triggered content, or learn how to manage access to triggered content.

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Please note that the announcement above was updated in February 2023 to reflect that Morgan & Claypool is now making these titles available Open Access.